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Big Tits

“So, Old Spencer said you had a nice arse, huh? How do you think we should confirm that?” he said pacing out from behind his desk, his eyes lusting after her.

Before she could think of an answer, he walked behind her and pushed her forwards over his desk. Flipped up her mini skirt. What greeted him was quite possibly the most beautifully toned arse he’d ever laid eyes on. Virginal white lace circled her hips. A delicate thin strip, which looked not much wider than dental floss, disappeared between her cheeks. He found himself wanting to trail a finger along the crevice. He pulled at the waist band, snapping it against her skin. “Ouch.” she blurted.

After a brief pause to finally gather her thoughts, “This is not funny Sir.” she snapped.

She made to stand up, but he splayed his palm over the centre of her back, keeping her down. “Relax. Don’t make things any worse.” he said firmly.

She yelped out of shock and exhaled quickly. His hand had suddenly came down on her right bum cheek. It sounded very loud in his small office and she wondered who would hear them.

An arousing thrill coursed through him. This, a totally new to sensation to him, felt right. He watched her flesh ripple and redden.

“You’re hurting.” she gasped.

He ignored her and said firmly. “This is for not taking my advice. I told you to be careful around Old Spencer.”

She squirmed under his grip. Not as much as she could have he realised. There was another loud slap as he landed another blow, this time to her other cheek. There was more force behind this one. Her stiletto clad feet came off the plush carpeted floor as she cried out again.

“Maybe next time you’ll take my advice,” he said, his tone easy and even, as if he were discussing the weather with her.

The third spank, even harder, landed more towards the bottom of her right cheek near her upper thigh. Her cry came through gritted teeth. That sound sent blood straight to his cock. He smiled as he realised she was indeed a well formed fit lady. “That’s for not helping me properly with the bid.”

“Fuck you,” she said, the words barely audible and breathless and the first time she had sworn at her new boss.

The fourth blow landed right on the meat of her right cheek again, and he couldn’t help but grab a handful of flesh right after he’d landed it, his nails lightly scratching into her meaty flesh. He felt the heat from her reddening skin. He bent forward, over her, pushing her harder into the desk. He whispered in her ear. “That one’s for dressing like a sexy slut today.”

A red blush rose in her upper body and neck, and although he couldn’t see her face, he suspected it was almost as red as her arse now was.

“I don’t agree with you.” was all she managed to think to say. Her mind was now in a spin.

He massaged and groped each cheek in turn. If he didn’t know any better he suspected she was pressing back into his palm. His hand was now tantalisingly close to her inner thighs. Very close to her ‘pussy’. Being aware of this controlled his next movements. He slowly eased his index and middle finger between her thighs, finding her panties warm and damp. Then suddenly he stopped. He registered that he had harden uncomfortably again as she moaned softly under his grasp.

“Why are you wet?” he whispered. “Teasing old man Spencer get to you did it?”

“No I’m not and no I didn’t.” she fired back. The fifth spank landed painfully over her sphincter, and she swore quietly again.

“That one’s for lying just then.”

“Stop it Sir.” she now pleaded softly.

His lust was now controlling his mind. He used his index finger to drag a line between her warm wet lips. Slowly from top to bottom. Her legs shook and knees suddenly started to buckle. He managed to stop her from falling. His trouser covered erection nestled perfectly in the crevice of her thighs. His mind wanted nothing more in that moment than to rip her underwear apart, undo his fly and slip into her, Personal Assistant or not.

“You think I should stop?” he asked. He was now throbbing, knowing he was leaking pre-cum, soaking his boxers. Pushing forward he started slowly thrusting against her.

“You have to stop.” she quietly begged again.

“Because?” he retorted.

Her warm damp pussy seemed to flex perfectly from his nudges. His nostrils filled with the aroma of her nectar. He kept repeating his motions and he took his hand off her back. He took grip of her ass firmly for leverage. This was totally unplanned. It was, in his eyes, the most erotic and exciting though.

He noticed noises coming out of her mouth. They started driving him on more. “Oh,” she moaned. “Oh, my… no… someone… Verity.”

“I’m not supposed to want to fuck you? To be inside your married pussy?” His thrusts quickening but again her legs quivered and knees folded.

He steadied her again, he took a half step back, admiring her pose. He pushed her thong to the side noting there was no pretence for her to stand. She was drenched, and his fingers slipped easily against her soft wet freshly shaved lips. He sought the hole. The one that was inviting him in his mind. Finding it sakarya escort easily he thrust his middle finger in. A near-scream ripped from her throat as he invaded the warm tight channel.

“Oh god yeah,” he whispered hoarsely as her pussy clung to his invading finger. He could now imagine what it would feel like around his cock. The warmth of her made his finger tingle.

“Mr Grant, Sir” she breathlessly said, the words now almost sounding like a sob. “You have to stop.”

“I know I should” he said. Leaning forward again, pressing against her bare upper back her breathed in her perfume. Then he repeated quieter “I know I should.”

Her swollen erect sensitive clit was now being teased with his thumb, and she groaned as he rubbed it in circular motions. Her honey like juices trickled down his finger. Coated the back of his hand. He thought about stopping to taste her, but he knew she was so close to her release. He began rubbing her clit faster. The same time he thrust a second finger inside her and she cried out loudly again from the burning sensation it caused in her pussy. She then went almost silent as she began shaking in orgasm. Her deep gasping breaths echoed in the room.

He had to have her now, his mind completely in lust for her. His hands went to her hips again, fingers digging inside the edges of her panties, poised to rip them right off her. She seemed to read his mind.

“NO,” she gasped deeply, her body trembling against him. “Please… no, we can’t.”

Like someone pouring icy water on him he stopped in his tracks. He took a half step back. Turned to face the opposite wall. His breathing now hard and ragged. His erection straining in his suit trousers. He could hear her as she stood and sorted herself. The aroma of their sexual act still hung thick in the air. His hand glistened with the juices of her orgasm.

“Sir, Mr Grant…” she finally whispered, breaking the silence.

He couldn’t face her right now but whispered. “Fuck… I’m sorry.” A brief pause and he breathed out “Fuck.”

He walked over to his desk, picked up his computer bag. Stepped over to the coat stand and retrieved his suit jacket and slung it firmly over his arm. Finally, he gazed over at her, his senses having reached some normality. Noted her hair was a little messy. Her eyes seemed watery but glistened in the sunlight streaming through the 5th floor office window. He was searching for something to say. Bowing his head he turned and left his office not offering any words.

Silently and with deep breathing, Carol gathered herself together and picked up the bid from the desk. She better get this done she thought. She supposed she should feel guilty, but she didn’t. Mr Grant was a good guy. She couldn’t and didn’t resist in the end. Had he unleashed something within her that had been lying dormant all these years. Something, in reality, she wanted him to do.

*** Many years ago to present day***

Peter Grant had finally got his dream job. He’d worked hard at night school after failing miserably during his schooling. He was one of 3 kids brought up by his hard working parents. They lived in a council house on a fairly nice part of the Hampshire town he grew up in. He was a bright lad, as all his school reports said, but there were too many distractions. He studied girls and motorbikes instead of Maths, Sciences and English. Not that he was good with girls or bikes in the end. He was more the voyeur type than hands on. Yes, watching bikes and more importantly, women were his first loves back then. He liked to watch and study older curvy ladies, MILF’s to him at that age. He understood why so many of them were pushing prams around. Who wouldn’t want a piece of that arse he would constantly say to himself.

In his early 20’s he finally got his act together. Matured he reasoned in the end. He finished his apprenticeship, just, working in an electronic engineering company. He just scraped through his college work, with the help of some good friends on the same course, and was given a job in the IT dept after receiving his indenture papers. As the years went by he met and married his wife Pam, who worked in the computer company next door, and they had two children 18 months apart. Pam persuaded him to take night school to improve his chances of promotion. He spoke with his boss at the time and he was more than happy to help with the funding of the course. A few years later he had a HND, with distinction, in business studies and he found it surprisingly easy in the end. He had found his forte at last and this made him more ambitious. Wanting more responsibility than he could get at his current employer.

Now a stay at home mum, Pam pushed Peter to look elsewhere. “Don’t wait, get out there and find a new challenge” she’d say to him.

His evenings became filled with searching for the right opportunity. He didn’t want any old job, he wanted something that gave him some excitement. Use his new found confidence. Challenge him to improve more. 3 months later, whilst in his office looking over a quote for new software, his mobile phone vibrated on his desk. He picked it up and looked at the name flashing samsun escort on the screen.

“Miles Duncan, how are you?” he said as he answered.

“Peter Grant, how the devil are you these days?” Miles shot back at him.

“Fine, just fine. I haven’t spoken to you since, when was it, since we finished the HND?” Peter said smiling.

“That’s very true Peter and I’ll cut straight to the chase if you don’t mind.” Miles said hurridly.

“Go right ahead Miles” Peter thought this must be serious.

Miles continued. “You may not know this but our wives go to the same playgroup with the children. Your Pam was speaking to my wife, Sue, and happened to mention you were looking for a new challenge. Is that right?”

“Yes, that’s right” Peter said looking around the open office to make sure no one was eaves dropping.

Miles still talking quickly said “I may have something for you. I work for a head hunting agency and I think I have something really special for you, interested?”

Peter was silent for a few seconds pondering what Pam could have said to Sue.

Peter snapped out of his thoughts as Miles raised his voice a little “you there Peter? Hello?”

“Sorry Miles, someone just came into my office.” he lied “Sure, I’m interested.”

“Okay, great” Miles said and Peter heard him rustling papers. Miles continued “Can you meet me after work? It’s kind of important we meet today which I’ll explain later.”

“Sure I can, where and when?” Peter quickly replied.

They hung up their respective phones after arranging to meet at a local five star luxury Spa hotel. Miles would be in the reception area. Apparently Miles used it a lot for initial interviews. Peter immediately called Pam who confirmed her discussion with Sue. She didn’t realise Sue was Miles wife but hoped it was going to lead to something worthwhile.

When Peter arrived at the hotel that night Miles was indeed in the reception area. Pleasantries were exchanged and Miles showed Peter to a table where another man was sat looking at some papers. Miles introduced Peter to Bill Spencer. Once he heard the name Peter knew who he was immediately. Spencer’s was one of the largest acquisition companies in the south. It had a good reputation in the area and Peter knew you didn’t apply for jobs at Spencer’s, you were head hunted for a reason.

Miles briefly outlined what Spencer’s were looking for and then Bill launched into a barrage of questioning for the next hour. Peter felt uneasy at first, but then got into his stride and he thought he seemed to impress Bill now and then. At the end of the interview Bill gestured to Miles to go with him to the other side of the reception out of earshot of Peter. The uneasy feeling returned to Peter.

About 10 mins later, after Peter had watched Bill and Miles hand gesturing to each other, Miles returned to the table, alone. He looked slightly tired to Peter.

Peter spoke first “Well, that was a hard grilling.”

Miles replied “Yea, he’s only after the best you know.”

“Letting me down gently are you?” Peter asked.

“Don’t be silly. He really likes you. One hurdle though?” Miles countered.

“Go on, hit me with the killing blow” Peter expected the worse.

“Can you start in a week?” Miles smiled.

Peter was stunned for a moment. Well, more than a moment in reality. During the next hour they discussed the finer details. The package offered was more than double what Peter was on now and came with many benefits. Miles stressed time and again that Peter will be worked hard, really hard. Peter wanted the job so much he called Pam whilst still with Miles. After a brief discussion she agreed he should take it and screamed down the phone when he told her the package he was offered.

The following day, Peter took an extended lunch break and went to Miles office in the centre of town. He read through the contract carefully. There was nothing too outrageous in it and Peter duly signed. As he left Miles office he thought what a lucky 26 year old he was to be given this opportunity.

A week later, although his old boss did make a token gesture to keep him, Peter strolled into the Foyer of the Spencer’s building. He was greeted by the smiling Maud, a strikingly curvy 40 something brunette who was the receptionist at Spencers. She was wearing a headset with a thin microphone slanting across her jaw line. “Good morning Spencers” she said in a sultry tone that made Peter tingle a bit. I guess that’s why she has this job he thought to himself, only the best Miles said.

Five minutes later Peter was walking into one of the mirrored elevators with Carol. She had been summoned by Maud’s sultry tones and told that Peter had arrived. Once in the elevator Carol started explaining.

“I’m your personal assistant” she opened with. Bill had explained at the hotel that he would have a PA and a secretary. He also said in confidence that if they didn’t meet Peter’s requirements or standards then Miles would find him one’s that did. As Carol explained her role, in his ‘team’ as she put it, Peter surveyed her. Carol was also a 40 something lady 5 feet 9 ish with auburn shoulder urfa escort length hair. She had smiling brown eyes that sparkled from the bright lights in the elevator. His eyes roamed down her torso. The dark blue dress she wore, cinched at the waist with a wide belt, clung to her curves and although very plain, business-like in its appearance. The scooped neck gave a hint of cleavage and Peter surmised she must have at least C cups. His wife Pam was a B cup and Carols looked bigger. She had a small waist, were the thick black belt sat. The hem line of the dress tapered in to just above her knees. Her legs were clad in dark nylons and 3 inch black Stiletto heels completed her ensemble. Very pleasing on the eye Peter thought. Carol explained that a lady called Verity was their secretary. She’d only been on the team 6 months, so newish to Spencers too, but was proving a very hard worker.

Carol showed Peter around all the departments briefly, each having its own floor, saying he’d have ample time to get acquainted with people over the coming weeks. The lift finally pinged at the 5th floor and Carol led Peter the short distance down a corridor of Maple wood doors. Each door looked pristine and had a board with three names on it.

“This is the investigation floor” Carol continued as her hands gestured to the doors on either side of the corridor. There were 7 doors on each side Peter noted. At the forth door on the right Carol stopped and grabbed the brushed stainless steel handle. Peter noted the way her arse jiggled slightly as she pushed the handle down.

Before entering Carol turned her head to Peter and caught where he was staring. She smiled and said “Let’s get you settled in and then you have a meeting with Mr Spencer at 10.00am.”

Peter stammered a bit at being caught oggling her arse “Ah, err, right oh” he blurted out as he began to redden slightly. Carol swept into the office and Peter was struck how small it was as he followed. The door made you think you were going into some plush suite when in fact it was just 10 feet square, brightly lit, plain grey room. In the right hand corner in front of Carol was another door which was also made of Maple but had a frosted Glass panel in the top half. She walked between the two desks that flanked the office. Her arse wiggling nicely Peter noticed again and her dress making soft swoosh sounds as it slid over her nylon clad legs. She opened the other door.

“This is where you’ll live” she smiled and swept in.

Peter walked in and was immediately greeted by bright sunshine streaming in the huge floor to ceiling window that was, in fact, one wall of his office. This room again was only 10 feet square with an L shaped desk sat in the middle. There was a big swivel leather chair on one side and four chairs stacked in one corner of the room. There was a clear smell of polish in the air.

Peter walked up behind Carol who was admiring the view across the town and out to the countryside beyond. Peter was still taking in all the curves of her body. Being this close Peter was now struck by a whiff of Carols perfume. He knew it well. Calvin Kline ‘Poison’. Pam’s mother wears it all the time and it’s their regular birthday present to her.

“Not a bad view” Carol said breaking his thoughts of her perfume. “I’ll let you settle in” she said, turning on her heels, walking out of the office and shutting the door. ‘You’re not a bad view either.’ Peter thought to himself.

Peter sat in his new chair, took a deep breath, swivelled around and surveyed the view again out the window. Hundreds of people walking this way and that on the streets below, animals in the far off fields feeding on the grass.

He’d just finished arranging his desk when there was a knock at the door.

“Come in” Peter said after a brief pause.

Carol entered the office and behind her was another striking looking lady. Carol introduced Verity. She was the same height as Carol, 5ft 9in in heels, with Jet black hair cut in a bob style. She was thinner too but still curvy in the right places. Here blue/ green eyes shone when the sunlight hit her pale face. She was quite pale in complexion and wearing a light grey dress similar to Carols but without a belt. Verity was also around 40 years old, Peter surmised, and had a very soft Irish tone in her voice. Peter could already see he was going to have to concentrate very hard around these two older ladies and avoid his voyeur instincts.

Carol announced that it was time for Peter to meet with Bill Spencer. She escorted him to the lift doors and said to go to the 10th floor. Ashley, Mr Spencers PA will meet him there.

When the lift pinged at the 10th floor the doors opened. Peter saw a large rectangular office. Light streamed in from both sides as there were floor to ceiling windows at either end. It was about 40 ft wide and 20ft deep. There was just one desk apparent, sat outside a pair of large Maple doors. Walking towards him was a very striking lady. Long red hair flowed down her back to just above her bum. She had a white blouse on that was unbuttoned to mid breast. And what breasts. They swayed in time to her steps. The black tapered skirt, which was tight and shortened her steps, led to toned, tanned legs and dark red high heels. Wow, Peter thought, a slimmer version of Christina Hendricks but with no loss of the curves. Another mature lady that is off the scale. Ashley was also around 40 years old.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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