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I sat down with a heavy sigh of relief as my brother and I dropped the last, huge, brown box in front of our new couch. He heaved out a long winded breath of his own as his wiped his forehead with the back of hand.

“Shit, I’m glad we’re finally finished moving all of this useless junk..,” He irritated mumbled as he smacked a pack of Newports against his palm and pulled one out of the pack, along with a plastic lighter.

“AH!” my mom cried out, swatting his head as she briskly entered the living room. “Jamie! This is a new house…our new house..don’t even think about smoking in here…go to the back patio if you insist on continuing that disgusting habit!” I let out at small giggle at my middle aged mother practically wagging her finger at my twenty three year old brother. He rolled his eyes as she hurried to the kitchen, eager to unload our dishes packed in numerous boxes of varying sizes.

“C’mon,” he said slapping my knee as he began for the sliding glass doors that lead to our small back yard. I followed him outside, absently thinking about our old neighborhood and house, which we had lived in all our lives until this point. I had just turned 18 a few months ago, and would be finishing up the last half of my senior semester in a completely foreign school. I wasn’t looking too forward to the prospect of having to assimilate to a totally new place with totally different people, in a town much smaller than the outskirts of the city which I had been raised. My friends back home assured me I would be fine, flattering me with compliments about how personable, pretty and popular I was, but I still felt uneasy as any teenage girl would in my position.

I sat across from my brother on one of the metal patio chairs as he lit a cigarette and exhaled a puff of smoke. Our backyard was small, with growing weeds that needed to be trimmed and a decaying wooden fence around its edges. I didn’t really see the need for the fence, considering both houses on both sides next to us could easily see everything in our yard from their second story windows.

“Mom’s really tripping about the divorce..,” my brother suddenly stated. I shrugged, picking at the grass between my bare feet. I hated talking about the divorce, which is why we had moved out here in the first place, but it seemed like Jamie picked at it like a scabbed over wound. Sensing the uncomfortable aura surrounding the subject at hand, he quickly spoke up again

“So, what do you think about starting school here in Bradybunchville?” He quipped. I smirked and pulled my legs into my chair Indian style, about to respond before he suddenly waved a hand at me, stopping my comment midway and starring like a hawk at the house behind me. I turned to see what had caught his attention just in time to see the flash of a curtain dropping back into place at the second story window. It was obvious that someone had been watching us.

I turned back to look at Jamie, who still starred at the window as he exhaled another long trail of smoke.

“Who was it?” I asked in an almost whispered tone, feeling as if we were still being watched. Jamie shrugged and flicked his cigarette, relaxing his posture into a slouching position again.

“Probably some horny housewife that wants deez nuts!” He shouted, making a vulgar gesture with his hands and mouth. He then laughed as I rolled my eyes and glanced at the house behind me once more.

The next day, I woke up around ten to find my mom and brother already gone. I figured they had gone job hunting together as I padded to the kitchen rubbing the sleep away from my brown eyes. I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror as I walked past the bathroom and stopped to study myself for a moment. I was wearing a white tank top and a pair of blue boxer shorts and my shoulder length brown hair was sticking in every direction. I smoothed it back, figuring I would take a shower after I ate breakfast. I then turned to look at myself sideways in the full length mirror. For eighteen, I felt that I looked younger than most everyone my age. I was about 5’3 and was just starting to develop any sort of curves. I turned back to face the mirror completely and cupped my own breasts in my hands, pushing them together to give the illusion of cleavage, and decided I needed a serious push up bra for my barely B-cupped boobs. I continued through the living room just long enough to see the mail truck passing by our mailbox and decided to see if any of our other belongings we had had shipped through the mail had arrived. I walked outside, first glancing at porch to see if any packages had been laid there, and then made my way to the mailbox. I pulled out the stack of letters, shuffling through them and studying the print of our new address on the white envelopes.


I jumped and let out a small gasp as I looked up to see a man standing only feet away from me at the mailbox next to mine. I blinked as he chuckled, opening his own mailbox saying, “Sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you…you must be the new neighbor.” He gave a warm aksaray escort smile and extended his hand that wasn’t filled with mail. I stood silent for what seemed like forever, starring doe-eyed at this handsome stranger. He looked like he was in his mid thirties, with a handsome, chiseled face and pronounced strong jaw. His hair was trimmed extremely close, almost shaved and seemed like it could be a sandy brown color if it were grown out any length. I followed his well toned, tanned arm down to the hand presented to me and suddenly snapped out of my daze, shifting the letters from one hand to the other and took his hand as he gave me what seemed like the sexiest hand shake I could ever remember receiving. It was hard to look him straight in his eyes, which were a brilliant shade of blue and extremely intense.

“I’m Adam DeLarge I live next door to you, obviously,” He grinned letting go of my hand. I nodded stupidly as my brain tried to command my mouth to say something..anything!

“Katie…I-I’m Katie Sellers,” I replied before shaking my head and giving an embarrassed laugh. “Sorry, I just woke up…I’m still in a bit of a daze..,” I smiled, rubbing my hand through the back of my hair. It was then that I realized that I was standing in my tank top and boxers, with my hair a ratty mess and no make-up. I wrapped my arms over my chest suddenly and began to walk backwards down the driveway to my front door, still facing Adam. I could feel my face growing hotter as I blushed self consciously. “Well um..nice to meet you Mr. DeLarge…see ya later!” I turned on my heels and darted back into my house but not before hearing my neighbor call out, “It’s Adam…call me Adam!”

Later that night I got a call from my best friend from back home, Ashley. I was sitting out back on one of the lawn chairs as she described her latest sexual encounter with her boyfriend. She was completely outspoken and told me everything about what was going on with life, including her sex life.

“…and then he asks, ‘Well what if I just stick a finger or two in your ass?’ And I’m all like, ‘Ew! What the fuck?!’,” Ashley chatted away as I listened absent mindedly, letting my eyes slowly wander back to the window next door with the red curtain. I blinked as I realized I was starring at Adam’s house. Had he been the one watching my brother and I yesterday?

“Katiiieee, hell-ooo,” I heard Ashley’s high pitched voice as I adjusted the phone from one ear to the other.

“Yeah, I’m here,” I replied as she kept up with her story. I tried to listen but I couldn’t stop thinking about Adam watching me. The thought made my face flush and my body quiver with excitement.

“Oh I gotta go Katie, Seth’s calling me…bye girl!” Ashley said before I heard a click. I turned off the portable phone and sat it down on the table. As I did, I heard a rustle coming from over the fence on Adam’s side of the yard. Curious, I walked over the dewy grass, making my way over to the old wooden fence and placed my hands on the top, pulling myself up slightly to look over. I briefly glanced around, sizing up my neighbor’s yard which was much more well-kept and manicured than my own. It was then that I noticed Adam bent over, pulling out weeds from a small flower bed by the back door. He was just wearing a pair of athletic shorts and flip flops as he stuffed the weeds and vines into a black garbage bag. He stood straight up for a moment, placing his hands behind his back and rubbing the lower part o his back, winching in discomfort.

“Hello,” I said softly, however it sounded deafening with no other voices present but my own.

Adam spun around, surprised but smiling.

“Oh, hello Katie,” He said in that smooth voice that I was growing to find more and more attractive. He walked over until he was face to face with me. He folded his arms over the top of the fence as he exhaled a tired breath. Hearing him say my name made my heart flutter.

We spoke briefly for a few minutes, him asking me where I was from and me telling him about my life in the city. Surprisingly, I found it easy to speak to him directly this way and relished in making him chuckle a few times. As we talked, I couldn’t help but notice his toned chest, and the few beads of sweat that ran down his stomach and forehead. After we parted ways, each of us saying goodnight and walking into our own houses, I shut the door behind me, letting myself slowly slide down the frame to sit on the cold tiled floor which was a contrast to my flushed, hot skin.

Over the next few weeks Adam and I continued our routine of running into each other at the mailbox or over our backyard fence, casually chatting. I discovered that he was recently separated from his wife and had no kids. I couldn’t imagine why any woman would want to leave a man like Adam, but I didn’t ask for details. I just reveled in the brief moments we spent talking and learning about each other. I also found myself doing everything in my backyard, from painting my nails to doing my homework, I spent every minute I could lounging on the yard chairs out back, wondering (and hoping) that Adam might be watching from his window.

About two months later, I found myself home alone one late afternoon just as the sun was beginning to set. I was in my usual spot out back, flipping through one of Jamie’s sports car magazines absent mindedly when I heard Adam’s back door open and close. I immediately leapt up and skipped over to the fence that separated us, standing on the tips of my toes as I rested my elbows on the top of the fence.

“Hey Adam,” I said cheerfully as he walked over to the fence smiling.

“Hello Katie, what are you up to tonight?”

“Not a lot…my mom and brother are out so I’m just hanging out here by myself..,” I trailed off, feeling the heat beginning to rise in my body. I hadn’t meant for it to sound like an invite, but my attraction to him was completely evident, and subconsciously I knew I had said it in a suggestive way.

Adam looked at me for a minute, his eyes scanning mine before he spoke again, “Well I was just about to fix myself some dinner…and you’re welcome to join me if you haven’t eaten yet..,”

Something in his voice made me shiver with delight. I nodded, “Okay..,” I murmured.

He slowly grinned, “Met you at my front door then?”

I smiled back and headed for his house before either of us could say anything else.

Adam heated up a frozen pizza that we ate while sitting on his couch, talking casually as I glanced around his living room and kitchen, making note of the staircase that lead to the room where I knew his bedroom must be…the same room that had the window with red curtains. After we had finished, I noticed Adam chuckling a little and I blinked in confusion.

“What? What’s so funny?” I asked, puzzled.

“You just have some pizza sauce right there..,” He grinned, mirroring me by brushing his finger over his own lip.

I could feel myself blushing again as I always did with him, and raised my hand to wipe away the sauce. “Here..?” I asked touching my mouth.

Suddenly, Adam leaned forward, literally inches away from my face and brushed his thumb slowly over my cheek and bottom lip. The light touch of his semi-rough finger against my mouth turned me on more than anything else I could have imagined. I could hear my own heart beating in my ears as I surprised myself by suddenly lunging forward and filling the space between us, pressing my mouth to his.

He pulled back instantly and the dream-like quality of the moment faded fast. He starred at me, looking stunned as I retreated back to my side of the couch, letting out a soft gasp and covering my face with my hands. I didn’t even know what had come over me; I had never been so forward with anyone before.

“Katie..I,” He began but stopped to let out a long sigh. I shook my head and dropped my gaze to my knees.

“I-I don’t know what I was doing, I’m sorry,” I stammered, trying to apologize but the words came out sounding all wrong.

“No…I’m just..surprised..,” He said softly, “But I liked it.”

I looked up confused, “Wha-,” I began to ask but was stopped by contact of Adam’s mouth with my own. I gasped, surprised. Adam was kissing me!

I let my eyes flutter close and my mouth part as his lips molded to mine and his tongue entered, pressing against my own. As fast as it began, it ended as he pulled away slightly. I opened my eyes again, scanning his as he starred at me hard.

“Katie you’re so young..,” He said, breaking the silence between us. His voice was different, huskier. His breath felt warm against my cheeks.

There were no words I could use to explain myself, so I just wrapped my arms around his neck and scooted closer, meeting his mouth again. He kissed me back, harder this time as we explored each other’s mouths. My heart was pounding so hard I felt like it would be visible if anyone had looked at my chest at that moment. He pulled me closer, practically to his lap as the strength of our kissing intensified. He ran his hands down my back and rested just above my ass, his fingers brushing the exposed skin of my lower back. I pulled away momentarily and quickly lifted my shirt over my head, tossing it aside, revealing my white bra and flushed skin. I had never been this bold with anyone but my inhibitions had left me completely now. I climbed onto his lap, straddling his legs and pressing my chest against his as our mouths entwined again. Adam began to kiss down my cheek, nipping my ear softly before kissing and sucking my neck as his hands roamed over my back. I closed my eyes and let out a soft moan as he left a wet trail of kisses down my neck to my collar bone. He broke his contact with me again briefly and I took the opportunity to begin to pull his own tee-shirt off. After tugging on it for a moment, Adam briskly pulled it over his head in one swift move, revealing his smooth chest. We sat for a moment, breathing heavily as I studied him and he studied me.

“Are you sure about this?” Adam breathed, brushing a strand of stray hair from my face. I nodded, leaning in towards his mouth again like being pulled by a magnet. No sooner did our lips meet again then I felt myself lifted up swiftly. I wrapped my jean-clad legs around Adam’s waist as he scooped me up, placing his arms under my ass and walking towards the staircase.

Once we were in his room, Adam let go of my legs and I stood unsteadily as he grabbed my hand and lead me over to the king sized bed. He sat down, now face to face with the buckle of my belt as he slowly undid my jeans. They fell to a pool at my feet and I kicked them away, placing my hands on Adam’s bare shoulders. He looked me up and down, running his hands up my legs and thighs. I leaned down slightly to undue his own jeans, rubbing my hand over his hard on that protruded as our lips brushed against each others. I undid his jeans and yanked his pants and boxer briefs down in one swift motion before dropping to my knees in front of him. His hard cock bobbed and twitched, his shaft thick and long. Adam groaned softly as I looked up at him, my lips inches away from his dickhead glistening with precum. I bit my lip in a girlish way and tucked my brown hair behind my ears. Adam smiled at me and watched as I touched the tip of my tongue to the underside of his cock. I followed the throbbing vein under his cock up and down the shaft with my tongue, finally reaching his cockhead and wrapping my mouth around it. Adam opened his mouth slightly and watched as I bobbed my head up and down, sucking and licking Adam’s thick hard on. He buried his fingers in my hair, softly pulling my head back and watching as his cock left my mouth slowly and groaning as he pushed it back into my mouth. I sucked and licked, covering his cock with saliva and bringing my hand up to wrap around the base, I began to pump him up and down. He furrowed his brow, watching as I looked back up at him, loving the way he never let his gaze leave my mouth.

“Mmm, Katie..,” He murmured, “..Feels so good..”

I stopped briefly to catch my breath and pumped my hand up and down his rock hard shaft. He thrust into my hand, which made a soft, slick, wet noise as I glided my fist up and down his cock again and again. I watched the enjoyment that was evident on his face as he parted his mouth again, letting out another groan of satisfaction. He untangled his right hand from my hair and grabbed my rhythmically moving hand gently and pulled it away from his throbbing cock, entwining his fingers in mine.

“I’m gonna cum if you keep that up,” He confessed, letting out a small chuckle. He then grabbed my other arm and pulled me to my feet. I felt slightly lightheaded and wobble-y, so I grabbed his shoulders again to keep my balance as Adam hooked his fingers into the waistband of my white panties and gently began to pull them down my thighs until they were finally at my feet. I blushed, stepping out of them as he clutched them for a moment before tossing them to where my jeans lay. He ran his hands backup my smooth legs, squeezing my ass and then teasingly running one of his rough fingers over the little strip of soft pubic hair that contrasted the rest of my smooth, shaven mound. The sensation gave me goose bumps and instantly made me wet.

Adam grabbed me and pulled me down, straddling his lap as his hard cock brushed against my labia, cause us both to let out soft moans as he touched his mouth to mine again, kissing me hard. His hands snaked up my back, undoing my bra which I shook off my shoulders and tossed without looking. I then wrapped my arms around his neck as we continued kissing, grinding my needy, wet pussy against his erection. One arm he kept wrapped around me for support, while the other he brought up to brush his hand and fingers over my erect, pink nipples. I cried out in his mouth as he softly pinched my sensitive nipple, massage my breast in his hand. He grabbed me suddenly and turned, laying me on my back on the soft bed, never breaking contact with my mouth as he hovered over me, kissing me into the pillows. I let my eyes flutter open as he broke away momentarily, and followed his eyes down my neck to my chest. He watched as I breathed in and out for a moment, my breasts moving up in down rhythmically.

“You’re so…beautiful,” He breathed, looking back up at my face. I smiled up at him, biting my bottom lip nervously before he brought his mouth back into contact with mine. He ran his hand down my side as we continued kissing, grabbing the underside of one of my knees to open my legs. His hand soothingly rubbed the inside of my thigh before softly teasing my pussy lips with his fingers. I whimpered into his mouth as our tongues clashed and he ran his fingers gently over my wet slit, brushing against my clit in the softest way. I bucked my hips, wanting him to finger fuck my aching pussy, but he just continued to rub me lightly as he trailed his mouth once again down my neck, stopping to suck on one of nipples before continuing down my stomach placing his mouth on my quivering abdomen. My heart began leaping again, as I assumed what was about to happen. I had slept with a boy from my old school before, but had never received oral se-

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