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(Author’s Note: This short piece is somewhat of a sequel to a story submitted under my first name ‘Stephen7’. Although it’s not all autobiographical in nature and very much fiction, the premise is based on my annual visit to the doctor for my physical, whom by the way for the last two years has been a very pretty younger woman. This year I did find myself embarrassed slightly by the physical reaction mentioned in these stories. There it was a temporary thing; here my fantasy continues to a beautiful climax!)


Another year has gone by and once again it is time for my annual physical. This year I am not so much dreading the doctor visit as I am reminiscing about last year’s exam as I drive toward the medical center. Now I know most guys, and probably women, don’t dwell on the positives of their annual physical, but after the experience I had last year I can’t help but get a huge grin on my face.

My doctor, Dr. Morton, is part of a practice of six doctors two of whom are female. Last year I had my regular physical scheduled, but when I arrived I was told Dr. Morton had been in a car accident that morning. The receptionist told me I could still keep my appointment, but only one doctor was available that day. It was Dr. Robin Benson, one of the female partners. Since it would have taken another month to schedule a regular physical, I opted to go with the new doctor.

As it turned out I was never so glad to have had her. As embarrassing as it was to ‘bend over and spread my cheeks’ for her, it was worth it to have a slim, woman’s finger up my backside instead of my regular doctor’s big old thick digit. Of course, what she did for me on the front end at the same time was more than I could have ever fantasized even in my ever sexually perverted mind.

Needless to say as I turn into the parking lot all I can think of is my visit with Dr. Robin Benson last year. I have that huge grin on my face still as I walk down the sidewalk. That is until all of a sudden my fantasy comes crashing down around me when I suddenly picture Dr. Morton and my rear orifice being assaulted digitally by his old thick meaty finger. The thought of that finger stabbing up my butt brings back all the uncomfortable sensations of an annual physical.

I know I do a little awkward dance with that feeling upon me as I walk up to the reception counter and am greeted by the bright smiling face of Carol.

“Good morning, sir. Do you have an appointment with us today?” Came the tried and true greeting I got when I first met her last year. Just as last year my eyes fall to between the folds of her tan medical top before I can looked to her face. As last year I find two of the largest breasts I’ve ever seen on a woman. Last year I remember how I was so glad I had been standing behind the counter so she couldn’t see the abrupt reaction her huge jiggling breasts had given me. I had been on some horny high that morning. This year however the thought of Dr. Morton, the old guy, poking and probing me was all that was on my brain as I stood opposite her.

“Sir, do you have an appointment?” I hear the voice and come out of my trance.

“Uh, oh yes,” I pull my eyes away from her chest. “Yes Carol, I do.”

“With whom, sir? And may I have your name please.” She asks as she readies her fingers over her keyboard waiting for my response.

“My name is Stephen Jenkins. My doctor’s name is Morton. Dr. Morton.”

“Oh.” Carol looks up at me with that look.

A sort of déjà vu comes over me. That same look and reaction came from her last year.

“Don’t tell me the doctor has had another car accident.” I say now with a bit of an attitude my hands on my hips.

“No, not that, however, I’m sorry to say Dr. Morton has retired. He left the practice about a month ago.”

“So what does that mean for me today? Do I have to choose another primary care physician and come back again?” I ask becoming more annoyed at not having been aware of this before I arrived this morning.

“Well, no, actually you should have been notified months ago that he was leaving and that you had been assigned to a new doctor.”

“Oh, so I didn’t have a say in choosing my new doctor?” Now I start to get a bit more annoyed.

“No sir, you do, or you could have for today that is. The mailing must not have reached you. You are scheduled to see, let me check,” Carol taps away on her keyboard. “Yes, your are to see Dr. Benson this morning.”

“What?” I say a bit too loudly and garner the attention of the rest of the staff as well as the few patients out in the lobby. I get at least a dozen pairs of eyes staring at me.

Okay now what do I do? Do I bolt for the door and never show my face here again? Wait, no one knows what happened last year. Of course, I do and I’m not sure I can show my face in front of Dr. Benson this year.

“Is there a problem Mr. Jenkins? I do see you saw her last year.”

More like she saw all of me last year, I want to say. Much, much more of me than either of us had intended.

“Mr. cebeci escort Jenkins is that alright for you, Dr. Benson being your new doctor that is?”

“Uh, sure, Carol. That’s fine.'”

“Okay you are scheduled to see Dr. Benson at 10:30. Have a seat and fill out this form. A nurse will call you shortly.” Carol hands me the clipboard with the pen attached. “And I apologize for the change.”

“No that is quite alright. Thank you, Carol.” I say as I walk away, not knowing if this is such a good deal or not.

I more absently and by rote fill out the personal information on the form. Whereas this time last year I was trying to suppress a very persistent all around horny feeling, even before I knew what was going to happen. Today I’m feeling very apprehensive. When we parted ways after my exam last year, it was Dr. Benson that said I should not be her patient again. She said it might be better if she was not my doctor in the future with what had happened. She had said it was to be between the just the two of us.

“Mr. Jenkins. Stephen Jenkins.” I hear my name being called. I look up to see a nurse with records in her hands.

“Here.” I call out as I stand and walk toward her.

That was quick. I didn’t have much time to think about what to do about this situation.

“Good morning, sir.”

“Good morning.”

“I’ll take that thank you.” She reaches out and takes the clipboard form from my hand. “Please follow me, if you will.”

As I walk behind her I still can only think about last year’s visit and what Dr. Robin Benson did for me.

“Please, Mr. Jenkins, stand up on the scale and let me get your weight.” The nurse says while writing something in my chart.

I step on the scales and the digital numbers change.

She writes down my weight and then proceeds to stick the thermometer up to my mouth. It does its thing, beeps, and she removes it from between my lips. She jots that number down.

“Okay, follow me and I’ll get your blood pressure then Dr. Benson should be along shortly.” She takes me right across the hall to the examining room.

A few minutes later, blood pressure done, a few other questions answered the nurse folds my chart and looks up at me with a genuinely gracious smile. “Now Mr. Jenkins, go ahead and get undressed down to your underwear. Dr. Benson should be in shortly.”

“Thank you.” I say as the nurse walks out and closes the door behind her.

‘Now what Stevie boy! First you get all excited on the way here thinking about last year’s fun then the reality hits that its Doc Morton’s turn to give you the big fat finger again. Only now you find out he’s gone and retired and you have your pretty lady doctor on her way back to see you again.’ What should I do?

I do try to contemplate whether I am turned on at the prospect of being touched by those wonderfully exciting hands again or whether I should get on out the door and run knowing just how embarrassing this is going to be. It has been over a year since I’ve been here. Maybe she won’t remember me. Oh right, like every day she jacks off a male patient during his physical exam. Of course, how would I know, maybe she does. Steve!

All I know is that going on fifty-one years old now there is no telling what I may do, or rather what my body, one part of it anyway, will do.

What the hell!

I undress and strip down to my boxers. I pick up the white and pale blue hospital gown and put it on just like I always do the wrong way, just like a robe opening in the front. I then take my seat up on the exam table. The gown flaps open some at the legs and I look down to see my similarly colored blue and white striped boxers. I pull them back around me and tuck them between my legs.

No sooner do I get settled on the crinkly sanitary paper than there is a knock on the door, a pause and then it opens.

In walks my young lady doctor. “Good morning,” she says in that pleasant voice I remember. She also has her head down in my chart as she walks in.

“Good morning.” I reply looking at her left breast pocket to see the script print that reads, ‘Dr. Robin Benson’.

“So, Mr. Jenkins,” she starts to say and lifts her head to greet me with that wonderful smile I also remember. “Oh!”

She looks at me with that very pretty face framed by the gorgeous long brown hair and I realize she most definitely remembers who I am.

“Hi, Dr. Benson.” I smile nervously back.

She continues to stare at me but with my chart pressing up to her chest now, her arms folded over it.

“Fancy meeting you here again.” I try to hide just how nervous I am, knowing I’m failing miserably. “I see you remember me.”

“Yes, I do.” She says and I swear I see a grin and then the almost imperceptible glance down between my legs.

Last year, she found a mighty strong erection waiting on her there. Today my manhood rests peacefully inside my boxers.

“I thought we agreed I should not be your doctor after, well, last year.”

“Don’t çukurambar escort look at me. It wasn’t my idea. I just found out today Dr. Morton retired. Carol told me I was supposed to receive some kind of notice about choosing a new doctor. I never got the notice, so I guess they assigned me to you at random.”

Dr. Benson continues to stand there with my chart clutched to her chest. She stares at me hard before she finally walks over to the little desk.

“Okay, well, I’m not going to send you out of here and both of us have to explain why you need to come back. But you’ll have to agree to some ground rules this time.”

“So our second date has rules.” I make light of the situation and try to laugh past the tension, continuing to try and hide my nervousness.

“Mr. Jenkins, please.”

“I’m sorry, no you go ahead.”

“First and foremost, Mr. Jenkins, remember I’m a doctor, a professional. Male or female, a doctor is a doctor. Second, it’s perfectly normal for you to be nervous, but realize you don’t have anything I haven’t seen before.” At that she pauses and looks back at me with a huge grin. “Okay, that usually works with most of my male patients but in your case I suppose I did get to see a lot more of than I normally do.”

Dr. Benson shakes her head and goes back to writing in my chart.

Finally she stops again and spins around on her stool facing me.

“Okay, if we are going to do this today, proceed with your exam that it is,” another huge grin spreads across her lips before she clears her throat and takes on a more serious look. “What happened last year was natural to a point. It was a normal physical response to somebody touching that area. I didn’t want you to be embarrassed and walk out of here like you were. We both know from the condition you were in it wouldn’t have been alleviated by just taking a minute to try and let you get your mind off whatever was stimulating you. So I performed a professional courtesy. One only you and I ever need to know about.” Then the doctor looks at me with an even more serious look. “That is unless you told your wife about it. You didn’t did you?”

“No, no way. That, last year, was as you said just between you and me.”

I could see her exhale heavily.

“Mr. Jenkins, I will tell you that has never happened to me with other patients. I mean I have had men, usually young men become aroused, but like I say that is somewhat natural. No one else has ever gotten as hard as you did last year and they have always resolved the problem themselves by losing their erections on their own. As I told you from what I saw last year you weren’t going to make it much longer if you didn’t take care of it anyway. I got the problem out of the way so we could finish the exam properly. So you do understand, right?”

“I do. I certainly do.” I answer her. The awkward feelings I had are gradually washing away with her being so very professional and matter-of-fact-like.

“Looks like you still work out.” Dr. Benson goes onto another subject before I have time to dwell any more. “I really was impressed last year by how fit you are for a man of your age.” Dr. Benson goes back to jotting in my records.

“I do work out most everyday. Still play softball and as much golf as I can squeeze in. I walk the course more than I ride, too.”

“Any health complaints at all since last year’s physical?”

“No, I think I’ve had another pretty good year.” I answer honestly.

“Okay, let’s check out the chest and the heart.” She turns toward me, affixes the stethoscope to her ears and proceeds to go through the rest of the exam.

The exam moves along very smoothly after all it seems.


“Okay, time to drop the boxers.” Dr. Benson orders.

I tense, but I also realize that unlike last year I am very much not horny this year. My penis is dangling loose and limp under the thin material. So as she turns on her doctor’s stool to reach and pull on the latex gloves I grab for my waistband and shove my underwear most down my thighs.

When Dr. Benson turns back toward me her face is about belly-button high. I catch the slight pause and widening of her eyes as she glances a little lower. It makes me grin and it’s a wonder that pretty face, no more than a foot from my manhood, isn’t causing a return of last year’s condition. I assume better control this year it appears.

“Before we proceed, let me ask a question. Have you ever done a self-exam of your testicles?” Dr. Benson asks.

“A what?”

“It’s a good practice to do a testicular self-exam on a regular basis. I can perform the procedure as usual if you’d like. But it’s easy for guys to check their own testicles to make sure there isn’t any unusual going on.”

“Oh, no I can’t say that I have ever done that.”

“It’s really important to do an exam every month or so. You should become familiar with the normal size and shape of your testicles, making it easier to tell if something feels different.”

“Can demetevler escort I be sure I will find anything out of the ordinary if its there?”

“Well, it isn’t really rocket science. It’s real simple to perform a testicular examination. You can make it easier and get to know your little buddies yourself. How big they are, and how they feel. You roll them around gently and see how your boys are shaped. If one ever changes size or feels different, you need to come see me, your doctor.”

“Okay, I get it that it’s to my benefit, but how do I really know I am doing it right?”

“If you’ve never performed one before, it’s certainly normal to feel some anxiety your first time. Just try to relax and think about the favor you’re doing your body. Or think about it this way, take care of your testicles and they’ll take care of you. Being this is the first time you’ve tried I can talk you through it.”

“That might help.” I say, feeling a bit apprehensive about this, but figure it might be better for me to do it than her.

“You have to get familiar with your body. No one knows your testicles better than you do, well, maybe your wife might depending on what else she does for you.” Dr. Benson looks up at me with a grin. “First, place your right leg on the step right there. Give yourself clear access to your scrotum.”

I turn slightly and lift my bare foot up on the metal step as asked. Dr. Benson scoots her stool around enough to still be in direct view of my so called privates.

“You examine one testicle at a time. Place your left hand under your right testicle, lightly supporting it.”

I tentatively reach for myself down there.

“Next, using your right hand, gently roll the testicle between your thumb and index finger, with slight pressure, between your fingers. It should feel smooth and firm, but not hard.”

I follow her direction until I feel things I’ve never felt in this pink hairy sack of mine.

“When examining each testicle, feel for any lumps or bumps along the front or sides. Lumps may be as small as a piece of rice or a pea.”

I squish the soft flesh around until I feel the little knot I’ve had ever since my vasectomy years ago. “Is this little bump I got from my surgery okay still to be there?”

“Have you felt it before?” She asks. “Oh wait, how would you know if you haven’t done this before?”

“Well,” I blush I know, “I said I never have done a self-exam, I never said I’d never felt around down there.”

“But, why would you do that and not be examining your, oh…” The Doctor remembers at that very moment another reason a guy may feel his own balls. “Oh that.” She grins and now she blushes.

I continue to finger that little knot.

“Does it feel the same as it always has?” She asks.

“Yeah, I’m pretty sure it does.”

“Then that would be an example of a normal lump.” She returns to her professional self as she continues her direction. “Now then roll it between your fingers. You should be able to feel the epididymis, the sperm-carrying tube, which feels soft, rope-like, and slightly tender to pressure.”

I play around in my wrinkled sack and try to find what she is talking about. She sees me fumbling around.

“It’s located at the top of the back part of the testicle.”

“Okay, got it.” I say feeling the rolling tube-like length between fingertips.

“Feel anything other than a thin smooth rolling membrane?”

“Nope, feels fine, I guess.”

“Okay, now repeat the procedure for the left testicle.”

Now I have always known my left one is much smaller than the right. As soon as I grasped it like I did the first, Dr. Benson must have been reading my mind.

“Just so you know one testicle is usually slightly larger than the other for most men. In your case the left one, but this is normal as long as it hasn’t changed in size over time.”

“No, I don’t think it has.” I grin down at her, thinking about all the times I’ve felt and massaged my own balls while I masturbated, not realizing until toady I was actually giving myself a testicular self-exam each time.

Since my left testicle is much smaller I have a hard time feeling around trying to find all the same places to inspect as I did on the right one.

“I can’t seem to find all the same parts on this one.” I finally admit.

“You can’t find the epididymis?” She asks.

“I can’t find much of anything except that same knot I have on the right one.”

“And that is from the vasectomy and should feel the same right?”

“Yes, it does.”

“So, you can’t feel the rest of your testicle or what?” Dr. Benson says as she dips her head to look between my legs. Even in its flaccid state my penis must block her view. The way I’m feeling around isn’t so obvious to her under my limp manhood.

“Here, let me show you.” Dr. Benson says and reaches for my soft member to move it aside.

I suck in a deep breath at that first touch.

Both my hands go back to my sides and I stand perfectly upright with my gut sucked in as the touch of her fingers on my skin immediately brings back the feelings of last year.

I start to grow in her palm.

“Oh!” I hear Dr. Benson gasp. “Not again!”

I look down at the startled look on her face. “I’m sorry. I am really sorry…again.”

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