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So there I was, my hair teased into a pixie cut, some surprisingly effective makeup on my face, slipped into my sister’s clothes and undies, and of course with a broken-off candle shoved up my ass.

It had obviously been a long day.

After I had had an ACCIDENT with the candle (no matter what she said) my sister Sally had called over her doctor friend Brett to help get it out without embarrassing me. How exactly not embarrassing me ended up with me in a pair of satin panties and a mini skirt is something I still have trouble explaining, but it made total sense at the time.

The problem was, Brett was hot.

Really hot.

Now, I’m not gay, I was just having a weird day (which was absolutely not my fault), but anyone would’ve said this guy was hot. He was tall, had broad shoulders, a nice tan, great teeth, wavy hair, you know stuff anyone would notice. As he turned to close the door behind him anyone would’ve noticed he had a killer butt in his surprisingly tight scrubs too.

I wasn’t looking of course, just, well like I said I was having a weird day – also the candle up my tushie was really distracting. If I wasn’t careful when I moved it rubbed up against something well – exciting.

So it wasn’t weird that I was noticing things I normally wouldn’t. Really.

I mean like his butt, obviously I’d be thinking about it right? With a candle up my own ass of course I’d be thinking about how with his glutes he’d never have something accidentally trapped up his poop-chute, how he’d probably be firm enough to bounce a quarter off of, instead of being more yielding like if he grabbed my –


oh god what was I thinking

“Uh yeah, sorry Brett, I was just um distracted.”

“No problem. Now Sally said you had a problem you were embarrassed by?”

“Yeah, I, I have a candle up my bum.”

He grinned and I turned my head to the side, blushing, “Okay. Is it the whole thing or -“

“It broke. I was getting out of the shower and I slipped and -“

“Don’t worry, Paula, I don’t need to know the details. Let’s just say you slipped.”

“I Did!”

“Okay, so, any lasting pain or abnormal discomfort?”

“Umm no, not any discomfort.”

“Okay, well hopefully I’ll just be able to get up in there and take care of this”

I must have looked really scared, because he came up really close to me, put one hand on my shoulder and lifted my chin with his other hand so that I was staring right into his deep blue eyes.

“There’s nothing to worry about, Paula. I’m just gonna need you to lie down on the bed there, and undress. Don’t worry, I promise I won’t peek at anything I shouldn’t.”

Oh God. Undress? That wasn’t the plan. That was the whole reason I was in panties thinking about how blue his eyes were in the first place!

“Uh Brett? Would it be okay if I just pulled my panties down a little bit? I mean just far enough to get you in me?”

I clapped my hand over my mouth and pulled free from his hand as I realized what I had just said! Brett looked like he was trying very hard not to laugh, I could see his hard abs shaking through his top, and he’d put his hand over his mouth, partially covering his radiant smile.

“Okay, Paula, whatever you’re comfortable with. Tell you what, I’m gonna go grab some gloves and some other tools in case I need them. While I’m gone, go ahead and get ready. Don’t worry, I’ll knock before I come back in.”

Still completely mortified, I just nodded instead of risking saying anything else.

As soon as the door closed I was in tears.

What was happening to me? This stupid candle was tricking me! Just because it felt good I felt like I was attracted to anything!

I yanked up the front of my skirt, looking at my throbbing willie tucked up into the front of my lacy waistband.

That was not for him! That was just something physiological. It was a good thing I wasn’t looking at girls, I would have left a sticky mess in my panties!

I tried desperately to prove all of that to myself by flicking through the fashion magazines and catalogs lying around Sally’s floor, but it was no good. My member was shrinking back down. Soon it wouldn’t even be held in its proper place in my panties.

The problem was that Maltepe escort bayan they weren’t looking sexy enough. I mean sure they might have been in lovely dresses, and even some tantalizingly risque lingerie, but they weren’t looking sexy to me, err at me. I mean I could do a better sexy pose than that!

I put down the magazine and walked over to the full length mirror over by Sally’s closet. Okay, I might not have the bombshell look going on or anything, but boobs aren’t everything. I turned to be side on to the mirror and took off the hoodie I was wearing. Yeah, that was nice. I definitely wasn’t top heavy or anything, but Sally was right – with my trim waist and back dimples, my belly shirt was definitely a good choice, and my slender legs were really suited to this skirt.

I started thinking about maybe adding some stockings to the look, and while I could feel my growing agreement with that idea. I decided I didn’t want him to think I was dressing up for him. After all this was just to prove that I was attracted to girls.

Suddenly remembering that that was what I was trying to prove here. I started focusing on the mirror again. I was staring straight on, which was great for showing off my tummy, but that wasn’t doing much for me. I mean sure I was really pretty, but I was looking for something to get the same kind of stiffie as I got from Brett – as I got from my totally normal physiological reaction, and this wasn’t doing it.

I put a hand on my hip, and cocked it over to the side.

Well that’s nice I thought with a slowly spreading smile. Not crazy sexy, but still she has a nice girl-next-door vibe going on.

Time to get more sexy. I rolled the bottom of my top up, tucking it so that the bottom part of my bra was peeking out. Next was the skirt, a little more rolling, and I’d brought the hem up from my knee to almost half-way up my thigh. Then, after a saucy grin at the girl in the mirror, another couple inches to something really provocative.

I faced away from the mirror and turned my head over my shoulder as I lifted one leg up like I was kissing a guy in an old-timey movie.

Now that was a look. She definitely wasn’t anyone’s neighbor. No, you could tell. She was the kind of girl you’d find at the bar, maybe looking for a free drink and some action in the corner. Ooh, she likes that idea. She wouldn’t really be there for the drink though, no, that’s just a way to find the confident guys, the ones who are confident for a reason.

Without me thinking about what it meant I was doing, the girl in the mirror turned sideways to the mirror and knelt, perking her ass up as high as she could, her back arched, but staring straight at the mirror.

As soon as those guys walk in, she’d be sizing them up seeing if any of them had something to be confident about. That’s what she was here for, not some free cocktail. That’s why she was on her knees needing just the lightest push to fall forward onto all fours.

The girl in the mirror did just what I’d thought of, lying there with her palms flat on the ground, her mouth open wide.

Look at that face. She’s clearly remembering her last time, the last time someone gave her what she wanted. Or no, she’s already got what she wants. Look at that tramp wriggling and clenching her bum. No, her mouth is open for a nice big-

The door flew open.

Sally burst in, already nattering on about how cute Brett was, but stopped cold as she saw me.

“It’s a good thing I don’t knock, look at all the fun I’d miss.” Her words were playful, but her expression was anything but.

“Close the door!” I begged.

“Why? Worried Brett will see you before you’ve skanked all the way up?”

“That’s not what I-“

“Save it. Look, I figured I could wait past your first day as a girl to have this talk with you, but did you really think trying to steal Brett from me was alright?!”

“He’s not your boyfriend!”

“I said I was trying to date him! God, you’re such a slut! What do I have to put a sign on him saying, “Sally’s: Do Not Rub Up On?” What am I saying you’re too much of a bimbo to bother reading it anyways!”

“I’m not trying to, to rub up on Brett! Sally, come on, it’s me Paul! You know this whole thing wasn’t my Escort Maltepe fault!”

“Good point, it was the candle that put you wriggling on all fours wishing you had Brett’s cock in your mouth!”

My mouth hung open – that was so unfair! I was just thinking about what some skank would do, and the only way to see her was in the mirror! But before I could explain myself –

“God you’re thinking about it right now! If I weren’t your sister, I’d beat the shit out of you!”

She shoved me backwards and I fell on the bed.

“So are you gonna stop tramping around after Brett?”


“I don’t believe you. You’ve been eye-humping him since he walked in. You’re going to just ignore him now!”


“Then you won’t mind if I keep some collateral, to make sure that if you keep trying to steal my man you’ll regret it?” She held up her cellphone and motioned, “Lift your skirt. Make sure I can see your little clitty. Oh and Paula, don’t forget, pretty girls should always smile.”


“Ok you slut, put it away. I want you to get this candle out of you and get Brett out of here, so roll over.”

I did, feeling very exposed as my rolled up skirt rode further up.

“Okay, lie down carefully, make sure you’ve got your little clitty tucked forward so he doesn’t see it.”

I fussed around trying to position it just so, but I guess I was taking too long, because Sally grabbed my hands out from under me.

“Ugh! Just grab the bedposts and hold on. I’ll position you.”

She put one of her big fluffy pillows down right under my crotch, pointing my tushie straight up. She flipped my skirt up so that it covered my back dimples, and peeled down my panties just past my errm rosebud. “Okay, now just don’t move.”

“I, I have an itch down there.”

“I, I bet you do,” she mocked. “Stay still, Paula!”

And then she left me.

I thought about reaching down to scratch, but I was scared she might still be there, and get mad again if I moved, and besides, I didn’t want to to ruin my camouflage.

I stayed there for what felt like forever, but was probably less than a minute, before I heard Brett coming up the stairs, talking on his cellphone.

“Sure Kelly. Yep I’ll be there babe. Okay, I’ll see you tonight honey.”

Wow, good thing I didn’t actually want Brett or that would’ve been really disappointing. Why didn’t Sally tell me he already had a girlfriend? I mean it wouldn’t have mattered, but she could have at least told me.

“Okay, Paula, you ready?”

Now there was obviously no way I could actually feel him looking at me, but I was sure I could feel him wondering if my skirt had always been that short, if that was really all I’d been wearing under my hoodie.

“Yeah, uh, who were you talking to?” I was just trying to distract him, but my cheeks were burning with embarrassment. Would he think I was trying to flirt with him?

“Oh, don’t worry about it. No one important”

what did that mean.

“She sounded important, you called her honey right?”

His answer didn’t matter to me, honest. I was just trying to get him talking so I’d know where he was. Thinking about him standing there looking at me while I was so exposed was driving me crazy!

“Can you keep a secret?”


He leaned in very close to my face, his lips were right next to my ear.

“There is no Kelly. I know your sister’s interested in me, but I don’t really feel the same way. She can be kinda mean sometimes, you know? I’m just trying to give her the idea that she should move on.”

“Oh,” I said, smiling. “Don’t worry, I won’t tell her.”

“Thanks,” he put his hand on mine “I really appreciate that. She’s still a blast to hang out with as a friend. Now let’s get you unstuck.”

He gave my hand a squeeze, and I bit my lip as he moved over to look directly at my poor hole.

I heard a snap as he put on his gloves

“Now try to relax.” I felt a sudden pressure at my backdoor. I tried not to squirm, but I could feel the pressure of his finger all the way up inside me and he wasn’t even in yet. I could feel myself flushing all over my body when suddenly with a girlish gasp I felt him slip in, slowly re-stretching me Maltepe Rus Escort out around his knuckles.

Why couldn’t he have smaller fingers, god he felt like he was almost as big as the candle and he couldn’t even be in to his second knuckle

“Wow, you weren’t using any lube?”

“What? No, I told you I slipped!”

“Wait, you really slipped? Oh man. Paula, I’m so sorry.” He quickly withdrew with a quiet pop and I gasped as a tingling rushed all over my body starting from my ass.

“I just assumed that- Do you have any vaseline in the bathroom?”

“Yeah, yeah,” I said, trying really hard not to reach down and tug at my nipples to get the tingle out. I tried to stop thinking about them, but that just left me thinking about the itch on my butt cheek.

He was back quickly, and I sucked in my breath with a hiss as I felt something cold being slowly rubbed onto my asshole. He patted me just above my flipped up skirt absently as he pushed his finger just into my first ring before rubbing it in circles, trying to gently loosen me up.

Did doctors always do this with their patients? Then what did guys complain about prostate exams for?

“Hey Paula, you’ve got to stop clenching,” I could feel his grin, “it’s only gonna make this take longer.”

“Okay,” I said, trying to sound like I wasn’t seeing fireworks. I had to get him to stop for a moment or he was going to think I was some kind of pervert.

“Uh Brett, before we get any further. Can I get you to scratch an itch? You’re kinda down there already.”

“Sure, Paula.”

“It’s on my, uh, left butt cheek, just under my waistband.”

“No problem”

Crap, he didn’t take his finger out!

As it was still twirling deeper into me, his other hand drifted down to start feeling his way just under my lacy waistband. It was ridiculous, especially since he literally had a finger in me, but it just felt so naughty, like he was straying into somewhere forbidden.

“Okay, okay you got it!” I said, straining to mask my rising panic over my excitement.

First one finger and then a second were sliding in much more smoothly now.

Suddenly he was touching something, maybe the candle, maybe whatever the candle was touching, but it didn’t matter because he was driving me out of my mind; the only thing that would be better is if he were deeper-

“Umm Paula, this is actually easier if you don’t push back against me.”

Oh God

“D-did I?”

Oh My God. My panties were wet. I could feel it.

“Tell you what I’ll give you a bit of help.”

He put his hand to the small of my back and firmly held me down, trapping me in a pool of semen. I lay there praying that none would skoosh out to where he could see it, hoping that Sally wouldn’t notice that I’d defiled her pillow.

He inched his fingers deeper inside me. Despite all my efforts I could still feel myself pushing against the firm hand holding me in place, twisting and clenching my bum around him, gasping as I tried to maintain any sort of composure, but starting to wish I didn’t have to pretend. A lot of guys experimented some time right? This could just be my experiment if only he’d take off his pants too.

My eyes smoldering I leaned my head back over my shoulder, hoping to make the invitation with my eyes that I couldn’t quite bear to with my lips.

Our eyes locked. He withdrew his fingers. He smiled broadly as he slid down the bed towards me. He leaned in close. I tilted my head up. My lips parted. And then I saw the candle.

“Well, unless you’ve got something else stuck up there I think we’re done.” He flipped the back of my skirt down to re-cover my tush, and headed into the bathroom to ditch the gloves and wash his hands.

I rolled over so that if he came back in he wouldn’t see my front while I made sure I was tucked away. Thank god my skirt hadn’t caught any of my excitement, but I definitely needed to flip that pillow.

I thought about rolling my top and skirt down, but I didn’t want him realizing that I’d changed them, and then before I could even think about getting out of my cummie panties he was back.

He held out a hand to shake, but I was so grateful that I moved right past it, wrapping my arms around his firm waist, smooshing my face up against his fantastic chest with a grin.

“Thank you so much Brett. How can I ever repay you?”

“Well, if you’re willing to risk pissing off your sister, I’d love to take you out some time to a nice romantic dinner. Don’t worry though – No Candles.”

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