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I’ve been playing these small shows across the country. At this point every small bar is starting to look the same, but early in my set I notice you in the crowd to break the monotony. You seem to be having a good time so I make a mental note to look for you after the last song. I stash my guitar on the tour bus in the back parking lot and come back into the bar for a drink, hoping to run into you.

You’re in the back by the dimly lit pool table watching some guys try to impress you with their pool skills. I grab two beers and head your way. You see me and you give me a welcoming look that also seems like a warning. Like I should know what I’m getting into. I can’t help noticing how well your black dress fits every curve of your body. I set the beers on your cocktail table and ask if I can buy you a drink. You smile and take one, raising it to your lips and drinking without breaking eye contact with me.

“Have a seat” you say. I oblige. “So, you want to fuck me, right?”

I’m completely caught off guard and stumble over my response. “It’s alright.” you add “I can’t blame you for wanting to fuck me, can I?” You give a smirk. “That would be cruel. I’m not cruel.” I find this strangely reassuring. You continue. “I’ll tell you what. I’ll play you for it?” You gesture to the now empty pool table.

I feel pretty confident in my pool abilities, so I almost forget to ask “What if I lose?” You give a sharp looking back as you rack up the balls “Are you going to lose?”

“I wasn’t planning on it, but I’d just like…”

You step close to me, palm the back of my head, and pull my head down to whisper in my ear. “You’d just like… what? To fuck me?”


“Well, I think that’s a pretty good deal for you.” You slide the back end of your pool stick up my thigh. “Don’t fuck it up, darling.”

I feel myself getting hard from your touch. Under my heightened breath I manage to say “You raise a good point” I smile.

You look mildly amused and release my head. “I hope your pool game is better than your puns.”

You break well and overall turn out to be a pretty good pool shark, but I’ve got the winning shot lined up after only a few turns. I lean forward and aim to put the 8 ball in the corner pocket… just…like…this… SLAP

My shot send the cue ball into the pocket for a scratch. I’ve lost. Then the sting in my ass starts to hit. You slapped my ass while I was making my shot. “What the…” SLAP. The second spank lands even more firmly. As the immediate shock wears off, the secondary shock comes as I realize how good it felt. I try to hide my surprising enjoyment, but you see it in my eyes.

“Oops. You lost”

“No I didn’t.” I protest. “You obviously interfered. That means YOU lost.”

“Oh, really? tekirdağ escort I don’t play as much pool as you so I’m a little unclear on the rules.”

“Well… it’s ok. I mean, but, technically, I did win. But, you know, I can’t really expect you to…”

“To pay my debt? Why not? I made a bet and if I lost, which you say I did, then I have to pay. If you lost, I’d sure as hell make you pay.”

“Well, just so you know, you don’t have to… I mean, I can’t expect…”

“Shut up. You’re cute. I’m a big girl. I can handle myself. Wanna get out of here?” Your hand grazes the head of my erection, outlined by my jeans as they grow tighter and tighter.

“Yeah, how about if I show you my tour bus? …before this gets any worse” You look down and size up my bulge, smiling. You look around the bar to make sure no one is watching before gently, but firmly clutching my balls in your hand.

“Yes, I think you need to take me there now.”

Once on the bus, I lock the door behind us, hoping nobody needs to get on the bus anytime soon. Another band is playing so the parking lot is full of cars but no people. I pin you against the wall and start kissing down your neck. You start unbuttoning my shirt and I smile. I reach behind you to unfasten your dress but you slap my hand back. After you remove my shirt, you take off my belt and unzip my pants, telling me to get out of them. I kick off my shoes and socks and step out of my pants, now only in my boxer briefs.

“Shouldn’t I be undressing you now?” I ask timidly.

You take my belt and use it to secure my arms behind my back as I’m starting to worry. You tell me to kneel. I respond “Wait, what? I don’t know what you’re into, but I thought we were just going to have some fun.”

You turn me around to face the tinted window looking into the parking lot and push me against it, pressing the side of my face against the glass while leaning into me. I hear you whisper “Well I’m having fun. And that means you’ll be having fun soon enough.”

You spank my ass, and the feeling through my boxers is more intense than before. “What do you like darling?” you ask in your deepest sexiest tone.

Your hand grips my cock and I shutter. “I don’t know anymore. I like this.”

“You don’t know what you like? You need me to show you what you like?”

I breathe in deeply. “Yes please”

This answer seems to please you. You smile and release the pressure against me and the window. You unfasten the belt and explain “I’m trusting you to keep your hands where I want them” I start to turn around but you stop me. You tug my boxers to the floor and spread my legs wider as I face the window, looking at the empty parking lot. My cock is growing in anticipation of whatever you have in mind. I keep my hands up against the window as you reach around and begin to stroke me. I grow fully erect in your hands and start grinding my hips up into your hand, wanting more of your touch.

You spin me around to face you and instruct me to take off your clothes slowly. I slide my hands up your body admiring your curves before unfastening your dress and sliding it down your body inch by inch. It stops at your hips and I kneel down to help. You look down at me and smile before working your hips around as I slide the dress to the ground. I look back up to see over your black panties is a black harness.

“What is this for?” I ask looking up at you.

“Hand me my purse and I’ll show you.”

I grab your purse from the floor behind me and pass it up to you. You open it up and pull out a bright blue dildo. You see the shock in my eyes and smile as you set your purse back down and begin rubbing it against the side of my face.

“You like this don’t you? You want to serve me and my lady cock.”

At first I resist but my hands creep up your legs, feeling the curves of your thighs and ass. I remember that my hands are supposed to be controlled and look up at you.

“It’s ok, I want you to feel me. I want you to love the touch of my body so much that you’ll also love this part…” and you snap the dildo into you harness and pull my mouth to it. I part my lips and slide your attachment into my mouth. It’s an awkward feeling but I focus on how amazing your ass feels in my hands and look up to see the sexy smirk on your face. You gently hold the back of my head and tell me what a fine job I’m doing.

“I’ll tell you what” you say. “You’re being so good, I think I’m going to let you fuck me.” You slide your panties down to the floor leaving you in only your knee high black socks and your harness. You sit back on the table behind you and spread your legs towards me. “Is this going to be distracting?” you ask motioning to your attachment.

“Well, it’s a lot to take in” I immediately realize another stupid pun. Luckily you look amused.

“No problem” as you snap the dildo out of the harness and bring it to your mouth. “I like to suck on cocks while I’m being fucked anyway.” You wrap your lips around the dildo and my dick aches to be inside of you. I know I should wait for your permission though.

You motion for me to come forward and kneel. I get onto my knees and kiss the insides of your thighs slowly working my way up to your delicious pussy. Where you so recently had a dildo, now I sink my face into you and lick, enjoying your flavor. My hands grip your thighs. You guide my head with your hand gently as you did before. Then pull me up and nod approval.

I position my dick and slide into you slowly inch by inch, feeling your warmth and wetness envelope me. So smooth as I go deeper and deeper. As I slide in and out, I can see in your eyes, this is what you wanted all night. You were toying with me like prey but knew you would have me to use for your pleasure when you wanted. I work him hips against you and fuck you in a steady rhythm while we both moan and sweat.

The bus starts rocking as I fuck you harder and harder. Watching you look at me like a beloved possession you own. Like a new toy you just discovered you have. I feel you clench my cock as you spasm and moan louder. I feel the urge to please you and make you cum and when you clutch me in your legs and squeeze my throat in your hands I know you’re there. As the waves pass, I slow down and you release me.

You can tell how badly I want to cum but I don’t feel the right to ask for it. You tell me to turn around and face the window again. I oblige and place my hands against the windows. You pull out your dildo and slide it into your soaking wet pussy for a moment before removing it. You come up behind me pressing your naked body against mine. I feel your hand, also wet from your pussy wrap around my cock and begin jerking me off.

Then the gentle pressure of the dildo against my ass, and I find myself arching my back more and grinding my hips back towards you, wanting more. Wanting to be filled by you. You slide in inch by inch, just as I had done. The feeling is incredible. I see a few people stumbling out of the bar and into the parking lot as i feel your hand against my ass gripping the dildo. It’s all the way inside. You slowly move it, noticing how wild it drives me. With your other hand, you tighten your grip on my dick and increase your speed. I love the feeling of having you fuck me from both sides. Even the feeling of your breasts against my back makes me forget how crowded the parking lot is getting. I hear you click the dildo into your harness as your other hand covers my mouth to muffle the excited moans I was starting to make.

“Shh…” you say. “You don’t want anyone to hear us.”

Then you fuck me deeper and harder while stroking my dick. It’s too much to take and I feel my orgasm building. You can feel it to in your hands and at the last moment you thrust deep into my ass one last time and stroking my cock steadily as spurts start to shoot up and onto the window. I can’t help myself and cry out in ecstasy. I had no idea this feeling was possible. As the last stream of cum hits the glass you slowly slide out of me and leave me to collapse against the window completely exhausted.

You unclip your attachment and put it in my hand. “I want you to keep this to remember me. And for me to use the next time I see you.”

You slip your dress back on and exit the bus before I have time to ask for your number. But then I realize. You’ll find me when you want me again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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