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[This is a bit of an experiment. I wanted to see if I could write a story using only dialogue. The rest is up to your imagination…]

Good morning, daddy!

Wake up, sleepy head!



Uh… what time is it?

8 o’clock.

Time you were awake.

Oh no, I should be up. It’s late.

It’s Sunday, daddy.

You don’t have to get up at all if you don’t want to.

Thank goodness for that.

And we’ve brought you breakfast in bed.

Toast, coffee and a boiled egg…

…just the way you like it.

What’s brought all this on?

Happy birthday, daddy.

Or have you forgotten that as well?

I had, actually. When you reach my age you forget lots of things.

Poor old daddy, finally reached the ripe old age of 40.

Not long for this world.

You’d better enjoy your breakfast, it may be your last.


Sit up then. We’ll put the tray on your lap.

I must say this looks good. Linen napkin too – have I woken up in a five-star hotel?

Enough with the sarcasm. Just enjoy it.

Mmm… this egg looks perfect. What are you doing?

Getting into bed with you.

It’s cold out here.

We don’t want to get up yet either.

We want to cuddle up like we used to.

You’re getting a bit old for morning cuddles, aren’t you?

We’re only 19. That’s not too old.

Besides, you’re not too old for cuddles and you’re 40.

Thanks for reminding me. All right, as long as you don’t pinch my toast. I said, don’t pinch my toast.

Oh, it was only a little bite, daddy.


How’s the coffee?



We want you to enjoy your special day.

Well, if it goes on like this I’m sure I shall…. I suppose the kitchen looks as if a bomb has hit it…

Not at all.

Certainly not.

Ow! I was joking. I was joking.

Don’t be mean.

We were very tidy.

Just like your bedrooms…


Alright, alright, I won’t say another word.

Just finish your breakfast.

And drink your coffee.

I promise.


Seriously, this is lovely. Such a nice surprise. I don’t know what I did to deserve two such wonderful daughters.

Ah, daddy…

For that you deserve a big kiss.

Two big kisses.



Ah, thank you…

We love you, daddy.

You’re the best daddy in the whole world.

Careful, you’ll have this tray over.

Have you finished?

Every delicious crumb. I suppose now I should get up.

No, don’t.

We’ll just get rid of this tray…


Now we can all have a lie-in…

And a proper cuddle.

You two are such a bad influence. Oh well, I suppose another ten minutes won’t make any difference.

Of course it won’t.

It’s Sunday.


Put your arm around me, daddy.

Me too. I want to snuggle.

It’s nice resting my head on your shoulder.

All strong and manly.

And playing with the hairs on your chest.

And teasing your nipples.

Stop it, that tickles.

No, I won’t. You’ll just have to get used to it.

You should wear a T-shirt if you don’t want to be tickled.

I would have if I’d known you two were going to leap into bed with me.

Are you sleeping naked, daddy?

Certainly not. What a question.

You used to sleep naked.

When mummy was alive.

Yes, well, that was then.

You both used to sleep naked.

How do you know that?

We used to peek.

Good Lord!

You’re not cross, are you?

Of course not. Just surprised. We always thought we were being careful. We had no idea.

We didn’t see much.

We were only little.

We didn’t know what you were doing anyway.

You did a lot of kissing and cuddling.

We thought it was funny.

But nice.

Then when mummy got sick you didn’t sleep naked any more.

You didn’t even sleep in the same bed.

We couldn’t. She was too sick. We still used to cuddle a lot though.

She was lovely.

She used to cuddle us a lot too.

That was because she loved you.

Do you still miss her, daddy?

It’s been a long time. I still think of her every day, of course. It’s impossible not to, because you two look so much like her. But it doesn’t hurt any more.

Why have you never been out with any other women?

You’re really handsome. They must be queueing up.

Ha, not so’s you’d notice. I’m too busy working and looking after you two. Besides, no one could measure up to your mother.

That’s sweet, daddy.

But don’t you…


You know…


Now how am I supposed to answer that? There are some things I think I should keep to myself.

We’re not being nosy, daddy, honestly. It’s just…

We worry about you…

Being on your own…

Don’t you get lonely?

Here in this huge bed…

All by yourself…

You girls.


Well… It’s just something I don’t think I should be talking to you about.

Why not?

We’re your family.

If you can’t talk to us…

Who can you talk to?

It’s just… It’s difficult… I mean, I still think of you as my little girls.

Well, we’re not little girls tuzla eve gelen escort any more.

You said so yourself.

We’re 19 and we’re all grown up.

You only have to look at us.


What are you doing? Don’t!

Don’t be silly, daddy.

We’re only taking off our T-shirts.

We only want you to see how much we’ve grown up.

I can see. Now put them back on.

Oh daddy, you do look funny.

You’ve gone all red.

Anyone would think you’d never seen naked tits before.

Not these particular ones, no. And I don’t think I should be seeing them now.

We don’t mind you seeing them, do we?

Of course not.

Anyway it’s much nicer cuddling like this.

I can feel your hairy chest.

All nice and warm…

Don’t you prefer us cuddling like this?

Yes, but I really think you should put your T-shirts back on.

Oh don’t be such a grump. Where’s the harm?

We only want to show you we’re not little girls any more.

No, I can see that. You’re very… grown-up.

That’s better. You look so much more handsome when you smile.

For that you can have another birthday kiss. Mmm…

And one from me. Mmm…

Thank you. And now I really think we ought to get up.

Oh no.

Not until you’ve answered our question.

What question was that?

Don’t pretend you’ve forgotten.

We want to know if you miss sex.

Who’d have daughters? I suppose you’re not going to let me get out of this bed until you’ve squeezed an answer out of me.

We only want you to be honest.

We only want you to be happy.

All right then… I suppose I do miss it. Not all the time. But yes, I miss having a woman to make love to.

Oh, daddy…

We knew it.

Okay, I’ve admitted it. Can I get up now?

Of course not.

Now we have to talk about it.

We have to decide what we’re going to do about it.

I hope you two are not going to do anything about it. I don’t want you trying to set me up with every single woman of our acquaintance.

Oh we wouldn’t do that.

Besides, we’ve already had a good look at the likely candidates.

And the fit ones…

Are all married.

And the single ones…

Are all horrible.

Thank goodness for that. Am I free now?

Oh, stop squirming about, daddy. It’s your birthday.

You don’t have to be anywhere.

Just enjoy being here with us.

You do like us cuddling like this, don’t you?

Of course I do. But I’m not sure I like discussing my sex life – or lack of it.

Well, you must have some sex life.

You must masturbate, at least.


All men do, don’t they?

All our boyfriends do, anyway.

Do they?

They seem to want to jerk themselves off at every opportunity.

Sometimes it seems like it’s their favourite form of sex.

No, I think their favourite is when we do it for them.

You’re not shocked, are you, daddy?

Er… I don’t think so. You are 19, after all. But I am shocked you’re telling me. Somehow it’s not the kind of thing I ever expected to be chatting about with my daughters.

Oh, we love talking about it.

We talk about the size of their cocks…

How quickly they come…

The ways they like to be jerked off…



We love making them come.

Sometimes we have little competitions…

To see which of us can make their boyfriend come first.

It’s such a turn-on watching their expressions.

Is it?

You’re really not shocked, daddy?

Tell us honestly.

No… I’m just a bit lost for words. I had no idea… But, as I say, you’re 19 so you’re old enough to lead your own lives. Just… be careful, that’s all.



That’s for being such an understanding daddy.

And for being such a sexy daddy.

That’s sweet of you, but I don’t think so.

Yes you are.

Those sexy eyes…

That hunky jawline…

These strong arms…

This muscly chest…

This hard sixpack…

All right, all right, I believe you.

You’re much sexier than our boyfriends.

Much sexier.

You’ve probably even got a better-looking cock.


Okay, that’s enough.

It must be hiding somewhere in these boxers.

It’s probably shy.

Stop now.

Ooh, here it is.

No, stop!

Ooh yes, I can feel it.

Oh daddy, it’s all hard.

What have you been thinking about?

Have you been thinking about us jerking off our boyfriends?

Okay girls, you’ve had your fun. Now stop before I get cross.

Oh don’t be such a spoilsport.

We only want to see how you compare with our boyfriends.

And judging by the size of it you must be enjoying something.

That’s the trouble. That’s why you have to stop.

Silly, we don’t mind.

It feels nice. Where’s the harm?

It seems very big, even under your shorts.

Mm, lovely and big.

It’s long enough for both our hands.

Feel the crown – so big and round.

Oo yes, it feels lovely through the cotton.

Your cock feels really big and hard, daddy. Do you like us playing with it?

Yes – so please stop.

Do you play with tuzla otele gelen escort it too?

What a question. Sometimes.

What do you think of when you’re playing with it?

Do you think of mummy?

Sometimes. Please don’t squeeze the crown like that.

Don’t you like it?

I like it too much. That’s why you mustn’t do it.

Do you do that when you play with yourself?

God… Sometimes.

Do you ever think of us?

What kind of question is that? Of course not.

So you don’t find us sexy.

That’s not the point. You’re my daughters.

So what?

We don’t mind if you think about us when you masturbate.

You’re our daddy, but we think about you.

We think you’re really hot.

Do you? I’m not sure if I should be horrified or flattered.

Flattered, of course. You’re a real turn-on.

We come really quickly when we think about you.

We talk about you when we play with each other’s pussies.

We try and imagine what your cock looks like when it’s hard.

The trouble is we’ve never seen it when it’s in the state it’s in now.

I’m relieved to hear that. Please stop stroking it.

I don’t think you really want us to stop, do you?

It’s not as if it’s getting soft.

If anything it’s getting harder.

Doesn’t it feel good?

Of course it does.

Can we take it out?


Just so that we can see it.

Then we wouldn’t have to imagine it any more.

Please, daddy.


If we give you a big kiss. Mmm…


Oh God… Alright – just so you can look.

We might as well get rid of this duvet then.

I’m warm anyway.

There, that’s better.

Oo, doesn’t it look big?

Even in your shorts.

It does feel nice, daddy, all stiff and long.

Lift your hips a little.

We must be careful the waistband doesn’t catch on it.

There it is peeking out.

So red and swollen.

Let’s see it all.

Off with these shorts…

There, that’s better.

Doesn’t it feel good to have your cock in the open air, daddy?

Uh… I guess.

It definitely looks good.

And feels good.

All those veins standing out.

It’s so swollen.

I thought you were just going to look at it.

Oh, don’t be mean, daddy.

We have to play with it a little.

It looks as if it wants to be played with, don’t you think?

Definitely. Every time we touch it, it gives a little leap.

Especially when we touch it at the top. Look at that.

Please stop…

In a minute, daddy.

We have to examine it thoroughly.

It’s not at all like our boyfriends’ cocks.


It’s much bigger for a start.

And darker.

And firmer.

It looks more… used.

More exciting.

Definitely. I’m getting quite turned on.

Me too.

Oh no…

Don’t sound so worried, daddy.

We’re not going to suddenly leap on you or anything.

It’s just lovely lying here resting our heads on your chest.

And watching your cock while we play with it.

I love playing with the slit. Look, I can make it wink.

I like stroking it up and down. I can hardly get my hand around it.

Oh God…

It’s so tall when we stand it up.

We can get both our hands around it.

And move them up and down.

Does that feel good, daddy?


I think that’s a yes.

Is it as good as when you do it yourself?

I don’t know… I can’t think…

How do you turn yourself on, daddy?

What do you think of to make your cock hard?

I bet you watch porn.

I do not!

Be honest. All men watch porn.

There’s no point denying it.

Anyway, we know you do.

We’ve seen it on your computer history.

You shouldn’t be looking at my computer. It’s private.

It’s all right, you don’t have to be ashamed.

We like looking at it too.

Do you?

Of course. It turns us on too.

What do you like looking at, daddy?

I bet we can guess.

You like looking at girls sucking each others pussies, don’t you?

Okay… sometimes.

We knew it.

Men are so predictable.

Would you like to watch us sucking each others pussies?

While you play with your cock?

I bet that would make you come quicker than watching porn.

It probably would.

What sort of girls do you like?

I bet you like girls with big tits.

I do not. If you must know, I like girls with breasts like yours, not too big, not too small. Just natural.


We’ll let you play with them if you’re good.

I think I’m way beyond being good.

Stop sounding so worried, daddy.

We want to do this.

Just enjoy it.

Tell us what you do when you jerk yourself off.

Oo, yes. Then we can do it for you.

Well, if you must know… I like running my fingers around just beneath the crown. It’s really sensitive there.

Like this, you mean?

Mmm, just like that.

Would you like us to do it for a while?

It feels lovely there.

So smooth and silky.

Look, it twitches every time.

I think it likes it.

Does this feel better than when you do it yourself?


Do tuzla sınırsız escort you take all your clothes off when you watch porn, daddy?

Or do you just take your cock out?

We’d love to see you playing with your cock when you’re watching porn.

I bet you look really sexy, with your cock all swollen and hard.

Give me your hand, daddy.

Put it on your cock.

There. Does it feel good?

Show us how you do it.

Oo yes, play with it for us.

Oh God…

That’s right, put your hand around it, move it up and down.

Oh daddy, you look so sexy pumping your cock.

I can’t believe I’m doing this…

Does it feel good playing with your cock in front of us, daddy?

It looks so big in your hand, I love the way the head appears and disappears.

You’re doing it very slowly. Does that feel better than doing it fast?

Er… sometimes. Mainly I’m trying not to make myself come.

Oh daddy, why don’t you want to?

We want you to come.

It’s your birthday. Why shouldn’t you?

Do it a bit faster, please, daddy.

We want to watch you enjoying yourself.

Oh God…

That looks so hot. I’m sure it’s getting bigger.

Can I play with your balls, please?

Me too.

I love the feel of them.

All soft and heavy.

All full of your lovely hot come.

Mmm, lovely…

Open your legs a bit wider, daddy.

Then we can feel down here.

Oh yes.

No, please…

Don’t you like us playing with your bum?

We’re only touching it a little

We just want to tease it a bit.

Doesn’t it feel nice?


Oh daddy, you like it, don’t you?

Especially when we press a little harder.


Lick my finger, daddy. Suck it.


That’s right, make it nice and slippery.

Oo, are you going to…?

There, doesn’t that feel good, daddy? I love tracing my finger around your hole.

Bend your knees, daddy. I want to see her put her finger inside you.

No, please…

Don’t pretend you don’t want it…

That’s better. You have such a lovely bum, daddy, all tight and firm.

Hold his cheeks apart.

Oh yes.

What a sexy little hole. Just a little tease, then a gentle push…

Oh god…

Does that feel good, daddy?

That looks so sexy, your finger in his hole.

Do you like being finger-fucked, daddy?


I know, you want me to keep it there until you come. But you mustn’t have too much of a good thing.

We want to concentrate on your cock.

I just wanted to see what it would feel like.

We just wanted to see if you liked it.

And now we know you do.

But for now, slowly does it… There.

A big kiss. Mmm…

And one from me. Mmm…

Your cock looks as if it enjoyed that.

Are you still trying to stop yourself coming?

I don’t know… I can’t think…

Poor daddy.

Maybe we’ve teased you enough.

Your cock looks as if it’s ready to burst.

So hot. I want to play with it now.

We want to make it come.

Just lie back, daddy. We’ll do it for you.

Oh it feels so big and hard.

So silky.

I just love pumping it up and down.

Doesn’t it feel good having your two girls stroking your cock, daddy?


I bet it feels nicer than doing it yourself.

While you watch porn.

So from now on, no more watching porn by yourself, daddy.

What do you mean?

From now on, whenever you want to make yourself come in front of porn…

… you have to tell us.

Then we can all watch it together.

All those pretty naked girls being fucked…

… and sucking big cocks like yours.

and sucking each other’s pussies

and making each other come.

We’ll get all hot together…

… and we’ll strip naked…

…and get your cock out…

…so that we can play with it…

…while you play with our pussies.

Oh God…

Does that excite you, daddy?

The three of us watching porn together.

Oh God, you’re going to make me come…

That’s what we want, daddy.

Just let it happen.

We want to see you come.

We want to see your big cock spurt.

Shall we pump it faster?

Like this?


That’s it, daddy, move your hips.

Just as if you were fucking our hands.

Oh, it feels so hard.

Come for us, daddy. Please.

Yes, come for us. Do it.

Oh God, I’m coming…

Oh yes, do it, darling daddy.


Oh, it’s coming! Look!

Oh God…

Oh it’s lovely.

Look at all that come.

Oh there’s more…

Don’t stop… Please…

Of course we won’t, daddy.

It feels so hot, jerking in our hands.

You come such a lot.

Look at it, it’s still spurting.

Oh daddy, you look so sexy when you’re coming.

It’s all over our hands.

And on your tummy.

It’s everywhere.

Oh God… Don’t stop…

It’s still coming out.

Such a lot.

You must have been saving it up for us.

It feels so lovely, all slippery.

We must squeeze out every last drop.

Oh yes.


Do you want us to keep on, daddy?

Please… Slowly…

Such a lovely cock, I don’t want to let go anyway.

Me neither.

It still feels big.

Does that feel nice, daddy?

Oh God…

Poor daddy, you look quite exhausted.

But happy.

I think you liked us jerking you off, didn’t you, daddy?

Was it a nice surprise?

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