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All characters are over the age of eighteen.


The Cook Out

As usual, I woke up with a stiffy. And as usual, Trish noticed and climbed on top of me to ride it. She is always ready and I love the way my cock feels as it slips deep inside of her pussy. It’s so pleasant to wake up to her grinding on my pubic bone and her soft tits pressing against my chest. And her warm kisses on my neck just add to the sensation and heighten my morning orgasm. Sometimes she cums first and sometimes I do, but it never really matters. We both seem to have each others pleasure in mind as much as our own. Today it was Trish. She was moaning and nibbling on my neck and I could sense her orgasm coming. I held her ass in my hands and pulled her down hard. My finger touched her anus and poked gently inside and I felt the warm rush of her cum as it wet the area where our bodies were connected. She cried my name softly as the waves of orgasmic delight swept down her body.

I kissed her hair and her face and whispered in her ear, ‘I love you.’

‘Mmm.’ She replied as she wiggled her ass and my cfinger slipped in to the first knuckle.

‘Did you have a nice sleep?’ I inquired.

‘Mmm, and a better wake up!’ She sat up enough for our eyes to meet and then she kissed me. ‘Did you dream about me last night?’

‘Trish, my whole life has been a dream since you came into it!’

‘Oh you say the sweetest things. That’s one reason why I love you so much. And your hard cock is another.’ We laughed together.

She continued. ‘Rob I was thinking about something last night. Remember when Tracy and I were talking about her pubic hair and doing some hair sculpting?’

I nodded.

‘Well you know I told her that I do Tammi’s mom, Rhonda.’

I nodded again.

‘Well, what I didn’t mention is that whenever she schedules an appointment she always does it at the end of the day, so that by the time I finish, the shop is empty. And so when I’m done trimming her pubic hair, I always spend a few more minutes eating her pussy and getting her off. She loves it of course and always gives me a great tip, but I think she wants to return the favor. I’ve always resisted because I don’t feel comfortable doing that where I work, but I thought it might be fun if we invited them over for supper sometime. Tracy and Tammi already get along great, and although I’ve never met Rhonda’s husband Joe, he sounds like a nice guy and it would be fun to meet him. I know he works for a sports marketing firm and she tells me that they have a good sex life, but I get the feeling that she might enjoy a little more sex outside of her marriage and that he would too. What do you think?’

I took a moment to digest all that Trish had just told me. I wasn’t all that surprised to hear that she was giving sexual pleasure to one of her clients, and I didn’t feel the least bit threatened. But she was also asking me if I wanted to consider having sex with another couple who I hadn’t even met before. I have met their daughter Tammi, and she is a hot teenager with a cute young body. So I figured that she probably had an attractive mother. The thought became exciting and my dick throbbed inside of Trish’s wet pussy.

‘Oh, is that a yes?’ she asked as she shifted her hips again to take me deeper.

‘Sure. Why not?’ I answered.

‘Well, Teri is spending the night at her friend Amy’s house next Friday. How about if I invite Rhonda and Joe and Tammi over then, and we can cook out by the pool?’

‘Sounds good to me. Just let me know what you want me to do…or wear.’ I replied jokingly. I enjoy giving Trish control over all those little aspects of our social life. I’m happy to do whatever she wants.

‘OK. I’ll call her today.’

The days passed and Friday arrived. I played golf early in the day and came home to find Trish had scheduled herself free for the afternoon and she was cleaning up around the house in preparation for our guests. She was naked and I was tempted to fuck her right then, but she made it known that she wanted to make sure everything was ready before we started playing.

She was also excited because the package had arrived from Wicked Weasel with all of the new bikinis she had ordered the week before. Teri had packed an overnight bag and Amy and her mom were coming by soon to pick her up for the weekend.

Trish had gone into the bathroom to shower and clean up when the doorbell rang. I answered it and stood facing an absolutely gorgeous woman, and Amy, who I recognized.

‘Hi’ I’m Dawn, Amy’s mom.’ She introduced herself.

I opened the door further and asked her in. ‘I’m Rob. Teri will be here in a moment.’ Amy walked past me and headed back to Teri’s room to get her. Dawn was wearing a tight fitting tank top that was shear enough to show every little bump on her dark nipples. The top was cut off just below her breasts which I guessed to be around 34B, exposing her flat tanned belly and a diamond stud pierced through her navel. She had on a pair fixbet of cut off denim shorts that sat very low on her hips and rode way up high on her legs and thighs.

‘Please sit down.’ I motioned her towards the sofa. As she sat down the shorts rode up even higher and with her legs parted slightly I thought I saw a flash of bare pussy. The shorts had been trimmed so that there was only a thin strip of fabric connecting the bottom of the fly with the high cut rear pockets.

Dawn looked around for a moment. ‘What a beautiful home you have.’ She complimented.

‘Thanks.’ I replied, ‘Would you like a tour?’

‘Oh yes.’ She answered as she reached for my hand to help her up from her seat. I took her hand and glanced at her naked vaginal lips again and then guided her through the kitchen and on to the game room. Then we turned and proceeded out to the patio and pool area. She remarked about the beautiful views and the privacy of such a large lot.

‘What’s that?’ she asked, pointing to the guest casita. I took her hand and lead her over to the door and we entered together.

‘This is our guest house, and I also use it as a massage therapy room.’

She looked around and checked out the bathroom and mini kitchen and then asked, ‘Can I come and get a massage sometime? And stay in your guest house? This place is fabulous!’

I smiled and told her, ‘You are welcome anytime! Trish and I enjoy Amy. She’s a delightful young lady and she and Teri get along so well. By the way, thank you so much for offering to take care of her this weekend. She’s been looking forward to it all week.’

‘Thanks.’ She answered, ‘My husband is away so much, it’s nice to have more company around the house.’

I thought to myself, ‘If I was this girl’s husband, I would never leave home.’

I motioned back towards the house and we walked back across the pool deck. Once inside I took Dawn down the hall to the girls’ rooms. Teri and Amy were just gathering Teri’s things as I showed Dawn the bedrooms. When we got back out to the living room, Trish was just coming out of the bedroom. She was wearing one of her new bikinis. It was white and totally transparent. Her nipples were hard and her bare pussy was clearly visible through the tiny piece of fabric that was supposed to be a panty. She recognized Dawn and welcomed her.

‘I didn’t realize you were here already. Did Rob show you around?’

‘Yes. He gave me a grand tour and invited me back. You have a beautiful home!’

Trish smiled knowingly. ‘Thank you, it really is a great house. You and Amy can come over anytime. Bring your swimsuit and use the pool.’

‘Speaking of swimsuits,’ Dawn said, ‘where did you get that one you’re wearing? It is so sexy!’

‘Oh.’ Trish looked down at herself. ‘I just got it today in the mail. I’ll tell you where you can order them, or better yet, next time you come by, I can show you some of the others that I bought.’

‘That sounds great!’ Dawn replied. ‘Maybe when I bring Teri back on Sunday afternoon…’

‘Sure.’ Trish answered. ‘We can cook outside and have a little pool party.’

‘Great! I’ll bring Teri back around four o’clock on Sunday.’ Dawn stepped over to Trish and kissed her cheek. Then she turned to me and did the same. She turned to the girls and said, ‘All set? Let’s go.’

I held the door and watched as they walked out to the driveway and got in her car. ‘Have a good time Teri.’ I called.

‘I will. I love you Mom and you too Rob.’ She called back. I closed the door as the engine started and they drove off.

I turned to look at Trish again. ‘Trish, that is the sexiest bikini I have ever seen! Are you going to answer the door in that?’

She laughed and said, ‘That would be rather bold, don’t you think? No I was planning on putting on some shorts and a t-shirt until we decide to get in the pool. Then I just hope everyone likes it, ’cause it’s just me!’ She winked and I kissed her and then took another look at her splendid body, just barely covered in white lycra.

We heard the garage door opening and a few moments later, Tracy walked in. I had let her drive my car to school and I know how much she loves to be seen in the Jag, she probably spent a bit of time afterwards flirting and cruising. She saw Trish and stopped dead. ‘Wow mom! That is so hot! Is that one of the new ones that we ordered?’

Trish nodded affirmatively. Tracy went on. ‘Can I wear one tonight too? Please?’

Trish smiled and said, ‘Sure honey, but you have to cover up at first. We haven’t even met Tammi’s dad yet!’

‘Oh don’t worry.’ She giggled. ‘He’s cool, but he’ll go nuts when he sees us in these!’

‘What sort of swimsuits does Rhonda wear? Do you know?’

‘Oh she looks great in her bikinis. They’re usually high cut like thongs. She’s got a great ass!’ Tracy winked at me as she said it. ‘You’ll like her Rob.’

‘Well, let’s get ourselves together then. They’ll be here in just a little while.’

Tracy fixbet giriş and I both headed for our bedroom. Me to change and clean up, and Tracy to check out the new bikinis from the mail. We both stripped down and I watched as Tracy sorted through the new swimwear. She finally settled on a neon yellow number that was cut just like Trish’s. It was just a bit more opaque, but I knew that once it was wet, it would be totally see through.

Trish picked out one of my thong swimsuits and a pair of shorts and a t shirt to wear. I dutifully dressed after a quick shower and shave. When I returned to the kitchen, Trish was preparing the food for the grill. I kissed her and told her again how much I love her and we hugged for a moment until Tracy walked in.

She had on a very short denim skirt and a tight top that was clinging to the strings of the bikini top underneath. She had put on a touch of makeup which was a new thing for her, but it was done tastefully and she looked very pretty. We all checked each other out and agreed that we looked good enough for our new friends.

It was only moments before the doorbell rang. Tracy ran to answer it and Trish and I approached the door behind her. Tammi walked right in and greeted us both. Her parents followed and we all smiled as we introduced each other. Rhonda and Joe were dressed casually as instructed but in quality clothing and they both looked nice. Rhonda is just a bit taller than Trish and although slender, she is built just a little fuller but with a very attractive figure. Joe looked to be in his late thirties (as I guessed Rhonda was too) but with a healthy athletic build and features. Trish gave them a quick tour of the house while I busied myself outside on the patio with drinks. When they all reappeared, we sat down and chatted while I prepared supper on the grill. Trish had bought some salmon and I cooked it up along with some grilled vegetables. As we dined, the conversation was lively and we all seemed to enjoy each others’ company. When we finished, Tracy helped me clear the table and clean up the dishes. We promised dessert a little later because Tracy and Tammi wanted to take a dip in the pool. Trish asked Rhonda and Joe if they wanted to relax in the pool or the hot tub. They said they’d prefer the pool since it was still rather warm outside, and Rhonda asked where they could go to change.

Trish pointed to the casita and told them to use it as they pleased, but Rhonda asked Trish to come inside the house with her first. They walked together into our bedroom. Trish told me later what Rhonda wanted…

When the got inside Rhonda said, ‘Trish I wasn’t sure which bikini I should wear, so I brought two. One is pretty skimpy and I didn’t want to embarrass anyone by wearing it. The other covers much more, so you tell me what I should put on.’

Trish responded by taking off her shorts and top to show Rhonda what she had on. ‘Is yours any skimpier than this?’

‘Oh my God Trish! You can see right through it!’

‘Is that OK with you…and Joe?’

‘Well I guarantee you he’ll love it! He might start grabbing you in the water.’

‘That’s OK with me, hon, if it’s OK with you.’ Trish winked and seeing an approving look in Rhonda’s eye, she kissed her and they came back outside.

Rhonda picked up her bag and went into the casita to change. Joe had already headed inside. Tracy and Tammi had gone to Tammi’s room to undress and when they came back out, Tracy strolled across the deck and I couldn’t keep my eyes off her. She walked right up to me, knowing that I was enjoying her show, and said, ‘I guess I am giving you the same thrill as the models on the website.’

I grinned back and told her, ‘Even more Trace! You look fantastic!’

Tammi was also looking hot in a red thong bikini that hid very little and I quietly compared her figure to Tracy’s. She is about an inch taller and also slightly more rounded, but with no excess body fat. Her breasts are fuller, maybe a 32C, and her ass is solid but since her hips are a little wider than Tracy’s she looks bigger. I could almost see the outline of the triangular patch of pubic hair that Tracy had described last week, through the thin material of the thong. Tammi smiled a flirtatious grin as she passed by me. I wondered how much Tracy might have told her about me.

When Rhonda and Joe came back out I was equally impressed. Rhonda is truly an older version of Tammi, body wise. Her figure is still firm and her skin is soft and smooth. She just has filled out in a more mature way. But she can still wear a thong bikini, and she had one on that was almost the same style as Tammi’s but yellow. Ron had on a pair of short boxer style trunks that hung loosely but looked good on his firm body.

We all admired each others’ attire and the girls complimented each other on their sexy swimwear. Joe and I agreed that they all looked fabulous and we both knew how lucky we were to be in the company of these four sexy women. He couldn’t seem to take his eyes off Trish. We all stepped down into the pool and began splashing about and playing. Joe was enjoying the fact that Trish’s and Tracy’s bikinis were now clearly transparent. Their nipples were hardened by the cool water and he wasn’t missing any chances to get a closer look.

It was only a few minutes of splashing before we paired off for more conversation. It was natural for Trish to go off to a corner of the pool with Joe since he was paying so much attention to her anyway. I found Rhonda in my arms and she started asking me questions. I allowed her to control the conversation because I was curious about where she would take it.

“So you and Trish are getting married next month?’ She began. ‘Are you excited?’

‘Yes, I really am looking forward to it. It all happened so fast, but Trish is such an amazing person, the woman I’ve been desiring all my life, and I really love her so much I can’t find enough words to express my happiness!’

‘Have you ever been married before?’

‘Nope. Never.’

She had worked herself very close to me and my arm was around her. Our faces were close together and we spoke in calm quiet voices. Tammi and Tracy were tossing a ball together and chatting about school.

Rhonda continued. ‘Trish is so sexy. I can see why you are attracted to her. And she’s certainly not shy about her body. That bikini is the most revealing thing I’ve ever seen, but she has the body to wear it.’

Her last comment was an invitation for a compliment, so I obliged. ‘You look great in your swimsuit too! May I ask how old you are?’ I know that’s one of those questions you’re never supposed to ask, but I felt the intimacy we were heading for merited the question.

There was no hesitation in her response. ‘I’m thirty eight. But I try to keep myself in good shape. Joe sure likes my body…and Trish does too…at least certain parts of it.’

That was an obvious opening. She wanted to know if what Trish had told me was a secret or not, and I thought quickly. ‘Trish told me that she helps you with some personal grooming, and that you have a very sweet pussy.’ I let my hand drift down her back and over her hip. She moved as I did and caused my hand to fall on her firm ass. I gave it a little squeeze.

‘Mmm,’ she said, her eyes closing softly, ‘I love to be touched there.’

There was a double entendre in her comment. Was she referring to Trish eating her pussy, or my hand roaming over her ass?’ I continued my fondling with no resistance from Rhonda. She wrapped her leg around me in the water and suddenly we were face to face and I felt her press her cunt against my growing cock. I pulled her ass closer and we ground ourselves together.

I saw her glance across the pool at Joe and Trish. They were engaged in a similar way. Tracy and Tammi must have sensed our need for a bit of privacy, because they stopped playing and left the pool to go soak in the hot tub. I took the opportunity to explore the former aspect of Rhonda’s touching comment.

‘Do you like to have your pussy kissed?’ Sensing a positive response I let my hand slip down between her legs and I felt her open them for me.

‘Mmm, oh yes,’ she answered softly, ‘I am so sensitive and it makes me tingle all over.’

My finger inched under the thin strip of lycra that covered her cunt I felt the smooth surface of her vaginal lips. Rhonda almost instinctively began to kiss me. Her hand moved down between us and into my thong. She fondled my dick and caused it to grow rapidly. Meanwhile my fingers were busy finding their way into her pussy.

Rhonda became bolder and pulled my thong down over my hips, and as she pushed it down my legs, I moved to step out of it while kissing my way down her neck. With my thong released and floating to the surface of the water, Rhonda pulled the top away from her right breast and pushed my face downward until my tongue found the firm nipple. I tweaked it with my teeth and she purred some more. I had three fingers inside her now and decided it was time to replace them with something bigger. My cock was just the ticket and Rhonda helped by directing it there as I pulled her thong aside.

‘Oh Rob, that feels so nice. Mmm, oh yes. Fuck me.’

On the other side of the pool it looked as if Trish was being the aggressor and I could tell that she was working on Joe’s cock while his hands were all over her body. They were in the shallow end and it was easy for him to back up onto a step that allowed Trish to free his dick from his shorts and get it out just above the water level. That made it easy for her to take him in her mouth and work her oral magic on him. I watched the look of pleasure that swept over his face while I felt the warmth of Rhonda’s cunt on my own dick. Rhonda was bouncing on my crotch and the water was rolling in waves across the pool.

‘Oh yeah baby. Take it deeper…suck it! Yes, yes! That’s it! Oh yeah!’

It was clear that he was getting close. So was Rhonda and I could feel it coming. I pinched her clit and pulled it and twisted it. The noises she made told me that she liked what I was doing.

‘Oh God! Yes Rob. Ooohhhh yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!’

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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