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Ameri Ichinose

Ashley was a beautiful young woman. She was about 5’3, with light brown hair, blue eyes, and a body to be reckoned with. She had a beautiful round ass (from years of squatting at the gym) and perky D-cup tits. She was a sight.

Ashley was your typical popular girl in university, who everyone wanted, but only few could have. Although she kept it a secret, she was a nymphomaniac who orgasmed at least once a day – by her own hand, a toy, or a friend.

She would always dress flashy in the gym, with tights and a small shirt to show off her incredible body, which she had worked incredibly hard for.

However, one day, everything changed.

One day she woke up with really bad back pain. As a solution, she decided to go do a yoga class at the gym. 20 minutes into the class, she started to feel numbness in her legs but thought they were just falling asleep from the difficult positions. However, about 10 minutes before the end of the 1-hour session, Ashley collapsed.

As people thought Ashley had simply tripped, they rushed over to help. When they got closer, they knew something was wrong. Ashley was wearing bright white leggings, and she had visibly started to piss her pants. The hot yellow stream came pouring out, staining her pants and creating a puddle around her that no one dared go near. Facing extreme confusion and humiliation, Ashley fainted.

Two days, later she woke up hazily in a hospital bed. Glancing around, she didn’t see anyone, and looked down at her legs, which were covered in a blanket. She saw a tube in between her legs, and when she pulled off the blanket she noticed she was wearing a diaper. When she noticed she had no sensation down there, screamed out in terror.

A nurse ran in calming her down, and shortly after brought in a Doctor. The Doctor explained to Ashley that she had suffered from Transverse Myelitis and was paralyzed from the stomach down. This meant she had no sensation or control below her belly button.

What came next was incredibly difficult. She would never walk again. The most terrifying thing Ashley learned is that she no longer had any control over her bladder or bowels. Worst of all, Ashley was told she would likely never orgasm again because of her lack of vaginal sensation. To her, this was NOT OKAY.

Ashley had been constipated for several days before being admitted, which did not come loose due to her paralysis. For the next 5 days in the hospital, while undergoing rehab, Ashley could antalya escort not shit despite all of the laxatives she was given to alleviate this situation. Having not pooped for days before her incident, she was left with about 9 days of poop in her stomach, and was starting to look pregnant. The cramps from this were beginning to become unbearable, and she was desperate for release.

The last resort was an enema.

*Ashleys perspective*

I have never faced such a humiliating and embarrassing situation in my life. On the doctors orders, a redheaded nurse came in to my room with a large red bag of liquid attached to a hose with a small nozzle at the end. After lubing it up, the nurse told me she was going to push it deep into my asshole (like I would feel anything!). She told me to try and relax, and that everything was going to be okay. At first, I only heard the fluid emptying into my tight asshole, but then I started to feel horrible cramps above my bellybutton. It was like period cramps x10 and there was nothing I could do about it. I begged her to stop, but she apologized and said she had to finish. As I lied there on my hospital bed with a plastic sheet under my ass I thought about how pathetic and hopeless my situation was.

The pain was getting unbearable, and the nurse made me wait another 15 minutes after the liquid had been emptied before she would let me shit it out. Strangely, in the midst of the cramps and humiliation, I was starting to get turned on. After the nurse left the room, I reached down with my hand and started rubbing my clit, my go-to method for an orgasm – but felt nothing. Instead, I starting caressing my breasts, and felt one of the best sensations of my life. Being paralyzed must have really improved my sensitivity up here! As the pain and cramps of the enema got worse I squeezed my tits harder and harder until I felt just on the edge of an orgasm. I couldn’t get over the edge so I tried rubbing my clit again, but still nothing. Realizing I was doomed to never orgasm again, I screamed out and flailed my upper body.

When I moved, it must have dislodged the enema tube from my ass because I started shitting wet, brown, sticky shit all over my bed. On my side, with my knees to my chest, huge pieces of shit came pouring out of my ass onto my plastic mat. But the shit and water kept coming out and it started flowing off of my sheet and onto the floor. I could still feel so much more poop in my stomach artvin escort so I tried pushing it out harder and harder but I had no control down there. So much shit was still stuck in my ass and stomach and I was desperate to get it out. I called the nurse several times but she never arrived.

Having lost all dignity, I reached over with my right hand and stuck my middle finger into my asshole and started digging out my shit. The nurses had talked about using “digital stimulation” to have bowel movements eventually, where I have to stick my finger up my ass and swirl, so i figured this was my only option for relief. My ass was warm and sticky, and the enema fluid helped lubricate my finger. This reminds me of the times when I would finger my asshole when I was super horny – and the thought began to turn me on. I started desperately circling my finger in my anus, squishing the poop around, and occasionally scooping pieces out one at a time. The room smelt awful as I kept trying to fish out my shit from my still-tight asshole. Finger-deep in my asshole, the process was painfully slow as I had to break up large turds with my finger and scoop them out of my tiny little asshole. Eventually, I loosened up my ass and started angrily shoving my hand deep in my ass to rip out the shit.

I was humiliated, turned on, and desperate. I bursted into tears when the nurse finally walked back into the room and just stared at me in shock. There I was, covered in shit all over my bed and the floor, with my hand three inches deep into my asshole. I must have looked like a pathetic little slut that couldnt stop fingering her asshole – despite never being able to orgasm!

Just in this moment of shock, I started to realize how hot the nurse was, with her C-cup tits, huge ass, and light freckles to go with her orange hair. I could see the trace of pink panties under her white scrubs. Suddenly, in all my humiliation, I felt sincere attraction to her. The nurse simply smiled, put on a nitrile glove, told me to relax, and started fingering my ass for me. It felt so good when she reached her hand deep into my warm tight ass and pulled out my giant turds. I imagined being able to feel my asshole and that me and the nurse were playing some dirty sex game. I was the little constipated slut, and she was the sexy nurse that got off by fingering my asshole. The thought of this brought be close to orgasm again, but I still couldnt reach climax! After 20 minutes, we had finally beylikdüzü escort finished, and I had never felt such relief.

I felt like a helpless little baby as she wiped and powdered my ass, before putting a huge white diaper on. She then proceeded to give me a sponge bath in a loving and caressing way. She soaped up her hands, and glided them all over my body like it was some sort of sensual massage. As she soaped up my nice firm boobs, she started lightly circling her fingers around my tits and I thought I was going to explode with sexual delight. I couldnt believe it. Could she really be attracted to me after all of that?

Suddenly, she climbed on top, straddled me, and pulled off her top exposing her beautiful breasts held by a laced white bra. I leaned up, popped her bra off, exposing her golden tits and buried my face in between them. Using all of my built up sexual frustration as a driving force I started sucking on them like my life depended on it. She flailed her head back and moaned as I roughly bit on her tits.

The nurse pushed me flat on my back and then proceeded to stand up, take her bottoms off, and sit on my face. I licked her pussy like a hot fudge sundae in the beating heat. I pretended the sundae was melting so fast so I licked and licked and started licking faster and harder. Her pussy juices got all over my face as I ate her out. When she came, I could feel her convulsing on my face. Even though I couldn’t feel my pussy or clit, I imagined I was in her position and was cumming just as hard. I guess this is the most sexual pleasure I can get now – just the thought of cumming and satisfaction of giving it to others.

She got off of my face, and then playfully said “your turn” as she pulled off my diaper and placed her mouth to my clit. Even though I couldnt feel anything, the thought of her eating me out was incredible. But just as I thought things were starting to turn around, my legs spasmed and I pissed right into her mouth. Seemingly unsurprised, she spat it out and continued for another 5 minutes. As she licked and sucked away at my clit, I started to feel more relaxed through my upper body. Again, even with me squeezing and pulling on my tits, I still couldnt reach orgasm. I felt like screaming in frustration.

After the nurse realized I wasnt going to cum this way, she eventually gave up and cleaned me up again. As she was tucking me in to go to sleep, I remembered that I had never gotten her name. “It’s Abigail”, she said, “and dont worry, youll be seeing a lot of me” as she winked and left the room.

For the first time since my accident, I fell asleep dreaming about the future. My mind was filled with new erotic thoughts and my inability to orgasm only intensified them.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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