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Please note that this story is rather extreme, and has elements of forced bi, painplay, etc. If that isn’t your sort of thing, this won’t be your sort of story. I’m also dropping you in the middle of the tale, as there are a few, much shorter, previous chapters. However, this installment should stand on its own.

Constructive criticism is welcome, but I write for my Goddess, and ultimately, it is only her opinion that matters.

For Goddess: my eternal inspiration

Party Favors

It started innocently. Well, innocently for us.

A standard, summer afternoon. Poolside, warm, rather bright. Light music played over a speaker, intersecting with the tinkle of a wind chime and the rumble of traffic.

Goddess was lying comfortably back on a poolside lounge chair. Her hair tied back in one long braid, eyes closed gently behind a pair of sunglasses, she reclined easily, her perfect body appearing to simply sink into the lush cushion of the chair. A black bikini wrapped neatly around her body, accenting her in all the right places; a dull color, because she needed no additional flair. At her side, her phone, and a sweating glass of the strawberry-lemon mojito that I had delicately prepared earlier, topped with a light fruit garnish.

In perfect symmetry, Goddess drifted peacefully, awash in pleasure, enjoying the sun. It would be a fairly standard scene, aside from the two collared slaves on hands and knees, each lapping at one of her feet.

Sophie and I were dressed only in matching pairs of pink panties and the matching collars locked around our necks. On all fours, we focused intently on the task at hand: gently worshiping our Goddess’s feet. Working slowly, in a rhythm, I lapped obediently at her sole, tasting the light twist of her sweat. Sophie worked diligently on Goddess’s feet nearly everyday, and her efforts showed: her toes were perfectly manicured, painted pink by Sophie’s slightly trembling hand.

I made a mental note to tell Sophie how good of a job she had been doing keeping Goddess’s feet maintained. Working my way up to the bottom of her toes, I gently lapped at them, sliding my tongue between them, tasting everything. Anyone who would stumble onto this scene would find our work degrading, humiliating. Ultimately, I knew it was, but to me, this was a high honor, especially compared to the other tasks Goddess could dream up. I resolved myself to enjoy the moment. Looking over at Sophie, I could see she was in a similar subspace, and we caught each other’s eye. Sharing a small smile, we returned to our slavish foot worshipping, with an air of playful competition between us.

Above us, you uttered a small sigh of pleasure, and took another sip of your mojito. Interrupting our tranquil scene, your phone rang.

Lifting her glasses slightly to make out who was calling, she swiped right, and answered.

“Oh, hey Alice.”

Below her, I tried to hide how much I had tensed up. I had just returned from being ‘cucky-sat’ by your sister for the weekend. Unsurprisingly, Alice shared a similar penchant for humiliation, and I had spent a long couple of days degrading myself for her amusement.

I struggled to make out what Alice was saying on the other line, but down at Goddess’s feet, I couldn’t.

“Yeah, it was a lot of fun. I met this baseball player, Kyle. I’ll leave it to your imagination, but it was a nice getaway. Thanks for cuckysitting my little bitchboy. He better have behaved.”

I waited on pins and needles, hoping Alice would give me a good review. I worked hard to please her, but I was unsure what she would say to you.

“Oh really? Hang on – hey slave! Alice told me she can’t wait to play dress up with you again. And Jake has another load for you to gulp down.”

You laughed, taunting me, as I flashed back to Alice’s mansion, swallowing Jake’s salty cum. I could feel Sophie looking over at me.

“Yeah, well I’m sure he’ll be serving you before too long. He had such nice things to say about you. I’m sure he can’t wait to get back to worshipping your ass.”

I heard laughter on the other end of the phone.

You responded, “Yeah? That’s a great idea actually. We’re not up to anything this weekend. You guys can definitely come over. Actually, I think Kyle’s team is going to be in town anyways on a road trip. He’s been blowing up my phone about it. Maybe I could invite a few other friends over as well, make a thing out of it?”

You listened as Alice responded and replied back, “Wow, I can’t believe what you come up with sometimes. We’ll definitely have the slaves do that. This Friday? Okay, it’s on. Bring Jake and it should a blast. Yeah. See you then!”

You hung up, and put your phone back on the table.

“Slaves, I am so excited. We’re going to host a party this Friday! Isn’t that great news?”

Sophie and I answered in unison, “Yes, Goddess.”

“You don’t sound that excited. You should be. We’ll have a bunch of my 1080 porno friends at the house, music, drinking. I’ll show you two off to them. Doesn’t that sound like a great time?”

I swallowed. Serving Alice and Jake had been challenging and humiliating enough just a day ago, but now this? Humiliated at a party? At the whim of all her guests?

While I struggled to process this news, Sophie chimed in next to me “I’m so excited, Goddess. I can’t wait for you to show me off.”

While she seemed enthusiastic, I could sense the worry in her tone as well.

“Well? What about you slaveboy? Are you ready to be my cucky butler in front of all my friends?”

Swallowing, I gave the one and only answer: “Yes, Goddess. I can’t wait for all of your friends to see what a sissy slave I am for you.”

With a smirk, you quipped back, “Good boy.” as you settled back into the chair. In my head, I could only think: three days away.

The next few days passed quickly, as they tend to do when something you’re dreading is coming. Perhaps dreading is the wrong word. Internally, I felt conflicted. Being a slave to Goddess was all I ever wanted, but humiliation at this level? Mixed with the endless possibilities of what we could get up to at the party? It worried me.

Goddess spent the week in luxury: pampered by us, often leaving at nights to go out with friends. Sophie and I spent our days cleaning the house, doing laundry, making sure we would be ready to go.

On Thursday, the day before the party, Goddess called us into her office. It was the early afternoon, so we entered, expecting another foot worship assignment, or a quick chore. Instead, two rather thick buttplugs sat on her desk next to a bottle of lube.

“Oh hello, slaves. I’ve thought of something fun we can do to make your chores more fun today. Isn’t that generous of me?”

Kneeling before her, we agreed vigorously. Our knees sunk into the soft plush of the carpet. Although it was bright outside, Goddess had closed the plantation shutters, darkening the room. A single lamp on the desk was the only source of light, and the room took on a hazy glow. A maple desk took up the majority of the room, and behind it, a bookshelf filled to the brim. The office was neat, mostly due to Sophie and I’s daily assignment of cleaning it.

Goddess leaned back in her office chair, looking fully in control. Her blonde hair spilled around her beautifully, and reading her body language, she seemed relaxed. I got the feeling that this new assignment was something she had slapped together casually, a passing thought. I would even have bet she had those butt plugs casually set aside in one of her desk drawers.

“I’m sending you two to pick up everything we’ll need for the party; food, alcohol, whatever. But just going to the store is no fun. So you can go do some shopping with your asses plugged. Doesn’t that sound fun?”

I replied, “Yes Goddess, it does sound fun.”

“Was that sarcasm, slave? It sounds an awful lot like I just heard sarcasm just now.”

Panicking, I forced out, “No, Goddess! I meant it. It’ll be so hot, walking through the aisles, feeling your plug in every step.”

While the thought of being plugged in public did slightly worry me, I found that I really was excited for this task.

Goddess smirked at me, and turned her attention over to Sophie, who like always, returned her look with a dreamy gaze of her own. Sophie often slipped into a submissive dream state around Goddess. It was like a high all of her own. Sultry and slutty, it was less an act that she put on and more a consequence of Goddess’s presence. I often felt it myself.

“What about you, slut? Are you ready for today’s assignment?”

“Mm, yes, Goddess. I can’t wait.”

She sounded much more assured than I did. I resolved to chase her enthusiasm, to let myself go more, to embrace the situations Goddess put us in.

“Great.” Goddess responded indifferently, the way she might to a bank teller or a valet.

“You have until I finish making your shopping list to get these plugs in your asses. Start with Sophie.”

With that, Goddess opened a desk drawer, and took out a leather notebook and fished around for a pen. Not wasting time, I grabbed the lube and one of the buttplugs off her desk. Sophie pulled her panties down, and offered her ass to me.

It was a view I would have liked to have taken more time to savor, but I had to remain focused on the task at hand. Sophie’s ass was smooth and soft, with a light bounce when she moved. She turned her head to look back at me, gently biting her lower lip, ready for what was to come. I hoped she understood that we had a short time limit.

Behind us, I heard Goddess take the cap off her pen, and I quickly opened the bottle of lube and poured some on palm, greasing up my fingers. Using one hand to gently part Sophie’s ass cheeks, I delicately fingered her asshole, feeling 2 k porno the smooth hole pucker gently for me. Sliding a finger in rather easily, Sophie moaned as Goddess began, “Candles. I know we have a ton, but let’s get more. None of the ones in the glass container. Pure wax. Get a bunch of different types and sizes.”

I felt Sophie beginning to loosen under my efforts, and testing her comfort level, I gingerly worked in another finger. She tensed but quickly relaxed again as her hole stretched to accommodate me.

“Get some matches too, like the old school kind? Lighters are just too easy. We want to embrace the hard work every once in awhile, yeah?”

Sophie whispered breathlessly, “I’m ready.”

Withdrawing my fingers, I reapplied another coat of lube, and began to lube up her buttplug. I didn’t want to rush her, but I knew we were on a very real clock here. I resigned to work at a brisk but not-rushed pace. If we fell behind, I trusted myself to get my plug in quickly enough.

The plug itself was rubber, and had some surprisingly weight. It didn’t look super intimidating, and I knew Goddess had some terrifying plugs, but wearing and walking with this kind would be a challenge. Oiled and ready, I began to press it into her asshole, my other hand reaching around her, pulling her close to me. I’m sure she could feel my breath against her neck, and I softly moved her hair so that I could kiss her there, trying to keep her calm. She shivered with pleasure and rocked back against the plug.

“The biggest thing on this list is wine. I don’t want to empty out my wine cellar for an event like this. Pick up ten bottles, mixed red and whites. Don’t spend under $200 for each bottle. Get top end stuff. And don’t forget the Le Macchiole. Get two of those, in fact.”

I whispered, “Yes, Goddess.”, as I withdrew the plug and coated it with more lube. Doing so, I returned it to her ass, this time, it slipping closer and closer to the end with less resistance. Sophie was getting lost in her own reverie again, and I gently massaged her left breast and nipple, helping her relax, accept the weight of the plug.

“Champagne too. We don’t need quite as much, just a couple of bottles. I’ll write the brands I want down on here too. Don’t settle for anything less. Travel to a couple of different liquor stores if they don’t have this specific kind.”

With a final push, the plug slid into Sophie’s ass, and she breathed a small sigh of relief. I knew the feeling, the moment where your ass finally accepts the plug. Stepping back, I removed my own pair of panties, and tried to find my own subspace to get lost in. It was still rather early in the day for assplay. My heart was beating fast, and I tried to relax, too little effect.

“Beer as well. Three 12 packs should be enough. Get something hoppy, like Jai-Alai, and some Stella Artois. Third pack is up to you but don’t cheap out.”

Sophie, having finished lubing up her fingers, draped an arm around me, pulling her close to her, as she slid her middle finger into my asshole. Reminding myself not to fight the intrusion, I slid back onto her, releasing a shaky sigh. Behind me, I heard a small purr of pleasure, and I wasn’t too surprised to hear Sophie getting into this. She added a second finger, and I stretched to accommodate it.

“Vodka too, I suppose. We don’t need to go overboard. Two handles, and a couple of mixers. You can decide on that, my little bartender? Give some options to all my guests when you’re bringing them drinks?”

I felt Sophie’s fingers pull out of my ass, as she moved to lube up the other plug. I looked over at Goddess, who was giving me a knowing look from across the desk. I couldn’t help but feel cowed at how dominant she appeared, cool and collected, casually making a shopping list on her side of the desk. On our side, rushed assplay, shaky hands, quick breathing.

“Yes, Goddess. I have all kinds of ideas for them.”

Sophie returned and slowly fed the tip of the plug into my ass. I felt her warm breath in my ear as she whispered, “Just relax, it’s not so hard, I promise.”

“I don’t want to get too into food, but get enough for the party. You’ll be preparing and serving it, so don’t let me down. Get appetizers, snacks, light dinner fare, and dessert. Don’t cheap out, don’t buy pre-prepared options. You’ll have all day to get it ready.”

I tensed as the plug began to really stretch my asshole. I had received a little less time than Sophie had to warm up, and we sensed that Goddess was coming to the end of her list. I took a deep breath, and felt Sophie force the plug even further up my ass. Surely, I had almost taken all of it? It felt so much bigger than it looked on the desk just a minute ago.

“Oh, and don’t forget clothespins. We’ll be needing them.”

With that, Sophie knew that Goddess had reached the end of her list, and forced the rest of the plug into my ass with one motion. I failed to stifle a small 4 k porno scream, but the relief of having it all the way in felt amazing after the tension. Sophie giggled, and I stood up, feeling the heft of the plug in my ass.

“Just in time, slaves. Well done. Here’s the list. Get to it.”

An erotic shopping adventure and a night of restless sleep later, we had arrived at Friday. Sophie and I awoke early. Leaning against the granite counters in the kitchen, we passed a cup of coffee between us. I liked these early mornings, a quiet respite from the fun but sometimes testing days of domination and submission. Sun filtered in discreetly from the east facing window, and set a pleasantly dim lighting.

“Yeah, that’s true. I’m more worried about the clean-up tomorrow than anything.”

We shared a quiet laugh, and Sophie passed the mug back to me. I took a sip, enjoying the rich flavor of the dark roast. Sophie brushed a lock of hair back behind her ear, and yet again, I was caught up in her beauty. Wearing nothing but a baggy t shirt, her unbrushed but alluring blonde hair trickled down in all directions, and even without makeup, she looked cute, and tempting. I never had any trouble understanding why Goddess chose her as a house slave, even given her nearly unlimited options of subs waiting to serve her.

Sophie continued, “So… what was Alice’s house really like? You haven’t talked about it much.”

I took another sip, and debated on how much to share. I decided to fill her in, considering Alice would likely go over the weekend in detail when she arrived tonight.

“Honestly, it was pretty humiliating, even by our standards. I-“,

Pausing, I cleared my throat. It was early, and voice was gruff, scratchy.

“Well, I don’t know. Alice is hot, but she has the same gift for domination that Goddess does. It’s almost different, since serving Goddess is such a personal and familiar experience. Never easy or boring, right? But I trust her. With Alice, I got the feeling that my boundaries mattered a little less. She’s kind of dangerous. I was scared.”

I passed the coffee back to her, and I could feel her studying me, listening carefully.

“She really made me feel like a cuck. I watched her boyfriend fuck her so many times, I almost couldn’t believe it. I had to eat his loads out of her pussy. She dressed me up in all kinds of outfits, lingerie, maids outfits, everything.”

“That’s pretty hot, all things considered.”

“Yeah, a lot of the time it was. But it’s just different, serving strangers in this way. A different level? Form? of humiliation? I’m not quite sure. But Alice and Jake are hot, dominant, and intimidating, so we should be ready for them tonight. And who knows who else is coming.”

Sophie smiled, and put a hand on my chest, feeling my skinny frame, her hand tracing along my ribs. She moved closer, and brushed my hair out of my eyes, looking into them.

She whispered, “I know you’re scared. I’m scared too. But this is going to be fun. Extreme, sure, humiliating, yes, but this is what we want, right? If we didn’t feel this way, would we even be slaves? We’re at her mercy. Tonight, let it all go with me. Give in. Submit completely. Let’s take a step forward for Goddess tonight.”

Looking up, our eyes met. Hers were set alight, the morning sun mixing with the hidden flame of submission.

“Okay. Let’s take that step together, Sophie.”

We kissed gently in the kitchen. Her words had really moved me. Finally, I felt ready for this, excited even. Together, we were going to make this a special night for Goddess.

A few hours later, Sophie and I were hard at work in the kitchen, when Goddess strode in, wearing nothing but an ornate robe. Even though she had just woken up, she looked impossibly perfect. Before her beauty and power, we fell to our knees, as instructed. She pointed at her feet with one impeccable nail, and we quickly crawled over and began planting kisses on her toes.

“It’s the big day, slaves. Are you excited?”

With real enthusiasm, we purred and answered, “Yes, Goddess”, and resumed kissing her feet.

“You better be.” she taunted.

“Slut, make me a cup of coffee, and come to my room. Bitchboy, you stay here and wait your turn.”

With that, she turned around, and strode back to her bedroom, her feet gently crossing the tile, her presence leaving the room like the sun setting. Sophie immediately began making a cup of coffee, and I rose to my feet, feeling light headed even after a quick moment with Goddess.

Sophie shot me a quick smile, and trotted off to Goddess’s bedroom with the coffee. I returned to the task at hand, working on the appetizers for tonight. My mind ran through a million scenarios of what Goddess was doing with Sophie, and what I would forced to do.

After what felt like an hour, I heard the click of heels entering the kitchen. I turned to see Sophie, dressed in a slutty french maid costume, with Goddess, still in her robe, striding proudly behind her. Sophie flaunted her dress for me, clearly teasing me with it. She looked hot, with the cute headband tucked above her head, neat white apron, black stockings, and slim heels.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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