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This is a story about a homecoming after an extended business trip away. Before I tell about the homecoming, let me tell you about myself and my wife. My name is Mark, I’m in my 50’s. I’m still in good physical shape, a little less graying hair but I still have a high sex drive and get frequent, very hard erections. My wife Lori is also in her 50’s, her shape has shifted over time to where her hips are a little broader. She still has very nice 36D breasts that sag very little. Her nipples get erect easily and are nice to suck on. She still looks good braless in a t-shirt. Her rear is great to squeeze, soft, but firm – just a little more cushion for the pushin. Whenever I hear the song lyrics “fat bottom girls make the world go around”, I think of Lori. Often hearing the song gives me an erection because I start to think about how Lori gets a rise out of me. Fortunately for me, Lori also enjoys frequent sex, often initiating it.

We have sex several times a week, sometimes more than once in a day. Catching a glimpse of Lori naked or in a sexy nightgown rapidly brings my 7+ inch, fairly thick cock to attention. When my cock is erect, it is very firm, sticks straight out with a slight upward curve. Lori’s pussy opening is more of a slit. When excited, it opens up exposing her small inner lips and clit. Her pussy is still very tight even after many years of frequent intercourse. Our sex varies from passionate quickies to long and slow lovemaking sessions. The times vary from morning, noon to midnight. The places vary from the bedroom to the shower to wild uninhibited sex outside. The positions vary from missionary to “69” to reverse cowgirl. Lori loves to give me blowjobs and I love to eat her pussy. Lori almost always has an orgasm, we frequently orgasm simultaneously. Without the nearly daily lovemaking, the time away has been difficult, but makes the idea of a homecoming even more exciting, so lets get on with it.

When I walked into the house after being away for two weeks, Lori greeted me at the door in a very sheer, short white open gown. Underneath she is wearing a red shelf bra, nearly exposing and accenting her beautiful breasts. pendik escort She is also wearing sheer red panties, the outline of her dark, trimmed, full bush can be seen. Seeing Lori dressed like this gives me an instant hard on. We embrace and kiss passionately. I reach around and pull her close feeling her firm butt. Lori can feel my erection through my pants. She smiles and takes my hand and leads me down the hallway to the master bath. Her butt is clearly visible through the sheer panties, as she walks, her ass sways – what a sight. My cock is staining to be released from my pants and to find its way into Lori’s tight, sweet pussy. When we get to the bathroom, Lori removes my shirt. She then loosens my belt and unfastens my pants. She gently releases my rigid cock as she slides my pants down. Her mouth stops at my cock to lick and suck it. Her mouth is hot, she swirls her tongue around the head of my cock and licks the full length of my shaft. Lori finishes removing my pants and has me take a shower to wash away the days journey home. When I step out, I find a leopard string poach to put on. My cock has gone done somewhat from the shower, but fitting it in the poach is a challenge. My cock is starting to grow again just thinking about Lori and what’s ahead.

I go into to the bedroom to find Lori laying on the bed with candles lit everywhere. She has removed her gown and is laying there in just her sheer red bra and panties. Lori motions for me to come to bed, my cock is erect again and sticking out the side of the leopard pouch. Lori laughs at how little the leopard pouch is covering. She reaches out and helps me remove it, then grabs my cock and pulls me to her. Our legs become intertwined as we kiss passionately. Our tongues flicking in and out of each others mouths, our bodies rubbing together. I want to feel her, skin to skin. I remove her bra and I tease her nipples with my tongue, licking around them, sucking on them. I work my way down to remove Lori’s panties, her legs are apart and I see that her panties are crotchless. Her dark pussy is nicely framed by the opening in the red panties. I reach çekmeköy escort down and touch her pussy, she moans. I then take her panties off, nearly tearing them in my hurry to remove them – my animal instinct is starting to take over. My cock wants to feel Lori’s pussy, my cum wants to be released. Its been nearly two weeks since we’ve coupled.

My mind brings me back a little from my animal state, I want our lovemaking to last longer. I want to be satisfy Lori, I want to feel her orgasm. We are now both totally naked and go back to kissing each other passionately. We both missed each other and cannot get enough of each other. Our bodies are rubbing together, legs are intertwined. I start to nimble on Lori’s ears and move down to kiss her neck, this drives her wild. She reaches down to find my cock and starts to stoke it, my cock gets even harder and balls start to tighten. I start to work my way down Lori’s body, stopping to lick and suck on her breasts. I then move down and lick the insides of Lori’s legs. She spreads her legs further apart, her pussy is opening up more. I start to lick the outer lips of her pussy. Lori moves around so she can take my cock in her mouth. She starts to move her hips trying to get my tongue in her pussy. Her clit is erect and I gently lick it with my tongue, the juices start to run from her pussy. Lori starts to massage my balls and the area between my balls and anus, my balls pull up inside me, my cock lengthens and is straining for a release. I’m eating Lori’s pussy, she is sucking my cock, we are both on the verge of an orgasm. I continue to move down to Lori’s feet and begin to suck on her toes. When I suck her big toe, she goes wild and has a huge orgasm.

Lori starts to beg me to put my cock in her pussy. I move around, so we can kiss. Our tongues are in and out of each other mouths. We can taste and smell our sex. I move and position my cock at her pussy. Lori’s pussy lips are open, the juices are running down her butt, her pussy is ready . Lori is pleading for me to fuck her. I tease her for a few seconds by just sliding the large mushroom tip of my maltepe escort cock in and out of the opening of her pussy. She starts to rock her hips trying to get my cock deeper into her pussy. She is begging me to put my cock deeper in her pussy. With one thrush, I bury my entire cock, all the way to my balls, into her pussy. Her pussy is hot and tight, yet it is slippery from her cum. As my cock goes deep into her pussy, Lori has an immense orgasm. Her pussy feels so good especially since I haven’t filled it up for two weeks. It takes all my willpower to hold back from releasing my huge cum load into her. I begin to move in and out with slow strokes withdrawing my cock nearly out of her pussy, pausing and then sliding it deep inside again. Lori begs me to go faster. I start to increase my speed. I begin to feel the cum moving from my balls, through my cock. I’m past of point of no return and feverously plunge my cock deep into her pussy. As I hit bottom, my balls tighten and the cum erupts from my cock, shooting deep into her pussy. Lori feeling my cock swell even larger and the cum hitting deep in her pussy has another intense orgasm.

We’ve become a couple of animals, locked together, both having intense orgasms, grunting and moaning, eyes rolled back in our heads, thrashing around. I’m instinctively moving my cock in and out of Lori’s pussy, spurt after spurt of cum is erupting from my cock. Lori’s legs are locked around mine, her hips are moving, taking me deep with each thrust. Then she grabs my butt and holds me deep inside her. My cock continues to spurt cum into her pussy, pulse after pulse. With each shot, Lori’s pussy contracts around my cock, milking the cum from it. Her pussy finally drains my balls, we lay there together, my cock still rock hard and deep inside Lori. I can still feel her pussy contracting around my cock as she continues to have small aftershock orgasms. I can feel our juices seeping out of her pussy, running past my balls. When her pussy contractions subside, I pull my still hard cock out of Lori’s pussy, more of my cum and her pussy juice runs out, adding to the big wet spot on the sheets. My cock and balls are covered with our secretions as is Lori’s pussy. For now, we are both exhausted, and cuddle up in the spoon position. My hard cock is lying in the crack of Lori’s butt, my arm around her with a hand resting on a breast. We go to sleep together naked, exhausted, relaxed and very satisfied. What a sweet homecoming.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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