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“No you won’t! You’ve touched it way too much already! There is no way in hell you’ll stick that thing in my butt! Forget it, the deal is off! You couldn’t pay me enough money to let you do that to me! Get the hell out of my house!” she screamed furiously at him.

“Oh really? Wow, you sure are phobic about your ass. So this is the end of the contract? No more sex for money? I stop all payments to you and John? Is that what you’re telling me?” he asked, calmly sitting down on her side of the bed.

“Yes! Get out, it’s over! No more sex! I’ll get a job! I’ll do what I have to so that I won’t have to do all the perverted things you want me to do. I don’t know how my sister stays married to you!”

“Your sister loves me. You could learn to, if only you’d relax and go with the flow. I haven’t been bad to you at all. I’ve held up my end of the deal. For all you knew, I could have been into S he wants the feeling of total control that comes from taking a woman’s ass. Stroking his dick from the base to make the head flare as big as he can get it, Brad places it against her anus. The large flared head will do two things. First, it will make expanding her anus easier. Secondly, once he gets it past the final ring of her ass, the constriction will force the blood from the head of his dick, thus shrinking it to a smaller size, making it easier to get in.

The lube and the pressure start to have the desired effect. Brad’s strokes began to get a little longer. Tori meanwhile was in another place altogether. Hands gripping sheets with white knuckles. Eyes squeezed shut. Panting and shaking. Tori was lost in the pain and in the…it couldn’t be pleasure! The knot in her stomach was too big to be pleasure!

“I can’t take anymore! Please Brad, stop. I’m begging you. Please?” she asked him, looking back and making eye contact with him.

“I’ll do what I can Tor. Relax.” he told her.

Brad stopped his attack on her ass, but did not pull his dick out from between her ass cheeks. Instead, he reached up and found her small breast. Finding the nipple hard was no surprise. Usually a dick in the ass will cause the nipples to harden. Brad twisted and manipulated the nipple and the firm flesh around it with his right hand. With his left hand, Brad reached down between her legs and found her sopping wet. Sliding his thumb into her wetness and his index finger up onto her clit, Brad did his best to wind Tori up. It couldn’t have been more than a minute later before her breathing took on a different pitch. Taking his hand from her breast, Brad wraps it around the base of his dick for reinforcement. Starting the thrusting again, he can feel the difference the fondling has made. The outer ring is stretched far enough now for him to have some real sliding action. Not wanting to miss the view of his dick in her ass, he pulls his thumb from her pussy and pulls her cheek open to see his progress. Her anus was expanding and contracting with his strokes, going from slackened skin around the head, to stretched shiny as more was pushed in. It was only a matter of time now.

As the final barrier began to open, Brad started to feel the strange and wonderful feelings that come with having a fantasy fulfilled. It was all about the sensations: Seeing her lying before him, hands gripping the sheets with white knuckles and totally at his mercy. Being “in his dick” and feeling the final penetration of her ass. All of this made him feel as if he were in two places at once.

Tori, on the other hand, knew right where she was: On the verge of cumming. She had lost all control and was just along for the ride now. Her mind had gone into that animalistic mode where all things could be endured for the pleasure that seemed promised. Forgotten halkalı escort was the money. Forgotten was her husband. Forgotten were her morals. The only thing in Tori’s mind was sensation, pure and simple.

As the fireman’s helmet shaped head finally punched thru, Brad and Tori were both stunned into reality. Brad felt her heat, he felt her tightness. These were the things he’d wanted to feel. Tori felt a sharp blow to her pleasure: Fear. The pleasure had made her forget how large brad’s cock really was, and that the journey had just begun.

“Ow. Ow, Ow, Ow, Ow!” she panted.

Brad held still with just the head in her ass, flexing and expanding the whole of his dick. It wasn’t just that she needed time to “adjust” to his dick, but it would be too much sensation too soon if the flared head was worked over the newly stretched anus. Brad was waiting for her to “desensitize”. He rubbed his hands over her back and arms, trying to touch as much of her skin as possible.

“Hmmmmmmmm…” was the response to his touching.

After a minute or two, Brad started to fulfill his promise; He began to fuck her ass. Not with force, but without question, Tori would know what was being done to her.

More of his dick began to enter her. The panting started to get a little louder on each in stroke. Brad was on top of the world watching his dick sliding in and out of his sister in laws ass. This was completeness. This was satisfaction! With one hand on her hip, Brad places another on her breast. For leverage and for pleasure. He began to rock her gently back and forth on his dick. It wasn’t just the pleasure from the head of his dick now; it was the tightness and the buried feeling along his thick and veiny shaft. Brad was so lost in his pleasure that he forgot about Tori’s for a moment. Focusing on her, he noticed that her breathing was in time to his thrusts. It seemed as if she was about to cum, but Brad wasn’t sure. It seemed too soon.

“Tori, are you going to cum?”, he asked her with real curiosity.

“I…I…I don’t know. It hurts when you push all the way in. I still don’t think I like it. It’s too sick for me to like.” she told him with her eyes squeezed shut.

“Fair enough. You know what I like about this? I can feel every vein and lump of my dick as I go in and out of your tight ass. I like pulling out until the head is almost free, then seeing how far up your body I can get it to go. I like how your ass sucks at my cock on the outstroke. I like how hard your nipples got when I first started to get into you. And I really like the fact that you were so phobic about your ass 10 minutes ago and now you’ve got most of my cock shoved up it.”, he told her in a low growl.

His words had the effect on her he was shooting for. There’s nothing like a little dirty talk to push someone over the edge…or someone’s! Tori blew her top 7 minutes into her first ass fuck. She started by holding her breath, and finished by thrashing and curling farther into her fetal position. Brad had to stop thrusting as soon as she finished because of his building orgasm. Brad waited until the feeling passed before he started again.

“Let’s change this up before I cum Tor.” he told her.

Pulling his dick from her ass was the last thing he wanted to do. It slid out with in one smooth motion, and lay there like a fat, greased snake. Her anus looked no worse for wear, only some redness, the sheen of lube, and a small opening where she couldn’t close her ass were evidence of the workout his dick had given her.

“Stand up Tor.”

She rolled up and stood on wobbly legs, trying not to think about the fact that she had cum while being taken in the butt. olgun escort She felt so empty after having had all that dick in her butt. This will end soon, it has to! No matter how good it might feel, it’s still wrong, she told herself.

“Now, I want you to sit down on my cock. It’s your turn to work a little.” he said with a tired grin.

Tori decided not to argue with him. But upon turning around, she once again took in just how wide Brad’s cock really was. She was a little uncertain about the position. Brad reached up and grabbed her by the hips and guided her back between his legs. His legs were sprawled over the edge of the bed and spread wide. He once again grabbed the base of his dick in order to support her weight when she slid down on it. Her cheeks spread as she squatted down to sit on his cock. Brad aimed the head of his dick at her anus. There was a little pain, a little discomfort as she felt the tip of his cock stretch her all over again. Tori pulled up and forward to escape the pain of the invasion.

“You have to move it in and out slowly before you can sit back.” he advised her.

Trying again, Tori squats back down on his dick. This time more successful with her impalement. The bloated head makes the perfect “hole punch”, easing its way into her stretched anus. Torus begins to rock back and forth on the head of Brad’s dick, working it in deeper and deeper. Brad meanwhile has the perfect view of her ass and his dick. Thinking on how willing Tori was to sit on dick makes it even stiffer. Tori is working on one thing at this point: get his dick in her ass.

“Almost there…” he whispers at her.

“Now, when you get all the way down I want you to lean back on my chest.”

Tori can only nod, being wholly occupied on the feelings coursing thru her. She can feel the pressure on her anus, she can feel Brad’s hands rubbing all over her back. His fingers slide up and down her spine, raising Goosebumps all over her body. Tori is suddenly flooded with a feeling of satisfaction as she makes it all the way down on Brad’s dick. Now, she not only felt full and empty at the same time, but she felt oddly like an extension of Brad’s dick. Brad began to pull Tori back onto his chest. Feeling the strain on his dick from being pulled back while buried in her ass, Brad quickly pulls his legs up and placed his feet on the edge of the bed.

“Put your feet on the edge of the bed Tor. Get some leverage.”, he advised her.

Tori pulled her feet up and over Brad’s legs to the edge of the bed. Brad wrapped his arm around her and scooted up a little higher on the bed. This position had more than one purpose. Firstly, Tori sank down on his dick, not the other way around. She did it …willingly? Secondly, it forced her to not only face the camera, but set it up so that the camera will be able to see her fuck his dick in and out of her ass. Thirdly, it gave Brad access to her little titties. As Brad began to stroke her nipples and breasts, Tori started to lift her hips up and down. She could feel the veins in his shaft; she could feel the rim of his dickhead pull and almost break free from her ass. She also felt the wetness in her pussy. It confused her, this shouldn’t be a turn on!

Brad wasn’t getting a lot of sensation in this position, but the power made it all worthwhile. Even though Tori was on top, he had gotten her to put his dick in her ass. That was power that was a turn on!

One hand on her breast, the other down on her cunt, Brad started to work on her. Then he had an idea.

“Tori reach down and rub that hard little clit for me. I can’t quite reach it.”, he told her.

Without şişli escort any hesitation, Tori reached down and began to rub her clit in rapid circles. Brad went back to working on her tits, kneading and rubbing them. Her stomach began heaving as she approached orgasm. Tori started to really throw herself up and down on his slick pole. Brad grabbed her nipples and held them, putting a gentle but firm twist to them. Brad could only feel her anus sliding up and down his shaft. His large dick had stretched her insides.

Tori finally reached her peaked.

“Ahhhhhhhh…..Ahhhhhhhh…..Ahhhhhhhhh!” she screamed at the ceiling.

Brad could feel her contracting against his dick, squeezing pleasure into him. He held onto her as she came down from her orgasm. With some hitching breaths and a sigh, Tori made it back to earth.

“Can I lie down? I feel really dizzy.” she asked.

He didn’t say a word. With his dick still firmly imbedded in her, Brad simply held onto her hips and rolled over on his side. There was solidness to Brad’s cock that was rooted in his balls. He felt like he could go all day if he didn’t let the eroticism of what he was doing sink in. He rubbed her back as he lay behind her. Sliding his fingertips over her skin brought a slight shiver to her small frame.

“Was that better? Didn’t hurt you too much did it? It seemed like you liked it.” he questioned her.

Silence was his answer. He waited, sensing her hesitation in speaking.

“That was really intense. I think I almost passed out. Spots were flashing in front of my eyes and I swear I could hear the ocean. Can you take your dick out now? If you wash it I’ll suck you off. I’ll even let you cum in my mouth like you like.” she told him.

“I’m almost there Tor, just let me finish in your ass and then you can rest. You’ve had a big day.”

“You’re such a perv.” she whispered under her breath.

“Hahahahaha! I’m a perv? You came all over the place from getting fucked in the ass! Why do you have to be such a bitter bitch? Now that you’re all loose and lubed, I’m really gonna pound your ass. Get up on your hands and knees!” he said.

Tori shut her mouth and began to assume the position. He’ the perv, not me she told herself. My butt feels all stretched. Maybe he tore something? He better not have left any marks back there! I won’t cum this time! No matter how good it feels!

Brad held onto her as she rolled over and got into position. He knew he wouldn’t last long like this, the visual stimulation was too much. Her tiny ass was split by his huge looking dick. Her cheeks spread far apart and a shiny trail of lube that displayed the track his cock took into her ass.

Starting to move in and out of her ass was heaven. Brad was totally focused on cumming. Tori’s comfort didn’t matter, nor did her pleasure. Tightening his grasp on her hips, Brad began long strokes into her ass. Faster and faster he plunged into her. He could feel how monumental this was going to be.

“Rub yourself!” he roared at her.

Her hand snapped to her slit and clit, rubbing furiously. Brad’s breathing became ragged as he watched his dick appear and disappear.

“You like it when I fuck your ass, don’t you Tori?” he panted at her.

“Yeah…” was her quiet response.

He could feel it then, working its way from his head to his dick. His orgasm picking speed as it approached his balls. Brad clamped down to hold it off for a few seconds longer. Tori, meanwhile, had been fighting the buffetings of her orgasm. She worked hard at trying not to rub herself to competition. If Brad was going to use her like this, she wasn’t going to play into it.

Brad started to throw himself at her with even more force. Holding back made him feel as if the top of his head was going to blow off. Then it was there, no holding it back.

Brad started unloading spurts of cum into her. The first shot was stopped by the constriction of her anus. The following gouts of cum pushed with combined pressure, painting the inside of her ass creamy white. Brad unconsciously pumped his hips in time with his orgasmic contractions.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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