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It’s been a few days since the special party at my house last Sunday. A party that included the taking of two virginities. Mine was the purpose of the party and planned. Josh’s virginity was not planned but it was taken in the heat of the moment. Josh actually did better than me. He lost his virginity with Karen’s strap-on dildo and her then by her boyfriend, Todd.

It’s Wednesday and I’m not working tonight, but I stopped by the Pizza shop to socialize with the crew. I greeted everyone and swatted Josh on his ass. Then I pushed Suzie towards the end of the sandwich counter so I could talk to her.

“Am I free this weekend while you are out of town?”

“I will have a list of Do’s and Don’ts before I leave.”

“Thank you, but I am requesting a little freedom.”

“Do you have an example or a proposal?”

“Possibly a late-night guest.”


“No, Ken is married. But maybe Zack, if he will have me.”

“I might approve of Zack, if he will have you.”

“I’m fortunate.”

“Go find Timmy. He was looking for you.”

I looked at Karen and was going to say something, but the look on her face implied that nothing ever happened so there is nothing to talk about. She is Karen at the Pizza shop and Karen 2.0 behind closed doors.

“Hey Timmy. How did it go with Lisa the other night?”

“Well, I said hello and introduced myself. She introduced herself and that was about it. But you were right, there was a lot of music so I think they were having a party. I’m sure I didn’t impress her.”

“Hang in there, champ. Sal’s waving at you.”

Timmy took off on his next delivery. I still need to talk to Zack about my weekend work load proposal. I sent him a text.

“I need to talk to you Zack.”

“I’m on South Main. I’ll be back in a few minutes.”

I texted back immediately.

“I’ll be sitting in the back seat of my car.”

I had 5 minutes so I threw Josh a bone (or boner).

“Do you want to come over next Tuesday and watch some sissy hypnosis videos with me? Say 7 pm. We’ll watch your favorites.”

“Will we watch your favorites as well?”

“Of course. Wear panties so we fit it with the themes. Do you want me to invite anyone else?”

“No, I would be more comfortable in a more private setting.”

“See you Tuesday at 7 Josh. I have to go.”

By now everyone knows I park in the back, along the side of the building. It’s the darkest corner of the lot. I climbed in the back seat and began removing my shoes, socks and leggings. I left my top and my panties on and covered myself with a small blanket. I watched for Zack to pull in and prayed that no one else would walk up to my car.

His car pulled in and I could see him jump out and run inside. It is standard procedure to hand off the cash due before anything else. A few moments later he turned the corner of building and headed my way. I reached over and opened the rear door for him and leaned back to my side. I made sure I was fully covered with the blanket.

“Hey Brie. Sorry it took me so long. I had to cash out and wash my hands. Are you cold?”

“It’s OK Zack. I’m not cold but I need to discuss my weekend work load proposal with you.”

“Gary told me that you had a proposal for the weekend that you wanted to run by me. I wouldn’t mind hearing it from you, but Sal gave me the basics after Gary left.”

“So, you know I want my regulars and the rest can be handled by you and Timmy?” Do you want to hear the whole proposal?”

I grabbed my blanket tight and scooted closer to him. I started getting really nervous. What I am going to do if he totally rejects me.

“No, I will take the extra work load and istanbul escort make extra tips. It’s only for one weekend, so I can handle it. I’d do anything for you. You have to talk to Timmy too. Have you seen him?”

“I have Timmy’s full compliance. Do you want a favor in return?”

“Ahh, nothing comes to mind unless you have a nude selfie you can share with me.”

“I’m not sure my nudies would do much for you.”

“I like certain things.”

Here goes nothing. I took a deep breath and leaned back. I peeled the blanket away and exposed my semi-nude body to Zack. I decided to go all in and pulled my shirt off. I was praying like never before that he wouldn’t run off.

“Best I can do right now is bra and panties, but I will make a mental note to take more selfies. Is this OK or should I cover back up? I don’t want you to freak out or reject me.”

“Cute panties, can I pull them down?”

I used my elbows to lift my hips so he could reach under me.

“If you’re sure that is what you want.”

“I like certain things.”

He roughly pulled them down and together we wiggled them off my feet. His elbow placement was directly on my prize. He slowly ran his hands up my legs and around my cock. He didn’t touch my dick, but he was as close as you could get. I was the one moaning now.

“Are you hard Zack?”

I didn’t wait for an answer. I reached over to find out for myself. Another full compliance. And he didn’t wait for me to get it out. He had it out and pointing at me in no time.

“I’ve wanted to see you this way for a while now Brie. Can you stretch out a little and lay on the seat so I can get a good look? You know, like my own personal semi-nude selfie?”

I stretched my body so he could get a good look and then lowered my head into his lap. He felt wonderful in my mouth. Warm, thick and hard. I sucked him hard and furiously. This hunk of man meat is the reason I practiced with a few others. What did I learn from Suzie? Up and down, side to side, massage his balls, releases his balls, making slurping noises. Suck the living juice right out it and don’t stop until all of the juice is out.

“This feels wonderful Brie. Your boner is really cute. Some girls are missing out.”

I wanted to take my hard cock and point it right at him, but I don’t want to scare him off. I adjusted myself for maximum exposure. I’m thrilled he likes to look at me and he can look all he wants.

“Brie, I just want to be clear. Even though my dick has never been this hard, I still like pussy.”

I had to raise my head up to respond. When a guy expresses his feelings, you must respond because it may not happen all that often.

“Then use my mouth as a pussy and fuck me good. I’ll be your mouth pussy and I promise I will swallow everything you give. Go ahead Zack, do me, do me like you would another girl. I’m trying to be good pussy for you, I don’t expect us to go steady.”

Zack twisted a little and put one hand behind my head and one hand on my leg and started to thrust in and out of my pussy mouth. He was going so fast all I could do was provide suction and I provided a lot of that. I didn’t want this to end even though he was wrecking my jaws. I kept wishing he would touch me, but his hand stayed on my leg. I couldn’t see his face because my face was crammed into his crotch, but I was hoping that he was still looking me over.

My mind shifted when I felt his body start to tense up. My boy Zack was about to erupt into my mouth at any moment. In anticipation, I wrapped my arms around his waist and pulled him tight. I wasn’t going to let anything go to waste or escape. Then it came, and it came and it escort bayan came and it kept coming. Squirt after squirt, stream after stream until I had a full tank. I honestly don’t know how I managed to keep it all in and not gag. It’s a good thing the first 2 shots went straight down my throat. Zack was spent, but glancing down at me. I looked back up at him and swallowed.

“Brie, that was the best blow job I ever had and it might have been the largest load I ever shot.”

“Thank you and I agree. That was a monster load. But I swallowed it all Zack, your entire monster load is in my belly.”

“I need to get back to work Brie.”

“I know. Go ahead Zack. Let me know if you want to get together sometime.”

“I do like certain things.”

I rolled back towards his spent dick and inserted it into my mouth. You know that stupid little silly thing of mine.

“Enough Brie. I have to go.”

“I know, I just like certain things, like a limp dick. I’ll be quick. I have your full compliance and approval for the special weekend work load, right?”

“You swallowed me Brie. You can have anything you want. I’ll see you later.”

Zack was off and running and I’m basically naked in my back seat. I stayed that way for a few minutes absorbing what amazing sexual event just took place. Then reality snapped in and I had to stuff my boner into my panties and pull my leggings up. Have you ever been 100% sexually satisfied, but not really? I wonder if I can entice Josh to help me out?

By the time I got inside the shop Zack was gone on his next run and Suzie was staring me down with her hands on her hips.

“You said you approved of Zack.”

“Mouth only, right?”

“I used your techniques and he likes to look at me.”

“We all like to look at you. Anything else?”

“Can you help me take a nude selfie?”

“After my weekend away. Now go about your business.”

I took a moment to slide next to Josh for a quick chit chat.

“Are you wearing purple panties tonight, Josh?”

“What, no, keep your voice down. Black sheer control top pantyhose. They are tight as hell but they feel so silky.”

I patted him the butt and waved good bye to everyone. Before I could leave, I was confronted by Karen.

“Brie, I’m taking a smoke break out back. You want to join me for a few minutes?”

“Sure, I’m done in here. Let’s go.”

The first thing I noticed is that there is a view of my car from this smoking area. I looked the situation over carefully and realized I needed a park one spot closer to the front of the building. That’s when Karen pushed me against the wall and pinned me with her body.

“Easy does it, Karen.”

“Shut up. I watched you and Zack getting nasty in the back seat of your car. Do you want to lose the nut that Zack left you with?”


“I peeked on you and Zack. I know that he blew his load in your mouth and that your wad is still in your balls. I think they call that blue balls Brie.”

“You peeked?”

“I’m a freak and it was hot. You have gotten pretty good at sucking cock. He fit really good in your mouth too. It’s like your mouth was made for him. But now you have been left behind with this boner. You want me to jack you off or twerk it out of you? Personally, I would love to send you home with a big mess in your precious panties, but you might want to split my buns with your very hard sissy dick. I think my fat ass is just right for a lap dance hot dogging situation.

Karen 2.0 spun around and slammed me against the wall with her soft ass and pushed into my crotch like a pro. She does not have a fat ass, but I guess that’s something girls say. Kurtköy escort However, she does know how to talk dirty. Sissy dick or not, splitting her cheeks with it feels amazing. It’s new to me but something to think about going forward. If I can slip between her cheeks, then someone can slip their package between mine.

I noted two other things in my mind. She hasn’t missed a beat from her cigarette and I thought of myself as a sissy dick. Have I done that before?

“I can feel you splitting my cheeks tiger. You so still like girls, sissy boy. Imagine how much more they would be split if I didn’t have these tights on? If we were skin to skin, I would have your nut by now, wouldn’t I? I like this, I might have to try it at home.”

“You’re pretty good at it. I think maybe you have done this before.”

“Maybe a little twerk dancing at the club, but that’s all. Now listen, I’m not trying to say anything negative but I think Zack will leave you with blue balls 4 out of 5 times. I don’t think you will ever get 100% returns in this relation, so you need a plan to address that. This smoke break is a one-time thing. What are you going to do the next time?”

She spun around and rammed her hand down my leggings and pulled my boner every which way. I fell back against the wall and let the chips fall where they may.

“Your sissy faggot cock likes this, doesn’t it? Come on Brie, it’s time to fill these panties. And just so we are clear, I would like to watch you and Zack again sometime. Watching you sex that boy in the back seat of your car was like a movie trailer. I want to see the movie now. It made my panties wet watching you go to town on his swollen dick.”

“Karen, my panties are going to be very wet in less than a minute.”

She took the hint and frantically pushed my tights and her tights downwards. She pulled out her panties and indicated that my target was right there.

“Take over and shoot right in here Brie. Coat my crotch with your big load. Dump it right in here. Soak me and my panties.”

I did just that. At least 5 spurts on the line between belly and crotch. She reacted by rubbing it all over herself.

“I can clean that up for you. I don’t mind my own taste.”

“Thanks, but I’ll keep it this time. My Line Apron will cover me. We shouldn’t mention this to anyone. So, how are you going to suck your own limp dick? I know you have a thing about those things. Are you limber enough to do that?”

“I’m not that limber, but I’ve seen it on the internet.”

“I have to get back in. You want me send Josh out here? I bet he’s limp 24/7.”

“Funny. Thanks for the relief. You’re really good at sex stuff. I think you’re right about my sexual satisfaction going forward, but I’m happy right now. Zack likes certain things so I may not be left hanging every time. I hope you left your Apron close to the door. Look at you.”

The wet spot covered her entire front. It was very obvious even with her black tights.

“Yup, it’s right inside the door. You popped quite a load Brie. You sure you don’t want me to send Josh out? I don’t want you to miss out on your fetish.”

“Thanks Karen, but you’ve done more than enough. Besides, that faggot is wearing pantyhose tonight and they probably keep him hard.”

“OK, but let me get one thing perfectly clear. You are a sissy faggot cross dresser who wants Zack’s dick in your ass, but you still respond to girls, am I right? You get hard for boys and girls.”

“I’ve asked you before to not use the word faggot. I won’t deny anything else.”

“I wish I had found you first, before Suzie found you. I wish you were my little bitch.”

“I’ll see you Friday night Karen. Remember I am working alone this weekend so help me out.”

“You remember that I want to spy on you again. A full show.”

I headed for home to sleep. I’ll be back to work in 2 days. My first solo weekend.

End Pizza delivery with a twist 08

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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