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When I was growing up, underwear was just one of those details of life. Always wear a clean pair in case you get in an accident! Sure it was nice to get sexy pairs as I got older. I still remember my first satin bra and panty set from Victoria’s Secret, a gift from my older sister who delighted in showing me the ways of the world.

But I never understood what underwear, no, they must be called panties, what power panties have. Naturally, guys like to see a girl in panties, but mostly its because they hope the undressing doesn’t stop there, or they want to “get into her pants”. Hmmm, a very telling phrase that.

I’ll explain it as I learned it. From John.

I was a sophomore at college when I met John in a physics class. He was a nice guy and cute. A study date became a real date and we started spending a lot of time together. He was probably the most open and honest guy I’ve ever met.

Things got heated over Thanksgiving break. We both arranged to have to stay on campus over the break. With roommates all gone, we finally had the privacy we craved. As John liked to tease, “Instead of eating turkey on Thanksgiving, we ate each other.”

I’d had sex before, a couple of times freshman year of college, but with John it was open, free, and adventurous. He took his time with me and always made sure I came before he got into the act. I learned to love a man with a talented mouth and became pretty good with my mouth too.

It was Sunday when we were relaxing in bed together, naked, when John asked me to hand him my panties. I’d hesitated, rather stunned by the request, but it was simple and I picked the pair off the chair and gave them to him.

I think my mouth hung open as I watched him slip them up his legs and up snug over his penis.

“What are you doing?” I asked calmly, unsure.

“Don’t you love Kurtköy escort bayan the feel of them?” he purred. “The tight way they hold your bottom and how they feel on your skin?”

I laid down next to him. “Um, I’d never really noticed…” He took my hand and placed it on the front of the panties and I naturally began to stroke his cock. His eyes closed and his voice became confessional.

“I love panties. I love to put on a pretty girl’s panties. They are so erotic… electric… I get so hard…” He was whispering now and I could feel how hard hiw penis was through the panties.

He popped an eye open and looked at me, seeming to be aware of my reaction for the first time.

“You know I’m a real man, right? I mean I think I’ve shown you the last few days that I know how to be your man…” I nodded. He was a great lover and I was falling for him in my heart. He was a good man.

“Well, sometimes, I like to… be a girl.”

I didn’t stop stroking him but I waited for an explanation.

“It’s hard to get my mind around sometimes, but I guess you could say I like to play sissy sometimes. Put on panties… maybe a camisole. Be femme. Feel as girly as I can and masturbate.”

My mind was reeling, but he was so matter-of-fact about it that I didn’t jerk away.

“It isn’t all the time, of course, but some days I’ll wear panties under my jeans on campus. It gets me so hard I have to jerk off a lot. I get a thrill when I think a girl can see my pantylines. I’ve even worn bras and stockings before.”

His cock was oozing precum at this point, staining my panties. I think it would have been if I hadn’t been touching him.

“So, if it isn’t a problem…” he continued in a soft, submissive voice. “Can we play sometimes with me as a…. sissy?”

My mind was quickly trying Escort Kurtköy to adjust to all this information, to meld it with what I knew about John. I tried to connect the delicious joy he’d given me thrusting his sizeable cock into me, as much man as I’d ever craved with the image of him putting on lipstick and prancing around in prissy lingerie.

“Well, what would you want me to do?” I asked, but I was just buying time. Thinking of him in tight panties, even high heels was giving me a reaction that I could not have predicted. I was getting wet.

“It wouldn’t have to be much…” he began, treading carefully to not ruin things. “Maybe if we both wore panties as we made out?”

I got up from the bed, went to my drawers and looked at my panties. I fished out a pair of satin string bikinis and slipped them on, just slow enough to tease his eager eyes. Then I climbed on the bed and on to him. Our panties were pressed against each other and I could feel his rigid cock pressed between my lips.

“Mmmmmmm, like this,” I moaned as I leaned down to kiss him and press myself against his chest. The moan he returned was so deep and guttural that I knew he was in heaven.

I lifted myself up a little so I could watch his face as I ground myself against his cock, feeling our panties slide against each other. His eyes were closed and I swear he was whimpering. Seconds later, I felt his cock surge and surge and surge, filling his panties with hot cum.

I took a wild guess at that point. “How dare you cum before me, you little sissy!” I said in mock anger. “And in MY panties!”

His face flushed and his eyes flashed. His cock wasn’t getting soft. I rolled off of him and laid back on the bed. I pointed to my own panties. “Get to work!”

In moments, he was down between my legs, licking me through the Kurtköy Rus Escort soaked satin. His hands were gripping my bottom and grinding the panties against me. It felt pretty sexy. Soon, I was rubbing myself against his stiff tongue and coming hard.

After that, we talked a long time. He told me about the first time he masturbated into panties, then wore panties. He told me of the time he first bought panties for himself from a store.

We’d agreed that panties were not going to define our love life, but surprisingly, it was I who became obsessed with it. I had him wearing my panties every day, checking him on campus to make sure he was obeying me. I became dominant in the bedroom, even when panties weren’t involved. I felt that John had a core that craved to submit and submission was only worth it if it was total. Doesn’t that make sense?

John and I even bought a strapon together which led to some of our hottest sex, but also ended our relationship. I loved lifting his dress, pulling down his panties and thrusting my rubber phallus into him, but after the orgasms were done, he was disturbed by it. As sissy as he was, he was scared of moving more toward gay outright and the strapon was a big symbol of that for him.

We put the strapon away, but it had sort of ruined everything. He didn’t want to do anything sissy any more and I found I couldn’t stop thinking of ways to make him more sissy.

Sure there were other things going on that didn’t help the situation, but we had an intense sex life and when it went wrong, the rest couldn’t really survive.

So I ended my sophomore year of college without a boyfriend, but with a new sex toy and a passionate idea of what I wanted from a sex partner.

That summer I did experiment with another girl who was working in the same department I was. She was lesbian and understood that I was confused. I’ll admit that I enjoyed our few nights together, but it also confirmed for me that something was missing. We left it as good friends and I headed into junior year swearing that I would concentrate on my studies…


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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