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After turning 18 and realizing how bi i was i decided that this Halloween could be my chance to dress as a slut and have fun. I told my aunt who lived with us that I was going to a big Halloween party and needed help with my costume. Her and her friend Sue decided to help me. They decided that since it was only a month away we needed to start early.

That Friday night they had me strip with just a small towel covering my cock and balls. I asked them what they had planned and they told me that they were going to wax my body! First Sue rubbed oil all over my chest. Now Sue was 27 at the time, single, and no steady guy. She did have a great body with massive tits. As she rubbed on the oil my cock got hard. She liked this and started to tease me, saying she needed to tie me down so I would calm down.

My aunt, Eileen, laughed at this and went and got some rope and they actually tied me down spread eagle on the bed, a rubber porno sheet under me. Then it got interesting. Sue said she was afraid the oil would stain her clothing so she removed her blouse and pants, leaving her in a bulging bra and granny panties. Eileen laughed and said why not? Her tits were aa, more nipple with a small tight bra but under her jeans she had on just nude pantyhose that showed her bush. Both had been drinking a few beers and a few shots of Sambucca as well.

Sue went back to the oil as Eileen left to heat the wax. This wax before microwaves and she was doing i on the stove. As Sue poured more oil on me she pushed the cloth off my cock and said how cute it was, waving back and forth. My cock is about 5 and 1/2 inches long but at this stage of my life seemed to be always hard! Eileen returned and said it might hurt a bit so don’t scream! Before I could say another thing she poured the wax on my legs japon porno and I did scream! She laughed and told Sue to shut me up!

Sue then moved and knelt with her ass above my face. As Eileen poured more wax on my legs Sue lowered her panty covered ass over my screaming mouth! While it was painful I was getting used to the wax. Then Eileen started to pull it off with my hair. As she did this i started to bite and tug on Sue’s panties. Then Sue stood up and removed them, telling me if i was going to eat i might as well eat her! She lowered her cunt onto my face, pulled my head up and i started to lick away. Her cunt was sopping wet to start and as I licked and sucked her pussy and clit she ground into my face. She came at least 3 times before Eileen had finished. At this point i had shot my load without anyone touching me!

Eileen started to laugh as she untied me to roll me over lezbiyen porno but first she scooped up my cum and fed it to me. As I resisted she squeezed my balls to urge me on. Now on my stomach Sue and her applied more oil and then wax. Now Sue moved so that as I tried to scream it was into her ass. I started licking her ass as she masturbated. She came a few more times as Eileen finished and my body was now hairless. Again they untied me and rolled me over and again my cock was hard. Eileen said how cute it was and I remembered her telling us that her boyfriend Vinny had a huge cock! She then sat on my face and had me eat her till she came several times. i had to use my teeth to rip a hole in her pantyhose to do this. She then rolled to my side and rubbed her nylon covered feet on my cock. I shot almost instantly. She then forced her cum covered toes into my mouth to clean up.

After this they untied me and dressed me in pantyhose and a nightie, fixed my hair in a shag and sent me to bed. I was not allowed to jerkoff and was so excited I had a hard time sleeping, wondering what the next day would bring since they told me that they were going to make sure I was ready for the party…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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