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Big Dicks

(A fantasy written by me for fun. It contains spanking and humiliation so beware. All characters are over 18)

Punishment Weekend -Friday Evening

Chapter 1 -The Corner

Molly stood in the corner of the living room waiting for her punishment to continue. She knew that by the time she went to bed tonight she was going to have to lay on her stomach. She also knew from experience that she was going to have a red, sore, and very well spanked posterior for at least twenty-four hours, and sitting would continue to be difficult for at least two days. She had been in this position about three minutes, hands at her sides, heels together; back straight, panties at her ankles, her nose touching the wall causing her buttocks to protrude. She had two unmistakable red palm prints one on each bare cheek. It was uncomfortable but she knew better than to move or wiggle around.

Why was she in this predicament? After all she is 44 years old, vice-president of a travel agency, about 5’7′ with short brown hair. She takes good care of herself with regular workouts and a careful diet. She is a good step-mother to my two girls, both attending college but home on break. Karen is twenty-one and Elizabeth is nineteen.

Her one bad habit is that she overspends on her credit cards. We have agreed upon a generous budget for her, but every month she always seems to overspend. I warned her, that if this happens again we will have a discipline session she won’t forget. In the past several years I have broken her of several bad habits: such as; being late, speeding, temper tantrums, smoking, finger nail biting. Both my daughters and wife are subject to the same discipline. Spanking works for our family.

Molly knew she was in big trouble, when I was in the kitchen looking at the mail that had arrived earlier. Normally she is home earlier than I am, but had been held up in traffic today. Both girls were in the kitchen preparing dinner. They were being very quiet, as they had caught a glance at the mail and noticed their college grades among the unopened mail.

I waited for Molly to take her coat off and hang it up, and then I said: ‘Young Lady

come in here now!’ Both my daughter’s heads snapped around hoping it was not them to whom I was referring. When I acknowledged with a shake of my head it was not them; they let out a sigh of relief and went back to preparing dinner.

Molly had a slightly full but attractive figure, she was dressed in a classic long sleeved blouse, above a trim gray skirt with a wide patent leather belt and her well turned legs were complemented by medium length heels and beige stockings. She was the very essence xslot of a professional business woman, poised, well dressed and in charge of a department of some 20 employees. However, when addressed in that fashion, she knew better than to do anything other than what she’s been told to do. She scampered into the kitchen and stood next to my chair, ignoring her step-daughters, who glanced over their shoulders at her.

She immediately saw the problem, as she stood at attention by my side, bills from several department stores and credit card companies were laid side by side on the kitchen table. I opened each envelope unfolded the statements and reviewed the contents of each bill. She knew that invoiced on each bill were items such as: dresses, skirts, shoes, some jeans, sweaters and she knew I was adding up the damages in my mind.

I looked up at her.

‘Couldn’t help your self again Young Lady,’ I said.

She then made a major mistake stomping both feet she yelled: ‘Damn it I am 44

Years’ old, and a business executive, if I want to spend my money on clothes then I will, and besides my sister Barbara said the prices were too good to pass up.’

The room suddenly became very silent with all eyes on me. She knew she had lost her temper and it was going to cost here dearly in both the spanking and humiliation department. This was going to be a discipline session, she would remember.

I have vowed never to spank my wife or two daughters in anger, but this took all my energy to control myself, so I slowly slid the kitchen chair backwards and counted to ten before I stood up. She knew her mistake immediately and started to stammer out an apology

‘I’m … sorry Sir!’

‘Be quiet!’ I said in a low firm voice. The kind that indicates she should obey.

‘You should have controlled your temper now you will receive the discipline session of your life.’ I said.

I could see both of my daughters standing there in total disbelief, as I reached for Molly’s earlobe with one hand and the straight backed kitchen chair with the other. I marched her into the center of the living room. ‘Stand next to the chair, Young Lady and don’t say a word,’ I said, as I sat down in my recliner.

She knew what was coming next and her cheeks began to flush with embarrassment. Not withstanding her age, clothing and makeup, at that moment she felt like a naughty little girl about to be spanked over her Daddy’s knee.

‘Girls put dinner on hold and come in here,’ I ordered.

The girls quickly came into the living room. ‘Your mother is about to get the tanning of her life on her bare backside and I want xslot Giriş both of you to watch.’

‘Do you understand?’ I said as I looked at each of them.

‘Yes Sir’, they answered in unison.

‘I want both of you to go upstairs, go into the bedroom, and Karen you get the hairbrush, that is on the night table and Beth lay out your mother’s discipline outfit on the bed. I want both of you back in 5 minutes,’ you could hear an audible sob from my bad little girl standing at attention by the spanking chair.

Looking over her shoulder at me, she sobbed and said, ‘P…lease Sir they will see me getting spanked, you always make it p-private.’

Shaking my head, I said, ‘First of all did I not tell you to be quiet, just so you will remember, I want you to print for me, 500 times, by tomorrow at 1:00 – ‘I will learn to be quiet when I am told to be quiet’ and number each sentence.

‘Yes they will you see you getting spanked, you decided to lose your temper in front of them, Young Lady, so you will have your backside tanned in front of them. However, when you are across my lap and I’m spanking your naughty bare bottom, it isn’t going to matter who is watching you. I want you to quit worrying about that sort of thing Missy.

You should be concentrating on what you did to earn this bare-bottom hairbrush spanking and how you are going to mend your ways in the future.’

‘Do you understand?’

‘Yes Sir,’ she sobbed.

Just then the two girls came bouncing down the stairs, the oldest one holding the hairbrush. For once they were both happy they were only going to be witnesses, but were still concerned about the unopened grades on the kitchen table. The hairbrush had a short handle and a smooth back, but its circumference was small, so it tended to concentrate the sting on whatever spot was spanked on her backside. Molly dreaded the hairbrush and was always good for weeks after each session with it.

Sitting back on the recliner, I looked at my naughty little girl and said in a firm voice, ‘All right Young Lady, we might as well get started.’ Both my daughters were still standing staring intently. ‘Pull up your skirt and slip and hold them well above your waist. I’ll take your under panties down myself, when you are over my knee.’

She moaned at this order, but remembering she was in enough trouble, she hesitantly bent over and slowly pulled up her skirt and slip. Bunching them up around her waist, she held them there as I had instructed her to do. She stood with her backside facing us, in her grownup black garter belt, nylons (I don’t allow pantyhose) and strangely ‘little girl Tinkerbelle xslot Güncel Giriş cotton panties.’

‘My my, what cute little girl panties you selected this morning, Dear. They really look adorable on you’. She had a whole collection of little girl cartoon cotton indies, that she ordered from a mail-order house in her size. Her unusual underwear was by no means her idea. This was one of my hard and fast rules. I wanted her to always know that she was never too old to be spanked, and this was my way of doing so.

Her face turned red as she realized what a picture she was making, a 44 year old travel executive, a boss over 20 employees, a mother of two children, standing in the middle of the living room, holding her skirt up around her waist, in front of me and her two grown up daughters, wearing little girl Tinkerbelle panties. She closed her eyes from the shame of it all.

‘Turn around slowly,’ I told her.

I watched as she turned towards me, her face red with embarrassment and her head hanging in shame. ‘Come over here,’ I ordered ‘keep your skirt up, stand in front of your daughters, ask Karen for the hairbrush and thank her for getting it, and thank Beth for laying out your discipline outfit.’

Tears started to trickle down Molly’s cheeks, as she slowly approached the girls who were now seated and smirking at their mother’s predicament. Neither one of them had ever seen this happen before; though they both knew that Mom was spanked by Daddy.

‘I also want you to apologize to your daughters for the scene you created in the kitchen, it was rude and disrespectful,’ I said. ‘How do you expect these girls to respect their father, if you have a temper tantrum, when I am questioning you?’

‘Yes sir,’ she said quietly as she made her way over to the couch where the girls were waiting.

Her face flushed with embarrassment, her skirt still raised to show her little girl undies, she stood in front of couch and started to stammer out an apology ‘Karen and Beth I am s.soo sorry for b-eing so.’

Just then the doorbell rang!

I could see my bad little girl’s face get redder with embarrassment and humiliation wondering what I would do. She wanted to make herself as small as possible. I told Beth to see who was at the door.

I then came over to Molly and tucked her skirt into her belt in the back, and pulled down her little girl panties inside out to her ankles. I took her earlobe between my thumb and forefinger and marched her shuffling and stumbling to the nearest corner. I then took my palm and walloped her on the right fanny cheek, then the left leaving two red palm prints for everyone to see and told her to push her nose into the corner, put her hands at her sides, her heels together and to stand at attention.

‘Daddy its Aunt Babs’ Beth called out to me.

‘Tell her to come into the living room’ I called out to Beth.

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