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I had been in a small accident. Totally not my fault. I was t-boned by a drunk coming through a red light. Him coming through the red light, not me. I had a mild concussion and some general wear and tear, including some facial lacerations. I was in hospital for a couple of days and then told to take at least a week off work to recuperate.

I had some holidays due so I added them to my sick leave and went bush for a few weeks. Up into the mountains, really, but that counts. I was lucky as it was off-peak season and I was given a contact of a guy who had a small cabin who was willing to let me have it cheap. A friend of a friend sort of deal.

For the first week I took it real easy. You couldn’t blame me as I looked remarkably similar to someone who’d just gone a few rounds with a heavyweight boxer, losing each and every round. By the end of the first week I was feeling a lot better. Looking a lot better, too, although that wasn’t saying much.

By the end of the second week I was back in quite good condition. Hiking through the mountains does that. You either get in shape or die. After thinking for a few days that the die option wasn’t going to be all that bad I slowly recovered and got in shape.

Mid way through the third week I received some unexpected visitors. There was a storm. I don’t mean that we had some wind and rain. I mean a real storm. Thunder and lightning and teeming rain, liberally laced with hailstones, all being carried along on a howling wind. I quite enjoyed a nice storm as long as I’m nice and snug inside. However, my visitors arrived.

The storm was just getting started when the door to the cabin banged open and four young ladies came barging in. I’d been sitting back relaxing without any lights and they assumed that there was no-one home. They got a hell of a shock when I switched on the light and stood there scowling at them.

I guess I could understand the fact that they were slightly concerned. They were stranded up a mountain in a raging storm and the place where they took shelter contained what probably looked like an unshaven thug with a rather battered face. I wasn’t the poster child for hospitality.

I stood and looked at them and they stood and looked at me. I was at home and they were uninvited visitors so I didn’t feel constrained to start the ball rolling. I waited for them to speak while I looked them over.

One of the young ladies was a little older than the others. I’d have put her in her early to mid-twenties, whereas the other three were around the eighteen/nineteen mark. They were all fair of face but I couldn’t judge their figures through their clothing, them being somewhat bundled up. I had three brunettes and a blonde on my hands.

“Ah, I’m Mrs Simpson,” said the oldest of the women. “Um, I’m a teacher and I was taking the girls on a hike when the storm blew up out of nowhere. We saw the cabin and ran to it to get some shelter.”

“Marge?” I asked.

“Adele, actually,” she said, giving me an annoyed look. Her students on the other hand giggled.

“You really need to get your name changed,” muttered someone and Adele switched her annoyed look to her students.

She introduced me to the students but damned if I can remember their names, apart from the blonde. She was Brenda. She was also quite happy and smiling, not nearly as nervous as the other three.

“I’m Ron,” I told them. “Make yourselves at home, such as it is. I think you’re going to be stuck here for the night. The forecast said the storm would probably last until tomorrow. Not to rub it in, but when you go hiking in the mountains it is a good idea to check the forecast.”

“I did,” said an indignant Adele. “The forecast was cloudy. No mention of a storm.”

“Depends on what side of the mountain you’re on,” I pointed out. “The other side is probably cloudy with no storm. This side we’ve got this storm and it seems sort of hung up on the mountain.”

Adele ignored me, whipping out her phone and then frowning at it. She appealed for the other girls to check their phones to see if they had a signal. Why bother? If one phone has no signal why would any of the others?

At that point there was a flash outside followed almost immediately by the rumble of thunder.

“I’d forget the phones, if I were you,” I told them. “Even if you got a signal you wouldn’t get any reception in the middle of a thunderstorm. You’ll have to wait until it clears. Were you going hiking overnight?”

Adele nodded and I shrugged.

“So no worries, then. People will assume you’re tucked away safe and sound as you planned this trip. Badly, but you planned it, and you are safe and sound.”

I left the girls to do whatever they wanted to do. Mainly argue amongst themselves it seemed. After five minutes I was starting to get a bit narked with the whole lot of them. They were just sitting around whining.

I stood up and they all flinched away from me. Except Blondie. escort bursa Brenda just cocked her head slightly and regarded me with a small smile.

“Instead of sitting around moaning why don’t you do something about getting a meal together? There’s food in the fridge and the stove works. I assume that one of you must know how to cook.”

“Why do we have to cook?” one of them complained.

“Because I’m not cooking. You want to be fed, start with the domestic work and cook something. While you’re at it you might as well work out where you’re putting your sleeping-bags.”

“We can use the bed,” Adele quickly pointed out. “It’ll be crowded but we won’t mind.”

“Neither will I,” I agreed. “It’s been a while since I’ve had company in that bed.”

There was a shattering silence. One of the girls finally broke it.

“B-but you can’t sleep with us,” she protested.

“Where do you propose I sleep?” I asked affably. “I don’t have a sleeping-bag and I doubt that any of your bags would be suitable.”

Geez. From the looks they were giving me you’d think I was offering to rape them all night long. They were totally shocked. I raised an eyebrow.

“I assume that your sleeping-bags are now looking somewhat the better option? May I suggest that you put them together over against the far wall? Adele, I’ll leave it to you to organise the meal. Either do it yourself or direct the girls to do it.”

There were no more arguments but boy, the way those girls reacted to my presence. Every time one of them had to come near me or if I dared to go anywhere near one of them they would cringe away from me. I mean, really! I might look like a battered brute but what had I done or said that might make them think I had evil intentions towards them?

Adele managed to scrounge up a decent meal for us but she also just about cleared out my food supply. It was a good thing I was going home shortly. We had dinner with the girls doing their best to keep out of my reach.

Later on, with the girls still cringing and me still fuming at their behaviour I suggested that they all go to bed.

“You might as well all retire now. There’s nothing else to do and the storm is still going strong. I can’t guarantee how much longer the power will last.”

The looks on their faces I might as well have made an indecent suggestion. The two brunette students gave Adele appealing looks. Adele looked nervous herself. Brenda looked amused.

“Ah, I don’t suppose you’d care to step outside while the girls get ready for bed?” suggested Adele.

“You have got to be kidding,” I replied. Was she nuts? Couldn’t she hear that storm out there? “And what do you mean, get ready? If they do anything more than take of their shoes then they’re stupid.”

“We can’t sleep in our clothes,” one of the nameless girls cried.

“No? Learn. If we lose power we also lose heat and you’ll find yourself getting awfully cold if you’re just wearing your undies. Still, it’s your choice. Feel free to strip off. I can guarantee that I won’t object.”

The girls were all giving me nasty looks but what was I supposed to do? Adele indicated that she’d like a private word with me.

“Listen, Ron, the girls are worried about you. You’re a very big man and they’re just a little nervous about sleeping in the same room as you. They don’t feel that they can trust you.”

“Really,” I said dryly. “And just what do you suggest I do about it? There’s no way in hell I’m leaving the cabin just to give them peace of mind. You can see what the weather is like.”

“I know, but your comments aren’t helping.”

“What, telling them not to be idiots and to go to sleep in their clothes? It seems an eminently sensible idea to me. Just tell them to do it. What are they afraid of?”

“Um, to be honest you look like, ah, that is, um. . .” Her voice trailed off as she tried to tell me what I looked like. I already knew.

“I look like a loser whose had the crap beaten out of him and they’re afraid I’ll take it out on them? They’re afraid I’ll line you all up, one, two, three, four, bare your bums and have my wicked way with you all, one after the other? Mmm?”

Adele was blushing but silently agreeing that yes, that was what they were afraid of.

“For god’s sake, my current battered appearance is the result of a car accident, and no, I wasn’t running from the police at the time. My car got hit by a drunk driver who didn’t suffer a scratch, blast him. As for lining you all up and raping you, superman I am not. By the time I’d raped one it would be hours before I could move on to number two. Raping all four of you is just not on.”

I turned to the girls and called out.

“OK, girls. Adele and I have come to an agreement. One, you’ll go to bed, or in your case, sleeping-bags, fully dressed, except for your shoes. This is because if the power goes it will get very cold overnight and you need to stay warm.”

“Now, bursa merkez eskort as far as lining you all up and raping you one after the other I’ve agreed not to do that. Adele had explained that you’re all blushing virgins and wouldn’t know what to do with a cock if you tripped over one. I’ve made a suggestion to which she has agreed. To further your education and relief me of any excessive horniness I’ll give Adele a good fuck while you watch. You can consider this part of your sex education.”

The look on Adele’s face was a joy to behold.

“You don’t seriously think I’m going to let you fuck me in front of my students, do you?” she hissed at me.

“Yes, I do,” I replied smugly. “If it’s a choice of them seeing you fucked and letting them relax and get a good night’s sleep or seeing you get raped and them panicking and possibly running out into the storm, you’ll opt for the fucking. Don’t worry. I’ll treat you properly and we can give the girls a practical education at the same time.”

I steered Adele towards the kitchen table, hand pressed against her back ensuring she bent forward over it. She was yea close to panicking, only keeping her head together because she didn’t want to panic the girls. From the look on their faces they were in a similar state. Well, two of them were. Brenda had a look of interested suspicion. Brenda, I decided, was quite intelligent, a fact disguised by her lovely face.

Turning my attention back to Adele I took hold of her trousers. As far as I could see they had an elasticised waistband. Good for easy dressing when out camping. I gave them a firm tug and they sailed right down to knee level, exposing quite a nice bottom now clad in a pair of white cotton panties. I rubbed my hand lightly over Adele’s bottom, hearing her whimper softly.

Then I hauled back and gave her a bloody good spank, my hand landing hard and hot on her bottom. She screamed, the two brunettes screamed, and Brenda nodded thoughtfully.

“Now if you’ve all quite finished mucking around,” I roared at them, “might I suggest that you all get yourselves to bed? The power won’t last forever, especially in this storm, and it’s going to be a long cold night. The light’s being turned off in five minutes and I expect you all to be in your sleeping-bags by then.”

The three young ladies made haste to get into their sleeping-bags, the nonsense about them sleeping in their clothes forgotten. Adele was standing up, clutching at her bottom, and going, “What? What? What?”

“What I said applies to you, too, woman. The lot of you should just grow up and start acting like the adults you are. You’ve been acting like a maiden aunt locked away with an admitted rapist. Start treating people by the way they act, not the way they look.”

Adele retreated, red-faced, suddenly in a hurry to reach her own sleeping-bag. I waited until she was in it before turning off the light and retiring myself.

I woke early. The storm was gone and dawn was breaking. Knowing how women are in the morning I hastened to use the bathroom before anyone else woke up and stole it. Clothes changed and feeling refreshed I wandered around the cabin. I wasn’t going to make breakfast yet, preferring the girls sleep a little longer. Brenda, I noticed, was awake and looking at me with sleepy eyes.

I crossed over and looked down at her, considering her and her behaviour. She just lay there looking back up at me with a small smile twitching on her lips. I pointed to her and then jerked my thumb towards the door. Turning, I wandered outside.

I’d been enjoying the dawn for about ten minutes when Brenda came outside. Amazingly fast time for a young lady first thing in the morning. She strolled over to where I was leaning back against a tree, enjoying the scenery.

“You wanted me?” she asked.

“Still do,” I said calmly. I looked her over and nodded. “Yes, indeed, I still do.”

She blushed and said nothing but she certainly caught the innuendo. I looked at her some more. She was certainly well worth looking at. She was wearing trousers similar to those Adele had been wearing. Now that I thought about it all the girls were dressed similarly. Common sense, I guess, being dressed for a hike and all.

“Take off your trousers,” I told her, making no move to help her do so.

She looked at me and I was damned if I could tell what she was thinking. Balls of steel on this one, was my thought.

She made up her mind and pushed her trousers down, sending her panties along with them. She kept looking at me while she did so, even while she was lifting each leg to take them right off. Then she was standing there, nude from the waist down, bar her socks. She hadn’t, I now noticed, bothered to put her shoes on before coming outside.

She also hadn’t bother about asking any silly questions. She knew what I was going to do and she was agreeing. I reached down and started bursa sınırsız escort massaging her, first her mons, then sliding between her legs and rubbing her mound. The only reaction seemed to be that she started breathing a bit harder.

I changed directions and slid my hands up, over her tummy and under her top. It was my intention to push her bra up off her breasts, giving me additional toys to play with. I was slightly surprised to find my hands slipping under her unfastened bra and onto her breasts. (Not so surprised that I let go her breasts.) I raised an eyebrow in query.

She knew what I was asking and simply shrugged.

“Have you ever tried to sleep with a bra on?” she challenged.

I had to admit that I had not.

“Yeah, well you have to undo them or you won’t get much sleep. I just haven’t had a chance this morning to do it up again.”

Who am I to doubt her explanation? I accepted it as offered and continued stroking her breasts. Fun while it lasted, but the really interesting action was going to take place downstairs.

I unzipped and dragged out my erection, finally letting it see the light of day. Brenda looked down, saw my erection, blushed, and pointedly looked elsewhere. I moved a little closer and now my cock was pressing lightly against her tummy. Her blush got a little deeper but she made no attempt to back away.

I reached down and made a suitable adjustment. Her eyes opened a little wider as she felt me seeking an entrance. She looked a little nervous but that was all. Definitely not scared. Oddly enough, despite her willingness, I had this feeling that she was still a virgin, so I took it slowly.

I eased into her, finding my suspicions correct and changing that status. She winced slightly at her change of circumstances but after that she seemed to be concentrating on feeling me entering her. She was hot and wet and tight, and the operative word was tight. It was fortunate that I was hard enough that I could have used my erection to crack rocks. I continued slowly pushing home. It wasn’t as though I had much choice where speed was concerned. She was so tight that all I could do was lean into her, her passage seeming to begrudge the fact that it had to yield to my metal, reluctantly giving way and then closing tightly around me.

Finally I was fully in place. My hands had crept back up and found her breasts and I was right to go. From the look of anticipation, so was Brenda.

We rocked together gently, my cock just easing its way in and out, with Brenda moving dreamily against me. She let out a single long, “Oh,” sound, pleasurable delight echoing in it. Then she fell silent, eyes closed, just rocking in place with me.

Quite frankly, she felt fantastic. I saw no necessity to get a move on and start energetically fucking her. This gentle susurration of our bodies was all that we needed, telling us what we wanted to know. It was rather strange really, just standing there, moving gently in and out while she moved with me, pleasure flowing through us.

Damned if I know how long we stood there. Time just lost meaning, our bodies in command. At some stage I idly noticed that she was approaching a climax. Normally this would be my cue to hop to it and apply myself, ensuring that she reached the desired end result. This time I ignored it, just continuing the way I’d been going.

Her climax came, sneaking quietly up on her and then jumping her, crashing through her. She gasped and clutched hold of me tightly. Her passage did the same thing where my cock was concerned, clamping down on me and forcing me into my own climax. We stayed like that for another minute or so, just holding each other and breathing heavily.

Finally we separated and she stood back and looked at me.

“That was, that was, well. . .” She shrugged helplessly, not knowing what to say. That was fair enough. I had no idea of what to say either.

She suddenly smiled, bent down and grabbed her clothes and pulled them on. Then she flitted back to the cabin and was gone. I tidied my own clothes and continued to enjoy the early morning.

When I finally went back in all the girls were up and their sleeping-bags rolled up. Adele was just putting breakfast in the table. She’d finished using the rest of my supplies from the look of it. Didn’t those girls bring any supplies with them? The girls were a lot friendlier than they had been the night before. Dawn and no storm apparently made a big difference. Adele was still mad at me, apparently resenting that slap on the bottom. Served her right in my book.

After breakfast the ladies departed. Before they left Adele produced a map and asked if I could point out exactly where they were. I could and did, giving them directions to get to the point they were supposed to be at. Then they filed out and were gone.

I looked at my devastated supplies, decided it wasn’t worth replenishing them, tidied the cabin and departed myself, heading back home.

I was fit and well again. I was also without a car but I had a few days holiday left. I would put the time to good use finding a decent vehicle, paid for by courtesy of the insurance company. I wondered if I’d ever meet Brenda again. I could stand seeing her again quite easily.

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