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Public Sex

Jenny placed her coffee cup down on the glass topped desk. Her face was stern, almost rigid. Her assistant, Mike, had just told the biggest client she had ever managed to win over to “Wait on hold for a minute.”

Mike was young, unfocused, unprofessional, and soon, unemployed. She swept the thoughts back into an organized jumble and dug through her experience for the proper apology.

“Deana, how are you?” Jenny held an artificial firmness in her voice.

“Jenny Doll, don’t put on for me. I know you are upset.” Deana replied with that magically blunt while sweet and disarming voice. It almost worked.

Mike came into the office with a binder and a coffee refill. Without even thinking Jenny swung her pointer finger in a hostile dismissal of the poor guy. He looked hurt. She was too frustrated to care.

“Listen, Doll, you haven’t been the same since that day. Won’t you ever forgive me?” Deana probed.

Jenny’s sadness returned in a wave of melancholy. Deana had married a businessman only two years after their first powerful meeting. Jarred Halton was a tall, good looking, smooth talking gentleman, who, Jenny believed, really did love Deana…But so did Jenny. Deana was hers. She had her first. Now it was over and Jenny was alone again. For two wonderful years she and Deana had been friends, lovers, and (in Jenny’s mind) headed for marriage.

The day that it ended Deana met Jenny in Arkansas during a commercial shoot that Jenny had been assigned to. Deana texted her with the name and room number of the hotel and the words “Waiting, Doll”.

The surprise was so exciting that Jenny left the set earlier than she normally would have. Her, then, assistant a sassy red headed girl named Miranda had gladly taken the opportunity to be in charge. She was shouting orders before Jenny was even in her rental car.

Jenny arrived at the room within forty minutes of the text. She knocked and was met with the beautiful sight of her love. Deana embraced her and kissed her with a strangely soft, almost tremulous kiss. They made love in the way a long acquainted couple makes love. Not in the spicy, wild way that they so often had before. They slowly moved in time with one another in perfectly synchronized love making. But something was missing. Jenny realized something was wrong. When she asked Deana about this different feel, Deana turned her sorrowful eyes to meet Jennys.

“Doll, you know that I love you?” Deana urged.

Jenny’s heart sank. She knew what was coming.

“You’re leaving me.” It was not a question. She was announcing the fact to her very own stunned mind.

Deana seemed almost maternal as she answered. “Doll, you have to understand, I want children. I want a marriage. I dream…”

Jenny felt herself falling into depression as the words slammed into her shattered consciousness.

“I get it. You’re leaving me.”

Jenny got up, trying to wear a brave face. She put on her bra, slipped on her blouse, and as she tugged on her slacks, she dissolved into tears. She sat down heavily into the faux leather chair in the corner of the room and cried. Deana got to her feet and cautiously approached her newly released lover. She leaned in close to speak soothing words, to try to heal Jenny’s heart. In a movement that was a quick as it was heartbreaking, Jenny grabbed Deana and held her as tightly as her arms could manage. Neither of them spoke again for half an hour or more. The two women parted in a state of confused and awful sadness.

They would not speak again for six months. Even then, Jenny was cold, detached, and mildly abrasive. She still had those old feelings for Deana. They would remain for a long time.

Fully four and a half years later, Deana was attempting to sneak into her head again. Jenny did not like it. She already had to keep the balance between her need to punish Deana and her professional requirement to satisfy Deana’s requests.

She was jarred out of her memories by Mike waving a hand written sign that said “Aftrexx meeting! Half an hour!”

“I’m fine Mrs. Morgan, how can I help you, today.” Jenny spoke in an insincere, borderline flat tone that meant “get on with it. What do you want?”

Deana sounded a little crestfallen. “Doll, I really just wanted to see how you were. I know that…”

Jenny’s fire flared, “Mrs. Morgan, please refer to me as Ms. Sorello. What else can I do for you?”

Deana’s voice trembled. Her confidence shaken, she tried to carry on with an odd mix of professionalism and a searching sense of tenderness.

“I’m pregnant, Jenny. You are the closest person to me. I just wanted to share…”

“And you have. Congratulations, Deana.” There was a wounded feel to the retort. Deana felt more than heard it.

“Okay. I’m so sorry, Jenny. I thought that…” Deana began.

“You thought what, Deana?” Jenny’s voice raised, “You thought that I was a pretty good piece of ass? You thought you could tug me along a little farther?”

“Please, Jenny…” Deana Gaziantep Sarıgüllük Escort pleaded.

Jenny was now yelling ,”You thought you could swing in like the beautiful starlet and steal the show again? Well, you cannot! I’ve moved on. You should, too. Now if you don’t have any business to discuss, I must prepare for a meeting.”

Deana softly answered, “I’m sorry, Ms. Sorello. I will let you go.”

“You already did, or don’t you remember?” She slammed down her phone and grabbed her dark brown hair and covered her hazel eyes in pain and frustration.

A soft thudding knock in the large glass windows of her office piqued her already red hot temper. Without even uncovering her eyes she yelled in an uncharacteristic tone “Mike, leave me the fuck alone!” She then looked up to see her boss, staring wide eyed, along with everyone else in the office.

Her boss understood that she had been through a lot lately. In fact, she had changed some years back, and he had never seen her the same since. He asked her to take a few days off. When she came back, he urged her to get back into the game.

Regina was in town, staying at Jenny’s house, while her husband, Phillip, was in Saudi Arabia on a business trip. Regina had seen this whole “Deana thing” from its beginnings. She had seen Jenny happier than she had ever been for a while. Then, she had watched her friend die inside. Regina just wanted Jenny to be happy again. Jenny meant so much to her that Jenny’s darkness was her own. She hid it for Jenny’s sake.

She was wearing an oversized Tee and her favorite, just-right-tight yoga shorts. She was lazily sitting on the large, over stuffed couch centered in Jenny’s living room when Jenny came quietly into the house. Regina did not look at her at first. She was closely regarding the scantily clad young men on a reality TV show she never missed. She greeted Jenny happily. No answer came back. Regina looked over the back of the couch to see the tear-reddened face of her long time friend.

“Babe, what happened?” Regina enquired and she leapt up and ran, open armed, to hug her friend.

“She called me.” Jenny answered.

“Okay…” Regina probed. “She has called quite a few times, hasn’t she?”

“She’s having a baby. I couldn’t even be happy for her.” Jenny said collapsing into Regina’s arms. “What’s happened to me?”

“Jenny, you just have to find a way to move on, Sweety.” Regina’s sweet face seemed almost ashen with concern.

“Yeah.” Jenny managed.

Jenny began weeping bitterly and laid her face on Regina’s shoulder.

“Hey, Let me get a hot bath ready for you, then we’ll get you in bed. I can order pepper steak, your favorite. Okay?” Regina pleaded.

Jenny nodded, weakly.

After the bath and the dinner, Jenny lay in bed staring at a black and white glamour shot of Deana.

Regina poked her head in sideways, leaning into the doorway. Her long red, curly locks spilling off of her shoulders, and across her face. She eyed Jenny with sympathy and love.

Jenny looked back at her pulchritudinous pal in wonder. “How could she be away from her husband for three months and still be so happy?”

Regina spoke up just as these thoughts began. “Hey Sexy! How’s the world lookin’ from your haunting hazels?” Regina walked over and plunked down on the bed next to Jenny.

“Great.” Jenny said flatly.

“Jenny, I know that you’re lonely. I know that you hurt. How can I help?” Regina asked.

“Find a girl with a nice smile, a sweet disposition…and a really nice ass for me.” Jenny attempted humor.

At this Regina sensed a glimmer of humorous hope. She turned and twerked in front of Jenny face. “What, are you sayin’ you haven’t seen my gorgeous glutes, girly?”

Jenny looked at the succulent and seductive form before her. This was her friend? This was Regina? These revealing shorts, that delicious little ass? She could just imagine grabbing that firm round ass. She had an impulse to spank her bouncing buns. She did so. With her hand still on Regina’s firm ass, after a couple of playful swats, Jenny eyed her friends body with carnivorous urgency.

Regina looked around grinning to see that her friend wasn’t so much smiling as she was nearly drooling. Regina stood awkwardly. She got nervous and made an excuse to leave Jenny’s room.

Jenny’s face burned with embarrassment. What had she been thinking? She spanked her married friend! She fondled the woman that had asked her to be the god-mother of her some day conceived children. She had creeped her closest friend out. Would she lose Regina, too?

Jenny leapt up, walked quickly into the room that she had set up for Regina. Regina stood still near the doorway, not moving, not speaking, facing the far wall but covering her eyes with her hands. Jenny blurted an apology.

“I am so sorry, Regina, I never…”

Regina turned and grabbed her friends neck. She pulled Jenny in and kissed her, fully, completely, passionately. At first, Jenny was far too shocked to comprehend what was happening. Then, she pulled herself back, away from the kisses of her long time friend, Regina.

“What was that for?” Jenny asked.

“If this will make you feel better, I want it. I want you.” Regina panted.

The two women stood looking at one another for a moment, then Regina grabbed Jenny tightly, again, and pulled her close. Their mouths mingled in a hot, passionate lock that made them both moan and sigh.

Jenny pulled back again. “What about Phil? You’re married!”

“I want to help you, Jenny. I need this, too. Don’t take it away from me.” Regina’s face was serious. Her tone was desperate.

Jenny leaned into her friends’ kiss. She sighed as she battled desire, sadness, and frustration. her heart beat fast. Her skin blushed. This was a very different kind of sexual connection.

Jenny pulled back again. “What if he finds out?”

Regina watched Jenny’s mouth, the object of her present focus, as she answered, “How is he going to find out, Jen? Are you going to tell him?”

“No. I just thought that you…”

“Please stop thinking and kiss me!” Regina demanded.

Jenny hesitated.

Regina huffed, “I’m getting laid. What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him. Can you just stop it?”

Regina launched into another kiss. She was ready for Jenny’s love. For so long she had known the shy, retiring, retreating, sweet-hearted girl from college. She saw the changes in Jenny after Deana. Now, Regina saw a wounded but strong, fearsome, sexual woman. It had driven many pleasant fantasies. Now, they would become realities.

The two women held each other close and traced one another with their hands. Jenny saw flashes of Deana as she massaged Regina’s tongue with her hungry mouth. She played with Regina’s long, curly red hair. Each drank in the taste of the other’s mouth. Each felt the intensity rising.

Regina was only five-three and weighed about 110 pounds. She had small breasts, a tiny waist, and a gorgeous, muscular ass. Her skin was fair and beautiful. Jenny had always noticed her form and fairness but had not thought about her sexually. Now, Regina was melting her resistance. Whatever else was true, they were as close physically, now, as they had ever been emotionally.

Jenny had been leaning down to kiss Regina’s perfectly soft lips. It gave her a strong sense of control. She was taller than Regina by about four inches. She weighed twenty pounds more than her fair haired friend and lover. When Jenny reached down and swept Regina up off of the floor, Regina yelped in surprise. Jenny pushed her against the wall, while maintaining a hungry kiss. Regina felt herself lifted and pinned to the wall. She wrapped her legs around Jenny’s waist and giggled into their kiss.

The room was suddenly much hotter than it had been. There was no good reason to remain in their burdensome clothing. Regina took off her oversized Tee-shirt. The black bra she wore beneath was not sexy. It was comfort only. To Jenny, though, it was as hot as any lingerie ever had been. She hoisted Regina a bit higher and used her lean body to hold her against the wall while she unfastened that bra. Jenny had seen those breasts before. She had not had the same reaction, then. Come to think of it, she had not seen them since before Deana…Deana.

Jenny was caught between thoughts of Deana and the sheer aw she felt for the perfectly symmetrical, high, firm breasts before her.

“You like the girls?” Regina asked, half playfully and half self-consciously.

In answer, Jenny hefted Regina up again and suckled her tits. She licked and sucked Regina’s light pink nipples while Regina looked on with amazement.

“Mmmmm!” Regina moaned as Jenny pinched a nipple between her tongue and her incisors.

Jenny carried her from the wall to the bed. She placed her gently on the mattress and stood for a moment. She looked into Regina’s powder blue eyes. “This is really happening.” Jenny said in an almost confused voice.

“Not if you keep standing there. I need you!” Regina faked a growl and laughed.

Jenny leaned over Regina and lay between her firm thighs. Regina took off the undershirt that Jenny had threw on after the bath. She slipped the pajama bottoms off of her new found lover and caressed the silky skin of her thighs. Jenny had not been wearing panties. The short chestnut brown hair that crowned her pussy was not perfectly manicured but to Regina it was as erotic and aesthetic as any had ever been.

Jenny settled atop her lover, so that she rested on her. Their breasts were almost perfectly aligned. She rose only to remove Regina’s shorts and panties. Unlike Jenny’s lightly unkempt muff tuft, Regina’s fire red mound mane was meticulously manicured. It formed a neat little triangle above the most feminine, pink little trim that Jenny had ever seen.

“So beautiful!” Jenny whispered in genuine appreciation.

“All yours, Baby.” Regina purred. She subconsciously spread her thighs beckoning Jenny to lie back down between them. She grinned and giggled again as Jenny smirked and mounted her.

Jenny and Regina were now totally naked and as happy as either could remember. Jenny kissed Regina deeply while she rhythmically rubbed the flat of her abs against Regina’s increasingly wet pussy.

“Oh, yes!” Regina whispered. She cooed as Jenny slid her hand down between Regina’s thighs and kissed and suckled at her neck. Jenny lightly stroked Regina’s soft, wet labia with her middle finger. She nuzzled Regina’s neck, holding her head aside with a gentle but firm grasp of her gorgeous, curly mane. This continued until Jenny’s desire to suck her lover’s tongue became too great to postpone. with the same gentle firmness, Jenny tightened her grip on Regina’s hair and turned her head so that they were facing each other. What Jenny saw was love and passion, she saw intensity and lust, burning like arctic blue fire.

“Ooooh, Baby!” Regina pleaded as Jenny’s fingers found their way into her throbbing slit.

“Shhh.” Jenny commanded softly. “Take it like a woman.”

Regina spasmed. Her core muscles rippled and shuddered as Jenny found her secret place. The giggles and laughter were gone now. Regina looked as if she had just been roused from a deep sleep and was trying to grasp her surroundings.

“Oh, Jenny. Oh, I…” Regina sputtered.

“I won’t tell you again. Shhh. I’m going to take you with my mouth, now. You are to keep your hands straight out to your sides. You may not touch me until I allow you to.”

In all of her life, Regina had never experienced this. She had read about it. She had dreamed of it. Secretly, she had begged Phillip for it in her mind…But it had never happened. It had not until now. Until her Jenny.

Tracing the lines of her trembling body, Jenny’s fingers traced, feather soft, over regina’s skin. Goose flesh rose in silent applause. Regina’s breathe caught with each near miss of erogenous stimulation. Jenny was coming so close to the soft pick release of Regina’s sexual frustrations…and then purposefully trying from direct contact.

“Please.” Regina whispered shakily.

“When I wish.” Spoke just above a whisper. She was matter of fact but still, somehow, sweet.

“Okay.” Regina huffed.

“Okay?” Jenny asked expectantly. There was a pregnant pause. Jenny did not smile. She was serious.

“Ma’am? Yes, Ma’am.” Regina said falling in love, further with every touch and every syllable.

Jenny’s fingers finally found Regina’s sweet candy box, again. Jenny stared into the eyes of her lover as she lowered her mouth to devour her sexual prey. When Jenny’s tongue found its mark, it brutalized the poor love button until Regina was sweating and stifling a titanic urge to scream in pleasure. The intensity rose to its peak as Regina’s pussy bedewed Jenny’s face with its nectar. Regina’s eyes rolled back and her face bore the intensity with a sweat covered eroticism that would live in Jenny’s mind from that day forward.

“I’m going to let you taste me, now.” Jenny spoke with calm and authority ringing in her voice.

She stood, gently adjusted Regina to the side of the bed, then, swinging one knee over Regina’s head, she straddled her face. Regina rose to kiss Jenny’s pussy but Jenny moved her hips back.

“No, my Sweet. Lie down. I will feed you my pussy when I am ready.” Jenny spoke slowly, gently.

“Yes, Ma’am.” Regina submitted.

Jenny looked down into the blue eyes of her sweet sub and began pleasuring herself, mere inches above her mouth. Jenny masturbated over her face until the first orgasm rocked her body. She lowered herself down onto Regina’s mouth. Regina received her soft, pink flesh with desperate and ravenous affection from her mouth. Regina had never tasted a woman before. She had not done more than kiss Jenny at college parties in order to get the attention of boys. This was so much more. Jenny’s essence was hers. She knew because Jenny was in control but had willingly given her this intimate gift. Regina savored Jenny’s succulence. She drank in her liquid pleasure and lapped at her sex fountain.

“Would you like to touch me?” Jenny asked.

“Please, Ma’am.” Cooed Regina.

“Oh, you are such a good girl. Go ahead.” Jenny indulged.

Regina was like a kid in a candy store she grabbed Jennys ass with one hand, while, with the other she massaged Jenny’s vulva. Her tongue flicked the reddened clit above her face.

When Regina had brought on another powerful orgasm, Jenny, again, mounted her friend. They kissed in the after glow.

“Was that really your first time? Jenny asked.

“Huh? Oh, yeah. Yes.” Regina said, flustered.


“And I loved it! It was so…” Regina attempted.


“It was so much more! It was more!” Regina spoke in wonderment.

“More what?”

“More than what I’m used to. This isn’t the same thing, Jenny.”

“No. It’s not. Being with a woman is different. It has to be. We are just different.”

“I didn’t just mean that part, Jenny. I mean that we need to talk.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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