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This is a funny story that actually a happened to my husband and I two years ago when we decided to get away for a week alone in South Carolina. At that time, I was still going to school and my husband was about to start a new job, so we made a reservation for an island resort. Frankly, it could have been at a Holiday Inn down the highway for all I cared! Just a week away from the madness at home was fine for me.

The place we chose was an all-inclusive resort that catered to couples, but when we got there we noticed we were older than most of the guests, who seemed to be in their 20s and early 30s. We are an inter-racial couple, he is black and I am Vietnamese. My husband Malcom (38) and I (24) keep ourselves in great shape, working out several times a week, but we were no match for some of those tight bodies and bare flesh bouncing on the beach and at the pool!

Oh well, when in Rome . . . We took it good stride, and Malcom didn’t mind oogling at all the young hotties, nor did I! And after a day or so, we were relaxed enough that we felt just like one of the kids. I didn’t even think twice about taking off my bikini top at the clothing-optional beach. And I felt a certain sense of pride when I noticed more than one of the younger guys taking notice in my full B-cup breasts.

On our third day, Malcom and I were relaxing on the beach when all of the sudden I heard a familiar voice say, “Wow, what are the chances running into you guys here?”

I peered above my sunglasses to see my old high school friend, Christina. Back when she was in high school, she was our go-to girl when things need to be done. She was outgoing, in the student government, soccer, basketball, volleyball, and almost every club at school. That was six years ago and Christina still had the same cute face – pretty blue eyes and shoulder-length hair – but she was all woman, with a curvy figure that was all the more highlighted in her black bikini. I didn’t have to look over at Malcom to know he was definitely taking notice in Christina’s assets!

“Julie, I want you to meet my fiance, Tom”

I was immediately taken back by the view of her fiance. The best way to describe Tom was as one of those models you see in magazine ads for fancy men’s cologne – young, buff, long hair, chiseled face, deep eyes. He was simply gorgeous. He was younger then Christina and I. Just turn 20 a few months ago.

“Hello, I am . . . . I am, I am Julie,” I stammered, reaching out my hand to shake. His large hands seemed to swallow my fingers and he said, “Nice to meet the both of you”

We invited Christina and Tom to sit down and relax with us and they accepted our offer. At first, it was just slightly awkward – Malcom’s gap in years seemed to limit our conversations to small talk, weather, etc. and also not really know what kind of person Christina have now become kept me from talking about anything personal. But after sharing a couple of great memories and laughs, it was like old friends getting together for drinks. Turns out Tom and Christina had just gotten engaged and wanted to sneak out of town for a “pre-honeymoon” trip.

“Please, don’t say anything to my folks! They would kill me if they knew we did this. They think we are visiting college friends in Florida,” Christina said.

“No worries,” I said. “We were just like you guys before we got married.” I laughed, but I could have sworn my last comment had earned me an up-and-down glance from Tom’s deep eyes. I must admit, I was looking pretty good: on this particular day I was wearing my best bikini, a flowered-print number that showed off my curves very nicely. Not bad for 24, government employee who sit in a cube all day, I thought.

This being the middle of July in the South, it didn’t take long for the beach to heat up. Christina suggested that we all take a swim, but I said I would like to get some sun on my back, since my front had been getting most of the sun for the past hour. So I laid out on my belly while Tom, Christina and Malcom ventured into the clear blue waters. I could hear them all laughing in the distance as I drifted off to a semi-sleep in this island paradise . . .

“Owwwwww!” That was the sound that woke me. I looked up and saw Christina hobbling back to our chairs on one leg, her arm around Tom She looked to be a bit of discomfort, but I wouldn’t call it serious pain.

“I stepped on a rock in the ocean and I twisted my ankle,” she said, settling into the chair.

OK, one thing you need to know about the resorts is they generally have few or no lifeguards around. So if you hurt yourself, you are pretty much on your own until you call for help. Oh, and you also need to know that Christina, for all her wonderful qualities, is a drama queen of the highest order. Every nick, cut and bruise she has ever received in her life has probably felt like a life-threatening injury to her.

“Can you put pressure on it?” I asked.

“Yes, but it feels sore.”

“Well, it’s definitely not broken, then. Probably just a twist or sprain. You should probably get some ice on it and keep sincan escort bayan it elevated,” I said.

Because they booked their room at the last second, Tom and Christina’s bungalow was on the other side of the resort, near the entrance. Malcom and I, however, were located right near the beach, so we offered our room if Christina wanted to ice her leg and get her ankle up on a chair or something. That way she could return to the beach if she was feeling better in an hour or so.

“I can help get you settled,” Malcom offered, perhaps a bit too quickly. I was just about to shoot him an accusing glance when Tom said, “That would be great since the airline lost some of our luggage and I was supposed to check back at the lobby by noon to see where our bags went.”

So the two men put their arms around Christina and helped her back to our bungalow. She was clearly enjoying the “damsel in distress” role and even kept saying, “Ow . . . oh. . . ow” as they walked off together. I just rolled my eyes and thought, I hope Tom is ready for a lifetime of that!

After about a half-hour or so, I was still on the beach, alone with my book. Tom was probably off arguing with some concierge or airline rep, Christina was resting her ankle . . . but where was my husband? I got up and took a stroll around the beach and pool, but didn’t see a trace of him. Then I thought, maybe he’s still with Christina, who is ordering him around to help her aching ankle.

So I went back to our bungalow. Because we are so close to the beach, we would keep our windows open during the day to let the salt air breeze fill the room. So as I walked up to our porch, I could hear a sound coming from inside. At first, it sounded like someone was hurt, which made sense since Christina would definitely be playing up her injury. But the voice was male! And the more I heard it, the more it sounded like pleasure, not pain.

If I live to be 100, I will never forget the sight as I peaked through the porch curtains. My husband being 6’3 was lying on his back, his bathing shorts down at his ankle . . . and Christina’s mouth wrapped around his cock! Her pretty head was bobbing up and down on the thick shaft, her hands cupping his balls, while my husband just let out his familiar moan. “Mmmmmmmmmm, that is fuckin great,” he said, running his left hand through Christina’s head. Christina’s bikini top was off and Malcom’s right hand was playing with her breasts, and you could tell she was loving that.

“Do you like this?” she said with mock innocence, looking into his eyes.

“Yes, oh fucking yes!” Malcom replied.

Now, there was a part of me that wanted to burst into that room and tell that whore to get off my husband’s cock. Besides, her ankle didn’t seem to be bothering her at all now! But there was another part of me that was getting incredibly turned on by the sight of another woman, especially one so young and so beautiful, making love to my husband’s cock. Malcom and I have always had an agreement that extracurricular sex was fine, as long as it was just sex. We have dabbled in some swapping/lifestyle activities over the years, so we know that having good, fun sex outside our marriage is OK, even healthy, for a relationship.

And how could I really blame Christina? Of my husband’s many assets, his thick, large cock is definitely in his Top 10! I would say it is at least 9 inches, and very wide. One look at that big rod and Christina probably couldn’t resist giving him a blowjob. She was doing a pretty good job, too, working her tongue all over the thickness, his balls, even his ass. What a dirty slut, I thought.

I knew my hubby couldn’t last much longer because I could hear his moans starting to get closer together. So Christina took the cue and started pumping his cock with her hand, while continuing to wrap her mouth around the head.

“Owwwwww, shit! Malcom yelled – probably loud enough to be heard on the beach – as the first gusher of cum blew from his cock. The rope hit Christina in the face, as she continued to pump with her hand. “Fuck!” he said, as more cum flowed from his cock and onto Christina’s face and mouth. She tried to take some into her mouth, but you could tell she hadn’t advanced to that stage of lovemaking yet.

I didn’t want to be caught peaking in, so I quietly tip-toed off the porch and back to my beach chair. Just then I saw Tom walking up from the hotel and I felt like I should distract him, so Malcom and Christina can recover from what I just saw. The idea of me covering for my husband who just received a blowjob from my old friend who I haven’t seen since graduation was funny, to say the least, but these are the things you do in a marriage!

So I engaged Tom in a bit of small talk. Turns out the luggage was found at the airport, but there was a hassle getting it back to the hotel. As he was talking, it appeared Tom was staring right at my tits! This has happened many times before in my life, but it just stunned me that someone was so open about it. Then again, it made me feel good that someone so young and eryaman escort attractive found me attractive.

“Hey,” Malcom said, walking over to the beach chair, “Christina seems to be doing much better. She should be out in no time.”

Yeah, right, I thought to myself. I know *you* are better, you old perv!

“Thanks for taking care of her, Malcom,” Tom said.

If only you knew, I thought.

A few minutes later Christina limped out and the party resumed, no one the wiser (except for me). I wasn’t mad a Christina, and if I really didn’t want her to suck my husband’s cock, I could have stopped her. But I am also a competitive person, so I considered Christina’s act to be a challenge to me. It didn’t take but a few seconds for me to figure out my next step.

I needed to suck Tom’s cock!

Christina, of all people, actually gave me all the opening I needed when she said Tom signed up for the nature walk tour that afternoon. “I hate those things, so he’s going to take the tour by himself,” she said.

“Well, I can come along . . . if you would like company,” I said, putting on my best innocent face for Tom.

“Sure. I wasn’t looking forward to hanging out with a bunch of strangers all day,” he said.

So after lunch, Tom and I left Malcom and Christina at the beach and walked over to where the nature walk tour was forming. I had changed into shorts and a very tight tank top, and Tom was wearing baggy black shorts and a white t-shirt that accented his muscular frame. (And whatever cologne he was wearing smelled damn good!) I even laughed on the way over, “Hey, it looks like I am the only one that isn’t a model.”

“As beautiful as you are, no one is going to complain” he said.

My heart fluttered a bit at that comment and I thanked him.

The tour itself was nice enough – we walked through a section of the large resort that was set up like a rain forest, with birds, trees, flowers of every color. It was quite beautiful, but you know the story – once you have seen one flamingo, you have seen them all! After a bit, I said to Tom that it would be nice to have a drink, or at least a rest. He agreed, and suggested we break off from the tour group to find our way back to a bar.

Well, we tried to find out way back, but we got disoriented and found ourselves only deeper in the woods. I have zero sense of direction and it turns out Tom isn’t much better. After walking a bit, I tried to make light of our predicament and said, “If I didn’t know any better, I’d think you are trying to get me alone.” I laughed.

Tom just looked at me and said, “Can you blame a guy for trying?”

“Well, as young as the women are at this resort, you would be pretty busy dragging them back here

before you scraped the bottom of the barrel with an girl like me!”

“No, Mrs. Malcom, I mean Julie! You are gorgeous. Really. In fact . . . ” his voice trailed.

“What?” I asked.

“No . . . nevermind,” he said, blushing now.

“No, tell me!” I felt like a schoolgirl in high school.

“Well, when we were on the nude beach earlier, I was really hoping you would take off your top. That’s all,” he said.

“Hmmmm, you like my breasts?” I asked.

“Yes, they are great,” Tom said.

“Well . . . ” And I just pulled off my tank top and bra, letting my tits hang out on the warm air.

“Wow,” Tom said. “They are even better than I had imagined.”

“Now, it’s your turn,” said.

“What do you mean?” he asked.

“Take off those shorts and let’s see if you are as nice as *I* had imagined!”

Without any protest, Tom dropped his shorts and I immediately noticed two things: men apparently don’t wear underwear these days and this man had one huge cock. It was only semi-erect and it appeared very large already, about as larger as Malcom’s thick cock.

“Oh my,” I uttered. “That is a big, healthy, young cock you have there!”

“Thank you.”

I pondered my next move, but all I could think of was asking a direct question: “Do you mind if I touch it?”

“Please!” he responded.

I reached out an grabbed the thickness and could actually feel it stiffening in my hand, so I continued to gently jerk it. The feeling of his cock skin gliding back and forth in my hand was incredible! At the same time, Tom reached out and back to message my breasts, starting with nipples and then working the whole thing. It felt wonderful and almost immediately our mouths met for a long, passionate kiss.

When our mouths parted, I looked down at his now hard, fully erect cock, which must have been 9 or 10 inches! It was an amazing sight. So I did what came naturally, and just dropped to my knees, taking Tom’s manhood into my mouth. It felt wonderful, licking his hard, young shaft and his balls. Tonguing that large thing took some time, and deep-throating it was a challenge, but after a few seconds I was in full porno slut mode.

He must have loved my technique because his moans started getting louder and louder, so I quickly stared with the head bob back and forth, cupping his balls in my hand. etimesgut bayan escort “Oh Julie. You are a great cocksucker. Christina could never do it like this,” he said. That last comment made me even wilder with passion, so the pace of my mouth over his cock got even faster and I brought my hand up to pump the shaft.

“Oh, I am gonna cum!” he said, just before clenching his hips and filling my mouth with the first blast of his seed. He tasted very good, so I rewarded him by swallowing his load. And then he came again and again. (Young men cum a lot more than old men!) And I tried to get as much as I could down my throat. What I couldn’t fit into my belly drooled off the side of my mouth and down on my tits.

“Oh Julie, that was amazing!” Tom said, pulling me up to his face. We kissed deeply again, and it was so hot having the taste of his sperm in our mouths. “I want to return the favor.”

I wasn’t planning on fucking Tom, just getting back at Christina and Malcom oral play, and having some fun of my own. So for a second, I thought Tom was trying shove that big cock into me. But he was still soft, so I knew this boy wanted to eat my pussy!

He asked me to lay on the ground and he tugged off my shorts. (I wasn’t wearing underwear, either!). What he saw was my shaved pussy, with a very small puddle of wetness forming at the entrance.

He got down on top of me and started kissing what felt like very inch of my body – my lips, ears, neck, shoulders, breasts, arms, legs, belly hips, etc. It was a wonderful tour of my senses, ending with his tongue settling on my sensitive clit, which he gently swirled and blew air on. Oh, it felt so good. Tom might have been a little rushed with his technique, but it was a great technique just the same! He worked my clit and then put his fingers in my pussy and ass. My hips buckled and I screamed with passion and waves of orgasms rushed through my body. Finally, I exploded and could actually feel the juices pouring out of my body. What a mind-blowing orgasm!

Tom looked up at me and smiled because he knew he got the job done. He kisses started working their way back up my body, with my belly and breasts getting careful attention from his warm lips. He then kissed me on the lips, at first softly, and then with our mouths open and tongues dancing. He was so gentle and subtle, I didn’t even notice his now-hard cock was just inches away from my soaking-wet pussy.

I was brought back to reality as he spread my thighs with his knees. I protested, “No, we shouldn’t . . . ” He just smiled and continued to move forward. “No Tom, we really can’t . . . ” His cock was now leaning at the entrance of my sopping wet pussy. “No, this is wr . . . ” And with one hard thrust, his thick, hard cock pierced into my body, giving my an almost-instant orgasm.

I was fucked. Literally.

As I felt Tom’s cock fill my pussy, I instinctively kissed his mouth long and hard, shoving my tongue practically into his throat. I also threw my legs into the air and wrapped them around his firm waist as he started to slide his huge cock back and forth into me. It felt great, almost heavenly, having this young stud fucking me. I wrapped my hands around his neck, coaxing him to fuck me deeper and harder with his thick cock.

But young men never last very long – this I remembered from own youthful days – so I knew Tom wouldn’t be able to take too much. Still he surprised me with his skill, even fingering my sensitive ass and clit as he kept shoving that monster into me. It felt great, incredibly filling, and I a series of orgasms rippled through me. Then I felt Tom’s orgasm building, so I said, “Please, babe, cum in me.” And that was all the dirty talk it took for him to drop another load, this one deep and warm inside my pussy.

We cuddled and kissed for a bit, and then decided we should get back to the beach soon, in case anyone starts wondering what happened to us.

“Thanks, Julie,” Tom said, unaware of my original plans or the fact that his fiancee was sucking my husband’s cock earlier in the day.

“Thank you, babe,” I said. “And let’s keep this our little secret . . . at least, for now.”

By the time we cleaned up and got back to the beach, Malcom and Christina were engaged in a conversation about dinner. It was decided that the four of us would go out that evening to one of the resort’s nicer restaurants – a quaint, steak-and-seafood place on the edge of the property, near the beach.

As I showered to get ready for dinner, I couldn’t help feeling both slutty and liberated at the same time. Yes, I fucked a younger man who was engaged to my old classmate, but it also was some of the best sex ever! And his fiancé blew my husband, so turnabout is fair play, in my book. Just recalling the experience was making me horny again, so I started to gently rub my own clit in the shower as the warm water flowed over my skin.

I decided to wear a Polynesian-style sundress I picked up before the trip. The dress had an open back, so I decided to go without a bra and – feeling a little raunchy – I decided to skip underwear as well. Nothing like letting the breeze flow by your pussy, I thought, giggling to myself. Malcom was looking pretty hot, too, in his polo shirt and tight khakis, and he was wearing a nice new cologne that filled the room.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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