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The sex school, or Amoratorium, as it came to be known, had undergone extensive renovation from the austere gladiatorial school it had been. After Lucius had made his deal with Zhoa he acquired the old school and began renovations. The practice arena had been demolished and a small theater built in its place. The proving ground had been turned into a garden with fountains and topiary. The individual cells were improved and painted with frescos of sex scenes. The baths were re-tiled with marble and the staff’s quarters were spruced up with frescos, mosaics and furnished with down feather mattresses and mahogany wardrobes. There were also several luxury quarters intended for special guests and the training of elite slaves with mosaic tiled floors and exquisite frescos. To the slaves they served as an incentive to hone ones skills. At full capacity the facility could house 30 slaves and with a staff of five trainers he should be able to produce three or four fully trained sex slaves a week. The problem now was procuring new slaves.

One of Zhi Zhao’s associates that had been killed the night of her abduction was her slave buyer. She had knack for seeing a person’s suppressed sexual cravings. Once the yearning for sexual proclivity was identified and their inhibitions broken they could submit to their raw carnal desire. Unfortunately for Lucius he had no such talent and neither did any of this new staff. Another big problem was nobody was able to read Zhi Zhao’s scrolls. All of her secrets in sexual techniques, styles and exercises were locked in some obscure script that look little more than a handful of pine needles had been thrown on the page. There were numerous illustrations but the without the accompanying text little could be derived from them. Since the night of the Emperor Nero’s death Lucius had been on the lookout for anyone, slave or free that could read these texts, no matter the price.

Over the next several years he struggled to keep his sex school opened. What he had originally estimated at four new slaves a week was barely one or two a month, and even then they were nowhere near the caliber that Zhi Zhao had been able to produce. Losing her had been a huge blow to his business plans and he felt an ache in his soul every time he thought of her. The slaves submitted to their role well enough but most of them were nothing special, just another prostitute. That was fine for the street walkers or the cheap brothels but Lucius had much higher standards and much higher prices. His sex slaves needed enthusiasm and a sense of eagerness.

Zhi Zhao’s sex slaves were beyond enthusiastic, it was a need that had to be fulfilled for their own sanity. Most of the slaves Lucius acquired for the school ended their training early when it became obvious they didn’t have the appetite for sex necessary for proper training. They would still work as general prostitutes, but it was difficult to ask the kind of prices he did with girls that were nothing more than a piece of sweet meat. Those that did submit positively to their new roll were kept in the program but they took twice as long to train. Even after that they still didn’t have the sense of lust and wanton desire that Lucius hoped for. Some committed suicide in order to avoid their possible fate of a sex slave but that happened with all types of slaves. His luxury slave quarters had gone completely unused and ended up as storage rooms.

Still, there were some successes. Occasionally they found those who had the sexual propensity required and accepted their training whole heartedly to produce a sex slave that met all their requirements. Fucking one of these girls felt like fucking Venus herself. Gradually, between Lucius and Zarathiri they began to notice some of the nuances that could lead to a successful sex slave. They were right about ten percent of the time. For the rest, it was it was toss of the dice.


Aurelia had grown to become a beautiful woman. She was shapely with well-formed breasts, and long wavy blonde hair that always stood out in a crowd. She was average height and as beautiful as any woman could hope to be. Marius had become a handsome and intelligent young man. He received an exceptional Roman education in mathematics, engineering, philosophy, Greek and Egyptian. He studied the writings of Plato Aristotle, Cicero and Caesar Augustus, as well as theories from Pythagoras and Archimedes.

Their nanny had recognized the intelligence possessed by both children and was able to get Aurelia included in Marius’ tutoring even though girls were not typically given that kind of education. It was intended that Marius would take over the business from his father, he being the only male heir, but there was no reason Aurelia had to be relegated to a simple vessel for bearing children when she could offer her future family so much more. Both of them seemed to have a knack for language as they also picked up Aramaic for their nanny as well as a bit of Persian from the slaves.

Growing up in a house filled with sex slaves had an obvious Sakarya Escort impact on the kids. Aurelia had become good friends with her father’s favorite sex slave, Shiva, who he had brought back with him from Nero’s palace. He had kept her in the villa as his own personal sex slave rather than sending her to a brothel.

Marius became involved in the business and was taught the financial and political side of running brothels, the balance of making the customers feel important while allowing the girls to interact with as many customers as possible. He was taught about acquisition of slaves and retention as well as down time from pregnancy, which invariably happens. He was introduced to the training process and instructed at the importance of maintaining their high standards. When he was deemed old enough he was ordered by his father to pick any slave and take his next step into manhood. It was high time he stop fucking his fist and fuck a real woman.

His first thought was to lie with Shiva. As he and his sister had grown up, she had been a regular feature of the villa and they had become quite close to her. She would tell incredible stories; tales of jealous gods and their affairs with humans, life outside of Roman territory and her own exploits while in the gardens of Nero’s Domus Aurea. But, the more he thought about losing his virginity to Shiva the weirder it seemed. Having sex with a slave that also fucked his father on a regular basis just seemed disturbing.

He decided the brothel would give him the best experience. After all, that is where most Roman boys experienced their first pussy. He contemplated taking the newly acquired virgin but knew his father would be quite upset at losing the going price of 35,000 denarii for popping her cherry. Rather, he picked out a pretty girl named Krissa with long blonde hair and pair tits that made all the men drool over her. She led him by the hand to her cell where she deftly removed his tunic, running her hands down his back and ass as the garment dropped to the floor. She reached around him, taking his hardening cock into her hand and encouraged him to full arousal while eliciting a groan from him.

She moved around in front of him, her soft hand trailing over his naked body, her smoldering eyes locked on his. She could see the inexperience in his wide gaze and reassured him with her smile. With a wink she dropped to her knees, delicately tracing her finger tips over his smooth chest and stomach, past his cock and down his legs, then back up where she cupped his ass and took his cock into her mouth. He could feel the wet warmth of her mouth envelope him in a heavenly embrace. She slowly bobbed on his cock for a few moments, the taste of his pre-cum filling her mouth. She had to take it easy. He was a first timer and could cum at any moment. She release his cock from mouth and directed him to lie down on the bed where she climbed on top and guided him into divine depths. Marius felt as if he were in another world where all that existed was the sweet sensation of Krissa. He tried to resist the building surge deep within him but it was unstoppable. He groaned, a long guttural sound, as his cock erupted. His hips bucked uncontrollably as he meet her thrusts, his mind filled with nothing but white light.

Krissa cleaned him up and helped him dress. Her continued caresses and delicate touched sent shivers through him. As the son of the owner, Marius was under no obligation to pay, but felt compelled to leave her a gold coin all the same.

Quite the opposite from her brother, Aurelia’s virginity was highly guarded by her father and all the slaves in the house but Shiva did educate her other aspects of her art, such what she could do with her hands and mouth.

Aurelia loved being with her. While she was considered a Parthian she was technically Kush. Her family fled to Parthia when the Satraps invaded her homeland. When her father died with too much debt she and her siblings where sold off to pay it. She told stories of the love goddess Ishtar and her exploits with the other gods. She also expounded on the nuances of love and lust, told of her experiences during her training as a sex slave and the things she learned there. She explained how a man’s mind was connected to tip of his dick and that the right touch can yield any amount of information.

“Men like to feel superior intellectually,” she said. “Let them. Only you will know them for the fools they really are, and the price it will cost them.”

Since Aurelia’s virginity was to be protected, Shiva taught her a way around that, showing her how to appreciate her body and the bliss contained in her pussy and clit. They often masturbated together which led to lessons in licking each. From her first orgasm Aurelia was hooked. She loved having her pussy licked and insisted her own personal slave, Talia, be taught the intricacies of oral love. She ordered Talia to go down on her almost every night and every morning. Though Tulia wasn’t nearly as good as Shiva it was Sakarya Escort Bayan still nice.

She also learned the importance of hygiene. After all, nobody likes to eat pungent pussy. Aurelia began to have body hair plucked on a regular basis. Shiva’s pussy was so smooth and delicious that Aurelia wanted hers exactly the same.

Shiva also taught her great deal about cock, regaling her with tales of past exploits, the things she did as a sex slave and the power you can have over a man when their cock is in your mouth. She described, in explicit detail, the feel of soft cock growing hard, the taste of cum and the sensations that accompany it. She went so far as to demonstrate a few techniques on one of the household slaves a young Greek named Thimas. Aurelia was enthralled by spectacle and had to restrain herself from touching the slaves cock, after all, she was his master and jerking off a slave simply wasn’t done. The way he reacted from Shiva’s touch was captivating. He often showed up and the most opportune times, hoping to participate in another demonstration. More often than not, at Aurelia’s eager encouragement, Shiva would demonstrate.

Unfortunately for all of them, their sordid lessons came to an abrupt end. During a lesson on ass fucking while Shiva had the Greek’s cock stuffing her ass Lucius burst into the room having become privy to their indiscretions by another jealous slave who had betrayed them. Upon seeing his daughter masturbating to this scene and his own Shiva being used by a house slave, his wrath was unbridled. He forcefully ejecting to two women from the room while throwing Thimas to the ground, beating him until he was unconscious at which point he was hauled away, taken from the villa and later sold off at the slave market.

Aurelia was baffled at her father’s brutality. They were only slaves, but his anger and cruelty seemed excessive. If it had been Marius fucking Shiva nothing would have happened. She was tired of her brother being able to fuck whoever he wanted and if she so much looked at someone’s dick her father threatened her with confinement.

Her relationship to Shiva was never the same after that. There were no more lessons and no more stories. When Shiva disappeared from the house she tried to asked her father about it but he simply replied that she been sent away. Lucius dropped into a depression that set the whole house on edge. Aurelia had enough of this.

“What the fuck is wrong with you!” She screamed at her father as she walked into his room. “I’m a woman now and you treat me as if I’m still ten years old! And what happened to Shiva!”

Lucius looked at his daughter wearily. He had been expecting this fire storm but still wasn’t prepared for it.

“Aureila…” he started to say, struggling to find the right words to explain his position but there wasn’t one.

Her eyes glinted with anger.

“We’re plebeians,” he continued. “Rich, but still just plebeians. You have a chance to marry into one of the elite families if you stay pure. I was scared after seeing you with Shiva the Thimas and I may have over-reacted.”

“Marriage? Is that all this is about? Is that all I’m good for to you?” She raged.

“You listen to me!” he retorted as he stood and stared her down, anger edging into his voice. “It is your duty to this family and as a Roman woman to fulfil your role in this world. And that duty is to marry. I don’t give a fuck what you do after that. You’re a brilliant girl and will be able to maneuver your husband to your whims. Whether you want to be faithful or make him a cuckold is up to you.”

“Where is Shiva?” she demanded to know.

He slumped back in his chair, as if defeated, his depression returning.

“She’s gone,” he paused for a few moments then continued. “I’m not naïve. Growing up in an environment like this is going to teach a person a few things. I knew what you two did together but seeing her getting ass fucked by a Greek slave made me realize what she really meant to me and what she had to endure living in this house.”

He paused again thinking over his words.

“I set her free,” he finally revealed. “I freed her and gave her money to return to her homeland to see what happened to her family. I told her I wanted her to come back and she assured me she would but by Jupiter I miss her.”

She noticed his eyes start to moisten and she dropped all of her righteous indignation as she realized he was just a man jealous for a woman he loved. She flung her arms around him. He returned the embrace and they sat there for some time.

Feeling better now he took a deep breath.

“It seems I’ll be losing you too. I believe I’ve found a husband for you.”

A girl’s role was clear in Roman society, marry as high as you can in the social hierarchy, bear children and run the household. It had been his goal to marry her to a patrician family. This would serve several purposes the least of which would elevate both her and his status. It would put him in a closer relationship Escort Sakarya to the consuls and praetors through which he could directly request changes in legislation, primarily rescinding the tax on prostitutes that had been levied by Emperor Caligula. Lucius just needed to find a Patrician family that was down on their luck financially and willing to bargain with a rich plebian.

The Vitellii where such a family, coming from the original old Roman stock, with privilege and prestige, but no wealth. They had a country villa near Herculaneum that had produced some of the finest olive oil in the region. It was mostly run by slaves but the family would often take time off from Rome to relax there. A recent infestation had taken out a good part of their orchard which left them in serious need of a financial break. Lucius, and the sizable dowry he offered, was that break. Lucius loaded his daughter up along with an entourage of slaves to prepare her for presentation to the elder of the Vitellii family, one Celsus Vitellia, a patrician senator who had once been a tribune, praetor and pro-consul.

His son was in the process of building a military career and was currently a centurion in charge of his own century. It was his goal to make his way up praefect or tribune, giving him enough status and loyalty from the military to then join the Senate and seek an elected position. He still had many years of military service before he got to that point so she would only see him on the rare occasion he was on leave and able to visit Rome or between campaigns. That suited Aurelia just fine. She knew these conceited, pretentious patrician types. The old Roman families that could trace their lineage to the republican days of the empire. They were all the same, concerned more about what their family did 200 years ago rather than the accomplishments of today, which were usually lacking. When she learned of the marriage negations and who her betrothed would be, she was certain there would be many salacious affairs in her future.

Through his network of brothels and prostitutes Lucius and a constant flow of information. When he found out about the Vitallii’s troubles they become the sole target of his enticements. He had put out feelers to several other patrician families but had been rebuked by all them. The dowry he offered of a large farm on west slope of Vesuvius, which was very near their olive orchard, had lured them into the negotiations. The farm included a vineyard, some olive trees and large field of wheat, along with the twenty slaves the worked the farm. He also threw in a deposit of 50,000 denarii to expand and buy the remaining parcels between his fields and theirs, making it a truly massive farm.

Celsus Vitelia was in Herculaneum taking a rest for the rigors of the senate and making sure the replanting of his olive trees was proceeding well. The trip to his villa was half a day’s ride by wagon. They could have easily made it a few hours by horseback but protocol was important in these matters and Aurelia needed to stay fresh and pretty during the journey. She was dressed in a thin silk tunic with gold trim that came to mid-thigh. The sides were open and was only fastened by blue silk sash. She wore a gold necklace with sapphires and her eye lids were painted with gold dust. She looked exquisite.

They arrived at the villa just before noon, where they were shown back to study and presented to Celsus Vitellia. As they approached the man’s his gaze fell upon Aurelia. She could see the look of desire in his face as she stood before him. To add to her allure she folded her arms in front of her causing her plump breasts to lift and protrude, which allowed the shadow of her nipples to be visible through the sheer fabric.

The son to whom she was to be betrothed, Laelius Vitellia was on frontier of the Rhine River, guarding the border from barbarian incursions. Celsus, being an old family senator made a request of the legions legate to allow a month’s worth of leave for Laelius to return home for his wedding. While leave was not normally allowed it was granted under special circumstances and a request from the senator who made the legates position possible was one of those circumstances.

Celsus was shrewd negotiator when it came to her dowry. He would not have his son, a future senator, living in an insula, he needed a villa in the city, where he could entertain and see clients, which were considerably more expensive. Lucius eventually raised the dowry to include 200,000 denarii, enough for a nice villa and slaves, but Celsus was still pushing for more. Aurelia took the opportunity to distract the patriarch.

She glided gracefully to side of the room where a small nude statue of Mars stood in a raised alcove. She turned and bent over to examine the statue while pulling on the front of her garment in such a way that her tunic rode up just enough to give the man a slight view of her ass with the tiniest glimpse of her pussy. She listened as his voice falter momentarily then she straightened and turned back around, feigning ignorance to the display she had just given. The movement was brief but had the desired outcome. The look of desire on his face had given to pure lust. Her father was unaware of the action or its effect and continued on trying to sell his proposal.

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