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The best sexual experience I’ve ever had was a one-night stand in December. I was a tender 18 years old going to my best friend’s parents Christmas party. It was held at a beautiful hotel and I remember walking in, I’m 5’5 and 175 pounds. I’m not fat but very curvaceous and with gracious 38DDD and thighs that would drive any man crazy. I wore a tight red velvet halter dress that glowed off of my caramel skin, and had ample cleavage room and just enough fabric to cover my sexy round ass. I walked in the door and into the lobby where I was instantly a hit with all the black men there. I seen them whisper and gawk, at this I walked and made sure that my ass swayed with every step of the 4 inch stilettos. I instantly knew that I was going to be getting some that night.

Quickly catching up with my friend and her family we had a great time dancing and conversating. I couldn’t help but notice the man standing in the doorway to the ballroom; he was tall and dark. He kept looking at me, in an ‘I want to fuck you’ kind of way. I recognized the look and quickly reciprocated it. While I was dancing on the floor I made sure we had our eyes locked and that my body was moving to every beat in a seductive manner. He needed to have me and I had no problem giving up the pussy to him. After spending plenty of time with my friend, I decided that I was going up to her sister’s room to get some alcohol.

It wasn’t long before I got out of the ballroom, when somebody came and whispered in my ear in a seductive low voice.

“I’m in 232”

The sexy voice and simple message instantly sent chills through my clit. I was going to fuck this man’s brains out. I looked back at him and asked him to talk to me privately; he sinop escort began to escort me outside. As we were walking out of the building, I could hear all of his co-workers urging him on. I smiled and kept walking making note of the small remarks and comments such as ‘I don’t blame you for hitting that’ and ‘You’re a lucky man’ In fact these comments made me feel even better about the situation that I was in. I was the woman of the moment, young and sexy. We walked outside went to the other side of his truck where he proceeded to tell me that ‘he wanted to taste my cunt’. I had never had any man call my pussy a cunt and that was all that I needed to hear. He told me he was 29 years old and his name, Jayson. We understood that we would see each other later that night and we parted ways. I was going back to see my friend when I was pulled into a corner.

Another man began groping me and running his hands up my dress. Trying to push him off of me, he makes a drunken attempt to coy me. Grabbing my chest and pushing his obviously small dick on my ass, I was completely turned off. Luckily, I got to get away when his wife was calling him from the room upstairs. I fixed my dress and quickly got away.

The party began to dwindle down and I was talking to the boss of the company when I noticed Jayson and the molester talking to each other. They were arguing over which one of them would get to fuck me. I laughed because I knew which one I would be sleeping with that night. But the drunken molester put up a great fight, but Jayson knew that he would be fucking me and just laughed and went to the bar.

As soon as the clock hit 12 am, I went into my friend’s hotel room and immediately started drinking. sivas escort Shots of cognac and whisky were flying down my throat; I didn’t want to get drunk, just a little hornier than I happened to be. Alcohol has a direct line to my clit. I told my friends that I would be back in a few minutes and not to wait up for me. In saying that, I fixed my hair, teased my breasts, and put the stride back in my walk. I had to climb a flight of stairs and before I knew it, I was standing outside of room 232.

I knocked on the door and I was suddenly nervous about this one-night stand. Just when I was about to walk away he opened the door and invited me in. I came in and sat down on the bed. He told me to get comfortable and in saying this, he began to undress me. Thank god my dress was too tight and he couldn’t get it off, because I wasn’t ready to have sex just yet. Lying down on the bed, I told him that I was tired and he began to rub my body down. It felt so good as he caressed my thighs, ass, and breasts. I was moaning in delight. I sat up and looked at him; we began to kiss, passionately kissing exploring his mouth with my tongue. Here I was a newly 18-year-old female having a one-night stand with a man 10 years older than me, I felt turned on. I helped him get undressed and he undressed me. He laid me on the bed and opened my legs. He was going to eat me out, I never had a man do this to me, and I was terrified and excited at the same exact time. He turned out the lights, to make me more comfortable and began to go to work.

I felt complete ecstasy; I was lying on the bed letting him run his tongue around my swollen clit. Spreading my legs wider, he sucked on my clit until I came. The feeling of tekirdağ escort a tongue on my pussy was a new experience that I have never forgotten. I was feeling waves of orgasms, one right after the other. I was grabbing his head and pushing him into me. His tongue would lick up my slit around my clit where he would suck it, and then back down and into my swollen slit. This man ate me out like it was his last meal on earth and I appreciated every moment of it. After I came 7 or 8 times, he finally finished, at this point my body was exhausted, but he wasn’t.

He rolled me around the bed and whipped out his massive black cock. My pussy retained its excitement once again after seeing what Jayson had to offer. He was 8 ½ inches long with a diameter of over an inch. I was aching to feel it inside of me. I lifted my ass up and told him my favorite position was doggy style, suddenly I felt a cock sliding into my tight slit. Moaning as he entered my pussy, he began to pound my pussy. I felt the pleasurable pain of a dick tapping my cervix. I was cumming uncontrollably, this man was in complete control of my body, and he fucked me with no mercy. He began slapping my ass and pulling my hair and just when I thought that I couldn’t cum anymore, I experienced the best orgasm of my life. I felt my pussy shake and then a stream of my juices began flowing down his dick. My body was shaking uncontrollably, Jayson was enjoying my pussy and I could tell because he came soon there after. He pulled his dick out of my swollen and abused cunt and placed his dick on my face. As he came I licked all the cum I had gotten out of him and sucked on it a little. We both collapsed on the bed and fell asleep.

Jayson was a tiger because we fucked 3 more times that night, with each better than the last. I woke up early in the morning and left him a note thanking him for being the first to eat me out and for fucking me so well. I took one last look back at him and never saw him again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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