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I feel his gaze on me the moment that I walk into the hotel bar. I had checked into the hotel 40 minutes earlier, been up to my room, showered and changed. On a rare whim I decided that I wouldn’t stay within the confines of my temporary sleeping abode with a sly takeaway but would brave the bar on my own and peruse the food menu. Standing at the bar I become aware that my hair which is still slightly wet from the shower is dripping down my back on to the camisole top I am wearing with my mid length denim skirt. I’m instantly grateful that I chose a black top instead of the cream one I pondered over.

I glance up and observe the bartender pouring wine into a glass, I guess that he’s in his mid twenties, he has a half sleeve tattoo and the ubiquitous full beard. His eyes are lively and full of mischief as he asks me ‘How many nights are you staying in London?’ I reply that it’s just an overnight stay. I had arrived in London that morning for a 2 day conference. We chit chat until he hands over my very large glass and I look around for a table. The guy with the glasses is still in the corner. He looks over at me, his eyes lingering and I smile hoping that my smile conveys nothing more than friendliness. I come to a spare table and sit down taking a sip of my drink and reach out for a food menu laying on the table.

The voice comes from my left, deep and smooth, with a hint of an accent that I can’t immediately place.

I turn around in my chair and look up locking eyes with the guy who I had just smiled at in the corner. He’s taller than I envisaged, much taller than my 5’4″. His shoulders beneath his t-shirt are wonderfully broad and straight. He smiles and it’s startlingly bright, open and disarming. His hazel eyes twinkle as they take me in without barely moving an inch. He isn’t classically handsome but there is something about him that catches me off guard and I feel butterflies in the pit of my stomach.

He asks if he can join me, his eyes searching my face and lingering on my lips. I want to say yes but I hesitate trying to find an excuse not to be in his company. I don’t get a chance to reply as he moves to the seat next to me and leans in close. ‘You’re fucking beautiful’ he says in a low voice. My breath catches in my throat as he smiles at me and I feel my nipples tingle and grow tight beneath the fabric of my top. For a long moment we look at each other and I feel his scent and the warmth of his skin beckoning me closer. He suddenly reaches his hand out and brushes my bare arm.

‘I’m Max’ he says. ‘Gabby’ I reply before thinking that I should have used a fake name.

‘So what are we eating Gabby?’ He leans in even closer, his jean clad muscular thigh touching me and I feel heat rising within me as he reaches across me to pick up the menu. He looks at it for a moment and then suddenly puts it down. ‘You know that a lot of these meals are available as a room service option right?’ I immediately know what he’s suggesting and my cheeks grow warm.

‘So, what are you thinking of ordering?’ he says whilst looking at me intently his thigh now firmly pressed against mine. I am unable to speak for a moment as I gaze at him noticing that he has a small scar above his left eyebrow. I want to reach out and trace it with my finger and I know right then that I’m in trouble.

‘Steak.’ I finally say not sure if I’m secretly hoping that it’s a room service option. ‘Mmmm, well great, I had a delicious steak meal delivered to my room last night.’ he responds before extending his hand. I want to grab his hand and go with the flow but hold back not wanting to appear too eager. I had already betrayed myself by not saying no outright but I decided to play for time hoping that the compulsion to go with this stranger would fade as I gathered my thoughts. I gesture towards the glass of wine in front of me barely touched.

‘Of course, I’ll wait, I’m enjoying the view.’ he says with a smile. He was so close now that I could barely breathe but it didn’t feel uncomfortable, I craved his nearness and know that I will be disappointed if he moves. I lift my glass by the stem and take a sip of the light honey coloured liquid. I try to gather my thoughts, rationalising internally that I should ask him questions, engage him in conversation for a few more minutes so that he wouldn’t be a complete stranger and I could therefore justify what I know I am about to do. I take another sip of wine, put the unfinished glass on the table and stand up boldly holding out my hand. He gets up in one swift graceful movement and takes my hand firmly within his larger one without hesitating.

He caresses the back of my hand with his thumb while we wait for the lift as his foot taps impatiently. The lift is empty as we step in together and I catch a glimpse of myself next to this stranger in the lift mirror before quickly looking away. My breath hitches as he moves behind me and slides his arms around my waist and I feel his arousal against the small of my back instantly. ‘You want to fuck me.’ he whispers the words against my cheek. I Sakarya Escort shudder as I feel his warm breath. ‘You want me to lick your clit until you come over and over again.’ I step forward hoping that with a bit of distance I’ll be able to breathe properly.

‘I don’t…’ I can’t speak as his hand moves towards the end of my skirt, grazing my leg and creeping up towards my thigh. Wetness is pooling in my knickers and I want to part my legs for him and beg him to touch me, beg him to fuck me right here against the mirrored wall of the lift. His hand moves further up my thigh, gently stroking as it travels to the lace frill at the edge of my knickers, he slips a finger inside and strokes my smooth bare mound.

‘You know that before the night is over you’ll be on your knees sliding my hard cock into your pretty little mouth.’ Looking up at him I whisper softly, ‘Yes, I want that.’ I knew it as soon as he came to my table and sat down next to me. I hastily straighten my skirt as the lift doors open. I feel his hand on the small of back and I am exhilarated. He’s focused and determined and he wants me and I feel empowered with the knowledge of what we’re about to do.

I let him lead me by the hand down the corridor to a door at the end. He swipes the key card quickly as he leads the way into the darkened room. ‘Gabby.’ he whispers my name softly as the door clicks closed behind me. I love the way my name sounds on his lips, his accent seems to be stronger than it was in the bar earlier. He turns sharply pressing me against the door and I can feel how hard he is, how he wants me just as much as I want him. I need to touch him and I glide my hands over his chest and down the front of his jeans brushing his hardness. His hand goes towards his face as he removes his glasses and throws them in the direction of the bed where they land softly. He lowers his face to mine and plunders my mouth, his tongue encircling mine as I moan ecstatically.

His fingers push the fabric of my knickers to one side as he pulls his index finger slowly along my opening stopping as he traces a circle along my clit. I grip his t-shirt as he pushes a finger slowly into me. I moan out loud at the pleasure of the sensation ‘Your body wants me so much’ he whispers and I feel myself getting even wetter at his words, His voice is sensual and dripping with desire. I can feel his erection pressed against me and I just wish that he would fuck me right now against the door.

Suddenly he pulls away from me and I feel a sense of loss. I look up to see him near the window, the curtains fully open. He beckons to me and I am aware that my skirt is bunched around my hips. I pull it down and he raises an eyebrow as I walk towards him. He switches on a lamp in the corner and then reaches out touching my face, tilting my chin so that I am forced to look at him as he traces his finger along my mouth. You’re beautiful, your dark skin is beautiful, and your mouth…’ He pauses and bends his head capturing my mouth in his and then slowly drags his tongue across my lips tasting me.

‘I want to undress you, I wish to see every part of you, I want you to spread your legs for me and stroke my hard cock until I cum over your soft cunt lips and swollen clit.’ I gasp as he says this, thrilled that he wants to see me so openly and erotically displayed but nervous at the prospect of him undressing me and seeing my every flaw exposed, my soft rounded stomach and large thighs.

But I want to do this for him, I want to please this stranger. I want to be his slut and feel his swollen hard cock in my hand, I want to watch his cum spray all over my pussy and feel it drenching my already wet folds. I nod my agreement and tell him that I want him to undress first. He sits at the end of the bed, his eyes raking over me as he pulls his t-shirt over his head and then takes off his jeans tossing them carelessly on the floor, followed by his underwear. He stands naked in front of me with his cock proudly jutting forward, full, hard and thick.

He pulls on the straps of my button down black camisole top letting them fall down on to my smooth shoulders before undoing the buttons, his fingers touching my skin sending jolts of electricity through me. He slides the top off and moves behind me, his cock rock hard against my back as he unclasps my lace bra and slides it off my full breasts. I see as well as feel them spring forward. My nipples in the centre of my dark chocolate areoles are so hard and erect and feel as if they’ve grown in size. I hear him suck in his breath as he cups my breasts and then moves round in front of me dipping his head and covering my right nipple with his mouth sucking greedily before moving to the left one and paying it the same attention.

I am dripping wet and moaning as he slides my skirt down past my thick thighs. i step out of my skirt pooled at my feet and am stood clad in only my knickers and black strappy heels. I move to take off my shoes but he instructs me to leave them on. He moves close again, his cock colliding with Sakarya Escort Bayan the upper part of my stomach above my belly button as he cups my mound and whispers ‘Fuck you’re so wet for me.’ tugging on the waistband of my knickers as if testing them. I hear a ripping sound and look down in awe and disbelief as he tears my soaked knickers from me and apart from my heels I am now completely naked before him.

I am dizzy with desire as I walk the short distance to the armchair, he is watching my every move stroking his hard cock. I sit down looking up at him my dark brown eyes meeting his hazel ones as I slowly raise and drape my right leg followed by my left one over each arm rest spreading my legs wide for his viewing pleasure. I am more confident now, thrilled by his ripping of my knickers, thrilled that he so obviously wants me and is so hard for me.

He stands in between my widely spread thighs and I smile up at him delirious with lust. His hazel eyes darken as I reach out to grasp his cock in the palm of my hand curling my fingers around it. I marvel at the contrast of my dark hand which appears small wrapped around his pale member. I open my thighs even further completely exposing my dark soft fat pussy lips and pink inner folds. He groans as he reaches out with both hands to cup my breasts stroking my nipples. I look down and the sight of his pale hands on my dark skin caressing and pinching my nipples has me feeling so erotically charged that I spasm, my pussy clenching in wanting as I yearn for his cock to be buried deep inside me. I tell him as I continue to stroke his cock that I want him to fuck me, I want him to fill me with his hot cum.

‘I want to fuck you hard from behind holding your beautiful breasts as I cum inside you’ he responds. ‘But right now I fucking need to come all over your dark cunt.’ His cock is wet in my hand as I continue to slide it over his swollen head smearing his pre-cum over the crown of his cock with my thumb before moving back down to the base and up again. I lean forward causing his hands to drop from my breasts as I take his cock in my mouth and suck on the glistening head slowly, leisurely, my tongue lingering on the sensitive spot just below his cock head.

I love the feel of his hardness in my mouth and I want to continue sucking him until he explodes. ‘Its my turn’ he whispers hoarsely, softly brushing a finger against my top lip clamped around his cock. I release him from my mouth and sit back as he bends down kneeling between my thighs.

‘Touch yourself, stroke that clit for me.’ he orders. I obey his command and without a thought I pull my lips apart and circle my very hard protruding clit with my middle finger licking and biting my lips as intense waves of pleasure pulse through me. ‘Jesus’ he moans still kneeling between my legs, his hand stroking his hard cock. He pulls my dark soft pussy lips apart with his thumbs and leaning forward sticks out his tongue and licks my slick revealed pinkness, his wet mouth kissing, licking, tonguing and tasting me.

I run a hand through his dark hair in acceptance grasping him to me. He responds by latching his mouth on to my clit, his tongue slick with my juices gliding over my sensitive nub again and again. The feeling is overwhelming and I involuntarily arch myself into his mouth. He licks from just above my clit and across my inner folds to my dripping wet hole, circling the tip of his tongue around it before dipping it in to catch some of my sticky wetness. He replaces his tongue with his finger and pumps it into me, my pussy hungrily grasps at it sucking it into my core as he moves it in and out, continuing to grind his tongue against my swollen clit as my hips move in slow circles.

As I feel his tongue and finger bringing me close to the edge I can’t bear not having his cock inside me any longer and I speak whilst moaning. ‘Please, I need to feel your big hard cock inside me, I want to feel every inch of your hardness and I want, need you to fuck me now.’ He looks directly into my lust filled eyes observing me without blinking and responds coolly.

‘I’ve thought about nothing else but fucking you since I saw you in the bar.’ My pussy spasms at his harshly spoken words, I want him so badly and I push my legs wider apart readying my body for him. His earlier mission to cum all over my cunt clearly forgotten he groans as he leans forward rubbing the swollen head of his cock over my clit. I shudder and groan at the contact, my hips moving forward of their own volition seeking him. I feel his tip at my entrance.

‘Fuck.’ he moans loudly as he pushes into me. I gasp as he sinks into me filling me completely. He feels so good inside me and I am delirious and light headed. He pulls out almost dislodging himself and slams back into me again and again, his hips grinding into me and I feel breathless with every thrust. I clench my pussy around his cock as I urge him to fuck me harder. He moves in and out of me, his strokes long and hard. He kisses me, his tongue entwining with mine and Escort Sakarya bites my bottom lip before licking it with his tongue. I moan into his mouth as our tongues caress. I grab his arse my nails digging into his flesh as I pull him closer, needing him, wanting him to consume me. I feel so much pleasure that I cannot speak as he fucks me harder and harder.

He pumps himself into me as he circles my clit lightly with his thumb. My legs lock around him as I come, my orgasm feels so intense that I can barely contain a scream. ‘That’s right scream for me my little slut, I’m going to fill your tight greedy little cunt with my thick white cum.’ he growls grabbing my curved hips and pulling me into him as throws his head back groaning loudly and almost howling in a foreign language as he releases strings of hot cum into me.

We are laying on the bed together now, facing each other our legs entwined and my breasts pressed against his hard chest as I trace his lips with my thumb wondering about this stranger who I have just so wantonly and willingly fucked and who I know by his first name only. His eyes are closed and I take the time to study his face, my eyes lingering on his lips as my pussy clenches recalling his mouth on my clit just over an hour or so ago. I feel an involuntary urge to again taste the lips that bought me such intense pleasure and I lean forward my mouth poised to press against his just as he opens his eyes.

I gasp feeling as if I’ve been caught in the act of doing something forbidden. His eyes flicker over my face and I start to feel self conscious and too close to his searching eyes. I start to withdraw moving my face back from his but he reaches out a hand to stop me and before I know it he’s kissing me, his mouth plundering mine, his hand stroking my cheek before sliding into my hair as I moan against him revelling in his fierceness and the fervency of feeling aroused within me. I feel his cock hardening once again against my soft stomach and like a slut I want to lay back and eagerly spread my thighs wide for him again.

‘Fuck Gabby, you really are a horny little slut aren’t you? He growls against my lips as he dips a finger inside of my dripping wetness.

‘Yes, I’m your horny little slut and I want you to fuck me again, I want to feel your thick hard cock thrusting in and out of my tight dripping wet cunt.’ I moan in response, feeling internal shock at the words escaping my mouth. He chuckles and smiles pumping his finger in and out of my wetness as my pussy greedily clenches wanting more. Suddenly he stops, withdrawing from me and sits up on the bed.

I feel instant disappointment and it is clearly mirrored on my face as he gazes down at me and says ‘Of course I want to fuck you again my pretty little slut, I want to look down into those sexy dark brown eyes as I fill and stretch your tight little cunt with my thick hard throbbing cock.’ I shudder at his words and a smile escapes my lips.

‘Are you hungry?’ he asks ‘I’m starving’ he continues ‘but think it might me too late now to order a steak meal, how about a pizza?’ I sit up, still conscious of my rounded stomach and large thighs and we look through the room service menu together before he rings and makes the order. On putting the phone down he turns to me and says ‘Remember I said that before the night is over you’ll be on your knees sliding my hard cock into your pretty little mouth, well…’

He watches me as I kneel in front of him sucking his thick hard cock. I start licking at his dripping pre-cum, the little bubbles feel and taste so good on my tongue. I put my mouth around the swollen head of his cock and start sucking down, taking him deeper into my throat losing myself in concentration, my mouth stretching as I suck slowly. I see him watching me, entranced by the sight of me trembling and moaning as I suck and drag my tongue over the hard length of his massive cock. He leans in close and whispers harshly.

‘Fuck, you’re too good at this, I want to bury my cock in your mouth, I want you to feel my cock hit the back of your throat.’ Pre-cum and saliva are dripping from the corner of my mouth as I look up, my dark brown eyes searching his glazed over hazel ones, my pussy responsively throbbing hard at his words. He grabs me firmly but gently by my hair so that he can take control of the rhythm and depth of the thrust of his cock into my mouth. I tilt my head back and open my mouth wider surrendering my throat to his rock hard cock as he continues to watch intently. We lock eyes as he watches me his cock buried down my throat.

‘You look so fucking hot with my cock in your beautiful mouth, you’re such a good little cocksucker,’ he whispers as he pulls my head back and my mouth releases his cock as he bends down plunging his wet tongue into my mouth, right where his dripping cock had been and we kiss passionately. I moan and pull his cock back towards me and rub it against the side of my face close to my full lips. He tells me with a groan that he wants to fuck my mouth. I open my mouth again sticking out my tongue in anticipation as he straightens and his hard cock re-enters my mouth and I suck slowly, languidly down his length. I feel his already hard cock stiffen even more in my mouth as his cock pounds my mouth again and again while I stroke his heavy balls below.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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