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She had an appointment for a massage at 3pm. Debbie had never gone to this place, but took a friend’s advice and decided to use the male masseuse named Paul. Her friend said he was very good and had great hands. She was very tense from a brutal work schedule and really needed some personal time to relax.

He greeted her and told her to get changed and get on the table and beneath the sheets while he got ready. Debbie noticed that he was quite attractive but paid little attention as she stripped naked and got under the sheets and waited. The room was warm and the music was very soothing. The lights were dim as she closed her eyes and waited. Paul returned and asked her if she minded if he uncovered each area as he worked on it. She had no objections and he began with the head and scalp. His hands were very nurturing and strong on her and she relaxed and enjoyed the start of the massage. Next he moved to her neck and shoulders and softly kneaded the flesh in the upper back and skillfully worked on the neck with practiced hands. Her girlfriend was right; he was very good. The pressure was just right. He pulled the sheet lower and Debbie’s upper back was exposed as he worked on her shoulder blades and the spine. The oils were nice and warm and the feeling of well being spread through her as he worked. “If any area is too tender or if you want me to stop or move on, just say so,” he whispered softly. She gently nodded her head.

As he took each shoulder blade, one hand went under her shoulder between the sheet covered table and her skin. His other hand was rubbing and working the blade nicely as he massaged the back, while the bottom hand held and pressed above the top of her breast.

He was only holding the very top of her breast but it felt soothing and she was not alarmed by the nearness of his hand to her full breast. His hands then moved lower and her low back and the top of her ass were now exposed. More warm oil lubricated her as he began to rub deeply. His hands moved to the top of her ass cheeks and pressed firmly to get the deep muscles beneath. Usually, she thought, this is about as far as most massage therapists go, but Paul continued down and was now doing her entire ass with gliding strokes. He grabbed full handfuls of ass and paid a lot of attention to this area. The heels of the hands were going deep into the muscles. She realized that her entire ass was exposed as he continued, but she said nothing while enjoying the movement of his hands. One hand now began to move down the center crack and then sweep back over the top, massaging muscle but also being dangerously close to her most private areas. This had never been done to her before but it felt very good while at the same time very sensuous. It was an intimate use of her body but certainly not a violation of her sexual space. Or was it? She didn’t know but was enjoying the sensations. He kept this up for quite a while until suddenly he moved to her thighs.

He Trabzon Escort had the backs of her thighs in his hands and pressed deeply with long gliding strokes. His hands seemed to always end at the top of her inner thigh, and near where the crease of her ass met her pussy. He then began massaging the inner thigh from the knee up and ran his hands almost to her crotch. The movement was skillful and felt very good on her legs. She felt him part her legs a bit to allow these strokes and this permitted his hands to almost touch her pussy each time. She had on no sheet at all, and the back of her body was totally naked in the warm room as he caressed and stroked and massaged her. In spite of herself she could feel herself begin to become aroused by his hands and the way he

exposed her and then touched her so beautifully. She knew she was probably just imagining it, but she thought he was intending to sexually arouse her. He was definitely succeeding. She could feel the beginnings of wetness form inside her as he touched and rubbed her hot skin.

Then he was down working her calves and feet and had moved away from her parted legs and seeping pussy. When he finished he took the sheet and held it up to cover her as he instructed her to turn over. She did so as he rested the sheet on her body up to the neck and began to work her arms and hands with oils and skill. As he went down the arms toward her armpit he went over the top of her shoulders and then back to the elbows. This slight contact on her chest was now arousing and she could feel her breasts press against the sheet and her nipples were hard. He pushed the sheet down to the swell of her tits and massaged her chest down to the breast tops. The sheet made her look like she had on a low cut white evening gown. She was enjoying this immensely and realized that her pussy was now getting very wet. His hands were going under the sheet and down her sides just touching the right and left edges of her tits as he did this. She couldn’t help her nipples from hardening as he moved in a bit and touched the full sides of each breast with his oily hands. It felt so good. This was amazingly erotic and yet he had not touched her directly on her breasts at all. But the hands brought such pleasure from the tantalizingly closeness to these sensitive and forbidden parts that Debbie was getting highly aroused.

Paul’s hands were under the sheet and on her stomach, massaging her flesh with oils while pushing the strokes just to her pubic bone and her small patch of trimmed hair. She was getting hotter by the minute as he stroked her like this.

He returned to her sides and the small portion of breast he touched before and seemed to now be taking in more of that flesh with each stroke. But he had not touched her nipples and moved fully down her tummy to her moistening cunt hair before he went back up to her tits again. Debbie was now very excited and Trabzon Escort Bayan very wet as she reached up and pulled the sheet off her breasts and pushed it down below her pussy. She wanted to be completely exposed and naked to his erotic touch. Paul took this sign of permission and now touched her entire breasts with his oiled hands. He took each one in both hands and caressed and massaged them while stopping now to flick the hard nipples with his wet fingers. Debbie moaned softly as he rubbed her beautiful full tits and then drove his hands down her stomach and to her pussy hair again. He went back to her tits and pinched each nipple between his oiled fingers before rubbing down into her hair and over her soft, wet cunt lips. ‘This feels so good’, she thought, as he continued to sexually touch her. He was not massaging any longer, he was coaxing her trembling flesh to new erotic heights as he ran one finger gently through her parted cunt lips. A shudder ran through her as his finger glided from the bottom of her wetness to the clit. He paused at her clit to delicately rub it and watch it become inflamed. Then his hands softly ran to her breasts and her nipples again.

A load moan escaped from her as he touched her and stroked her. But no words were spoken. She wondered if he was going to fuck her right there on the massage table. Her legs spread wider as she felt two fingers on the outer lips as they rubbed and handled her cunt. Her primitive sounds were continual and he kept a hand on her pussy and another caressing her sensitive tits. Wetness dripped from her parted sex onto the sheets, forming a puddle of juice beneath her.

The wetness ran down the crack of her ass where just minutes ago he had touched and massaged her. She was so aroused and stimulated that she reached down to his hand and pressed it harder onto her pussy. His fingers still worked only the outside and continued down to follow the now lubricated ass cleavage. She was so wet and excited with his fingers on her ass again and then moving back to her wet cunt. She cried out from the stimulation.

She then watched his mouth descend to her right nipple and suck it in and play with it with his tongue. His other hand held the left nipple and stroked the hard tip. His mouth and hands were magic to her body and her stimulation was immense. Her head rolled from side to side and her tongue licked her lips as he worked so skillfully on her. Then she felt a finger glide easily into her pussy and begin to move in and then out of her. Debbie moved her legs further apart to spread herself wider for this invasion. Her naked body was fully exposed on the massage table with Paul’s hands touching and probing her stimulated cunt. The sheet was a crumbled heap on the floor beside the table. She began to move her hips up with each deep finger thrust and fuck back at the hand. He then slowly added another finger to her wet cunt and began to Escort Trabzon move them both within her. As he did this, his mouth and fingers pulled her nipples harder and then popped them back. She spoke for the first time from her sexual delirium, “Oh yes, my tits feel so good.” He continued to pop them and pinch them as she moved her hips to the fingers inside her. Her back arched to force more of her tits into his sucking mouth.

His two fingers came out of her and rubbed her drenched cunt. He found her clit and worked his fingers on the protruding hard sex spot as she moaned, “Yes, rub the clit, it feels so good.” He kept this up for several minutes and Debbie was almost ready to cum. She was so close. Would he fuck her? She didn’t know. But she needed to cum so badly. She wanted him to fuck her hard. Paul then took two fingers and again finger fucked this beautiful aroused woman as she writhed on the massage table sheets. He increased the tempo and started to really give it to her hard. “Oh yes,” she breathed, “Do it hard like that. Fuck me hard.” His new pace increased as she fucked the invading hand and fingers.

Suddenly his mouth left one of her tits and she looked down just in time to watch as he placed his mouth on her clit while his fingers never stopped moving. She watched him as his tongue reached out and flicked her clit and then pressed down on it. She knew it was just a matter of moments until she came. Her voice pleaded, “Eat my cunt. Make me cum.” She watched him work on her sexy body. She loved to watch. She was on the ragged edge of orgasm as he pistoned his hand into her and savaged her clit with his tongue and lips. He sucked the clit and then tongue lashed the small organ as Debbie moaned and cried out in the beginning throws of a giant orgasm. She kept cumming and took hold of his head on her cunt. He kept licking her with fingers buried deep within her liquid flood. Again and again she came and spasmed and thrashed on the table. Multiple orgasms ripped through her naked flesh as she lay spread wide open on the massage table. Then the final stages of the last immense climax left her totally exhausted and sexually fulfilled at the same time. Her body was still gushing juice as Paul finally lifted his face from her cunt and slowly withdrew his fingers. Debbie had her eyes closed and was completely overcome by the intensity of the moment.

In the afterglow, Paul caressed her gently and stroked her legs and breasts. His wet lips brushed hers and she tasted the delicious sex of her own body.

He leaned down to her ear and whispered. “Just lie here and relax. When you are ready you can get up and check out with me at the front desk. Don’t worry, Debbie, nobody else is here, just you and me. Take as long as you need.” For some strange reason, she was disappointed. She had expected that when she had finished her last orgasm that he would enter her and fuck her. She wanted to cum again, but this time on his cock.

Maybe she would just ask him fuck her from behind as she bent over the front desk. She got up to dress, but then decided to just walk out naked and get what she wanted. She slipped on her heels and walked to the door. Right now she wanted Paul’s cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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