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That was all it said. On another day, I might have questioned the ad’s lack of detail, or missed it altogether because of its brevity – but today, I needed a job. I hate to admit it, but I was fairly desperate. And, as I’d held jobs more responsible than ‘secretary’, I assumed I’d have a good chance to get it.

So, I made the call. The man’s voice was at once strong and businesslike, but also warm and inviting. He asked me to come for an interview at 2 that afternoon, gave me directions to his office, and stressed that I shouldn’t be late.

When I arrived, two other women and a man were already sitting, waiting. I could hear one side of a phone conversation in the next room, and recognized the voice as that of the man I had spoken to earlier. It occurred to me that I didn’t know what type of work he did, and found myself trying to piece together the answer to that question from the few words of his conversation I could make out.

One thing that was clear was that the man was in dire need of help. There was nobody sitting at what I assumed was the secretary’s desk, and it was piled high with papers. A phone rang insistently every minute or so, before presumably going to voice mail. How long had he been without help? Did his last secretary leave suddenly? This train of thought was interrupted when the door leading to the inner office opened, and the man came out.

Yikes. I maintained my interview-day composure, but was quite taken aback when I saw how handsome he was. I guessed he was early 40s, his movie-star good looks paired with a clear comfort and confidence in his surroundings. His suit was exquisitely tailored, his shoes shined to perfection, and I couldn’t take my eyes off his face – piercing blue eyes, wavy blonde hair, and an afternoon stubble just beginning to accent his strong jaw.

He approached first the man, then one of the other women, the older of the two, talked with each of them for just a few seconds, and they responded by gathering up their things and leaving. What, no interview? Well, maybe that’s not even why they were there. He then looked my way and smiled, but chose to take the other woman into his office first. After what seemed like just moments, I could hear her voice raise angrily from behind the closed door, and before I knew it, she was storming past me and right out of the office.

Guess she didn’t get the job! This was all very mysterious, what had I gotten myself into? But again, I was desperate, eager to land a steady job as quickly as possible. And now there was the added factor of this man’s appeal; it wouldn’t exactly be a challenge to share an office with him each day!

He ushered me in, offered me one of the rich leather chairs opposite his desk, and asked for my resume, which I handed him. He quickly perused it, seemed satisfied, and looked up, again offering me his gentle smile. “So, Brooke, may I tell you about Trabzon Escort the job?”


“I need someone who can handle all of the day-to-day operations of my office, everything from greeting guests to answering the phone, from making coffee to handling my schedule and correspondence. It’s obvious from your previous experience that this wouldn’t be much of a challenge for you.”

“Thank you. Yes, it sounds quite reasonable. And I’d be ready to start right away.”

“Well, in that case, I should tell you what else the job entails,” he said, studying my face for a reaction as he leaned back in his chair and continued. “Did you happen to notice anything unusual about the job ad to which you responded?”

“Well, yes, actually – the fact that the word secretary was all capitalized, as if it were an acronym. But I assumed it was just a mistake of the paper’s?”

“That is, in fact, as I intended it. You see, I’m also in need of certain other services. Those that sent my last interview out of here in a huff. Slutty Executive Call-girl with Round, Edible Tits At the Ready, Yes?”

“Sir? Um, excuse me?”

“You heard me. I like to be up front about these things. If you’re not interested, please feel free to leave. But I hope you’ll stay. A hot young redhead like you is exactly who I had in mind for my new SECRETARY.”

I didn’t move. I was intrigued.

“Good,” he said, getting up from his desk and moving towards me. “Now, unbutton your blouse, and I’ll explain how this relationship will work.”

I followed his direction, my eyes never leaving his as he approached.

“You must promise me total discretion about the nature of our relationship, and I will offer you the same. When you are working at your desk, I won’t bother you, and when there are clients here, we will of course keep our professional distance. But when I ask you into my office, you must always make your tits available to me, and pleasure me when and how I ask. If you abide by this agreement, you’ll find yourself the best-paid secretary in town.”

He was now standing just inches from me. I froze for just a moment as he placed his hands over my lace-covered tits, but quickly relaxed and responded to his touch. He already had me convinced to take the job, but proceeded to seal the deal when he bent down, pulled my bra down so that my 36C tits popped out, and took them one at a time into his mouth, caressing my nipples with his tongue.

After I had very nearly melted in his arms, he returned to his desk, a noticeable bulge in his pants, and encouraged me to pull myself together and get to work on the pile of work waiting at my desk. I smiled, took my time provocatively shifting my tits back into my bra, buttoned my blouse, and thanked him for the job.

Over the next few weeks, he trained me in the routine of the office. The piles of paperwork dwindled, Trabzon Escort Bayan I learned how he liked his coffee, the intricacies of his relationships with various clients, and just how he liked for me to suck his cock. The favorite activity for both of us was a quick titty fuck after I had brought him to an erection with my hands and mouth. He was quite the breast man, and loved fucking my round freckled tits, especially when I let down my long red hair so it cascaded around them.

I was surprised how much I enjoyed the relationship – completely at his mercy, but also the beneficiary of his creative and seemingly insatiable sexual appetite. I found myself constantly horny, deliciously ready for action, wet whenever I pondered how profoundly naughty it all was.

One afternoon, I found myself caught up on work, the phone was quiet, and I was unexpectedly without anything to do while he was with a client. I found myself daydreaming about how this whole scenario had begun – and was suddenly inspired. I pulled out a piece of paper and pen, and wrote the word ‘secretary’ in large block letters at the top of the page. After staring at it for a few minutes, the perfect phrase hit me. As his appointment with his client wound down, I quickly finished writing. While he walked the man to the elevator, I dashed into his office and left the paper on his chair, where I always left documents requiring his immediate attention.

I held my breath as he returned to his office, awaiting his reaction. In what I’m sure was a deliberate attempt to frustrate me, to remind me who was in charge, he made a few phone calls before addressing my attempt at his favorite acronym.

“Oh, Brooke,” he said casually, “could you come in here please? And close the door?”

Finally, I thought to myself.

“So,” he said, holding up the paper, “this is how you’d suggest we spend the rest of the afternoon?”

“Oh, yes. I think it would be a very good use of our time.”

I dropped down to my knees in front of him, as he unzipped his fly and pulled out his already-hardening cock. I took it all into my mouth and began sucking vigorously as he continued to grow, playing with his balls with one hand and unbuttoning my blouse with the other. He reached down and helped me out of my blouse and bra, while I continued to focus my attentions on his huge cock.

I was now stroking his shaft rapidly with one hand as I continued to fondle his balls and suck firmly on the tip of his cock, treatment he could stand for just a few minutes before wanting to shift positions so he could fuck my tits. When that time came, he pulled up from my knees, guided me to his big leather sofa, and once I was comfortable, knelt above me and began thrusting as I squeezed my tits together for him.

With each stroke, the tip of his cock would reach my lips, and I would lick it as long as I Escort Trabzon could before he pulled away again. He reached one hand behind his back and found my dripping wet pussy, sliding two fingers back and forth across my pussy lips and flicking my clit.

“God, I love fucking your big round tits, watching your hot young body writhe in pleasure under me.”

“Oh, yes, keep fucking my tits, I want your cum all over them. Faster!”

Before long, I had my wish, as he jerked with the arrival of his orgasm, shooting his sticky white cum all over my breasts. Most days, we would stop there. He would collapse on top of me, and once he had recovered, we would pull ourselves together and go back to work. But today, we hadn’t quite accomplished all that I had set out in my note to him. Rather than stopping, he continued to play with my pussy, shifting on the sofa to give himself better access.

He licked his own cum off my tits and fed it to me in the form of several dripping wet kisses. Then, he traced my tits with his tongue once more, but this time continued downward, stopping only when he had reached my clit. His tongue busy there, he now began thrusting two fingers in and out of my pussy, and I responded by eagerly bucking my hips towards him, until I couldn’t wait any longer, and pulled him up to within earshot of my hissed desire: “I want your cock inside of me, now!”

He climbed off the sofa, pulled me up as well, and we walked over to the desk. Once I was standing directly in front of the sheet of paper I had prepared earlier, I bent over, placed my forearms on the desk, and spread my legs for him. Needing no further invitation, and knowing just how wet and eager I was, he came up behind me and quickly plunged his entire length deep into me.

“Oh my god!!!!! Yes, fuck my tight little pussy with your huge cock!”

I knew it wouldn’t be long before I would cum with his cock filling me so completely, his body pressed against mine from behind, his thrusts coming faster and faster. I knew I would cum first, but that was exactly my plan. “Yes, yes, that’s it. Just like that, keep that rhythm going. Yes, yes, I’m cummmmmmmmmming!”

He kept right on fucking, right through my long, powerful orgasm, my pussy muscles clenching against his cock as he rode me. He slowed his motions for a few moments, but then, lubricated by my juices, which I could feel trickling out of my pussy, he began thrusting faster once again, as his second orgasm approached.

“Oh, yes, Brooke, that’s it, I’m cumming again!” He pulled out of me and I could feel him shoot his load on my ass, spurt after spurt until I was once again covered with his hot sticky cum, and he was once again forced to clean up after himself. He licked it off my ass, one mouthful at a time, and I turned to meet him in a series of passionate kisses as he fed his cum to me.

We lingered there for a few minutes longer, before he finally asked me to get dressed and go back to work. After all, there were a few more memos to type before the day was up.

So, what had I written on that piece of paper?

“Suck Enormous Cock, Reward is Ejaculation on Tits & Ass. Really Yummy!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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