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I was a very happy man. I had a beautiful wife, three wonderful kids, and a great career as an international airline pilot. My family and I lived in La Jolla California, just outside of San Diego. We had a great house, in a great neighborhood, where me and my neighborhood pals would congregate in my garage, drink a couple of beers, and talk about sports. My job as an airline pilot gave my wife Suzanne and I the freedom to go anywhere we wanted to. We flew to Europe, Asia, and Australia first class when ever we felt the urge. I coached my son’s little league team in the summer, and my daughter’s soccer team in the fall. Life was about as good as it gets.

My life was changed forever one faithful weekend when my wife decided to take the kids and visit their grandmother two hours away. That very same weekend my niece was coming to stay at our house so she could tour San Diego State University. My brother Don had married a Mexican girl who had a child from her previous marriage. My niece was the product of that previous marriage; a mixture of Irish and Mexican blood. I hadn’t seen my brother and his family in 11 years. When I last saw my niece Samantha she was a lanky 10 year old girl with a pony tail and too many freckles. I knew then that she had potential to grow into a beautiful young woman, but I had no idea how beautiful she would become. I found out soon enough when she knocked on our door just as my wife was getting ready to load the kids into the car to take them to her mother’s house.

Standing at the door at 5’6”, wearing very short shorts, and a tight pink tanktop was the most sexy and beautiful brunette I have ever seen, anywhere. Her black Latino hair, which flowed effortlessly down to the middle of her back, framed a perfect Irish face, where incredible brown eyes stared temptingly out at me. Her breasts were like too perfect mangos pressed close together by a white bra that was barely visible at the edges of her tank top. Her tank top was a little short and revealed a beautiful pierced belly button, and a perfectly flat stomach. Her shorts were hip huggers, and were so low that the top of her white cotton panties were just visible. Her long slender legs went all the way to the ground. I even found her toes sexy because she was wearing toe rings.

“Hi Aunt Suzanne, Hi Uncle Ken. How are you?” She said with a luscious smile that made my knees go weak for a moment. I started having sexual thoughts about her the moment I opened the door. I knew I was in trouble.

“It’s so good to see you. How are your folks?” My wife did not seem to notice how scantily clad our niece was and immediately made Samantha feel at home even as she was getting the kids out to the car. At first I said nothing as I stared in amazement at this incredible creature that was gracing our home with her presence.

“Good to see you.” I at last blurted out, trying to hide the bulge that had suddenly grown in my pants.

“So I see.” She said looking down at my pants just as my wife came back in to say her final good-byes before leaving for her mother’s house.

At first what she said did not register, but as I was kissing my wife good-bye it suddenly hit me that Samantha had made a remark about the bulge in my pants. I quickly dismissed it as a figment of my aroused imagination. I then made every effort to get rid of the thoughts that were running through my mind. As my wife shut the door behind her I told Samantha to make her self at home, and excuse me while I went to the bathroom. I had to whack off. I hadn’t felt as horny as I did since I first felt up my wife back in college. I needed a release. Within seconds I was cumming into the bathroom sink while I imagined myself fucking Samantha silly. I felt very guilty about this, and I quickly resolved to avoid Samantha as much as possible for the rest of the weekend.

I was beginning to feel the reckless feeling I would get as a single frat boy in college when sex with a coed became a possibility. I lost all sense of responsibility when it came to sex. If I had the opportunity to score, everything else -homework, girlfriends, jobs- took a back seat. My senior year in college I met my wife and fell head over heals for her. Within a year we were married, and I was tamed. I swore to myself that I would never cheat on her, and I had every intention on keeping that vow. Samantha brought back those old college feelings. It was the beginning of a very long weekend, and I decided to get out of the house to avoid any trouble and to get my niece off of my mind.

I noticed my friend Roger’s garage was open so I told Samantha that I was leaving, and that I didn’t know when I would be home. She kissed me on the cheek as I walked out, and the sensation of her hot breath against my skin caused my penis to enlarge instantly. I knew that this was going to be a hard weekend to get through. My friends Roger and Dave were already watching the Padres game and throwing back some beers when I arrived. I joined in, and did my best to get rid of the sinful thoughts running through my head.

After escort ataşehir 14 innings the game finally ended. I hardly noticed that the game had gone into extra innings because all I could concentrate on was the idea of Samantha riding me like a cowboy. Over and over I saw her tits bouncing up and down as she rapidly ground her hips onto mine. I could practically feel my penis ramming into her, her nipples pressing against the palms of my hands as I fondled her breasts, and her round ass slapping against my legs. These thoughts were so intense that I had to go “relieve” myself twice before the end of the game, before the sinful thoughts took over and I ended all resistance to them. As far as I knew there was no way that my 21 year old niece was going to seduce her 37 year old uncle. I eventually rationalized that these thoughts could do no harm, as long as they did not lead me to do anything rash.

But on my way home I was trying to fight off the hope that she would seduce me. I walked around the block several times thinking about my marriage, and how important it was to me. I realized that if by some million to one chance that Samantha did seduce me to cheat on my wife, I could not live with myself. I renewed my 13 year pledge to never cheat on my wife.

I came home to a dark house and assumed that Samantha had either gone out, or had gone to bed. I was sure the latter was true being that she did not have any friends in La Jolla. I was wrong, however, on both counts. As I sat down to watch the evening news I heard the sound of someone swimming in our pool. I got up to investigate, and just as I reached the sliding glass door I saw the figure of a goddess ascending the steps out of the pool. She noticed me staring at her and let me get a long look at her glistening body. She was wearing a very skimpy black bikini that showed of her perfect form even better than the outfit she showed up in earlier that afternoon. I was awestruck by her perfect breasts, her nipples poking through the thin material of her bikini top, and her legs that just went on and on. Her long black hair was slicked back. She smiled at me temptingly, practically willing me to come out by the pool and make love to her right there.

Looking back on it, it is clear to me that she knew exactly what she was doing. She knew from the second that she walked into my house that I was very sexually attracted to her. I believe, now, that she had planned to be in the pool when I got home so that she could further tempt me. Hindsight is 20/20, and when she gave me that smile I began to feel my resolve slipping away. I quickly went into the kitchen, opened the refrigerator, grabbed the carton of milk, and began gulping the milk down. I wasn’t going down without a fight.

My life began to flash before my eyes. I thought of every logical reason not to indulge the desire that was growing in me. I picked up a picture of my wife and kids, stared at it intently and tried to think of my wife and I having sex, but before long I was imagining myself having sex with Samantha.

“Uncle Ken, are you all right?”

“Yeah, I’m fine. How was your swim?”

“Oh it was great. The cool water felt great against my body.”

She was speaking in a very sultry way. It did not sound contrived at all. She finished drying off her hair while I stood and starred at her. She looked away from me as she dried her back, and a mischievous smile ran across her pouty lips.

“Do you like my body….Uncle?”

It was as if someone was holding a pistol to my head, and was just about to pull the trigger. My whole life was slipping away from me as my resolve to remain faithful to my wife quickly left me. My conscience put up one last fight, causing me to step backwards as my niece approached me. I put my hands up to resist, but as she approached me she untied her bikini top and slipped it from her shoulders, revealing breasts that were perfect in every way. Her hardened nipples were surrounded by dark pink ariolas about the size of silver dollars.

“I know you want me. I could see it on your face and in your pants the moment I walked in your door.” She was seducing me. My fears, and my hopes were coming true. Her seductive voice bombarded the last elements of resistance to her force. My resolve was gone. I stopped backing up, and I put my arms around her slender waist with intense urgency. She kissed me deeply, exploring the recesses of my mouth with her tongue. I could feel her hardened nipples pressing against my chest through my T-shirt. I moved my hands down to her firm ass, and she began working her way to my ear with her mouth. We embraced like this for what seemed like an eternity before she finally released me, grabbed me by my hand and led me into me and my wife’s bedroom. She climbed on the bed like a kitten, and beckoned me to join her. I did what she told me, because I was now in her control. We began kissing, our hands exploring each other’s bodies. My hands made their way down to her bikini bottoms, and I slowly, but desperately slid them kadıköy escort bayan down her long legs.

She moved my head down to her sex lips and I dove in with my mouth. I pushed my tongue as deep into her as I could while my index finger searched for her G-spot. She moved her hips wildly as I quickly brought her to climax. My finger worked faster and faster, and before long she was whimpering. Her hands pushed my face deeper into her. Her moans became louder and louder until she was just below the sound of screaming. Her juices ran down my face, and all over my hand as she came over and over again. When she could take no more she lifted my face from her love spot, and rolled me over onto my back. The look in her eyes indicated that she had lost control. She was no longer the seductress, and I was no longer the seduced. We were desperate for each other, and we lost all control. My shirt was ripped over my head, and she tore my pants off. She frantically worked her mouth down my chest and my stomach until she finally reached my hardened member, which had probably never been so big. She did not tease me by twirling her tongue around the tip of my rod. Instead she swallowed it whole, and began sucking rapidly. Her left hand fondled my testicles, while her right hand stroked my throbbing penis. Her motions against my penis became very rapid and her wet hair brushed over my belly. She lost all rhythm as she sucked and licked every inch from the very tip to the bottom of my testicles. It was driving me crazy, and all I could do was hold the back of her head with both hands. I didn’t want her to stop, and soon the pressure began to build. A surge of incredible euphoria hit the neuro transmitters in my brain and sent waves of ecstasy through my body. I shot my load into her mouth. She licked the tip of my penis making sure she got every drop.

Once again the look in her eyes changed. She looked up at me from behind my penis with a look that reminded me of a cat that was about to pounce. I had become her prey. She leaped up from her position between my legs and straddled me. With ease she slid my member, which was still as hard as rebar, into her slippery wet love canal. As it broke past that first lip of her vagina she let out a scream. With an intense look of desire in her eyes she slowly moved her hips on top of mine. Her whole body was tense as she did so, and I could feel the inner walls of her vagina pressing hard against my cock. She picked up the tempo with each gyration of her hips until her head flew back, her back arched, and her hands clenched my chest leaving nail marks in my skin.

“I’m cumming, oh my gawd, I’m cumming.”

She lost control again, and for the first time I was in control. Her orgasm sent electrical currents of pleasure through her body, and she lost the ability to move her hips. Without pulling out, I pushed her on her back and sat up, her hips still resting on top of mine. In this position I could move my hips about freely, and I did so rapidly, causing her to scream with pleasure with every thrust. Soon my turn came, and the pleasure built up with more intensity than my first orgasm. She came again and again, and as I came we both screamed with delight, as our orgasms collided. I collapsed at her side as the last waves of pleasure pulsated through my fingers. She laid her head on my chest and we drifted off to sleep.

The next day around noon I woke up to find Samantha washing my penis with a wash cloth. As she gently moved the damp cloth over my penis it grew to its full length of 8”. Seeing that I was awake she smiled, and bit her lower lip indicating to me that she wanted to play. For a moment the realization that I had cheated on my wife dawned on me. I tried to force the thought out of my head, and Samantha’s lips playfully caressing my penis helped me to forget. The urgency of our first encounter was not present during our second. We took more time, exploring, caressing, sucking, and fondling. She introduced me to the joy of 69. While I lay on my back she sat on my face, and lowered her mouth down to my cock. For some reason the angle that she was sucking my penis was very pleasing, more so than the usual angle, and I could hardly stand it. The feeling of her tongue moving across the top of my cock caused me to move my mouth rapidly all over her clitoris, labia, and inner walls of her vagina. My hips moved uncontrollably and I ate her out like a starving man, as she quickly brought me to my climax, and I to hers.

The warm noon sun was shining through the curtains bathing our naked bodies with its rays. We lackadaisically fondled each other. I focused on her breasts, playing with them, twirling the nipples between my fingers, gently nibbling on them, and licking and sucking them. I gently played with her clitoris while she stroked my penis, and enjoyed my playful efforts on her breasts.

Soon the desire to put my manhood into her grew. She straddled my hips with her back to me. Her hands were placed on my knees, and her back was slightly arched, as her hips gyrated escort bostancı on top of mine. It was a beautiful sight as her tight ass moved out towards my belly, and then back towards my feet, over and over again. The sensation of my cock slipping effortlessly between her pussy lips was wonderful, making me feel a little high, and her moan softly. As she rode me I sat up and licked and kissed between her shoulder blades. Gently I grabbed her shoulders and pulled her down with me as I lay back on the pillow. She was laying on top of me, her back arched, her head resting on my shoulder. I placed my hands on her ass and moved her in the direction I wanted her to go. Reaching over I began to massage her clitoris as my shaft went in and out of her. She seemed to respond to it with pleasure, and we became one in motion and purpose as we slowly brought each other to the most incredible orgasms. Her movements on top of me became more and more intense as we came closer and closer to total pleasure.

“Yes, Yes, Oooooh, Gawd Yes.” She screamed as the waves of ecstasy splashed all over her body. My own orgasm was overtaking me, and I moved my hips into hers as she moved hers into mine. My orgasm left me in a state of euphoria. We laid there, caressing each other as the last waves of our love coursed through our bodies. I tickled her, and kissed her neck, and she giggled and writhed her body on top of mine.

We spent the rest of the weekend making love. During the day our lovemaking was relaxed and slow, but at night our urgency to taste each other became intense. We made love on the couch in the living room, on the dining room table, in the pool, in the kitchen. We chased each other through the house and where ever one of us caught up to the other was where we made love. We showered together, and ate together. It was a weekend of the best sex I have ever had. But it had to end, and it almost ended in disaster. We had decided to end our lovemaking by 3 o’clock Sunday afternoon, figuring that we would have plenty of time to clean up, and make it look like nothing happened all weekend before my wife and kids came home. This plan would have worked great if we had only stuck to it.

At around 3:15pm we finished our last fuck session, and headed for the shower, where we got a little carried away, and fucked again. After drying off, and getting dressed we cleaned the house, removing any evidence of our adulterous activities. Once we were satisfied with our efforts we sat down to watch some TV, and wait for my wife and kids to arrive. After an hour of boring television a felt one of the couch cushions smack me in the head. Samantha was sitting on the other side of the couch staring at me with that smile that told me she was up to no good. She licked her lips, and looked at me in a way that challenged me to resist her. She fondled her breast, and played with her self through her cotton panties under her mini skirt. My cock stood to attention in seconds, and the bulge was apparent through my Jean shorts.

She motioned me to her seductively with her index finger, and I obeyed. I fondled her breast through her shirt, and kissed her neck. One of my hands went down to where her hand was still working and took over. Within a minute my shorts were down around my ankles, and her panties were on the floor. She sat on top of me and I pushed her shirt up and removed her bra.

“Fuck me, fuck me.” she said with abandon.

Our bodies rocked together on the couch. I completely forgot about my wife coming home soon, and I didn’t care at that moment anyway. I sat up and pushed her back onto the seat of the couch and I rammed my cock deep into her. The risk of getting caught made the moment more exciting, and I could feel my cock welling up with hot ooze as She began to scream uncontrollably with pleasure. I rammed into her harder and harder until my load was crashing into the back of her pussy. Every nerve ending in my body was overloaded with the most extreme sensation of pleasure I have ever felt, and with one last thrust into her pretty pink pleasure box, she screamed with one final orgasm.

Just as we finished we heard the sound of the garage door opening. The sound filled my heart with fear. Samantha and I quickly got dressed, and straightened up the couch. In the nick of time we calmed our breathing, sat on opposite ends of the couch, and pretended to be interested in what was on TV. As my wife and kids walked in I got up to give her a hug and a kiss hello.

“Your all sweaty, you should turn on the air conditioner.” my wife said as she put her overnight bag down.

“You know me, I’m just trying to save a buck.” Somehow Samantha and I had pulled it off. We gave each other a knowing smile as my wife went into the bedroom to put her things away. But just as we thought we were safe my six year old son picked up Samantha’s white cotton panties, which in our haste we had left on the floor, and tried to hand them to my wife as she came back into the living room. Samantha jumped up and snatched them from my son right before my wife looked down and noticed them. My wife was oblivious to the entire incident. When she went into the kitchen to fix the kids something to eat, Samantha leaned down and gave me a full kiss on the mouth, and went into the guest room to put on her panties.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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