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It’s nice being able to finally lay back and enjoy your life. Not that I didn’t enjoy it before the divorce. I just never had time. Working pretty much 7 days a week for eight years wears a body out. Especially when some of those days you go straight from one job to another. Now, that’s not a problem. I don’t have Sue riding me to get out and go to one of the many jobs I had. Not that we were hurting for money. She just always wanted more. Of course, I was the one that was to get it for her. Her Dad always contributed to her fund also. Since moving into the house with us she found a large supply of funds coming her way from him and myself.

That’s why I walked out. Money was more important than I was to Sue. Now, divorced after 3 years, I was enjoying the laid back lifestyle. I still worked alot, just not 7 days a week anymore. The time off I had was now mine. No more gardening club meetings, having to watch television with her father or getting up early to do what yardwork I could before heading off to work again. If I wanted to sleep late I could. Whatever I wanted to watch on tv, I could. No father-in-law dozing on the sofa and waking up to change the channel before he dozed off again.

Of course the worse part was the sex life. Not that it was that great when I was married. Maybe once a month was it then. But now, I just didn’t feel like seeing anyone. Everyone at work was always trying to fix me up with their friends. I’d gone out a couple times. No one had really grabbed my heart yet. Each had been plastic it seemed. The expensive dress, the caked on make-up and the jewelry blinding my eyes everytime I looked at them. When I say plastic I don’t mean fake. I never got to know them long enough to call them that. To me, plastic meant they lived on their credit cards. I had gotten out of that situation and wasn’t about to get back into it again.

Now I would spend days kicked back in jeans and sandals, old sweat shirts and a cap. That’s when I wasn’t working of course. I am a nurse, so when I work it’s starched uniforms and white sneakers. That’s one thing that amazed my co-workers. When I had the first party at my apartment after moving out, everyone showed up in slacks and nice outfits. Not me, I was wearing holey jeans, sandals and a faded sweat shirt. The comments that night about how I had dressed brought alot of ribbing. It didn’t bother me though, I was the host and this was the real me. I was burned out on Banana Republic or one of the other stores for the fashion conscious.

The few dates I had I always dressed immaculate for. No jeans or faded shirts. I still had the clothes Sue had insisted I wear on my few days off. Those I didn’t leave. I just walked away from the 5 bedroom house, SUV and social functions. I kept the clothes. I just didn’t wear them that often anymore. But for some reason everyone wanted me to dress up and impress the ladies. Instead I would usually just sit home and watch television or work on my patio. Not very interesting but definitely a way to relax from the stress that work put on your shoulders.

So when Kim moved in next door I never expected anything to really happen. Not that I wouldn’t of liked it to. She was wearing a gorgeous black dress when she exited the door with the apartment agent. Leaving to go to work for the evening I was dressed in my uniform. Turning to head down the stairs the agent smiled and introduced the two of us.

“Mike, this is Kim. She’s going to be moving in tomorrow as your new neighbor. Mike’s a nurse and works strange hours. He’s always quiet so you’ll never have any problems from him.”

Taking Kim’s hand I noticed the few gold rings on her fingers. ‘Yep, another looker. Just as plastic as the others.’

Kim gave me a friendly smile as she returned the handshake.

“Nice to meet you neighbor. I’m always working so you don’t have to worry about me bothering you either.”

Returning her smile I nodded.

“That’s okay. I know that feeling. If you ever need anything just bang on the door. I’m usually here if I’m not at work.”

Voicing her appreciation I motion for the ladies to take the lead down stairs. Walking down behind them I couldn’t help but notice Kim’s firm ass moving under the tight black dress. Lowering my head to look at the stairs so I wouldn’t trip I watched Kim’s perfectly tanned legs gracefully taking each step. Her gold ankle chain relecting off the afternoon sun. Sighing as I reach the bottom of the stairs after my new neighbor I wave and smile as I head to my old car. ‘Definitely plastic.’

The shift that night hadn’t been anything new. One new patient, but the rest were the same. Working a nursing home could be hectic or monotonous. There was no real in between. You were either running your legs off or kidding around with your patients to make their life more enjoyable. This evening had been one of the more enjoyable ones.

As I returned home I noticed the lights on in Kim’s apartment. More than likely she had left them on after Urfa Escort the tour. A woman like that surely went to bed early on a Wednesday night so she could look stunning for work the next day. Reaching my apartment across the hallway I could hear the faint music coming from under her door. Obviously she already had moved some of her things in. Probably with the help of alot of guys who were tagging along after her.

Laughing, I shook my head and entered my private kingdom. ‘There you go Mike, analyzing people already. You’ve been nursing to long.’

Throwing my bag on the kitchen table I darted into the bedroom and donned an old sweatsuit. Grabbing a book of short stories I plopped down on the sofa with a beer and kicked my barefeet up on the coffee table. This was going to be an early night of reading before crashing in the bed. I had the next few days off and was looking forward to relaxing and working on the small garden I had struggling on the patio.

I had just finished the first page when someone knocked timidly on the door. Removing my sore legs from the table I stretched from the tightness that filled my calve muscles. I was definitely getting older. Not just the streaks of grey in my hair reminded me, but the aches and pains of working were coming more often now. Of course those years being married to Sue and working my ass off hadn’t helped either.

Opening the door I was surprised to see Kim standing there. Her golden hair pulled back into a pony tail than hung down the back of her T shirt..

“Hi Mike. I’m sorry to disturb you. I saw your lights on and figured you were home. I moved a few things in tonight but forgot to grab some soap. I was wondering if you knew of a store close by that would be open this late?”

Returning her I smile I couldn’t help but notice the sharp outlines of her face as outside light cast shadows across her.

“It’s not a problem. Don’t worry about it. There’s a few stores around. But if soap is all you need I’ve got a bunch of bars in one of the bathrooms. You can have a couple and it’ll save you a trip. No need to take a chance going out this time of night.”

Watching her dark eyes light up and her smile widen I felt my heart leap into my throat.

“Thanks! That’s all I need. I greatly appreciate it.”

Motioning for Kim to come inside I tried to remember which of the two restrooms had the spare soap. Bending into the cabinet of the guest bathroom I heard Kim’s soft voice.

“Nice decorating. You can really feel comfortable in a place like this.”

Returning with two bars of soap I looked around my living room.

“Thanks, glad you like it. The paintings are all medieval and tell of romance. The knight who loves his maiden or serves his queen unquestionably. I guess at my age you never lose the old romantic part of yourself.”

Laughing, Kim takes the soap and bends over to look at a statue standing beside the entertainment center. Watching her firm ass in her tight sweat pants pointing towards my hips I feel a stirring begin in my thighs. Something I hadn’t felt in too long a time.

“This is unusual. Where did you get it?”

Trying to hold my composure as Kim straightens and turns back to me I pray that the growing bulge in my sweats doesn’t give away my thoughts.

“That? I picked it up in Greece last year when during vacation. It was really cheap and I couldn’t resist. There was a lady outside Athens that cast those in her house. She had that one on display when I walked by and it caught my eye.”

Glancing back at the statue Kim smiled and shook her head.

“Greece. I’ve never been outside the U.S. Traveling is something I’ve always wanted to do. Maybe someday when I take a break and try not to work so much I will. Well, I’m not going to get finished and showered standing here yapping like some school girl. I better get going. I took a week off from work to get moved in and I’ve got alot head of me. Thanks for the soap and I’ll repay the favor someday.”

Escorting Kim to the door I scanned her body to appreciate the beauty before she left. The golden hair shining in the pale light, her breast firm as they pressed against her cotton T shirt. Damn, it was going to be a rough night trying to sleep now. So much for trying to relax after a siren like this knocks on your door.

Closing the door behind Kim as she waves good bye I stroll over to the sofa and pick up the book again. Damn, this isn’t going to help at all now. Taking a swallow of beer I head into the shower hoping to cool down. Standing there, with the warm water flowing over my shoulders I imagine Kim next door standing in her shower. My hands reach for the soap as I feel my cock growing.

Moving my soapy hands over my enlarged cock I begin to stroke it’s shaft slowly. Moaning at the feel of my cock throbbing in my hands I begin to stroke faster. My balls swelling from the explosion I hadn’t released in months. Picturing Kim there in the shower with me, that firm ass Urfa Escort Bayan pressed against my cock I fight back the orgasm. The warm water beats on my chest as I bend backwards, my head resting against the shower wall. My hand grips my aching cock tighter as I my cum shoots into the warm water.

Standing there panting, my cock dripping from soap and cum, I breath in the humid shower air and catch my breath. God, it had been along time since someone had that effect on me. Rinsing off my shrinking cock and moving my body under the warm water I feel the tension escape my muscles.

Drying my lean body with a large towel I eye the bed. It’s definitely time for sleep. Time to stretch out and see what tomorrow brings. Lying in the bed naked I wrap my spare pillow in my arms. Holding it tight I drift asleep as my mind dreams about the georgeous Kim who’s moved in next door.

Waking up the next morning wasn’t any better. Feeling the morning woody as some men call it I slip on a pair of holey jeans and head to the kitchen. As the coffee begins to drip I open the patio door and stare at the small garden fighting to survive from my lack of watering. Not that I didn’t keep care of the plants, but miss one day in this searing heat and they tend to look like they’re begging for something to drink. Grabbing a fresh cup of coffee and a pitcher of water I begin to soak the dried potting soil.

“Howdy neighbor.”

Raising my head I notice Kim heading down the stairs between our apartments. Dressed in jean shorts with frayed edges and a white halter top I forget that I’m reminded that I’m overwatering the plants as the water flows onto my barefeet.

“Hiya neighbor.”

Standing up again, shaking the water off my feet, I watch Kim head to the back of her SUV and remove more boxes. An SUV,just as I thought. Plastic. Well, she is my neighbor and seems to be very nice, no need to judge her by that. Finishing up the watering I lean over the railing as Kim grabs another box.

“Need a hand? Looks like you’ve got a load there.”

Smiling up at me as she blows a strand of blonde hair out of her face Kim nods.

“Sure, if you’re not busy. This is my last load. Dad and I moved the furniture yesterday. All I’ve got left is books, some kitchen things and the last bit of clothes.”

Slipping on my sandals and an old T-shirt I head down the stairs to give Kim a hand with the boxes. Watching her petite body struggle with box, I reach out and take it from her arms.

“Here, let me take that one. Where you want it?”

Catching her breath and wiping her reddened face Kim grins at me.

“Just set it down anywhere. That’s books. Those boxes are heavy.”

Nodding my head I turn to head back up the stairs. Looking over my shoulder I notice Kim headed back to the SUV.

“Okay, I’ll just set it down in the living room. I’ll get the heavy boxes, don’t worry about it. You take the lighter ones.”

Placing the box down in the center of Kim’s living room I turned and looked around. From one end to the other boxes were stacked. The stereo was hooked up and the sounds of Jazz was seeping through the speakers. Posters of the Far East were framed and lined against one wall, ready to be hung. Empty boxes from the night before were standing next to the door, waiting to be discarded. Grabbing a few of the empty boxes I headed back down the stairs.

“You want these or you want me to throw the out?”
Kim had a smaller box in her arms this time. The sweat dripping down her face. Her face not as red as it was earlier.

“Thanks, go ahead and throw them out. I was going to do that later on.”

After ridding myself of the empty boxes and grabbing the heaviest box I could find in the SUV I headed back up the stairs. That morning, Kim and I teased each other as we passed on the stairway. Each carrying a box, each sweating from the mornings work. As noon approached, my stomach began to rumble. Running into my apartment I grabbed some lunchmeat and a loaf of bread. With the SUV empty, it was time for lunch.

As Kim and I sat among the boxes eating a sandwich and drinking sodas, we both began to get to know each other. Sitting on the floor with our legs crossed I couldn’t help glancing down at Kim’s crotch crammed inside those those tight shorts. No panties were showing as the short jeans hugged the upper part of her thighs. Her nipples were clearly visible as they pointed straight through the white halter that complimented her tan.

Sitting there talking about ourselves and sharing lunch I learned Kim was nothing like I had originally thought. A recent divorce from an abusive marriage, a career as a dance instructor had all changed this young womans dreams. Being 34 and starting over brings people back to reality. I was 40 when I started over. But to Kim, dancing was a lifetime dream. Being able to make a living at it just added to her enjoyment. As an instructor, she’d only been dancing professionally within the year. After Escort Urfa the failed marriage she’d moved in with her Mom and Dad. Changing careers from housewife to professional dance had been a dramatic change. Dancing had been her dream and hobby. Now it was her living.

Finishing up the sandwiches and personal histories, I looked around the room.

“So, what’s next? How can I help you get settled in?”

Smiling across at me Kim shook her head.

“No that’s okay. You’ve done plenty already. I can get it from here.”

Standing, I look at the pictures lined against the wall.

“I’ll grab my toolbox and hang those for you. I’ve got the day off so don’t worry. I was going to sit around the apartment today anyway. Just tell me where you want them.”

Grabbing a pencil and marking the walls Kim moves each picture to their appropriate place.

“Thanks Mike. You’re really a sweetheart.”

Grabbing the tools I spend the rest of the afternoon hanging pictures and helping Kim get settled. Running up and down the stairway, tossing the empty boxes out as Kim unpacks I begin to feel my legs aching again. Ignoring the pain I take the last box down to the dumpster as Kim pulls a couple beers out of the refrigerator.

“Here you go. You more than deserve that after your help today.”

Smiling at Kim I take the beer and pop it open. Sitting on the floor I groan as I cross my legs.

Eyeing Kim squat on the floor in front of me with her beer, I grin as she moves another blonde strand of hair out of her face and groans.

“Damn Kim. I thought I was the old one. You’re groaning as loud as me.”

Giggling into her beer, Kim’s dark eyes flash as she looks at me.

“Hey! After today we’re both worn out. You were more active than I was. So don’t call yourself old. You’re in good shape.”

Smiling as I bow my head I can’t help but notice the sweat trickling down Kim’s neck.

“Yea, well. That hot shower is going to feel good tonight. A quick bite to eat and then a shower. I’ll feel brand new.”

Watching Kim stretch her muscles and continue laughing I feel the stirring inside that had struck me last night during her brief visit.

“Okay, forget the shower for now. I’ll order a pizza for us Mike. That’s the least that I can do for your help today.”

Standing and stretching I smile down at Kim.

“Okay, you order the pizza and I’ll go change and pick it up. I promise no shower until I’m ready to call it a night. But I definitely need to throw on something else.”

Kim nods her head and smiles.

“Okay, I’ll call it in and you go pick it up. That’ll give me a chance to get out of these clothes that I’ve been sweating in all day. I’ll wait to take a shower until later.”

Heading to my apartment to throw on some clean old clothes my thoughts begin to drift throughout the day. So much for relaxing, I’ve spent the day helping a neighbor move in. Not bad though. She’s sweet. Very honest. Starting over like I once did. There weren’t any tag along guys helping her move. Her Dad had helped. Otherwise, she was on her on. No boyfriend called to ask how she was doing. Being a dance instructor explained why she was so well dressed yesterday. She had to me. She sold dance contracts and her dress promoted the beauty of how of the dance. Slowly, as I stood there throwing soap and water over my face I began to realize I had misjudged my new neighbor.

Running down the stairs and hopping in the car I pulled out of the parking lot and headed to the pizza parlor. Grabbing the pizza and heading back home I stopped at the local grocer and grabbed a bottle of wine. Standing at the cashier I noticed the roses standing in the plastic bucket.

“Will that be all sir?”

“No, give me a dozen of those roses you have.”

The clerk stood and stared at me.

“Sir, those are close to 3 dollars each. You sure you want a dozen?
Grabbing a rose I noticed the electroic tag plaster to their plastic casing.

“Yep, it says $2.69 each. Give me twelve please. And pick out the best dozen you have from all the cashiers. Some of those look pretty rough.”

Grabbing the wine and the dozen roses I rush back to the car. What the hell am I doing? I haven’t bought a dozen roses in ages. Pizza and wine? Okay, that I can explain. But the roses? Damn, I’m going to make a fool out of myself. Shaking my head I throw the car into gear and head back to the apartment.

Sitting outside my apartment I unwrap the dozen roses and tie them together. Grabbing the wine and pizza I head up the stairs that separate Kim and I’s apartment. Looking down at my dress I moan. Here I am trying to impress this attractive woman and I’m wearing faded holey jeans, a fresh sweatshirt and sandals. Even with my greying goatee freshly trimmed I look like a flashback to the sixties. Turning towards my door Kim opens her door.

“I thought I heard someone coming up the stairs. You got the pizza, great! What is this?”

Feeling my face redden I stare at Kim as I try to talk. Dressed in baggy white cotton sleep pants with a black mid riff and barefeet I begin to stutter.

“Well, I grabbed a bottle of wine. Just thought it might be nice. And the flowers, well, ah, those, yea, well…”

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