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Big Dick

Damn Santa was horny. He had been flying around all night long and needed a beer and a blowjob. So far all he had gotten was some luke warm milk and crappy cookies. Oh well, it pays the bills. His real name was Alan but he was currently working for Santa Inc. Nobody realized that there was no way ONE Santa could hit all the houses in the world. It was a corporation. All run by the original Santa. He had incorporated a few years ago and hired some assistants. Alan had gotten out of the Navy a year ago and was just making some money on the side. Hey, sounded easy. Fly around in a Santa suit, drop off some toys and shit. Grab some free grub and hit the skies. Kind of like UPS. So here he was. 2 AM in the morning freezing his ass off in Colorado wearing a dorky Santa suit, fake beard, and a pillow to complete the look. Ok, no use getting all worked up. Just a few more houses and he was done. Alan was already counting the cash. But there was NO way he was doing the Easter bunny gig. No WAY. Time to get to work. Santa reached into his magic bag and pulled out the pack of skeleton keys. “Screw the fireplace. Not going to get stuck like last time. Just let me get this back door lock and…BINGO!! Alrighty then. Let’s get to work.” he thought.

Santa walked into the house and into the living room. There was a tree and some stockings. OK, lets get the stuff unloaded and get on the road. Hell, he could probably hit Happy Hour in Sri Lanka if he hurried. So Santa started unloading all of the gifts. Amazing what you can put in the magic bag. Bikes, toys, etc. All went below the tree. Damn he was thirsty. “Oh well, wonder what is in the fridge?” He thought as he went into the kitchen. Yahoo. There was a six-pack of Sam Adams there. Well one beer isn’t gonna hurt. Hell the reindeer do all the work. He just sits there and listens to the stereo. Santa went back into the living room and sat down in on the couch. Took a long pull and almost choked to death. Standing by the stairs was the lady of the house. And what a lady!! She was wearing a long red nightgown. It was low in the front and slit high on the side. She looked very surprised. They just looked at each other. He looked her up and down. She had shoulder length light brown hair, brown eyes and was very well curved. Beautifully proportioned. He could see the tops of her breasts in the v of the gown. Her tits were awesome. The nipples could be seen through the thin silk. Santa was getting erect.

“Ummm…well hello there little lady. Shouldn’t you be in bed?” He asked. He was trying to bluff his way out of this one. Having Santa sitting on the couch Urfa Escort with a beer in his hand was not the proper image and could get him fired. The lady just looked at him. “Well, why don’t you come over and sit on Santa’s lap. Tell me what you want for Xmas.” He rumbled. Why the hell did he say that? Christ!! He was gonna get canned for sure. The lady in red seemed to consider it for a minute and then slowly approached. She turned around and slowly sat on this lap. “Holy shit. She has a nice ass,” he thought to himself. The fabric was tight across her hips and ass. She settled down on him and put her arm around his shoulders. She was right on his cock. He could feel the crack of her ass right on his cock. She squirmed a little to get comfortable. Santa almost came in his pants. He was getting really hard. There was no way she couldn’t feel his erection against her ass. She turned her head and looked at him. “Well, Santa, I haven’t been a very good girl this year. I have been bad. I don’t think you will give me anything.” She whispered.

“Baby you have no idea” he thought. “Maybe you can make it up tonight? The year is not over yet.” He answered. “What can I do Santa?? I want you to give me something. I will do anything to be a good girl for you.” She murmured. Santa just looked at her and then glanced down. Her could see right into her gown. He could see her tits. They were awesome. His cock twitched. “What is your name little lady” he asked. “Leann. I am so excited to meet you Santa. I have always wanted to meet you. Not the fake Santa’s but the real one.” She said. Alan thought about telling her the truth but she squirmed again and that thought went right out of his head. “You have been a bad girl Leann. You are going to really have to work hard to make it up. I only have about a half hour before I have to get to the other houses. What can you do to make it up?” He asked. Leann pursed her lips and slipped out of his lap and kneeled down in front of Santa. “I will be so good to you sir. Let me be good sir.” She asked. All Santa could do was nod. Leann leaned forward. She rubbed her face against his crotch. The velvet clothe covering his cock. He was so hard. Damn, he was glad he decided not to wear underwear. His meat was pounding in his pants. He could feel her face rubbing on him. Oh shit. “That is a good girl. Make Santa happy Leann.” He said. She smiled to herself and reached for his belt. In a twinkle it was undone. His pants were down around his boots and her hands were on him. He was trembling as she ran her red nails along the shaft. Santa reached out and Urfa Escort Bayan placed his white-gloved hands on her back of her head. He pulled her down and she engulfed his cock in her mouth. Her tongue was all over him. Leann was amazed. He tasted like a candy cane. Wow. She was blowing Santa Claus. What a great dream she thought to herself. After a couple of minutes he lay down and pulled her on top of him. Leann never let go of his cock with her mouth. The feel of the cock mesmerized her in her hot sucking mouth. She was fondling his balls at the same time she was deep throating him. Santa pushed up her gown and looked at her pussy. It was clean-shaven. The smell was wonderful. So sweet. He could see the wetness on the lips. He pulled off of the fake beard and laid his tongue to her. She moaned. He licked and nibbled on the outer lips. Nice and slow. Long, slow licks. His tongue slid into her. The floodgates came open. Her pussy juice was all over his chin. He was sucking it down and licking like mad. Her mouth was pumping up and down on him. He slowly licked up to the clit. He twirled his tongue on her. Leann moaned. He sucked on it. Hard. He ran his hands onto her ass and pulled her down. She was grinding on his face. Her hips moving back and forth. He pulled off his gloves and started to knead her ass as she came in his mouth. She was panting and sucking on him. His hands were on her ass and in her pussy. Her juices were everywhere. He reached around her ass and started slipping 2 fingers into her pussy as he ate her out. She was trying to suck his cock right out of his body. He could feel her throat clamping on him.

Leann was going insane. Santa had his tongue in her pussy and his hands were driving her nuts. He was sliding his fingers into her alternating between probing deep and twirling around and moving the juices up to her ass. He paused and then stabbed his tongue into her. He was fucking her pussy with his tongue. His head was ramming into her. She leaned her head to the side and bit his thigh to keep from waking the house. Santa’s little finger was in her ass his tongue was fucking her like no other. She came. And came and came. It felt like her entire insides had clenched and released multiple times.

He pulled her on top of him. “Ride Santa. Make Santa cum Leann.” Leann reached down and pulled his cock to her pussy. The head spread her and slipped inside. She sat down on him hard. He rammed into her. She could feel every inch of him. He pillow had slipped out and she was running her hand on Santa’s hard stomach. She slowly rode him. It was incredible. Escort Urfa The feeling of her pussy on him. Juices running down his balls and looking up at her. She was playing with her tits. Pulling on her nipples and sucking her own fingers as she rode him. Faster and faster. She was going to come again. She leaned forward and put her hands on his shoulders as she rode him. She was riding him as he bucked. He bucked like a stallion. She could barely hang on. He was battering her. She loved it. SHE CAME AGAIN!!

“I have been very bad Santa. I need to be real good to you. Don’t move.” Alan could only nod. He was no longer in control. Leann wanted to do something and he was just along for the ride. She leaned forward and pulled his cock out. It was wet and slippery. She placed it against her ass and slowly sank down. “OH FUCK!!” Alan thought. “She is a very naughty girl and I love her!!” His cock slid in so slowly. He could see she was being very careful. Leann had never done this but she wanted to be a good girl for Santa so she was going to drive him insane. He slid in so slow. Leann could feel him sliding in. She was being filled like never before. She did not know if she liked it or not. But she was going to try. Santa slid in even farther in. She controlled him. She was massaging his balls as he entered her. She paused. She was undecided. “Oh please Leann. You are such a good girl. Be Santa’s woman!!” Alan moaned.

She loved it. She owned Santa. She settled her hips down. He was in her. She just let herself get used to him. Slowly she went up and down. After a little bit she started to enjoy herself. It was different. Then Alan reached and started to play with her clit as she rode him. Used him. His fingers were in her and his thumb was rubbing her clit as 2 fingers rode in her. Alan was so close. His eyes rolled back as he felt her body. It was unreal. He was getting used like no other. Oh shit it was unreal.

She moved a little faster. Then a little faster. As she did Alan’s fingers moved faster. She started to moan. So did Alan. He was going insane. The cum was like fire in his balls. He had to hold on. Just a little while longer…Leann knew she had him. She could tell. His body was tensing up like a rock. His muscles were straining. He couldn’t move. She was doing it. She was fucking him. Leann was so close. It was so different. The orgasm caught her by surprise and racked thru her. She bowed back and screamed. Alan could not hold on any more. His cum erupted out. He growled in a very un-ST. NICK – like manner. Leann pulled him out and he came all over her ass cheeks. More and more he came on her. She rubbed his cock into the cum and sweat on her ass. His hot cock pulsed in her hand.

After a few minutes she rolled off of him and gave him a kiss. “Well Santa?” she smirked.

“Wanna be Mrs. Claus?” is all he could say.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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