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Everyone in this story is over 18 years old.


“I want to go spend time with Jake our son, and his wife, to see if I can help him out with his marriage.”

“Would you want my mom to come and try to help our marriage out if it was in trouble Marg?”

“Why do you ask that?”

“Think about it. Is it what you would want my mom to do if you, and I, were having marriage problems?”

“Only if she could help it along, then I wouldn’t mind it if she came to help.”

“You are impossible Marg. You need to let them figure out their own problems and how to fix things themselves or you may make things worse, than they are already. You are the only woman I know that thinks she can fix everything for her son, to make it better for him.”

“I promised him I would go to him and help him anytime to fix whatever is wrong if it is fixable. Besides, look at you. You do everything you can to fix Sara’s problems whenever she has a problem.”

“That depends on the problems. I let her figure out most of her problems for herself which she does a pretty good job of it, I may say so myself. When it comes to boy trouble, I let her tell me what is wrong, and then I give her advice if I’m able to. Otherwise I tell her she has to decide if he is worth keeping around or not, and to do what has to be done to keep him or just let him go for her to go find another boy. Now if she was married and said she was having marriage problems, I would give her advice if possible or tell her the same as I would any other time, but to go and try and help out the way you’re talking about doing, forget it.”

“Yea right, you think. You would have done been out the door to run and help her out if you could.”

“That is where you’re wrong Marg but you go ahead and believe whatever you want to believe about what I’d do. I was hoping you would want to go camping with Sara and me as a family so to speak, since Jake isn’t here and Sara is still at home.”

“See, you would rather run off camping than to go and help your own son out.”

“Now you just hold on right there. Unless Jake is in some kind of life or death trouble that I can help with, then I would be done out of the door and headed there right now but it is between him and his wife, Francine, and that isn’t life threatening.”

“It is to me.”

“How is it life threatening Marg?”

“I didn’t say it was life threatening I said he was having trouble with his marriage.”

“So why not just talk to him and let him tell you what is going on and if you can, give him some advice that might help or let him figure out what needs to be done to fix the problem on his own. He’ll never learn how to work out a problem or through a problem if you don’t let him do it on his own. You can talk him through the problem over the phone but to go and involve yourself in the problem and do whatever you’re going to end up doing, to try and fix the problem teaches him nothing and you may make the problem worse for him or, do something he’ll resent you for from now on, for whatever you do.”

“That’ll never happen. I’m going no matter what you say.”

“Go then. I’ve got to finish getting my stuff ready to go.”

Sara then stepped into the kitchen wearing her shorts that fit snug on her little round butt showing it off, like she usually does and a tank top T-shirt, that you can see her red sports bra through it was so thin, “I’m all packed and ready to go.” stepping over to get a cup of coffee, “Mom are you going camping dressed like that?” as I went to rinse my cup and put it in the dishwasher.

“No, I’m going to go to your brother’s house to help him out with his marriage problem that they’re having.”

“I’m glad you’re not coming to help me out with my marriage problem ‘if’ I were even married.” I had to grin when Sara said that, as I was getting food out of the fridge, which was for the camping trip, to put it in the ice chest, sitting next to the fridge.

“Your dad would be running out the door to help you out ‘if’ you were married.”

“I doubt that. Now he might if the guy I was married to was hitting me all the time which no man will get away with doing to me.”

“I told you Marg just what I’d do and Sara knows just what I would do. She knows me better than you do at times, I believe.” as I closed the ice chest up and got the next ice chest to fill it up with food.

“Talking to you two is like talking to a damn brick wall. You two are so much alike.”

“We are? I don’t think so.”

“You do have a few things that you do that is what I do but, you also have some of your mom in you too.”

“I can live with that maybe. I don’t think I want to be just like you dad but I do love you for being you ,as I love mom for being mom but, I don’t want her coming to help me with my marriage or my husband’s mom, to come and help with our marriage even. The only way I would want either of you to come help me out is if that husband starts beating on me, like I’ve heard of ankara escort husbands doing to their wives.”

“That would be one of the reasons I would be running out the door to help you out with because that could be life threatening.” then closing up the ice chest and the fridge door. “I got to take this out to the truck, and then I’ll be back in to get our bags out to the truck and put them in, then I’ll be ready to pull out of dodge.”

“You mean to fly the coop.”

“Pull out of dodge, or ‘fly the coop’ is all the same thing marg. They are a figure of speech for when one is leaving to go someplace.”

I then took the first ice chest out of the kitchen through the door leading out to the garage, where the pickup sat loaded ready to drive off in. Once the first ice chest was loaded into the pickup, I went back into the kitchen and got the second ice chest, then went in and got my bag of clothes and Sara’s bag of clothes, for our camping trip.

Stepping back into the kitchen, Marg was putting her cup in the dishwasher, then as she stepped toward the door leading out to the garage right past me, “I’ll see you two when I get back, maybe if something doesn’t happen to you two, that gets you killed.” then she was through the door and closing it behind her.

“Why did she say that and then, she didn’t even give you a good bye kiss dad? She didn’t even tell me bye like she usually does when I’m headed out the door, for whatever reason.”

“I noticed that. The only reason I can think of she said what she said and didn’t give her usual good byes is because we’re not going to Jake’s place with her, to butt in where we don’t belong.”

“I sure hope I don’t turn out like that if I’m in the same position you and her are in right now.”

“Hopefully you don’t end up in the same position. Now are you ready to head out?”

“I have my purse and the small ice chest for up front with cold drinks is next to the door there. I’m ready to head out to the wild yonder dad.”

I picked up the small ice chest and opened the door, “Oh I better check the front door right quick.” turning toward the living room to make sure the front door is locked.

Sara, Marg, and I, had planned on the camping trip now for the past month to spend a week out fishing, swimming, and hiking, for our vacation, and then late in the night while everyone in the house was asleep, Jake calls and talks to his mom, Marg, telling her that his marriage is in trouble and don’t know how to fix it and asked her if, she would go out to help him fix the problem so that him, and his wife, can keep loving each other and be happy again.

Sara has Marg’s hair and eye color which is a light brown hair and brown eyes but Marg, has bigger tits than Sara, which from hearing the two women talk, Sara is a C cup size where Marg is a double D cup size, with big areolas and eraser size nipples but, I’ve never seen Sara’s tits since she has started developing a chest on her or even after she turned eighteen, so I don’t know anything about the size of her areolas and nipples. All though I did see Sara’s tits from the side once on a camping trip we had taken three years back. Sara stands about two inches taller than her mother that stands five feet three inches.

When Sara and I got close to the lake, I drove up and around on this little trail like that people may call a cow path, till we couldn’t go any further and had to park in among the trees, where the truck is out of site from anyone at a distance. They would have to either walk or drive up in through the trees to see the pickup siting here parked.

The first day we spent setting up camp once we got to our favorite camping spot, then we got in some fishing and caught a couple of fish, and then we dressed them out and cooked them up for our supper that evening. After eating supper we roasted some marshmallows over the open campfire, which I had made to help in the cooking of our supper.

The second day after we ate our breakfast and emptied a pot of coffee, we took a hike and during the hike, I noticed that Sara had on another tank top T-shirt that was thin like the one she came out here in but, she had no bra on under it. She had put on a pair of shorts that was shorter than the pair she came out here in, and they seemed to be thinner than the pair she had on yesterday. I could see she had a thong panty on under it and her butt cheeks was hanging out the leg holes on each side of the shorts, they were so short. Both of us had worked up a sweat and that made it easier to see Sara’s nipples and areolas through her T-shirt and I, could even see her butt crack better too, and where the thong disappeared between her butt cheeks.

Half way through our hike we noticed that the wind was picking up but our cell phones wouldn’t pick up a signal out here and the sky had become partly cloudy and some of those clouds, got to looking pretty dark, so we decided to head back to camp before we got caught up in a bad rain storm or worse, escort ankara a damaging storm.

Before Sara and I got back to the camp the winds got up high enough to make the hiking harder to walk, and then the sky opened up and I had to take a hand hold of Sara, so we wouldn’t get separated trying to go for cover, which I got us to a big rock formation that had an overhang, with a small cave like under it, about halfway across the back wall of the big rock formation.

Huddling in the small cave with my arm around Sara to help keep us warm from the cold rain that had soaked us, I felt her nipples poking me in the ribcage. That is when I noticed I had a hard on and it wasn’t in a good position with the way we were sitting huddled to each other.

It took some time before the winds died down to where it was just a steady rain for a while, then it died down some to a drizzling rain, “Little girl are you awake?”

“Yes dad I am.”

“Right now it is a drizzling rain so I think we can try to make our way back to camp now. Are you up for it?”

“I am as long as you are.” sitting up straight as I took my arm from around her shoulders.

I shuffled out in a sitting position first and then Sara shuffled out the same way as I did, then we stood up and stepped out from under the overhang, “I’m glad this little cave was here and not farther away from us.”

“Me too, I just happen to remember it being here and having to happen on to it, way back before you was even born.” as I stepped out to lead the way back to camp.

When we got back to camp we found everything was still secured the way we had left it for the most part. After checking everything out and picking up the few things that needed to be picked up and put where it wouldn’t blow again if the wind got up again, I looked at Sara, “Why don’t you get in your tent there and put on dry clothes and I’ll fix us something to eat for supper. When it’s done I’ll bring your food to you so you don’t have to get out in this drizzling rain anymore.”

“I’m staying out here to help you fix it so you don’t have to fix all of it alone. With both of us fixing supper the fast both of us can get in out of this rain.”

After the two of us went back and forth a couple of times about her getting in her tent or helping with the supper makings, she ended up helping me fix supper. The whole time we worked at making supper I had a hard-on because I could see all that Sara had or didn’t have on under her clothes. The thong she had on under her short shorts even became see through and I knew then, that she had a bald pussy. That is how see through her thong, and outer clothes became.

Just before we had supper fixed the rain stopped and the sun went to shining again even though the sky was partly cloudy, “Now it will more than likely get real humid.”

“Yes and it will make it hard to sleep tonight.” that is when we noticed that there was no breeze of any kind as we finished fixing our supper.

That night went without a hitch but we did have to open up all the flaps on our tents to have some kind of air in them to sleep. The next day went good but we noticed how humid it had got but the lake made it easy to go in and enjoy its coolness.

Sara didn’t help as far as my dick was concerned because it got hard and stayed hard the whole time. Sara had put on a shirt that was pretty thin and see through with shoe string straps over her shoulder and the cut off shorts were so short, that she had butt cheeks hanging out the leg holes and when she bent over, the shorts wasn’t able to keep her pussy hid for anything. When we got into the water to cool off her shirt became sheer and the top of her shorts would droop down and show off her ass crack at the top of them, and she showed more ass crack when she bent over or sat down.

While we were in the lake together, Sara would swim up to me and wrap her legs and arms around me and rub her chest up and down, up against me causing my boxers to get tented out under the water, which I knew she could feel it, and then once she went under water and before she came back up I felt something tap me a little bit below my waist line, and then my boxers went down around my ankles and feet and in reaching for them, I got a hold of two hands. Sara came up rubbing against me and I could feel her tits rubbing from each side of my hard dick, to my belly, on up to my chest when her head surfaced, and her arms went around my neck. Just as soon as Sara’s arms went around my neck, her legs wrapped around me. As soon as her legs were wrapped around my waist, she slid down a bit and when she did, my dick caught in the right place to sink into her pussy all the way, “Oh yes. I couldn’t help but get you one way or another dad. I know mom isn’t doing her job so, I decided to do her job for her. That is how much I love you dad and I’ve wanted you for some time now and mom, doesn’t have to know if you’ll keep your mouth shut about us to her.”

“I must say little girl ankara escort bayan you drive a hard bargain for sure. I didn’t really notice you wanting to take your mom’s place in the bed department but I have noticed since yesterday, that you are all woman and even a little bit the day before yesterday. Why do you want me and not some young guy your own age?”

“All the young boys my age want to care for themselves and not for the woman they’re with. Besides I love you, whereas I don’t love them and apparently, they don’t love me either. I have known that you will take care of me, just like you did when we got caught up in that rain storm yesterday. Now please fuck me with that big rod of yours that is in my pussy right now. It feels so fucking good, just like it is but I want to feel it moving in me and, I want to feel your cum filling my pussy up.”

I managed to slowly swim back toward shore, which did cause my dick to move in and out some in her pussy and when I got close enough to shore, I sat down with Sara sitting in my lap as she used her legs to move herself on and off my dick, and I started meeting her strokes with my own strokes in and out of her pussy.

Sara pulled herself in closer to me with her arms and started her up and down movement with our strokes meeting each other.

With Sara sitting up on my lap lifting and lowering herself on my cock it made it easy for me to lick and suck on first one nipple then her other nipple, “Oh fuck me dad, suck on my tits dad, don’t stop fucking me. I want you to fuck all the time dad please… Oh fuck, I’m about to cum… Make me cum.”

“You keep fucking me baby and you’ll make me cum real quick.”

“Good, I want you to cum in my pussy… Oh fuck me, I’m fucking cumming. Cum with me. Cum with me now.”

I felt Sara’s pussy muscles squeeze my cock but with the lake water swishing all around us, I couldn’t feel any of her cum right then but I did feel some warmer wetness hit me around the base of my dick and with the squeezing of my cock that her pussy muscles were doing, I couldn’t hold off any more and shot my first rope of cum into her pussy, and then a second rope followed the first, “Oh fuck baby, I’m cumming in your pussy.” then Sara sat down not moving with my dick in her pussy, with both of us trying to get it into her pussy as far as we could.

Looking around us and up toward our campsite, I saw that Sara had tossed her shorts and my boxers up on the shore line and when I looked back she was tossing her shirt out toward the shore line then, since she was only able to get it up around her neck while she was teasing me just before she impaled herself on my hard cock.

“You said you have wanted to do that with me for some time now, so what I want to know is for how long, have you wanted to take your mother’s place in the bed?”

“For three years now. I saw you and mom playing around here in the lake, while I was sunning myself right up there, and she would have nothing to do with you and she got out of the lake and lay down next to me, all upset at you for trying to get her wanting you, the way you wanted her.”

“I remember the time. Neither one of us saw you there or even knew when you came down to lay there in the sun. She was mad at me for sure. I told her I would like to do something with her out here and she said it would be fun and different but when we came down into the water and I started trying to make some foreplay with her, she said she didn’t want to and never said she thought it would be fun, when she did say it would be, a couple of hours before that.”

“I heard you two talking about it before you two came down to the lake and you are right about her saying it would be fun and different, so I went off like I did that way, like I was going to take a walk and give you two time alone but wondering how you would make love to each other in the lake here, I wanted to see how you would do it, so I waited till you two got into the water and wasn’t looking, I got into position over there and watched and when she came toward shore, I lay down like I was sunning, then she saw me and she laid down next to me, I felt sorry for you and wish I could have you, to see how much fun it would be and this, is the first time I was able to and finally got the nerve, to try it with you.”

“How was it for you or do I dare ask?”

“I loved it dad and want to do it again sometime, when it is just you and me alone again.”

“I’m sorry I came so quickly but it has been a while for me and this is the first time I’ve been able to do it in the water with any one too. I have to make a confession here now, since you have confessed to me. I have wanted to be with you too, for some time now.”

“Oh? For how long have you wanted to be with me?”

“Back on that same camping trip with your mom and the lake here, you and I went the next day on a hike and you needed to pee and you stepped off to the side and pulled your shorts and panties down and squatted there, right out in plain view of me. I saw your pussy and saw you peeing and the way you pulled your shirt up over your tits with no bra on, then I saw your ass as you turned away to look around just before you pulled your panties and shorts up.”

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