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Before you I am on my knees. You are sitting on the edge of the bed in t-shirt. Nothing more. Nothing more. I am studying your long tan legs and following your toes up to your thighs and to the entrence of your vagina just hidden by the curtain of labia and soft pubic hair. I spread your legs with my hands and run my hands from your ankles to your thighs. But I notice a little prickling on my hands as I feel your legs. I take your hand and lead you to the bathtub. I fill it with comfortably warm water as you place bubbles in the water scented with pear. We enter the tub and face each other.

There are two candles lit to allow us the opportunity to see each other’s eyes. Your legs are over mine and mine under yours. I take your leg and gently lather it with soap. I make sure it is lathered well so I have an excuse to feel your long toned legs. I long for them to be wrapped around my back but first they will surround my neck. I place your foot on my chest and admire your newly painted toe nails. I massage your foot for a few moments more for my pleasure than yours but I will never tell.

I then take your razor and sweep up from your ankle to your knee and work my way around your leg careful to not injure you. I am careful near the ankle and back of your leg. “My Love do you want me to care for the thigh?”

The other leg is done as carefully as the first. I then bath you with soap and wash it away with luffa. Your stomach, back, breasts, shoulders, neck. You are now squeaky clean. And as you exit the tub and surround yourself with a bath towel I grab you and throw you over my shoulder. You shriek in surprise and laugh as I heave you to the bed. “But Tim I am still wet”, you say. I answer, “Precisely”. I wish to lick your breasts dry and then your stomach and I do. I suckle your breast as if they were a gift to me to quench my thirst for drink. I always go for the left breast first for some reason and you suggest I taste the other that it not be lonely or forgotten. I would take you now and ravage your wet body still warm from the tub but this I will save for later.

You have made a request of me and it is my mission to fulfill your phantasy. I have Uşak Escort you sitting now at the edge of the bed where I cover your legs and feet with a sweet smelling lotion. I care not the scent as long as it makes your legs silky smooth. I give your flesh deep pressure and you wonder if this eve is to be a repeat of the other night. “No, it is not. It will be better…”

I have you lay upon the bed and request you place a pillow beneath you buttocks. I prop you up and spread your legs. I lay on top of you and press myself against your thighs. I feel the fire between your legs. I kiss you for some time and enjoy the amount of skin I have the pleasure of touching all at once. It is overwhelming. I then kiss your neck, each side, and firmly just as your neck turns its way to your jaw. I would give you a hicky but you have warned me this would not look professional with your smart outfits. I tease you that I would regardless. I then kiss my way to your breasts again and absorb the cushion and beauty of the shape and form. I am thoroughly erect but you cannot tell as my penis is below your hips. You need to know, though, so you move your leg beneath me to feel the member standing at attention and the eminating heat.

It throbs. You want it and I know it. I know that I could take you right now and that you would welcome me inside you. But again, I have other plans first. I kiss your entire stomach and place my tongue inside your navel. Perhaps a foreshadow…

Yes, it was, because then I move down and spread your legs and lick your thighs from the knee to the inner most thigh and it is there I grab your skin and pull very hard with my lips and tongue. I shall mark my territory here where no one but I shall know. “Tim was here”, You squirm at first as the intensity of the suck irritates a bit but you submit to me. I remove my mouth to find a red circular bruise. I am proud of myself and smile at you precociously.

Your right leg is then placed over my shoulder and the left leg is pushed aside wide and held with my hand just behind the knee and in the air. I separate your outer labia with my left hand fingers and inhale deeply through Uşak Escort Bayan my nose. The scent make me my impulses rage. I am barely able to contain myself. I look at the view and am very turned on by this erotic moment. I then lick from back to front making sure to touch the whole opening. You arch your back and place you right hand on the back of my head clenching my hair between your fingers and matching painted nails.

I then begin to circle your inner labia with my tongue like a predator closing in on it’s prey. I deepen the taste and drive my tongue as far inside you as I can with comfort. I wanted to taste the deep chasm of your vagina. But I know where the jewel is My Love. I work my way up to your trigger and flick the switch with my tongue. The motion releases a steady flow of juice the I must clean every so often as it begins to become messy. I taste your erect clitoris like a lollipop and then work faster. I give my tongue a break after awhile and also to tease you a bit as I know you were getting close to orgasm. But I do not want you to cum yet. So, I feel your thigh on my smooth cheek and neck and kiss your thigh again. I then rest my head on your nest and just lay there momentarily. I can feel the warmth of your womanhood and can smell your scent and it makes me crazy. You take both hands and place them on my head and caress me with one and my face with other. You say to me, “Fuck me”. I return, “I intend to.”

I bury my face again and focus my attention on your clit. My right hand slips between your legs and two fingers begin to massage your labia and I tease your clit. You are getting close to orgasm as I read your moans and body movement. Your back is arched, your head is back and legs are stiffening while spreading wider. Your muff is sweating now as is my upper lip and forehead. My fingers go deeper inside you and then I remove them and trap your legs above my arms and grab your breasts while voraciously attending to your clit. Your legs are spread and in the air. Your feet pointing at the ceiling. You are seconds from climax and I suddenly stop and rise from you.

You are shocked and frozen for a second. Escort Uşak You then look at me with surprise questioning why I not finish you. I am snickering at you and you realize I am teasing. You reach for the pillow and strike me with it as I laugh. You then grab me with arms and legs and pull me to you. You guide my throbbing cock and show it a warm wet tunnel to travel. Your one leg is lifted by my arm and the other spread wide. I enter you.

I am thrusting you strong enough to raise your hips slightly with each return to your body. Your moans coincide with my thrusts. I am watching you writhe in passion and are clearly aroused by the position I have forced upon you. You are helpless really so your only recourse is to cum. And you do. Your voice cracks and your skin flush red. I feel you tense and tenser still with back arched. You moan again and then begin to sink into the bed while your breathing slows. You almost seem to drift off somewhere with eyes closed and quiet. I am watching you in attempt to not interrupt your experience. It did not take long for you to finish. You had sufficient foreplay.

You then open your eyes and look at me. I am still inside you. I had released your leg and you are spread beneath me. I am on my knees. You ask me, Have you cum”? I answer, “Not yet”. You then lay back with your arms above your head so I may grasp our fingers together. You know this is how I enjoy taking you. With this submissive act you have offered your body to me to satisfy my carnal desire.

You give to me your vagina and breasts, your eyes and lips, your submission and orgasm. I climb upon you and spread you as wide as I can with my knees. I begin thrusting myself inside you and you lay there motionless with your hands pinned by mine as if saying to me, “Fuck me Tim. Fuck me!”. I put the bulk of my weight upon you to further pin you down and with lips so close to yours I can feel your exhale as I say to you, “You are mine”.

You receive me well and patiently as I violently express my hunger and satisfy it concurrently. I am close to orgasm and you look into my eyes. Small guttural sounds escape your mouth with each thrust. My orgasm is completed explosively as I press as deep as possible inside you. I press as deep as your body will allow me. My thrusts slow and become more gentle until, finally, they stop. I release your hands and they immediately seek my back and my face. My only words, “Thank you”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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