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This is a tale of the daily struggles of the Scarlet Troopers, my names Emma I’m a Captain and leader of a squad of highly trained and highly motivated fit young female horse mounted soldiers, we wear uniforms that intimidate our enemies and show them how lithe and athletic we are.

The uniform is the envy of our adversaries it consists of a skintight red lycra catsuit, black leather riding boots, black leather belt, black cropped jackets and riding helmets. Our female assets are on full display the jackets finish at the waist so our bottoms and lycra clad vaginas can be seen by all, this shows the other women in the land that we are proud to show off our bodies, our society is all female the male gene was bred out centuries ago meaning that we are all lesbians.

Breeding is done genetically meaning that sex is for pure pleasure or perversely it is also used as a weapon and form of humiliation. We use our appearance as a weapon our slinky uniforms give us power over most of the population who admire us and see us as role models, sadly we do have many foes.

Our biggest threat comes from the wealthy women, a group of stinking rich landowners, to them we are eye candy they do not recognise our authority and see our uniforms as trophies, they pay huge sums of money to anyone who isn’t a Scarlet Trooper to steal our used uniforms. The uniform must be physically removed from a Trooper, the wealthy women don’t care how this is done, more money is paid if the poor girl soldier has been forced to cum in her catsuit and a premium is paid if an officers uniform is stolen, we are distinguished from normal Troopers by our red riding helmets.

The wealthy women have allies in the impoverished village women, the Amazonian Warriors a tribe of lawless and ruthless filthy bitches who despise all Troopers, the schoolgirls from the convent school who see us as play things and delight in our humiliation and the Nuns who run the convent school and again don’t respect us. The Nuns have their own soldiers that they train themselves, known as the White Warriors they are young girls recruited straight from school and trained in combat.

They wear skintight white lycra catsuits, black leather riding boots, a black leather belt, riding helmets and white capes. We believe they wear capes because they are weak and ashamed to show their bodies in their second skin suits. In all of our encounters we have always defeated and humiliated them.

Even when heavily outnumbered we can overpower them with our superior strength and skill, one of my Troopers, in fact she is my sex partner, once got the better of five Whites all by herself. Her name is Trooper Linzi, I’ve talked of her before in previous tales. She was in one of the villages with another Trooper they were giving out provisions to some of the impoverished village women something we do regularly to try and help keep them on our side unfortunately this doesn’t always work and this was one of those occasions.

A very dirty young woman approached Trooper Linzi begging for help she was dressed in a filthy full length gown and asked my girl soldier to come to her hut to help her sister, Trooper Linzi agreed to go along with her and left the other Scarlet Trooper handing out food. It was only a short walk to the young villagers hut and when they arrived the villager ushered Trooper Linzi inside. The hut was dark and damp but as my Troopers eyes adjusted to the gloom she was aware that they were more people in the hut than she realised, in the dark corners of the hut she could see White Warriors! On top of that the dirty village woman pulled off her gown revealing that she too was a White!

Obviously it was a trap Trooper Linzi was surrounded by five White Warriors, quickly she realised these soldiers were merely young girls probably fresh from training and eager to please their Commanders, she bravely lunged towards the bitch who had lured her into this situation pushing her back against the wooden wall and holding her by the throat, the startled White Warrior gasped for breath and tried to push my brave soldier away but she wasn’t strong enough, the other Whites rushed forward only to be met by swift kicks to the vaginas.

Trooper Linzi was very quick and all four of the pathetic white suited sluts were soon on the filthy damp floor moaning loudly and helplessly cradling their aching cunts. While they were occupied nursing their sore vaginas Trooper Linzi turned her attention to her assailant grabbing her sweaty lycra clad minge and squeezing as hard as she could, as she did so three of her fingers pushed the stretchy lycra up the White Warriors cunt istanbul Escort Bayan making her scream in agony. “Don’t you dare try to ambush me you fucking slut!” Trooper Linzi snarled into her victims ear, forcing her fingers deeper into the whimpering girls vagina, and then with one hand around the White Warriors throat and the other firmly clamped between her legs Trooper Linzi lifted her would be attacker clear off the floor and threw her through the door of the hut where she landed heavily on the muddy ground outside, her once pristine white catsuit now covered in thick mud and with her own vaginal juice staining her lycra covered crotch.

The young soldier covered her cunt with her hand but that didn’t stop Trooper Linzi delivering one final cunt busting kick. One White Warrior defeated just four more to despatch, Trooper Linzi went back into the hut the four Whites were regaining their composure but were still pre occupied with throbbing cunts, my soldier girl grabbed two by their capes and pulled them together cracking their heads against each other, the dazed soldier sluts fell to the floor in a heap of tangled lycra covered limbs.

Once neutralised Trooper Linzi turned on the other two punching them both hard in their cunts, she now had all four of them on the floor rolling around in agony at her feet. Trooper Linzi went out into the village and assembled some village women to help her, between them they tied the pathetic White Warriors and threw them all into the back of a wooden horse drawn cart, a humiliating experience for the young soldiers who were taken away and used as sex slaves for the depraved villagers, no one knows what happened to those poor girls but their stained uniforms were seen in a wealthy woman’s collection a few weeks later.

My girl did me proud that day. Unfortunately I myself had recently fallen victim to an ambush, I was leading a small squad of my soldier girls to apprehend a wealthy woman who was notorious for arranging the theft of our uniforms, she had dozens of Scarlet Troopers uniforms in her possession and her methods of obtaining them were ruthless, she had no regard for the safety or dignity of the Trooper she was violating.

Tales of Troopers being ambushed by young schoolgirls who have no morals were common they would overwhelm a Trooper often three schoolgirls to one girl soldier, leaping from the trees as the mounted Trooper rode underneath, the startled soldier being unseated from her saddle by a technique the young girls had perfected, the girl soldier would be pushed forward lifting her lycra clad bottom off her saddle, the schoolgirl would then force her hand between the Troopers legs, grab her vagina and squeeze hard, then while the girl soldier was being sexually humiliated the other schoolgirls would take her boots out of her stirrups and pull her off her mount.

The helpless Trooper was then subjected to vile sexual humiliation often being ruthlessly fingered in both holes through her lycra suit until the unfortunate Trooper was forced to cum in her catsuit, she was then stripped, tied up and dumped naked in the forest to fend for herself. The schoolgirls often pissed on the soldier before leaving naked, not pleasant for a young Scarlet Trooper.

One fateful night we were trapped by a solitary cunt busting schoolgirl who humiliated me and made my Troopers look like worthless sluts! There were four of us we had already defeated 12 White Warriors who were guarding the wealthy woman’s mansion when this powerful young girl took me hostage! How could I be overpowered by one young girl?

I was utterly degraded that night she pushed her finger through my skintight suit and finger fucked my anus, now don’t get me wrong I love a well lubricated finger up my bum but this was forced up and it hurt, she twisted her finger round inside me and massaged my g spot through my anal wall forcing me to have powerful squirting orgasms over and over again! It sounds like it should have been pleasurable but it wasn’t I felt violated and embarrassed in front of my Troopers my vaginal juices soaking my catsuit I was cumming so much my boots were filling with my own piss and cum!If my soldiers tried to help this wretched schoolgirl would deliver vaginal kicks to each of them forcing them to back away holding their throbbing cunts. Eventually our ordeal ended the schoolgirl admitting she was freeing us so that we would tell our Commanders what she had done to us.

We rode back to our fortress my anus was throbbing and burning and my brave but ashamed Troopers could barely sit in their saddles due to their istanbul Escort bruised vaginas, when we arrived back we had to face our Commander, she was a mature and experienced Trooper who joined the Scarlets when she was sixteen and progressed through the ranks to where she is now. She’s fifty years old but still looks stunning in her red catsuit, as the most senior soldier among us she wears a suit that is super skintight, mostly due to the fact that she is too proud to admit that her catsuit is a bit too small for her, It’s almost as though her body has been painted red, the seam forms a gorgeously deep camel toe around her mature vagina and it separates her arse cheeks to perfection.

As a Commander she is distinguished from the rest of us as she wears a red cropped jacket where we wear black, she is a full figured woman and I have a huge crush on her, when I was a young recruit she would use me to satisfy her sexually, she loved being fisted and adored having her arse hole licked, she always wanted sexual pleasure after she had been on mounted patrol, several hours on a hot humid day sat on a hot sweaty horse with only a thin layer of lycra between our vaginas and the saddle make us very very horny and she was no exception.

Many times I was summoned to her room to relieve her, the smell of her intimate area is a good memory for me! She was a generous lover and when I made her cum she would always return the favour. Nowadays occasionally myself and Trooper Linzi join her for an intense lesbian threesome, she loves to take control of us, sometimes she strips us naked and while she’s still in her full uniform she fist fucks us until we squirt over her catsuit, she loves cum on her skintight suit.

So the four of us stood before her our uniforms stained and dirty and mine with a hole ripped in it, she came and sat on the edge of her desk her long legs stretched out revealing her very pleasing lycra camel toe! “Oh dear look at the state of you girls tell me what happened!” I recounted our story in all its graphic detail a look of shock and anger soon coming over our Commanders face.

“Ok I need to see how badly you are hurt all of you pull your suits down to the tops of your boots and spread your legs for me.”

Of course we did as we were told and soon we were all nearly naked in front of her, she came to me first and ordered me to turn around and bend over, she carefully spread the cheeks of my bottom so she could see my anus. “Right I see a few scratches near you’re anus and I can see it’s very red and it’s obvious a finger has been up there but you’ll be fine, now hold still I want to examine you internally.” With that she lubricated her finger, rubbed it around around my sensitive shit hole and slid her finger inside, I gasped as I wasn’t expecting her to do that I could feel her gently exploring my rectum then she slowly pulled her finger out. “You’re fine everything feels normal in there now redress yourself.” I pulled my suit back up and winced slightly as the ripped lycra dug into my anus, the Commander then added. “Get yourself a new catsuit from the seamstress you can’t go out with your arsehole on show!”

She then turned to my Troopers. “Right girls lets see the damage.” She went from one soldier girl to another inspecting their minges thoroughly. She separated each girls vaginal lips which made all of them flinch as they were very sore, she then inserted a finger into each of my soldiers cunts, again this made them all wince in pain, she said she was checking for any internal injuries and of course my brave girls wouldn’t stop their much loved Commander fingering them so intimately, in fact they later told me they were flattered, the Commander fingered each Trooper until the girl soldier was wet and oozing vaginal juice.

I’m not sure why she did this but I think it was for her own sexual pleasure as she fingered them I noticed her smiling to herself! “Well good news this schoolgirl hasn’t penetrated any of your vaginas with her shoe tip, if she had your cunts would be in a sorry state, all four of you will continue on active duty I don’t care if you struggle to sit in your saddles it will be a constant reminder of your failure and humiliation, however I think we have a new threat to our authority.”

She explained that other platoons of Scarlet Troopers had suffered sexual casualties from a new enemy known as cunt busters, these were groups of young girls who were incredibly powerful and highly intelligent, they had been ambushing squads of Troopers, forcing them from their mounts and defeating them with accurate and painful Escort istanbul cunt kicks! Could it be that the schoolgirl who had so mercilessly attacked me and my girl soldiers was one of the first to enter our part of the land?

Our Commander told us of a squad of six Troopers from a fortress twenty Miles from ours had been on a routine patrol when they came across two convent schoolgirls sitting on a bench, the mounted girl soldiers knew the girls were from the convent by their uniforms of short grey skirts, white blouses and white tights, the girls were crying so the Troopers dismounted and went over to the youngsters to see if they could offer help. The Captain of the Troopers went up to one of the girls but before she could speak the schoolgirl punched her hard in her lycra clad vagina.

The Captain reeled back and collapsed onto the floor then the schoolgirl stood up and delivered a cunt busting kick to the Troopers vagina, the poor soldier later revealed that the sharp tip of the schoolgirls shoe had pushed the lycra of her skintight suit into her cunt. As the other Troopers rushed to help the second schoolgirl joined the attack targeting the soldier girls vaginas with accurate and penetrating kicks! Soon all six Troopers were lying on the muddy floor rolling around in intense pain and unable to defend themselves.

The schoolgirls used this to their advantage, the humiliated soldiers were covering their minges with their hands but as they were now weakened by the attack the schoolgirls could easily defeat them. One girl would move the soldiers hand away from her aching cunt then the other would repeatedly kick the Trooper between the legs until she was rendered useless.

Every Trooper received the same treatment until the schoolgirls had six defeated and humiliated Scarlet Troopers lying before them, each one begging for mercy as their battered cunts could take no more. These awful schoolgirls then held the Captain hostage one girl holding the stunned Trooper, the other mercilessly playing with the officers destroyed cunt. They then ordered the other Troopers to strip out of their uniforms, initially the Troopers said no but then one of the schoolgirls would punch or kick the helpless Captain in her vagina each kick penetrating her intimate area, her stretchy lycra suit being forced further up into her sweaty minge.

Eventually the soldiers realised they had no choice but to strip, their Captain was screaming in agony and she was so traumatised she had pissed herself! One by one they removed their jackets, belts, skintight catsuits and leather boots until all of them were stark naked, the schoolgirls then forced the unfortunate injured Troopers to kneel on the filthy muddy floor then one girl went to each girl soldier and kicked her hard between her legs, the Troopers were so weakened by the previous assault they couldn’t defend themselves and within seconds they were all lying helpless on the floor, their hands desperately trying to protect their vaginas from further attack.

The Captain was then stripped of her piss soaked uniform, the schoolgirls were obviously used to stripping Troopers and weren’t bothered by the thought of handling stained catsuits, all Scarlet Troopers uniforms would be stained with sweat and vaginal juices after a day in the saddle and yes there was a certain smell that accompanied the mounted soldiers, our enemies often mocking us for being stinking lycra clad bitches.

The humiliated Scarlet Troopers were left naked and dazed while the laughing schoolgirls stole their uniforms to sell to the highest bidder, one even mockingly shouted back. “Thanks for pissing yourself wealthy women will pay good money for extra stains!” Eventually we were rescued and taken back to our fortress but it was many weeks before any of us could sit in our saddles again and any thought of sexual pleasure was out of the question, our unfortunate cunts were far too ruined for any intimacy.

This led to us becoming very frustrated, as young virile women we needed sexual gratification from our lesbian comrades but even clitoral stimulation was too much to bear for these soldiers. Eventually we did have sexual intimacy we were so hyper sensitive to any touch of our cunts and clits we would cum almost immediately, this meant that even our skintight catsuits would make us orgasm and you can imagine what happened when we rode out horse on patrols, we would return after a day in the saddle with cum drenched lycra suits.

So we now have a new adversary to add to our list of enemies, cunt busting schoolgirls who are capable of defeating highly trained female mounted soldiers, how could young girls be so ruthless, what made them resent us Scarlet Troopers so much and how far would they go to humiliate us?Tales kept coming from other platoons of Troopers being degraded by these young sluts, something had to be done to stop them or the Scarlet Troopers would be defeated forever!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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