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A quick stroke I pushed out for a friend’s blog — hence the female POV.

Hope you enjoy it, it was fun to do.

Send feedback if you’ve a mind to do so. It all helps with development.

GA — Peterbough, UK — 27th of May 2013.


The bar was heaving, exactly as I’d known it would be at half-six on a Friday evening in town. It was the after work crush, the time when everyone crowded into the place from all the office buildings round about, everyone enjoying the start of their weekend. In another hour or so it would be a ghost town, but I’d thought, when we made the arrangement, that it would be best to have our first face-to-face meeting somewhere busy. Anthony sounded like a decent guy; he came across as genuine on the internet — but I suppose a serial killer has to be convincing. Not that I thought Anthony was a madman psycho, but it still made sense to be cautious.

After pausing for a moment with the glass door between me and the man I hoped would be my Daddy, a Sugardaddy who would look after me and treat me like his princess, I took a deep breath and went inside. I hoped Anthony would be the one who would protect me and hold me in his strong arms. I knew what I had to do to earn my Daddy’s affection and the security that came with it, and, to be honest, I was looking forward to it. This meeting, the first time we laid eyes on each other was my big chance to impress. I didn’t intend to blow it — well, I didn’t intend to blow the opportunity, but I was fully prepared to blow Anthony’s cock.

And I was ready to do anything else he might fancy as well.

As it went I didn’t have to look for him; he found me.

“Rebecca?” he mouthed as he materialised out of the crowd.

My heart skipped when I saw him, tall and good-looking, the skin at the corners of his eyes crinkling as he smiled at me. Anthony was perfect Sugardaddy material: immaculate suit that hinted at money; short-cropped hair, greying at the temples in a way that sets, in my mind anyway, the Daddies from the boys. His clothes fit well and he looked as though he was pretty fit under them, his shirt tucked in against a flat tummy.

Playing the game, I avoided Anthony’s eyes and returned his smile with a shy look, a glance at him from the corner of my eye. I could feel the weight of his stare on my body, and I’ll admit that I felt a little shiver run through me, a pulse of heat flaring between my legs.

I loved it when he took hold of my elbow and leaned in to speak to me. “Shall we have a drink in here?”

Instinct told me Anthony wanted to leave the bar. I guessed he didn’t appreciate the hubbub and would prefer a more intimate setting. In an instant I made up my mind. “Could you take me somewhere quieter?”

His grin told me I’d done exactly the right thing, and I sensed Anthony was pleased that, in just six words, I’d passed the power to him. He would be the decision maker, Van Escort the one to call the shots, and that’s just how it should be for a Daddy and his princess.

“Absolutely,” Anthony replied before steering me through the open door, his hand on the small of my back.

He took me to his flat, impressing me with his car. The throaty growl of the engine and the confident way in which Anthony drove had me squirming against the leather upholstery. He was turning out to be better than I’d hoped, obviously well-heeled and sophisticated to go with it, and I’d have been happy to hitch up my dress, bugger its expensive price tag — if it tore it tore — and open my legs for him right there and then.

“What do you think, Rebecca?” Anthony asked after showing me into the most luxurious apartment I’d ever been in.

“It’s lovely,” I breathed, truly meaning what I said. This was no act, I wasn’t playing a game. Anthony’s flat really was a work of art.

“And so are you,” he growled, a sound that made my pussy clench. Even his voice was perfect.

He took my hand and led me across the room towards a two-seater settee. Without another word Anthony positioned me in front of him and we stood there for a few seconds, with the sofa behind me, the man who would soon be my lover staring into my eyes. He kissed me and I opened my mouth to invite his tongue to slide over mine. We kissed harder, lust flaring as he slid the hem of my dress up my legs.

“Bloody hell,” Anthony muttered when the kiss broke and he stepped back a pace, turning me around so he could look at my backside. “No knickers,” he said, his breath wafting over my neck.

I moaned and squirmed when he nibbled the scoop of flesh where my neck met my shoulder and his fingers pushed between my legs from behind.

Widening my stance, the heels I wore digging into the thick pile of the carpet, I groaned, “Touch me. I’m so hot down there.”

“Fuck, Rebecca,” I heard Anthony sigh. “You’re so smooth and so wet. And what an arse. I can’t believe how tight a nineteen year old girl’s body can be.”

“It’s yours, Daddy,” I breathed as I pushed myself onto Anthony’s fingers. “I’m your princess, your little girl; you can do anything you like.”

I think it was the ‘Daddy’ that did it, because a second or two after surrendering myself I found myself kneeling on the settee, my arse bare and at Anthony’s mercy while he squatted and peeled the cheeks apart with his fingers. I heard him groan and curse a swear word a moment before he surprised me by sliding his tongue through the lips of my pussy, splitting them as he licked me from clit to sphincter. I squealed and giggled with delight when Anthony’s tongue wriggled into my anus — it felt so wet and ticklish back there. So dirty and wrong, which only made it better; I love breaking the rules, and Anthony’s tongue in my arse was definitely taboo.

“You’re fucking Van Escort Bayan gorgeous,” the man hissed after kissing the cheeks of my arse. “So sexy. Rebecca,” he moaned, “I’ve been dying to see you. I’ve been wanking and thinking of the time I’d finally get you up here, in my flat.”

“I’d love to watch you wank,” I replied, craning my neck to look back at Anthony. When I saw the hunger in his expression my pussy melted; I wanted to feel him there inside me. I wanted his tongue, his fingers and his cock. “Kiss me,” I sighed. “Please, Daddy, kiss me so I can taste my own pussy.”

“Oh, Jesus,” Anthony muttered. His eyes rolled and he rose to his feet. With gentle yet urgent force he rolled me onto my back and unzipped. “Here it is,” he growled. “I’m going to make my princess happy with this.”

He was enormous. Not too huge, but so fucking hard, and it seemed to me, as I lay there and stared that cock right in the eye, that Anthony’s hard-on throbbed with a malevolent power.

I knew what I had to say. “Don’t hurt my little pussy with that big cock, Daddy.”

The look in his eye as I stared up at him with deliberately wide eyes and chewed my bottom lip told me I was bang on the money.

Anthony stroked his cock and leaned over me. We kissed again and this time I moaned and sighed into his open mouth while he pawed at me with his free hand.

“I love tasting my own pussy,” I said as I opened my legs and showed my Daddy the hot bubbling slash of pink between my legs. “I especially want to suck it off your cock after it’s been inside me.”

Anthony’s throat worked as he swallowed, his eyes rolling while his fist began to work harder along his length.

“You dirty bitch,” he grunted. “You know what to say to make…” Anthony paused before he used the title for the first time. “…your Daddy’s cock stiff.” He flashed a grin at me and waved his dick at me. “Do you like seeing Daddy’s cock so stiff, my beautiful princess?”

“I love it,” I lisped, cranking up the innocence. “But I want to take this dress off now, Daddy. I want you to see me all bare.”

Anthony sighed and stepped back so I could clamber to my feet. “Fuck, yes. Show me, baby. Take off your dress and–“

The dress pooled around my feet, cutting the man off in mid-sentence when he saw me almost completely nude. In fact, the only clothing I still had on were my shoes, and I didn’t think he wanted me to take them off. Not judging by the gleam of lust in his eye.

“Oh, shit,” Anthony whined, his eyes all over me. “That’s just … Oh, fuck … Look at that…”

I walked towards him, slowly, with a deliberate and exaggerated swing of my hips. Let him feast his eyes; let him see I was worth all the money he was going to spend on me.

And when I squatted and eased his hand off his cock, when my lips closed around his girth, Anthony moaned and pushed his fingers into my hair.

“Let Escort Van me suck your big cock,” I mumbled around my mouthful of gristle. I held Anthony’s stare with my eyes and made a great show of slurping and slobbering over his meat. I licked him from balls to tip, gomming the head of that cock and making appreciative smacking noises with my lips, my hand cranking him down low at the root, his balls swinging.

When he came the first spurt shot right over my shoulder, the second flicking into my hair while the third caught me on the forehead. After that I took him into my mouth and milked him dry, swallowing most of the outpouring but leaving enough so that I could just let the stuff pour over my chin in a gooey slide.

It was as I sprawled back onto the sofa, legs wide and with jizm glistening on my chest and boobs that Anthony stripped out of his clothes. I fingered my pussy, rubbing my clit and moaning, urging my lover to get nude as soon as he could.

“Daddy,” I squealed when I saw his body, still slim and proportioned despite his own admission to being in his fifties. Okay, Anthony’s muscles weren’t as tight as a man’s my age might be, but he’d kept himself in shape, and I was more than happy to see him without any clothes on. “What are you going to do?” I asked, eyelids batting when he knelt between my legs.

“I’m going to show you how I can keep my princess happy,” he replied.

All I could do was gasp and thrust my hips forward to meet Anthony’s tongue as he lapped at my cunt.

He got me there with his tongue and fingers, curling the digits inside me to rub at a place that made me feel like I was going to pee myself.

“Fuck, Daddy,” I squealed. “I’m going to cum.”

And in all fairness to Anthony’s skill, just what I’d wanted from an older man, he gave me one of the best, most intense squirmy and squirty orgasms I’d ever known. I was still writhing and gasping, my eyes closed and my mouth wide open when I felt his weight over my body and he slid inside.

My climax rolled on and on while Anthony’s cock opened me up. He filled me, my pussy taking all of him, clenching round the girth of his lovely cock until I gasped and stared up at him.

“Fuck my pussy,” I squeaked, swallowing and scrabbling up on my elbows so I could watch my body accommodate that cock. “Bang me hard, Daddy,” I groaned through clenched teeth.

And, oh God, he did just that. He battered my cunt until we were both growling and snarling and almost spitting obscenities at each other. He took me there again, pumping into me with a meaty slap-slap-slap, our bodies colliding.

My Sugardaddy poured jizm into me as we both climaxed together, and then, after we’d shared kisses under the shower spray, with my dress slightly rumpled, he treated his princess to a romantic meal.

We talked the night away over delicious food and sips of wine, learning about each other properly, the robust fucking constantly at the forefront of my mind whenever I moved and felt my bruised pussy throbbing between my legs.

I’d found my Sugardaddy on the internet, and I think Anthony was pleased with his princess.

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