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Awkward. It was very, very awkward.

“Don’t you like me?” she asked.

“Of course I do,” I replied, “I’ve always liked you. That’s why I’ve worked so hard to help you.”

The “she” I’m referring to was Raelene, an 18 year old student at Bridgeport High School. As guidance counselor, I’d been meeting with Rae for over two years, after she came to me and confessed she had an alcolhol problem. We cut a deal: I promised not to tell the principal (which would lead to some serious consequences) or her mother (maybe even more serious consequences) if she promised to stop drinking and check in with me each week. I figured it would be worth the risk as long as it worked. After all, the goal is to help kids, not punish them, right?

She kept her end of the bargain. Every week she would set an appointment with me, and not once did she miss it. And every week she told me that she successfully made it without drinking any alcohol. I was confident she was telling the truth too. At first I would subtly check with other kids to see if there were indications that she had gone to any parties, but there never was. When I went to the lunch room, I noted that she sat with completely different students than before she started meeting with me.

“Then why are you going on a date tomorrow night?” she asked.

“What?” I said completely dumbfounded. First of all, I was taken aback by the fact that she seemed to be jealous. I had heard that school girls get crushes on their teachers, but I never actually thought that would happen to me.

Second, I was shocked that she considered it a date. I wasn’t surprised that she knew about it – it was with her mother after all. But we were simply getting together for a cup of coffee after school the next day.

“You’re going out with my mother tomorrow,” she replied. “That’s what.”

“We’re just having coffee,” I said. “But you don’t have to worry, I’m not going to tell her anything about your problems. Those will remain our secret.”

As she stepped around the side of the desk to eliminate the barrier between us, she responded, “You think I’m worried about that? You don’t understand women at all, do you?”

“What on earth are you talking about Rae?” I said.

“Oh come on Mr. Z.,” she said as she took a step closer to me so that I could now smell the coconut fragrance of her shampoo. “Do you really not know how I feel? And don’t you know how you feel?”

I just looked at her. For a man who usually had a well thought out response (I was a counselor after all), I had no idea how to respond.

“Oh come on,” she continued. “You can’t tell me you don’t feel anything towards me. Do you remember your reaction last year when we were decorating for homecoming?”

The truth is I had forgotten. Or more accurately, I had repressed it. You see, as class advisor I was helping the students decorate for the homecoming dance. Rae and I were putting up streamers. She wasn’t tall enough to reach so I came up behind her to help her. While we were reaching up together to tape the streamer, her buttocks rubbed against my groin which produced the natural reaction of any red-blooded, straight, American male. I instantly had an erection.

I walked away immediately, hoping that she hadn’t noticed. It was after all absolutely wrong for an educator of any kind to touch and/or react to any student in such a way. Van Escort So I got out of there quick. And then I repressed the memory. Wiped it out of my data base. Or so I thought.

As soon as she mentioned that moment, it all came rushing back. I remembered the reaction. And when I did, it left me just as speechless as I had been a moment earlier.

“I can tell by the look on your face that you do,” she said. “And the fact that you have nothing to say tells me that you feel the same way that I do. So let me help you out here. You like me and I like you,” she said as she moved her hand to my crotch and began to gently rub my penis, “and it’s about time that we did something about it.”

Before telling you what happened next, let me describe Raelene to you. When I first started meeting with her, she was only 15 but looked more like she was 12. Skinny as a rail, she was only about five feet and had no curves to speak of. In fact, except for the nubbins that protruded out of her tee shirt or the outline of the training bra when she chose to wear one, you wouldn’t have even recognized her as a girl. Her short hair and dark complexion looked just like that of a shaggy haired latino boy.

But when she turned 16, Rae practically blossomed overnight. She gained three inches in height and quite a few more in her chest. Her breasts swelled to a size large enough to call her well endowed, at least for a woman of five foot three. These were perfectly complemented by a bum which ballooned out perfectly to form a nice curve that disappeared into very shapely legs.

Now, at age 18, Rae’s long dark hair and Mediterranean complexion mixed with her beautifully proportioned and now nicely filled out body, gave her the look that could be mistaken for a 35 year old or a 16 year old. And she was the envy of most women and an head turner to virtually all straight men.

So it was this beautiful young lady – who had caused an involuntary (or was it voluntary?) reaction in me that I was trying to forget – who I had spent over a year trying to not notice – it was this beautiful sexy young lady who was now gently stroking my rapidly hardening cock.

I wanted to let it continue but the rational side of me prevailed momentarily. I began to reach for her hand and started to speak, “I’m fla…”

But before I could complete the word “flattered” there was a knock on the door. I looked down and my dockers had a tent in them. Rae had this devious smile on her face. Fortunately (though the rational side of me did not consider it fortunate at the time) she reacted quickly. She pushed me down onto my chair while she ducked inside the desk where the chair usually sets.

“Come in,” I said to whoever was on the other side of the door as I pretended to be working on some paper work.

“Hi Mrs. Walker,” I said as the American Literature teacher walked in. But that is all that I recall of our conversation. You see, as soon as she started speaking to me about whatever it was she needed me for, Rae decided to “take advantage” of the situation, or at least “take advantage” of me.

Her hand returned to my crotch. It wasn’t long before she was ever so slowly unzipping my fly so as not to make any noise. I of course could do nothing because if I did, I would betray Rae’s location to Mrs. Walker and we would both be in big trouble.

As Mrs. Walker rambled on, Rae Van Escort Bayan forged ahead in her fondling. Running her soft hands up and down the shaft of my cock she found that it got increasingly more erect. That seemed to encourage her in her explorations. So she cupped my balls and gently played with them. When she got a little to rough and I jumped – ever so slightly as not to alert Mrs. Walker – she stifled a giggle and leaned forward and gave my balls a silent but absolutely exhilarating kiss.

Again, my reaction encouraged her. This time my shudder at the kiss resulted in her using her tongue to make a path up the shaft of my penis. When she got to the head, she ever so lovingly sucked it into her mouth while rolling her tongue all the way around it.

“Yes, I’ll get to that first thing in the morning,” I promised Mrs. Walker, having no idea what it was I just promised.

“Thank you Mr. Zelman, I really appreciate it,” she said as she closed the door.

I let out a deep breath as the door clicked shut, relieved that we had not been discovered. I looked down at Rae. She looked up at me, holding my penis in her hand.

“Go lock the door Mr. Z.,” she said firmly.

“What?” I said sheepishly.

“Go lock the door, now,” she said even more authoritatively.

I was powerless. She could have told me to run naked through the streets of town at that point and I would have done it. So I got up and locked the door to my office, which by the way, was within the main office of the school.

When I returned to my office chair, Rae was sitting on top of my desk, her shirt and bra removed. My mouth dropped open a bit when I looked at the incredible sight in front of me.

“What do you think Mr. Z.,” Rae said to me. “Do you like what you see?” Once again, I found myself speechless. “I’ll take that as a yes,” she said as she got down on her knees in front of my chair again.

“I have to say, I like what I see,” she said as she put both hands around the base of my penis and leaned forward and took the head in her mouth once again. After sucking on it for a few glorious moments, Rae gradually pulled up while keeping a tight suction, giving me an incredible sensation. Then a small popping sound came forth as she pulled her mouth off of my cock and I just about jumped out of my seat with exhileration.

“I like the taste of it too,” she said looking up at me. And then, with a sympathetic look, she said, “But where’s my manners. I bet you’re hungry too.”

With that, she stood up, her chest being perfectly even with my face. Reaching around my neck she placed her hand on the back on my head and slowly pulled my head forward to her left breast. “Why don’t you see how this tastes,” she said as I opened my mouth to receive her very firm nipple.

At first I locked my lips around the nipple alone, just flicking the tip of it a little with my tongue. My hands, quite naturally, went to each of the breasts, relishing in their softness and offering attention through caress to the breast that was not presently in my mouth. Then as she started to moan and then pull my head forward a bit harder I took her entire areola and then and much of her breast as I could into my mouth. This caused her to cry out a bit louder with pleasure, so much so that I had to reach up with my hand to cover her mouth, reminding her that we were still in the Escort Van school and that people may be just outside the door.

Once I had paid proper attention to each of her breasts, she pulled back from me and stood in front of me, cupping her beautiful C cup breasts in her small hands. “I knew you liked them,” she said as she held them up for me to see.

And then she dropped back down on her knees and took my penis deep into her mouth – probably deeper than any woman ever has. After a few moments of this, and my cock feeling harder than it has ever been, she released it and looked up at me.

“You didn’t hide it very well,” she said to me before descending back down upon my stiff member. After just about the same amount of time, she released again and looked at me. “I saw you look at me when I had tight shirts on and try to take sneak peaks when I had low cut blouses on,” she said right before she took my penis in her mouth again.

She was right. I couldn’t help but notice her form fitting shirts as her breasts matured. And when cleavage was visible, there always seemed to be a time when she leaned over the desk offering me a quick look at those beautiful, beautiful breasts. But never did I imagine that I would see them in their fullness, let alone have them in my mouth, as I had on this day.

Again, Rae released my penis and looked up at me. “I love that you love my breasts,” she said. And this time, instead of taking my penis in her mouth, she leaned forward and placed it between her breasts. Then taking her hands, she pressed gently on the outside of her breasts so that my penis was totally engulfed in her cleavage. It felt heavenly.

“Please, Mr. Z.,” she said as she moved my penis up and down between her breasts as though it were intercourse, “please come on my breasts for me.”

Well, she did not have to ask me twice. It only took two or three more strokes of my cock within her breasts and I could not hold back any longer. My sperm spurted forth with energy that had not been present in years, hitting her eyebrows and bangs and chin and shoulders.

I moaned as I climaxed, not having felt that satisfied in years. And I swear, Rae moaned with me. I remember thinking, “Did she have an orgasm too?” And then I answered myself, “No, she couldn’t have.”

As I came down from my high, I kissed Rae full on the lips and said, as I let out another deep and grateful sigh, “Thank you… thank you so much.” And I swear, I heard her say the same thing simultaneously.

After that, for a long period, or at least what seemed like a long period, we just held each other. She on her knees her arms wrapped around my waist and check resting on my belly. Me sitting on my chair, arms around her shoulders, one hand playing ever so gently with her hair. It was heavenly.

Finally, she broke the moment. Slowly she pushed away from me standing up. I just sat, looking at this beautiful goddess in front of me.

She picked up her bra and put it on slowly. I remember thinking, “I never knew someone could put a bra on so seductively.” She did the same with her blouse.

After she was dressed, she carefully stuffed my penis back in my pants and my boxers. She then zipped up my trousers and buckled my belt. Before leaving, she leaned forward and gave me a long, wet and suggestive kiss.

“Have fun with mom,” she said as she turned and walked toward the door. Before opening the door, she turned back toward me and said, “I think it is best if this remains our little secret,” she said. Then she opened the door and left me there, still speechless.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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