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Abella Danger

I seduce and fuck beautiful women. That’s what I do.

I am not a man who is obsessed by hobbies. I love sports, especially baseball and football, but I am not consumed by them as are so many men. I don’t go fishing and the only hunting I do is for pussy. No, at this stage of my life, my time is spent in two distinct areas: first, sucking and fucking the extraordinary women whom I have already seduced and, second, trying to fuck the new objects of my lust.

Women completely mesmerize me and I am totally in awe of them. I adore them, all women, all ages, all shapes, all sizes, and all ethnic backgrounds. Having said that, I admit that I am like most men in that specific types of women turn me on more than others.

As a 48-year-old myself, I prefer older women. To develop a real friendship with a woman, you have to have common ground and I just can’t imagine myself doing too much communication with an 18-year-old girl. I love mature, very intelligent women who truly understand and appreciate their sexual nature and aren’t afraid to express it. I love women who really love to fuck.

As far as body types, I am definitely a lower body man. I love a great ass and full, well-developed thighs and legs. My ultimate thrill is devouring a woman’s beautiful pussy, licking, sucking and eating while feeling, hearing and enjoying her excitement and lust.

I am a good looking man but not overly so, and I seem to have a great rapport with women. Women tend to like me on a personal level and I think it is because I listen to them and I treat them with respect. I love the interaction with women and I am never crude in my behavior towards them. All of this, I think, has really helped me over the years in my efforts to get many very beautiful and sexy women into bed.

I have seduced many, many women over the years and have enjoyed every one of them. Of course, some stand out above the rest and two of my all-time favorites actually are close to home. My wife has three brothers and one sister. I have fucked her sister and I have fucked the wife of one of her brothers. In terms of the women I have seduced over the years, these two would have to rank near the top.

Their names are Maggie and Joan and, while they are very different personality types, they have two very important traits in common: they are both very hot, very sexual women and they both love fucking me more than anything in this world.

My sexual relationships with these two women are ongoing. Although circumstances don’t allow us to fuck as often as we would like, we do get together every single chance we get.

Maggie is my wife’s younger sister and I’ve been fucking her on a regular basis for about seven years. While many of my seduction efforts over the years have been long and required great effort, this one was completely painless. Once I decided that I wanted to take a shot at her, all I had to do was ask.

After years of flirting and seductive glances, I decided the time was right. I called her one day and asked her to meet me for a drink and she was very receptive. Maggie is a coarse, open woman and I knew that direct talk was the way to go with her. After about 10 minutes of discussion, I decided to throw caution to the wind.

“Maggie,” I said, “I think it’s time that you and I started fucking. What do you think?”

She laughed out loud. “I’ve wondered when you would get around to me. What took you so long?”

Simply put, Maggie is a sensational piece of ass. This woman is beautiful and absolutely loves every aspect of the sexual experience. She is extremely sensual in nature and she has one of those drop-dead, killer bodies. Every time I fuck her it is a new adventure.

Maggie has these great big tits with the greatest nipples I have ever seen on a woman. They are at least an inch long and they are very sensitive. When I suck on those nipples it drives Maggie into an ecstatic, sexual frenzy – every time.

My favorite thing to do with her is to just let her stand in front of me, completely nude. I don’t touch her at all. I just use my mouth and tongue on her beautiful nipples and tits. It is so exciting to hear her moan and groan and talk dirty to me while I’m sucking her sweet flesh. When I do that to Maggie it never fails to lead to a dynamic, extraordinary fuck session — and we have had many.

Joan, my brother-in-law’s wife, is also an incredible woman. She is pretty, not a raving beauty, but she has a vivacious personality and a spectacular body. Joan has very big, beautiful thighs and a very big ass and she loves to show them off. During the summer months she wears shorts that are very short and very tight. It’s quite a sight and I’ve noticed more than a few heads turning to look at her great ass in motion.

It’s funny but I had known Joan for more than 20 years before I made the conscious decision to try to seduce and fuck her. We spent a lot of time together over the years but never really talked too much. I still Trabzon Escort remember when it all changed. It was Joan’s 40th birthday and her husband Jim decided to throw her a big party.

It was a great night and I had much, too much to drink. We all did. I remember late in the evening looking across the room and seeing her. It was like I was seeing Joan for the first time. I still can’t explain it but she looked completely different to me. Maybe it was the fact that she was getting older or maybe it was just that she was really taking care of her body, I don’t know. But she looked great. I looked at that great ass in those tight pants and I looked at that smile and those radiant, beautiful eyes and it was like a bell went off in my head. “I’ve got to find a way to fuck that woman,” I said to myself.

Immediately the wheels started turning in my head. Would Joan be receptive to my seduction efforts? Would she fuck me? I couldn’t help but think how incredible it would be to seduce this woman, get her into bed, and then fuck that sweet pussy all night long.

I remember the next day trying to decide the best approach to use to try to make it happen. Joan is a very talkative woman with a great personality and I knew that it would be easy to engage her in conversation. I decided to start by making sure I spent more time talking to her and getting to know her.

The next time we got together I went out of my way to spend a lot of time with Joan. She is one of these women who will talk incessantly if you let her and I was glad to just sit and listen, adding to the conversation myself only occasionally.

Over the next several months I got to know Joan very well and learned that we had a lot in common. I liked her. She had a great personality; she was funny and also very intelligent. On top of all that, she had a body that screamed for sex, full and luscious. Yes, definitely, Joan had the whole package.

During one of our early conversations I asked Joan for her e-mail address and she gave it to me. We began to e-mail each other and this really enhanced our blossoming friendship. We soon became what I would call very good friends who could talk about “personal” things openly with each other.

I never expressed my feelings for Joan during this time but I knew the opportunity would soon come. I was also confident that when I did make that overture, Joan would be more than receptive. Thoughts of fucking that big ass started to consume me but I forced myself to be patient. I didn’t want to push things too quickly.

Things turned dramatically with Joan one afternoon while we were having a cookout on my deck. My wife and her brother were inside and Joan and I got into a long, great conversation. We had both had a lot to drink and any subject matter inhibitions soon became non-existent. I don’t know how but the conversation turned to sex and Joan revealed to me that she loved to dress up in lingerie. In fact, she said she wore it every night to bed. This floored me because lingerie is one of the things that really gets me excited sexually. My heart was pounding at just the thought of seeing her dressed in a skimpy “fuck me” outfit like that.

It was then that Joan started talking openly about her sexual nature. She told me about a couple of early sexual experiences that occurred before her marriage and how wild she was as a young woman. I just sat there listening, mesmerized, and getting hotter and hotter by the minute.

After this lengthy dissertation on her sexual history, Joan said, “I’ve always felt that I was oversexed.” At that moment I knew I was going to fuck her and I seized the opportunity. “Wow,” I said. “That’s interesting. Do you mean oversexed when you were younger or do you still feel that way?”

She laughed and her face was red from excitement, embarrassment or both. “No,” she said. “I think now more than ever. It just seems like I want it all the time and I think about it all the time. I know that’s not normal for a woman my age but, hey, I’m just telling you the truth. You know how it is being married. It seems like you have less and less sex the older you get. At least that’s the way it’s been for us.”

“Yes I do know what you mean,” I said. “Joan, since we’re being so open, can I ask you a personal question?”

Joan chuckled. “Oh no,” she said. “I can’t wait to hear this. I think we’ve already gotten about as personal as you can get but feel free to ask me anything.”

“Ok, and excuse me if I’m getting too personal,” I said. “But how do you deal with your sexual cravings? Do you just fantasize about someone or do you do something about it?”

Joan grinned and gave me a sly look. “Why don’t you just come right out and say it Joseph? You want to know if I fuck around. The answer is no. I’ve been tempted but I’ve never done anything. No, I just suffer in silence.”

“Well let me ask you something,” I said. “Would that always be the case or would you change Escort Trabzon your mind if the right person came along?”

She then got a very serious look on her face and looked right into my eyes. “Since you asked, I’ll be honest with you. If the right person came along and the situation was right, I don’t think I could say no.”

I smiled. “That’s interesting to know. Joan, I don’t think it will surprise you when I say that I want to be that person. I enjoy your company but more importantly you have one of the greatest bodies I have ever seen on a woman and I have wanted to taste it for a long time. What would you think about you and I getting together and taking this friendship to a new level?”

She smiled, blushing, and said, “I don’t know about that. It might be dangerous. I’ll be honest. I’ve never wanted a man more than I’ve wanted you. But we’ve got a family connection and that makes it a lot harder than if we were strangers. There might be too many obstacles in the way.”

I nodded. “It’s funny,” I said, “but that reminds me of one of my favorite quotes. It says ‘Man is most uniquely human when he turns obstacles into opportunities’. I’ve always loved that quote.”

I reached up with my right hand and touched her on the cheek before continuing. “You know Joan you’re right. If you and I wanted to get to each other there would be a lot of obstacles. But they are only obstacles. They are not barriers. Obstacles can be overcome. I want you more than I’ve ever wanted any woman. I ache for you. It’s just this simple: I want to see you in your lingerie and I want to eat your pussy and I want to fuck you. And you want to fuck me. I think this is a rare opportunity for both of us and I don’t think we can pass it up. But it’s totally up to you and I will respect whatever decision you make. All I ask is that you don’t say no until you think about it.”

Her face was red and I could tell she was practically on fire. “I will,” she said. “I’ll think about it and let you know.”

I didn’t have to wait long for my answer. As they were leaving that night Joan and I did our goodbye hug and she whispered in my ear. “Call me soon,” she said. Instinctively I knew that Joan had made up her mind. We were going to fuck and I was on cloud nine.

Joan turned out to be every bit the “oversexed” woman that she bragged about being. I will never forget our initial meeting and seeing her in lingerie for the first time. She had on spiked high heel shoes, black stockings connected to a garter belt, and black thong panties. She had on a camisole and a bra that revealed her full, protruding tits. She had on a lot of makeup, accentuated by full red lipstick, and her hair was cut short and was a beautiful sandy blonde color.

The sight of her full hips, thighs and pussy was almost more than I could take. I sat her on the bed and licked and kissed her thighs for several minutes before I slowly removed her panties and went to work on her pussy. I plunged my tongue in and strained to get it in as far as it would go. She squealed with pleasure and I was in heaven. She wrapped those big, beautiful thighs around my head and I sucked her until I couldn’t suck anymore. Then I mounted her, fucking her with a passion that I have experienced only rarely in my life.

Joan was an unbelievable fuck that day and each time with her has been better than the time before. Her ass is just fantastic, that’s the only way to describe it. I love playing with it, kissing it, licking it, fucking it, and Joan loves every second of it.

This woman never gets enough and she just wears me out when we fuck. Not only that but she is really fun in bed. I’ve never been with a woman who was so much fun to be with and it just makes the fucking even better. I find myself wanting her more and more. When we leave one of our fantastic fuck sessions, I can’t wait until the next one.

It would seem that screwing women like Maggie and Joan on a regular basis would be enough for any man. But the seduction is part of the thrill for me and I never get tired of it. I just love women and I love getting to know them and I love trying to fuck them. I never get tired of the chase. Also, if there is one thing I’ve learned is that the next experience may turn out to be even better than the previous ones.

That was certainly the case with Jo, a woman I met just over a year ago at a ball park, a meeting that turned out to be one of those once in a lifetime experiences.

I first saw her during the playing of the National Anthem. Seated with my group on the first seat in the row of steel bleachers, I turned to face the flag. There she stood, a statuesque blond amazon woman with gigantic tits, a big, luscious ass and long beautiful blond hair. She was at least in her late 40s or early 50s but the age suited her. This was the kind of woman who made the jaws of men drop to the floor when she walked by.

I only had a side view of her but I could Trabzon Escort Bayan see those tight, black pants and a tight white sweater that barely contained one of the biggest set of tits I had ever seen. Her hair was down to the middle of her back, leading to a great, big, beautiful ass. I couldn’t believe it. This had to be the greatest and most fuckable body I had ever seen on a woman.

Her clothes were far too tight, especially for a woman her age and especially for a woman with such large body parts. But that intrigued me. I love women who aren’t afraid to display their assets, who aren’t afraid to show that they are sexual beings.

Her face was hidden and I waited for her to turn around so that I could see if she had a beautiful face that could come close to matching that awesome body. The anthem ended but I remained standing, looking blankly in her direction. She turned and I saw her face for the first time. It was gorgeous. The first thing that struck me was her eyes, a bright green color and sharp. I immediately wanted to get a closer look into those mesmerizing eyes. Her face was smooth and pretty, with only a few small lines that hinted at her age. But even those seemed to add to her beauty.

The sighting caused me to immediately lose all interest in my friends and in the start of the baseball game. I kept looking around, hoping to catch her eye.

She was seated three rows above me, in the section next to mine. Her husband or boyfriend was sitting next to her, a normal looking man probably in his late 40s to early 50s. It was not until the second inning that I was able to make eye contact. I was looking back, directly at her, when her male companion got up to leave. She moved her legs toward the aisle to let him get through and this put her right in the path of my gaze. After he passed, she looked up and noticed me staring at her. She averted her eyes quickly but then just as quickly looked back at me. Her eyes hit me like a bolt of lightning. They were a soft green color and were a perfect match to her blond hair and fair skin.

Surprisingly, she held my stare for several seconds and I was unable to look away myself. At one point, I thought I saw her jaw drop slightly (perhaps wishful thinking on my part).

I continued to look back at her every few seconds, hoping to catch her eye again. She wouldn’t look at me for several minutes even though I’m sure she knew I was looking at her. Finally, about 30 minutes later, she looked at me again. She had a blank expression, no smile or frown, and this time she quickly looked away.

I had become obsessed and had totally lost interest in my friends and in the game. I stared out at the green grass and just wondered to myself. “How could I possibly meet this woman? How can I let this opportunity pass without saying something to her?” This was the type of woman you see only rarely, the kind that comes along maybe once in a lifetime.

I was in agony, knowing that this time would soon pass and I would never see her again. But this was my ideal woman in the flesh and I knew it. We all have certain characteristics that we crave in women and she had them all for me. Beautiful eyes, nice face, full lips, great thighs, a huge ass and gigantic tits. She was also tall with thick hips and older and more mature. She had everything I had ever dreamed about in a woman. And every instinct in my body told me that this woman would be the best fuck I’ve ever had. I just knew it.

I could not avoid turning around once or twice each minute to look at her. I turned once and caught her just as she was leaving her seat to go to the restroom or the concession stand. Her hips in motion were an awesome sight and her ass was even greater than I thought upon first viewing. It was unbelievably tight for a woman her age and it shook like Jell-O from side to side.

The game progressed and my agony (or perhaps insanity) continued. My heart was in my throat and I was almost shaking. I had caught her eye several more times during the game and each time was an exhilarating experience. It was late in the game, the seventh inning, I think, when her male companion got up to leave again. I caught her eye after he left and this time I thought I saw her grin ever so slightly. Did she really smile or was I dreaming? I had been lost in a dream all day so I assumed that it probably was just my overactive imagination.

The game neared its conclusion and I was a wreck. Knowing I would soon never see her again, I knew I had to do something. I knew it was a long shot and I knew I would probably get ignored, laughed at, or worse. But I knew that I wouldn’t be satisfied if I didn’t at least try to make contact with her.

As the ninth inning approached, I knew I had to take my shot. It was out of complete desperation but nevertheless I was ready. I got up from my seat and started up the stairs very slowly. I looked at her the entire time, just hoping she would look at me. As I got close to her row, she quickly turned her head towards me and our eyes met. I was shaking but I was ready. I made a quick motion with my head, indicating to her to follow me. I did it quickly and without hesitation but I made sure the message was clear. She saw me but turned away quickly.

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