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My name is Jake and this is my senior prom sex story.

Me and my girlfriend Leah went to our senior prom, sad that it was the last high school dance but we also had a ton of fun. Somehow our parents let us rent a cabin by ourselves in the mountains for the weekend. After the dance was over we headed back to my house to get our stuff. We loaded up the car and drove the two hour trip to the beautiful mountains. It was dark when we got there but we were secluded and you could tell the view was incredible.

Once we had unloaded everything we explored the cabin and we decided to get in the hot tub. We put ok bathing suits but they didn’t last long. After five minutes of being in the hot tub, we were already making out and groping at each other. We hadn’t ever had anything past oral sex even though Leah was on the pill. I felt her 34DD tits press against my chest and I started to undo her bikini top. It fell away into the water and I started sucking on her beautiful breasts. She moaned with each suck, her nipples turning hard. I played with them for a while before she undid my pants and took them off. I was rock had by now and she stated jacking me off underwater. It was a crazy sensation and soon enough I was about to cum. I sat on the side of the tub ad she opened her mouth. I shot 5 huge loads into her waiting mouth. She milked the ready of my cum off of my cock. Then it was my turn. I removed her bottoms and slipped my fingers into her soaking pussy. Niğde Escort I played with her clit and made her cum quickly. We spent the next hour cuddling naked in the hot tub.

After we finished there, we went inside and showered together with multiple make out sessions under the warm running water. That night as we lay down to go to bed, it started raining and the tin roof got to talking. This was romantic and got us both very horny. We made out and soon my boxers flew off and so did her lingerie. Again I played with her titties but not for long because I moved down to her cunt. I teased her by running my tongue up and down her thigh before finally settling on her clit. I played with it for a while and then sucked on her soakin wet pussy. My tongue moved around and explored her juicy, wonderful cunt. Finally her body started arching and her moaning grew louder. A wave of oust juice cake cascading down on my face and I licked it all up.

She returned the favor by teasing me and then giving me the blow job of a life time. She was experienced in giving head and my 8 inch monstrosity didn’t bother her. She deep throated it and gave it lots if attention. I shot my load straight down her throat. She opened her mouth and my creamy cum was everywhere. Leah said it was her best meal ever.

Next we cuddled for a few more minutes before I made the move an pushed Leah onto her back. I then put my dick into her cunt. It was the most Niğde Escort Bayan amazing feeling having my rock hard cock mix with the sweet juices of her loins. I rammed my dick into her and she took it like a pro, moaning and saying, “Oh yeah babe, fuck me so hard.” I sucked more on her boobs and as she started shuttering towards an orgasm so did I. As her juices came flowing down , I pushed my sweet cum into her pussy. I came out and collapsed next to her gasping. We kissed and decided that was the best moment if our lives.

After that we went to bed, too tired to carry on.

But in the morning we got kinky. I woke up to Leah sucking my dick. We go in the 69 position and it was awesome. I ate up her cunt while she deep throated my cock. I came all over her face. I put her on her back right before she came and when she did she squirted, and it won’t everywhere. It was the first time it had happened to her and it was very cool. I liked seeing her cum spray up into the air and across the bed. After that we had breakfast and had some shower sex. I lifted her up and held her as she wrapped her legs behind me and rode my dick. It was hard cause I had to hold her but shower was worth it. I came all inside her and she squirted everywhere again but this time I got a drink of it. It tasted like sweet nectar from the gods.

That evening after doing lots of things in the mountains during the day we came back and did some handys Escort Niğde in the hot tub. After that we went to bed early, knowing there was a long night ahead. We started off again with some oral but then she climbed on top of me and did the cowgirl sex position. She rode me then like a professional pornstar. We fucked and I watched her titties bounce up and down right in front of me. They hypnotized me and made me cum all inside her as her wave if cum washed over my dick. After that she got on her hands and knees and I went in from behind. This was fun because my balls slapped against her body and her ass shook with every one of my pounds into her and I grabbed her boobs for support. This was the best sex position because of all that. I decided to pull out this time and cum on her chest. He tits provided a perfect landing spot for my cum. Some also landed on he face. She did all she could to get it all up.

Then I asked if she wanted to try anal. She said why not since we were doing everything else. I put lots offline on my dick and on her asshole so it would go smoothly to cause her minimal pain. Leah let out a gasp and then a groan as my fat cock stretched her asshole wide open. I pushed in and out of there too for a while as she moaned along with me. I came in her ass which was on my bucket list. But all of the nerves in her asshole caused her biggest orgasm. Leah literally squirted everywhere in a constant stream of cum not being able to stop. I caught and lucked up what I could.. After that we made out to end the night..

We headed home the next morning with the best trip ever under our belts. We never let go and are now married with kids, meaning her boobs got bigger!! We still play like that all of the time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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