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Author’s Note: This is my first attempt at writing for Literotica, after years of reading. Please provide constructive feedback; hopefully with enough support, I’ll continue this story and make it stronger. Enjoy!!


I work in the career center at a small, private college. I spend my days teaching resume and cover letter writing, and helping students figure out what they want to do for the rest of their lives. It is a very rewarding job, which is good, as the pay is not. There are some great benefits, though. The big one, after great health insurance, is that I am assailed daily with the sights and smells of gorgeous co-eds.

Smart, 18-22 year old women are a delight. They are fun to talk with, they flirt even when they don’t mean to, and they need no particular reason to wear tight clothes, other than the fact that they have firm, young bodies. Even if it is 20 degrees outside, that just gives them the excuse to wear yoga pants instead of short shorts.

Being professional is obviously part of my job, as I’m supposed to be teaching students how to act in a professional manner so they can get a job. But sometimes these women make it so hard.

There’s one woman in particular, her name is Ainsley. She is stunning – 5’6″, brown hair cut just above the shoulders so you can see plenty of her luscious neck, with icy grey-green eyes. She’s got great legs and a round, firm ass, sculpted from years of horseback riding. She’s also got great tits; large, firm, and screaming to be grasped. I’ve always enjoyed working with her, not just looking at her. We hit it off immediately, both recognizing that sarcasm is the best way to communicate. Her sassy attitude, coupled with her southern drawl, makes her incredibly sexy. Of course, her constant, playful flirting with me doesn’t hurt either. I do my best to not encourage it, but I certainly take pleasure in it.

While I may always enjoy looking at her and the many other gorgeous women on campus, I never realistically imagine being with any of them. Fantasties? Oh yes, I’ve had many, but really being with them, nah…


Today, like many others, I walk into our campus grill, for lunch, and I see Ainsley sitting by herself in a corner booth. As I would normally do for any student I work with regularly, I walk over to say hi. As I do, it is immediately apparent something is wrong; Ainsley has been crying, looks exhausted, and is staring blankly at her food.

“Ainsley?! What happened?! I ask, concerned.

“My boyfriend dumped me last night.”

Her normally mischievous and sexy eyes look hollow as she stares up at me.

I am honestly shocked; Ainsley had been seeing some guy from home as long as I’ve known her – I assumed they would marry someday. (Of course I was jealous as hell of him for fucking Ainsley).

“Oh my God Ainsley, I’m so sorry! What…why?” I really feel bad for her; lusting over a woman is one thing, but I’m not a heartless dick and don’t want to see her hurting like this.

“…I really don’t know why; he said something about it being about him and not me, but…that’s such a crock of shit. His own mother called later and said she had no idea what the hell was going on.”

I sit down across from her in the booth and just shake my head at her sympathetically. I reach out and lay my hand on top of hers saying, “I’m really sorry Ainsley and I can see how much you are hurting. If you need anything at all, even a chair to sit and cry in, my office is open.”

After looking me in the eyes for a few moments, I begin to see a spark of life return. Her eyes are like books, they are captivating and tell you everything in her mind and soul at once.

“Thanks, that helps a lot.” Ainsley whispers and actually manages a small smile, which must be incredibly hard at the moment. It makes me light up, and I think she knows it. I smile back, squeeze her hand for a second, and then head back to my office, leaving her with her thoughts.

I don’t see Ainsley at the grill at her usual time the next two days and I begin to worry, so once I return home after work, I send her a text:

Me: Been thinking about you and I am missin some sass! Seriously though, I hope you are doing better. My office is open anytime for you.

I receive an almost immediate response:

Ainsley: Thx, I’m missin giving you some sass! Can I stop by at 11 tomorrow?

I checked my calendar and was glad to see I was open then:

Me: Definitely; come on by!

Ainsley: c u then 🙂

As I turn in for bed, I lay here, struggling to sleep. I am feeling guilty as I keep seeing images of Ainsley in my mind and keep fantasizing about her. After a while, finally, sleep overtakes me.

Ainsley is sitting in my office and while she is talking in halting phrases about the break-up, I am failing hopelessly to not stare at her legs, covered only in short, tight gym shorts. She has a tank top on that is stretched Niğde Escort around her ample globes.

Finally she is done talking, waiting for me to respond. I somehow, in my daze, manage to say something that must have come across as empathetic and reassuring, because suddenly I find that we are both standing and that she is hugging me tightly; thanking me for helping her. Her breasts press into me and they feel incredible. I hug her back tightly and then give her a chaste kiss on the cheek, to show that I care. In the next moment, she looks me in the eye and then her lips are pressed against mine.

I gasp for a moment, lock eyes with her, and then hungrily kiss her back. My hands slide up her back and I press into her as our tongues seek each other out.

Ainsley shifts her legs apart to steady herself and I move my right leg into the space between them. She moans as my knee pushes into her and sucks in her breath as my hands slide down behind the elastic band of her shorts, grabbing on to her ass; a soft shell with a firmness underneath…paradise.

Ainsley begins moving her body against my leg; humping my thigh, as our mouths fight each other. I can feel the heat from her pussy as she slides her silky shorts against me. I can hear gasps and urgent grunts as she tries to find release. I suddenly feel her vibrate; her body spasms as a small orgasm takes her. I’m shocked that it happened so quickly.

She pauses for a second and backs away a step as my hands reluctantly let go of her glorious ass cheeks. I suddenly get very concerned that she is going “wake up” and realize what we just did.

Instead, Ainsley looks at me, smirks with her typical sarcastic expression, and then drops to her knees, while grasping at the belt to my pants. I shudder in anticipation as she quickly loosens the buckle, undoes the button and pulls my pants and boxer briefs down all at once.

My achingly stiff rod springs out immediately to her obvious pleasure. Without using her hands, she leans in and uses her tongue to lick around the hole, swiping at the ample precum leaking out. I groan as she moves her head around to slide her tongue along my shaft, teasing me by only using a little pressure, her eyes telling me that she is doing this on purpose. I try to shift my body to put more pressure against her mouth and she meets each movement with one of her own, moving around each side of my dick, continuing her teasing licks.

Finally, when she knows I can’t stand it any longer, she moves in front of me, takes my dick in her hand and slides me into her mouth. It takes all I can to not cum immediately, I’m so pent up at the suddenness of it all. I gain control of myself as she commences a slow and ecstasy filled sucking, her tongue and lips clenching around my shaft.

I lay my hands on her head, guiding her a bit, trying not to force myself down her hot throat. She responds by reaching her hands around me to grasp my ass and begins to pick up the pace, fucking her own mouth with my member…

Almost without warning I come to, as my hand is furiously pulling on my dick and I begin to sit up from my prone position and yell as cum launches from the purple head, spewing over my sheets and my shirt. I continue stroking as a sizable load continues to release and then, out of sheer exhaustion, I fall back onto the bed, my head landing on my pillow as I gasp for air.

“Shit!” I say to myself, almost laughing at what had to be one of the most realistic and powerful masturbation experiences I’ve ever had. Almost as quickly I say “Fuck!! How am I supposed to look her in the eyes tomorrow after that?!” I get out of bed, go to the bathroom to clean myself off, and return to bed to fall into a fitful sleep.

The next morning I awake and begin to get ready as usual, momentarily forgetting about my considerably wet dream, until I look at my phone to check my calendar and remember I am seeing Ainsley in a few hours. I can feel butterflies in my stomach and I begin to hope that I can be my usual self; I don’t want to lose my job for saying or doing something stupid.

I arrive to the office and get into my normal swing; I see two students, helping them both with resumes for internship applications and return a bunch of emails, when my intercom buzzes to inform me that Ainsley is here. I let my secretary know I’ll be out in a minute and then I grab a pocket mirror I keep in my drawer, check my hair, push a few strands into place and then go out to greet her.

Walking down the hallway, I can immediately see that Ainsley looks 100% better than she did a couple of days before. Really, she looks fantastic; she’s wearing a magenta blouse that fits snugly around her breasts and a flirty navy skirt that sits four inches above her knees, showing plenty of thigh. I blink hard for a moment as she catches my eye; I see her look down and smile to herself, and I know in that instant she caught me checking her out.

I Niğde Escort Bayan quickly compose myself and greet her. “Hey Ainsley; it’s great to see you!”

“You too, thanks for fitting me in on short notice.”

“My pleasure as always, c’mon back.”

I lead the way down the hall and then stop to let her by me so she can enter my office first; I quickly scan down her backside, admiring her ass and her shapely legs. I shake my head for a moment, trying to pull myself out of the gutter so I can focus on helping a student in need. We both sit down and I look at her for a moment.

“It’s good to see you, how are you doing?” I ask her.

“I’m much better, thanks for checking in on me last night. I went home later on the day you saw me down the hall at the grill, and didn’t come back until yesterday evening. I spent most of the first day crying my eyes out and then talked it all out with my Mom and sister. I came to the realization that things had not been going well between him and I; he was drifting away for awhile and I never saw it. It still hurts a lot and it will take some time before I’m whole again, but it is probably for the best.”

I nod thoughtfully at what she’s said and respond, “I’m really glad you are handling this so well. I must say you look a thousand percent better today.”

“Thanks. I wanted to dress nicely after pretty much living in my gym clothes for three straight days.”

Before I realize what I am doing, I look her up and down and say, “I don’t know what he’s thinking giving you up.”

She immediately blushes, smiles and looks down.

“I mean, not that I’m checking you out or anything…” I stammer immediately after. “Shit. I mean, damn, I mean…ah heck. I’m sorry. I don’t know what I was thinking saying that to you; you’re my student and are going through a breakup. I’m really not hitting on you or anything!” I am completely mortified at what I’ve said and I can feel the shock and fear on my face as I hope to God she isn’t going to slap me, run out of the office, and immediately file a harassment claim.

Instead, after a moment, she looks up with those mischievous icy eyes and says in her patented southern sass, “So you think he’s giving up something good, huh?!” She looks down at herself, leans forward a bit toward me, and a husky voice that sends heat to my nether regions, says, “You have no idea how good.”

I obviously can’t see my own expression, but I can easily hear the thunk as my jaw drops to the floor. After a stunned moment, I lean back in my chair and try to stammer out something I hope sounds composed and at least portends to professional. “uh…Ainsley, I think…I uh…uh…” I fail miserably at composed and professional.

Ainsley bails me out by smiling, standing up, smoothing out her skirt and reaching to the floor to grab her bag. I horrify myself by staring down her blouse and seeing the tops of her perfect breasts, sheathed in a lacy white bra. I’m pretty sure she intended for me to have a show, but I quickly look away and stand up, belatedly realizing I’m hard.

“Ainsley?!” I manage to say clearly.

She turns to me, places her hand on my chest and leans in to give me a soft but long kiss on my cheek. After doing so she turns on her southern charm to high setting, looks me in the eyes, hers are sparkling, and in a completely composed way says, “Thank you Matthew. You really are sweet and I know you didn’t mean any harm. I appreciate you looking out for me and I look forward to seeing you again.” With that, Ainsley walks toward the door, then she looks back toward me and down to my erection, gives me a quick wink, and then walks off.

I’m not sure how long I remain standing there, but I cannot form a complete thought, especially as I continue to breath in her fragrance, which I know is going to linger the rest of the day. I eventually find my way back into my chair and stare at the screen of my computer, pretending to be able to comprehend the backlog of emails before me.

“What the fuck was that?!” I ask myself. I have no explanation for the stupidity I showed nor for her response, which, each time I hear it in my mind, causes my penis to pulse. “You have no idea how good.” I hear it over and over again.

My phone rings and it causes me to lurch and snap me out of whatever mental state Ainsley has put me in. I take the call, and manage to sound composed and competent while answering a question about a student’s grad school application. After the call I am ready to return to work, though Ainsley’s scent is always keeping the experience in the background.

After and hour of relatively focused work, my stomach starts to grumble and I think about getting lunch. I ran late in the morning, par for the course, and so didn’t make lunch. My usual substitute is to go down the hall to the grill; it’s a great way to chat up students and remind them to get back to me on their resume or application Escort Niğde or to congratulate them on getting that great internship or job offer.

Today, though, I know I can’t go there. I can just see Ainsley sitting there with her friends, looking up and giving me her normal sarcastic grin, pretending that nothing had ever happened. Her self-assuredness is an attractive quality, but today it would give me a heart attack. Instead, I leave campus, grab a sub, and return to my office to eat, but of course, I get back only to inhale Ainsley’s perfume again…

When I walk through the door of my apartment, after somehow managing to be productive the remainder of the day, I rush to the bathroom, yank off my pants and jerk off in what feels like seconds. I don’t need anything else but the seared into my brain image of Ainsley’s breasts and her fine ass, and the smell of her perfume to cum copiously…

I am able to be my normal self on Friday, though I feel brief disappointment when I can no longer smell Ainsley in my office as I walk in. I consciously avoid the grill for lunch, resigning myself to a ham sandwich at my desk. I’m just not ready to look her in the eyes yet.

My Friday and the weekend passes quickly, filled with my normal Saturday indoor soccer game and watching football at the tap house on Sunday. I do not mention my experience with Ainsley to the guys, knowing the shitstorm it will raise. They already heckle me mercilessly about being single and for not scoring with a hot, firm co-Ed.

I guess, at this point, you don’t know very much about me. I’m 32, divorced after a failed marriage of four years. Fortunately we did not have kids, which made our parting easier. I’m a pretty normal guy, 5’10, brown hair and hazel eyes. I’m pretty fit, soccer helps with that as does working out semi-regularly at the campus fitness center. Having the opportunity to look at 18-22 year old asses tucked into tight shorts or yoga pants is good motivation to go to the gym often.

I guess I’m handsome; at least that’s what my female friends say. They’ve set me up with a few women, and while those led to a couple of months of steady dating and pretty good sex, nothing really came of them. At this point I’m not really feeling the need to be in a relationship and am enjoying the solitude for now. I’ve actually used some of this time to explore doctoral programs and will use some of my employment benefits to start classes at the research university across town next semester. Really, I’m a pretty content guy and I’m not looking for any complications.

Ainsley is starting to make this difficult.

Monday starts off like any other Monday; I’m running late for work so I don’t get my lunch made. I’m dragging for no particular reason other than it being a Monday. When I finally get to work, I’m able to settle in quickly. The morning is busy with requests to look at graduate school personal statements; a very enjoyable part of my work as it allows me to get to know students at a deeper level. I’m in the groove and the events of the previous week have disappeared from my consciousness.

Just like Pavlov’s Dog, once 1pm hits, a bell in my mind rings and my stomach starts screaming for nourishment. I head down to the grill and scan the room for familiar faces. I smile at couple of colleagues and then wander over to a couple of students who I will be meeting with later in the week. I remind them to send me their drafts a day or two early and they both thank me for the reminder. I realize that while I was doing my casual look over, I was also seeking for a glimpse of Ainsley, but I don’t see her or her close friends anywhere. “Oh well.” I say to myself. Even though I don’t know how I’d react to seeing her, not seeing her seems worse.

I make my way back to the office with my lunch and stop at the front desk to chat with our secretary, June. I mention a couple of things I will need and ask her to set up a meeting with a couple of other offices. She takes down my requests and just as I turn away to head to my office, I am hip-checked on my blind side and stumble a few steps, almost spilling my chicken fingers and fries all over the place. “What the…!”

June joins Ainsley in rip roaring laughter as I turn back; my face beet red from embarrassment. Laughing in spite of myself, I say, “Ok Ainsley. You got me.”

Ainsley, still laughing and with a twinkle in her eye, responds, “Of course I got you; I’m really good, you know.”

Shock rips through me because I know exactly what she is doing to me with those words. I somehow manage to not spill my lunch again and with no conscious preparation manage to glance up and down at her tight jeans and tank top and respond, “I’m beginning to get a clear picture in my mind.”

That response stops her; she wasn’t expecting the comeback. Fortunately June was oblivious to the double entendre in my words, but they weren’t lost on Ainsley. I wink at her and begin to make my way back to my office. I pause for a moment and turn back to ask her what she had come in for.

“I’m setting up a practice interview with you for the end of the semester. I’m supposed to dress up for that, right?” She asks, winking back at me.

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