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Leading out first, the larger women wore short black leather skirts and matching low-cut bras. They stared emotionless only in the directions they were being lead. Trailing them out was a gorgeous goddess of a woman in knee-high white sheer leather boots, wearing nothing it seemed under a white, see-through, free flowing and revealing gown which was open in the front.

As they arrived to stand before Dana and me, Dana pulled up the cord attached to my throbbing cock and handed it over, still under uncomfortable tension, to the goddess, saying, “he seems strong, Beloved.” Beloved firmly took up the cord and raised it further higher up to her chest which caused me to hobble onto my toes towards her until I was face to face with her.

“Are you willing to learn of the ways of the Abandoned Found?”

Not knowing what this meant and not being in any position to ask questions – and being in obvious discomfort I painfully replied, “Yes I am … Beloved.”

Immediately she thrust up the cord and took me to my point where I couldn’t take the pain on my cock and balls any more, and through gritted teeth I shouted back, “Oh Fuck Yeah, I do!”

“Good” she snapped, slowly releasing the tension on my cock cord. Now spread your legs apart … wider, wider”. Suddenly, she jerked up the cord again which started a rapid and tugging swing of the weight attached to my balls. Gradually she developed a rhythm in pulling the cord only in the upswing which caused the ball weight to swing ever higher backwards and forwards between my legs.

As we stared intently and increasingly defiantly into each other’s eyes, she sensed that I actually could take the rhythmic back and forward swing and huge and repetitive force pulling down on my balls – and up through my cock – as the weight swung through the bottom of its swing.

More and more she tugged on the weight to the point where it just couldn’t swing any higher and in a moment of triumph, I looked around at the other women who seemed captivated with the spectacle, with an expression which said, “look at how strong I am in taking all this rough treatment … what more can she do to me?”

Sensing my defiance and perceived victory, Beloved immediately stopped her tugging and demanded, “Double the weight!” to which Dana attached a 4 KG weight to my ball cord!

This time, she mercilessly and rhythmically tugged away on the cock cord to get the weight once again swinging in increasing amounts. Each swing relentlessly pulling my balls down at the bottom of each swing and each swing was mercilessly slowed by increasing the tugging on my cock cord.


Instantly she let go of the cock cord and ordered Dana to, “Unshackle him”. My cock and balls hastily retracted.

Everyone let out a collective sign at the intensity of what most observers would call a ‘scene’, however, I was later to learn that this was a prescribed ceremony to test me to firstly discover and display my strength to all, and also to gain a strong psychological hold over me by the Beloved.

Beloved seemed pleased, proclaiming “You have immense strength and we are thankful.” … and then louder demanded, “Are we NOT, … all three!?”

Immediately, the three women stood and formed a circle before reaching forward together to scoop out something from up under the front of their skirts with their right hands. Thrusting their right hands upwards towards an imaginary high focal point – in an open-palmed salute – they spread their fingers apart revealing the spidery webbing of their gathered cunt juices. They shouted, “Goddess, Found!”

“Abandoned Found!” the goddess replied, “Celebrate and share your delight with each other”.

It seemed the three women were equals and clearly submissive to the Beloved. Together they then went across the room to sit together on wooden chairs facing each other in the shape of a triangle. Parting their legs slightly, they then proceeded to scoop out and feed their horny juices to the eager person’s tongue to their right, and then to the person on their left.

Although this was an amazing site which would have otherwise turned me hard, I was frankly spent. With what it had gone through, my cock was as small as it could go and my balls had retracted away.

After each woman had scooped out three scoops and fed them to each of her seemingly insatiable neighbours, Beloved motioned all of us in to an adjoining room. “We must now prepare for tonight’s ‘Circle of Five’ ceremony.”

In the centre of softly lit room, a large circular shaped lounge/bed suite beckoned. The three subs clambered onto the lounge as the goddess, commanded, “You are to all be naked, open, and to share yourself abundantly and freely. You are all to discover for yourselves the strength of our new male, but he is NOT to be masturbated.”

As I approached the beylikdüzü escort lounge bed, the now naked women removed my remaining unbuttoned shirt and pulled me naked into their clutches. As they hurriedly felt and fondled me with determined fingers and mouths, I quickly hardened to all this adoring feminine touch. Each took their turn to teasingly tug firmly my cock and balls. Each overwhelmingly smelt of each other’s love juices.

Sensing my unconsciously open mouth, they began to share their juices with me by feeding the scoops onto my tongue, before licking of every last drop off each finger and scooping out, yet more.

After an hour or more of this horny and unhurried sharing where the juices seemed to bonded us together, Beloved re-entered the room commanding, “You must all continue feeding him, until you are each spent, but not to the point of being sore.”

A short time later, as I licked off the last of their juices between their fingers, Beloved ordered that we were to all sit back and listen.

“Tonight, after much searching we celebrate. We have finally found a male who complements our cluster through his trial and display of his strength and his gift of his submission to me. I repeat, you are all to spend the time up until tonight feeding him with as much juice as will flow from your horny dripping cunts through mutual stimulation … however, intercourse is forbidden. I will be watching through that camera up there and I will re-join you all, later tonight to proceed with more vital ceremony in preparation for, the Circle of Five.”

As she then gracefully glided out of the room, the sub named, Chloe gave my cock a soothing squeeze and massage and said to me, “You must have many questions you’d like answered… “

“Yes, I have. I am frankly blown away with all of this. I simply came here expecting maybe, a quick one-nighter with Dana.”

Searching for the right words to say as Dana fed some more globs of her sticky juice into my mouth before deftly wrapping the stringy clear substance around my outstretched tongue, “This ‘harem’ is much more than I expected.”

“Yuuummmm!” stuff the grapes, this must be how they did things in Roman times,” I quipped, swallowing it all down and licking my lips.

“Quite an interesting and long tongue you have there,” Dana quietly observed.

Chloe missing the comment added, “I wonder if all the women in those situations cycled together, as we are all convened to do.”

Sandy, the other woman who hadn’t spoken at all until now, added “Beloved ensures we all cycle together and sharing our juices is not only mutually very erotic for us all, but it serves to ensure that we are all in the right state of preparedness to enjoy what is to come.”

“But why does she want you to cycle together and I still don’t know what is to come?” I queried.

“Well, cycling together ensures we all get horny at the same time in the month, as you may have noticed with us earlier when we ceremoniously saluted and displayed our stringy juices to each other and to all. We are all around ovulation time – and at our most horny.” The three women all giggled as they each felt a little bit more cunt juice gurgle out, at the thought.

“Yes, yes, I suspected that … no really I did” I added. Over the years I have become something of a student of the female cycle and the delicious changes – and not so delicious changes – that happens to a woman’s juices throughout the month.

“… and it’s all part of the reason I found you on-line earlier tonight” Dana added … with me thinking I had found her.

“We have a narrow window of opportunity to perform a sacred ceremony which we call the “Circle of Five …” But it must start at this time of our month when we at our most horny at ovulation with our most abundant supply of juice of the right consistency.

Now being quite emphatic, Chloe added, “If you’ve been wondering why Beloved has instructed us to feed you as much of our juices as possible it is because we need it all to powerfully combine – in a type of female force majeure – through which you impart your male essences and strengths.”

Chloe added, “Through the Circle of Five ceremony, we all will ultimately draw spirit and nourishment from this most luscious combination of sexual and life force energy flow at the point where you will be maximally stimulated to powerfully erupt like a volcano in a heaving orgasm to set free and recommence the circle that bears the ‘fruit’ that embodies our collective sexual needs and desires.”

Dana added, “So at midnight tonight, your cock and balls will be milked, quite intensely … and it’s all part of this amazingly intimate and meaningful process and ceremony for us all. Beloved is currently preparing her own unique contribution which she will intimately add herself tonight.”

Sandy warned, “If you think you’ve gone through an ordeal with the swinging weights, just wait until you are made beyoğlu escort to cum like you have never cum before. Your sperm will then be carefully divided in a special way among us for ceremonial consumption which will form the final piece in the greater, Circle of Five ceremony.

“Wow, they have this all sorted out.” I thought. With that thought playing through my mind, and everyone’s juices still sticking my lips together, I drifted off to sleep amongst the three.

On two occasions throughout the night, two of the three women stirred after experiencing horny dreams. After masturbating powerfully, they dutifully and delicately feed every drop of their slimy juice from their oozing horny cunts into my mouth.

When I awoke, I awoke with a huge erection and a strong urge to masturbate to get release from the building sexual tension in me. Oddly, none of the three wanted to touch my cock in fear they may cause me to cum. They warned me not to masturbate and that I’d have to wait until midnight to get release through their ‘milking’ ceremony.

Keen to know why the milking of my balls is being promoted to me as my ultimate orgasm, I asked Dana what she knew about it.

“I am the operator of what effectively is the state of the art in wanking machines” she said, adding “No human would be capable of delivering or of achieving the ultimate orgasm without it.”

Sandy, proclaimed, “By comparison, female fucking machines are crude and quite boring and robotic – and yes, the pun is sadly intended…”

Intrigued about what I’m apparently in for, I asked Dana if I could either see the machine or if I could be told how it works – although that clearly felt like I was asking the obvious.

Dana agreed saying, “OK, I’ll try to describe it … sorry in advance if it all sounds clinical and technical, but it is necessary to understand it all to help you form an image in your mind of what your body and mind will be put though.”

She continued … “In another specially prepared room here, you will lay naked upon on a bench on your back and the machine will be positioned and locked in place to the bench between, but not touching your legs. Your ankles will be cuffed and restrained. An attached mechanical arm controlled by a computer with input from myself will essentially jerk you off – but there is a lot more to the machine and the process, than that.”

She then described, “The arm has a metal ring attached to mimic any female hole you care to fantasize about, with a small internal pneumatic tube around the inside of the ring – like a small tyre inner tube which can be inflated soft or hard. The ring’s tube contains a fluid which can be pumped up to apply the right amount of firmness – or sloppiness – to fit seamlessly right around the shaft of the penis. In the pumping phase, it has to be tightly pumped up just right so that the outer skin of your cock can side firmly over the inner tissues, creating intense stimulation for you. Changing the pressure in the tube helps pump and control the blood flow back and forwards within your penis as it is being vigorously pumped. In this way the head can be rhythmically pumped up by blood flow control – and kept up. A strobe light freeze frames the process so I can make adjustments. The length or stroke the machine pumps the ring along the shaft can also be finely adjusted to maximise the pump action to match the length of you erect cock. To maximise you orgasmic spasms of ejaculate, I adjust the stroke to drive the hole ring down hard into the base of the penis and out as far as the groove just behind the head.”

Feeling somewhat light-headed with all this, “Sorry, but can I ask a question, Dana?”

“Sure, shoot – pardon the pun,” she laughed as she attempted to inject some welcome relief to an obviously seriously studied topic for her, and perhaps, for all of them.

“This machine seems designed to get the maximum orgasm and I guess, sperm out of a man … I guess that’s the intent then for me tonight? I queried, adding, “Will it hurt?”

Replying reflectively, Dana said, “Well, yes it is. From the very first moment I squeezed hard on your cock, and applied the weight, I was sizing up your strength and mental capability to give all you can to withstand the extremes this machine is capable of. You simply cannot image what this extreme experience will be like, and no it will not hurt – though afterwards you may experience some discomfort from your ruthlessly wrung out balls, but we will help with that.”

Chloe added, “We are a sexual cult … we worship and seek to maximise both female and male sexual attributes. We seek to gain the fruits of both sexes with maximum emotion and natural gifts from both. The circle of Five is the flow of sexual energy expressed through orgasm and the bodily fluids it produces. They spring forth from the female, pass in and out through the male, and back through the female, and through the male, and so on, though bizimkent escort more powerfully with each circle. We become self-sustaining in the nourishment of both sexes as we circle. We’ve searched high and low for the right male, and we’ve found you. The qualities of your strength and your ability to give us, your all, is essential to the strength of the circle, from which we all slavishly and lovingly partake.”

With sincerest of admiration and new incite I replied, “That’s mind blowing and undeniably beautiful. I feel honoured to be part of this Circle of Five. It puts a huge meaning to everything we’ve been doing and what we will be doing. Wow, I now have added focus on what I must contribute and conquer myself in order to provide all I can for you amazingly in-tune females … I feel the most intimate of love for all of you…”

Hearing myself say and feel those words of love just then, made me realise that perhaps it is my first compelling evidence that the circle is commencing its journey through me where the copious amounts of female juices I have eagerly ingested are fusing into every cell of my body.

I have heard of women doing this type of thing in an attempt to ensnare a male lover by putting their juice in their lover’s coffee – maybe I am already too far gone with the juices of three prolific and optimally horny women to do anything about it now – but at this point I really didn’t mind being ensnared … I craved it! I wanted more!

Sandy feeling quite relieved that it didn’t look like I going to do a runner, added, “Now you’re getting it. It’s why we three have all accepted Beloved’s invitations in the first place to be a part of all this. Each of us has undergone our own intense testing by Beloved to be here today, and each of us are prolific squirters. You may also have noticed that the three of us aren’t the most attractive females on the planet. We weren’t well accepted by society or by men sexually. We were outcasts, but we have now been gathered together to become the ‘Abandoned Found’ by the Beloved, who we adore as ‘Goddess found’. We have so much to give – to give our all – like you …” before breathlessly adding, ” … and you accept each of us, by the mouthful!”

Chloe added, “You do realise don’t you, that you continue to make our horny cunts dripping wet?” Laying back I said, “so … don’t waste any of it, spoon feed me all that you can”.

Spoons were rapidly retrieved from the kitchen and the three women spread their legs adoringly wide on the bed as they inserted, rotated, and carefully produced three brimming spoonfuls of their juices from between their reddened and swollen vaginal lips.

Taking the early initiative, Chloe first eased her spoonful into my opening mouth allowing the stringy juices to cascade down onto my now parched out-stretched tongue. Savouring her most intimate of gifts, I gave her an appreciative nod whilst I licked the spoon. “mmmm, you should be bottled,” I said. She laughed with delight and followed up with a tasty finger scoop which I lovingly sucked hard clean.

Dana next, getting even more horny and wet in seeing all this, purposefully dug a larger spoon deep up inside her cunt and stirred and scraped it around with obvious but uncaring discomfort, producing an overflowing spoonful which she quickly and carefully shovelled down into my upturned throat. Gulping it down, I said “better than the best wine, Dana, mmmmmm”

Sandy, not to be outdone and simply overcome with passion, dropped her spoon and grabbed my head and buried my face deep into her exposed wet and gaping crevice. With my mouth open and tongue extended as far out as I could stretch it, she dragged my head and tongue up and deep into her cunt repeatedly, stopping only to allow my tongue to caress and tease her protruding and hugely engorged clit.

Digging my tongue deeper within her, I circled and flicked her cervix in order to taste her sweetest and most freshest of juices – right from her hot steamy source.

Finally, and breathless with her cum spilling and smeared all over my face, I emerged as she let me up for air at her point of orgasm to the rapturous applause from the others. I couldn’t wipe the smile, or the juices from my face … Yeah, I was gone …!

After ten minutes when we had all regained our breathes I said, “OK, ladies, go and quench your own thirsts because I will definitely get very thirsty again very soon.”

At that, they all got up and went into the kitchen playfully shaking their arses with their protruding cunts at me as the slid past me off the lounge/bed.

Now, with time to think … devious thoughts entered my mind. I pondered whether it was a just a delicious coincidence that all three women happened to have large clits.

Shit, Dana’s is like a small cock and Sandy’s clit was throbbing and moving about wildly, just then!

“Mmmmm, I think we could all have some fun later today … he he, they will all scream, and get soaking wet!” I said out aloud.

Grinning from ear to ear, I shouted loud enough so they could hear me, “Shower up, y’all, we’re going ‘fishing’ this afternoon…”

Peering back at me from the kitchen doorway, the three women, looking puzzled hesitantly replied, ” … O … kay …” without having the faintest idea of how going fishing can possibly fit into tonight’s Circle of Five preparations.

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