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This a true story with the names of course changed. I had been home from college for a holiday break. I was 21 at the time. I looked forward to my break to rest, hang out with my buddies, see family spend some time with some old girl friends, maybe keep an ember or two still hot.

The second night home I had came back to my parent’s house where I had stayed when on break. I had just been out at a local club and managed to catch up with one of the old flames and ended up back at her place. It was pretty late when I finally got home so I was respectfully quiet as to not wake up the house. Well after inside, there was no need for real quiet as my baby sister, then a senior in high school, was having slumber party with about four or five of her friends.

My parents had gone away for the weekend visiting leaving the house to her. They were still up snacking, watching TV, pretty much giggling as only high school girls can do. I paid little attention and just sat to the rear of the room on an armchair to catch some late night (early morning) TV myself before catching some Z’s. Well a couple of the girls seemed to turn much attention on me giggling and whispering and pointing. They all laid in sleeping bags or blankets all over the floor. Some horse play broke out and they all seemed to be “wrestling” on the floor doing the typical pillow fight and grab ass stuff. One of them managed to grab my leg and pull me onto the pile and soon I too was laughing and kind of enjoying the attention of these little girls. Some how I managed to get under some of the blankets and as the ruff housing continued I notice some hands, no actually some gropes from an unknown hand.

Then another very good grab of my crotch by yet another and not the same hand I suspected the first time. I had been quite sated from just an hour before but the situation did give me some stirring feelings. Knowing that these girls are probably slightly underage I had to ignore this. As things quieted down I managed to fall asleep on the couch and the girls in there respective spots all over the floor. A couple of hours later we all woke and I was asked to join them for breakfast. I passed and decided to jump in the shower. As I was getting dressed a knock came at the door. It was of course one of the girls. She needed to use the can pretty bad so I slipped on some shorts and with shaving cream on my face I stepped out and gave her some time. I heard the door unlock but instead of stepping out she said come in and finish what I was doing, that she wanted to brush her hair and we could “share” the bathroom.

Soon as I shaved and rinsed I felt this little set of hands reach around my waist and give a big hug then her hands dropped immediately down over my crotch and started working me over. As I turned she gave me the softest kiss ever. I withdrew her hold and simply told her we can’t do anything because she was too young. She told me she was a senior and had turned 18 a couple of months ago. I asked her if she was the one who copped a feel last night and she had said yes but only because the first girl Kim (a sophomore) had told her I just had to check out your package as it was the biggest she ever felt.

She told me Kim was right and would even be more impressed if she felt this semi-hard stiffy I was sporting right now. The girl who was throwing her self on me was a stranger. I told her my name and she said she knew because my sister had told her. Her name as it turned out was Samantha. She gave me one more squeeze and a kiss and said she had to get back or the others would get suspicious. She left saying she had to have me.

Well I went out to a local fast food joint for some coffee. I went back to my parents house so I could use the phone and make some arrangements for the day. My sister’s party was breaking up and the girls were getting their rides home. As the young Kim grabbed her stuff and headed out the door she winked at me and whispered Sam says your a perfect “10” and licked her lips. She scooted on out to her mom’s car all in pony tails and just chuckled and I shook my head. All that was left was my sister and Niğde Escort Sam and of course a huge mess. I made my calls and then offered to help sis clean up so she didn’t get into any trouble. Sam said she didn’t have a ride and asked if I could give her a lift over to her boyfriends house. I told her sure whenever she was ready.

The house got put back together and she was ready to go. We weren’t in the car 30 seconds when she started with a thousand questions to me. Things like have you had many girlfriends, do you get a lot of sex at college, and stuff like that. Eventually she came right out and asked if I’d consider a younger a girl. Well I had some questions for her. I asked her just how much experience with sex she had. How many boys she had slept with. She said two. Then I asked how many times have you had sex in your life. She said 4 times. Once with her first boyfriend when she lost her cherry then a couple of times with her current boyfriend. I asked more detailed questions like did these boys satisfy you. No. How big were they.

The first boy about 5 inches my current boyfriend may 6. She thought he was hung. I said they were average. Then I asked what positions she ever used. She said only one, that she laid on her back and they go on top. I asked if she ever gave or received oral sex. She said no. Then I asked if she ever had an orgasm either from these boys or by her own hand. She said no. She frowned and asked me if I ever could be interested in a girl so inexperienced. I told her sure but she’d need to be taught. She asked if I could teach her all about sex. Giving and receiving. She asked me to make her real good at sex so I would be interested in spending more time with her. I told her sure, when.

She said how about now. I told her we’d have to get a room some where and then the “professor” would require a student with undivided attention. She grinned and soon I checked us into a room at a local hotel. I went slow with her and we undressed each other and kiss and I stroked her body so as to get her to a heightened state. Her young body was gorgeous. Firm little breasts that still had small little underdeveloped nipples. Her stomach was flat and plunged neatly into a V were little wisps of pubic hair covered her womanhood. I asked again if she was really 18 and being slightly irritated she pulled a wallet out of her purse to show me her driver’s license. Sure enough she was 18. I laid her down on the bed and told her to relax. I still had my boxer’s on she had yet to actually see my rod. I told her I was going to show her the proper way to go down on a women so that she can experience her first orgasm. I started at her neck and worked my way over her breasts. She began to tremble and I reassured her to relax and just go with it. If she felt like moving, move. If she felt like talking, talk.

She just moaned her approval. Her little nipples responded and pointed out as I sucked over them. Then I continued on down around her navel and her stomach heaved with her heavy breaths. I parted her legs and licked down the inside of each thigh being careful not to touch the little mound in the middle at this point. Soon she instinctively opened her legs wide and raised her knees to fully expose the inner folds of her now glistening snatch. I took my first big taste from the bottom slowly all the way to the clit and she was delicious. She moaned loudly at the first ever tongue on her pussy. I carefully circled her clit and it became engorged. Now her juices started to flow and she wiggled under my mouth. She brought her hands to the back of my head and I knew she was already feeling the beginnings of her first big “O”. I stuck my tongue in and out and took long laps from bottom to clit. Her snatch was even tight on my tongue and I decided to put a finger in her to see if she could ever accommodate my dick later. She was very tight and I couldn’t believe she was not a virgin.

As I worked my finger in as far as the second knuckle she was almost over the top and I sucked harder now exclusively on her clit moving my tongue quickly back and forth over it. Niğde Escort Bayan She started bucking and making load vocal sounds. Then her cunt squeezed down on my finger as she had her first ever orgasm. She held on for what seemed like a minute just bucking and moaning and I kept sucking. As it turned out she had her first three orgasms all at once in a period of that minute or two. Finally she said enough and had me lift my head from her. She said that was the greatest and now feels cheated that her boyfriends never tried to get her off. She said both of them just climbed on and after a few humps and 30 seconds later they came and it was over. She never thought sex could be like that. I told her that was only the beginning. Now she should learn how to give the same pleasure and she started down on me the way I had done her. She was a good student and didn’t miss a spot kissing down my chest nibbling each nipple and heading to the top of my boxers.

She tugged at the waistline and pulled them down. For the first time she saw my 10 inch rod standing straight at attention and she gasped. She said “so that’s what a real man’s cock looks like. I’ve been fucking little boys apparently.” Then she took hold of it and slowly stroked it. I told her she was doing it right and I laid back on the bed. She asked what now and I instructed her to lick the head and try to get accustomed to the feel and size of it. She needed little further instruction as instinct must have kicked in. She managed to get her mouth fully around it and started bobbing on it. She really was good but I wanted to teach her what I feel is the best way to get and receive oral sex. The 69. I described the position and that there are many variations or who’s on top or to lay sideways and such. I told her I liked the women on top so she moved over me accordingly. She started back on my dick and started to take as much as half of it in her mouth. I started licking and sucking and as I got her closer to yet another orgasm she started to really get into her blowjob.

I knew I must of been oozing lots of precum because this girl was hot. She moaned and started bucking and cumming. She actually let the head slide down her throat a couple of times but she’ll need more practice to get it right. She was doing good enough though and soon I was getting close to my own orgasm. I had her to her fourth orgasm right away and I remember I did not tell her about swallowing or that I probably would have a lot more spunk then she had ever seen before and try to prepare her. To late I started to spurt and she gagged but stay right with it. Finally she couldn’t swallow it all down and some leaked from the sides of her mouth and onto my stomach.

She asked how’s that and I said great but how did you like it. She said she loved it and never thought she’d like cum so much and proceeded to lick up what spilled out. She crawled up beside me and said so what’s next. I told her that I have many positions to teach her and that her pleasures have just began. She asked me straight out if I really think I could get my dick in her and she looked concerned. I reassured her that I would go slow and that yes she would not only get it in but all of it. With about a minute of rest I soon had another woody and was ready to continue with the lessons. I asked her how the others took her and she laid on her back and raised her knees and said like this.

So I moved over her and said this is a good place to start. I rubbed the head of my dick against her very wet opening. This is the first time I realized that I’d have to go really easy as she was not a virgin she really hadn’t been penetrate before. I told her to brace for my entry and if at all it hurts to say something and I can slow down. My head pressed in and her eyes literally rolled back. I asked if she’s ready and she moaned yes, it feels great. I pressed on and she winced and said she’s alright keep going. I pulled back and decided to stroke only the first couple of inches in and out until she was comfortable. She came without warning and this time actually screamed.

It was a Escort Niğde quick and powerful orgasm and soon she was asking for more dick. I slowly slid in and out fed her cunt more and more until I was half or more in. She said OK for now and I stroked her with this much for now. Now I said it’s time to try more positions and I pulled out. She pouted but said OK, what’s next. I laid back and told her she should climb on top. I told her a lot of women actually prefer this position because they have control of the pace, the penetration and it frees up my hands to work on your nipples. She lowered herself on me and I entered easier this time. She slid half of me in right away as her jaw dropped and once again her eyes rolled back. She began humping up and down and as she caught a rhythm I grabbed her nipples and rubbed and pinched them and she came for now the 6th time. As she came down from her ecstasy she unknowingly slid way down on my dick and I now had over 3/4 of my dick buried in her. I could feel her cervix with the tip of my dick and knew I hit bottom. She sat there still holding on tightly with her cunt muscles.

She used her hand now to throw her hair back out of her face and leaned back. At this point she had most of her weight right on my dick and actually lifted her one foot off the bed in an attempt to get more dick stuffed in her. She asked how long we’ve been at this and I said since I first entered you it’s been about half hour. She had a puzzled look in her face and asked if I couldn’t cum again or something. I told her I will when it’s time but the lesson isn’t over yet. She said sex with the boyfriend will never be the same because he could never last more than a minute or fill me up like this. I asked if she wanted to move to another position. She said sure. I told her I want to show her my favorite position, the doggy position. I told her depending on how she was built that she could either handle more of me or possibly not as much of me in this position because in my experience only one girl ever took me all from the doggy position. Most of the other could take me in other positions except this one and not to feel bad if she couldn’t.

Actually about half of the women I’ve been with could not handle all of me all of the time and she was really doing good. She said it hurt a little when she pressed all her weight down on me but was trying to please me. I told her just enjoy the sex and do everything as much for her as me. I explained to get on her hands and knees and I would do the rest. I moved in behind her and saw her cunt lips were swollen and shiny. Her inner folds were gaping and newly stretched to a point beyond which they will never return. Indeed she was ruined for any high school boy and would only want real men from now on. I pressed my head against her opening and she pressed back.

I eased in pretty easy but pushed air out making a tiny cunt fart to which we both laughed. I pulled back and started again. This time sliding right in and hitting bottom. I had almost the same amount in as before and she moaned loudly as I caught a rhythm. I moved quickly in and out and she began to scream my name. She came very hard and kept cumming for over a minute. This was more than I could take and told her I was about to cum. Now, uninstructed, she began to talk a little dirty saying go ahead fuck me hard dump your big load deep in my cunt. Splash my pussy walls and send your seed into my belly and as I neared my climax I reach around her slender waist with one hand over her navel and the other over clit. I could actually feel when I push in and her stomach responded conversely. I exploded and as she felt my hot seed enter her and as I pinched and rubbed her clit as she came for what was now about the tenth time.

I’ll admit I never brought a women to orgasm so many times and know that this little girl is now not so little but a real sensual women that I desire. We continued through the night with my lessons teaching her every position I knew for a couple to do. She drank two more loads of mine and took many more in her cunt. I came my personal and still unbroken record number of 12 times that day with her. We never committed exclusively to each other and I think she actually stayed with her boyfriend until after her graduation. We spent several other nights and days together when I was home on other breaks but we eventually lost touch.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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