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It was my senior year of college at a large state university. I had been dating the same girl for almost two years at this point. She was a little chubby about 165 pounds, but she had a nice set of 36 C breasts with nipples that just begged to be sucked. Her name was Liz and she was willing to go above and beyond to please me in and out of bed. She was my first for a lot of things. My first virgin, my first anal, and my first 69. However, I was about to leave her behind and move on. Little did I know, this would open me up to a whole new level of sexual enlightenment.

The night she first peaked my interest, she was at a toga party at our fraternity house. She had her hair all dolled up, pulled back and curly. I loved curly hair, it has always turned me on. She had a nice homemade toga on and protruding from the bottom were these gorgeous long, slender legs. The bottom of her toga ended about mid-thigh and showed off her beautiful stems. She worked the room well definitely getting all of my frat brothers all horny with her beautiful face and sexy legs. It was a plus that she could drink beer with us and not those girly drinks.

While Liz got pulled away from me with some of her friends, I made my way across the room to introduce myself. I stuck my hand out and shook hers, “My name’s Mike. I’m the President here, what’s your name?”

She batted her eyelashes and smiled at me as she said, “Nice to meet you, Mike, my name is Hannah.”

We chatted for five minutes or so, getting our background stories. We both went our separate ways the rest of the night. She even went over and was quite friendly to Liz for a while. But she was still sending glances over my way keeping an eye on me the rest of the night. As the night was ending and she leaving, I made sure to be at the door and thank her for coming and let her know that I would love to see her out again. I stood on our porch and watched her walk out staring at Ordu Escort her nice tight ass and those long sexy legs. I caught myself thinking about what she might be wearing under that toga.

As the party was winding down, Liz and I made our way back up to my apartment to call it a night. Liz looked sexy in her own right tonight too. She was wearing an olive green toga that she had pinned into a decorative green bra that showed off her best asset, her beautiful tits. I followed Liz into my bedroom, she was walking backwards grabbing the bottom of her toga and swaying it back and forth. She looked at me and motioned me with a finger to come to her. She backed up against the side of my bed and was pinned between it and me. I leaned in and kiss her. Our mouths opened up and our tongues intertwined. We passionately made out with one another.

My mouth left hers and started kissing down her neck. Her perfume was still lingering on her neck and I could feel myself growing under my toga. I proceeded to kiss down to her cleavage and she fell backwards onto the bed. My hands started to wonder and roam all over her body. Luckily for me she only had a few pins on the lower part of her toga since it was mostly pinned to her bra. I fumbled with the few pins and unclasped her bra. I grabbed her bra and what was left of her toga and tossed it on the floor. Liz giggled as she grabbed the nape of my neck and pulled me in for a long passionate french kiss. Her hands slid to my chest and undid my two safety pins there and then to my side to undo the last one hold my toga on. She pulled me in again for a little tongue action as she pulled my toga off of me and onto the bed beside us.

I broke our kiss off and made my way to her breasts. As I have mentioned, I loved Liz’s tits so much. Her nipples were sensitive and perked up as I rubbed the left one and slowly ran my tongue over the right one. Liz grabbed the sides Ordu Escort Bayan of my boxers and slid them off of me. I straddled her stomach and slid my seven inch cock up in between her breasts. Liz used her hands to push her breasts together around my throbbing cock. I began sliding my cock back and forth in between her chest. As the base of my cock reached her breast and the tip of my cock neared her head, she would run her tongue around the tip of my cock. As I picked up some speed, she took the tip in her open mouth saturating the tip with her saliva. Pre-cum began to form on the tip and every time I pulled my cock out, strings of cum tailed off from her lips.

After getting myself worked up, it was time to work on her a bit. I got off of her stomach and moved down between her legs. She was wearing these sheer green boy shorts that I had bought her. I grabbed them and slid them off of her. I then got between her legs and slid them apart. I began kissing her left thigh and began kissing up towards her lips. As I got closer, I could smell her sweet aroma of her juices. I made my way to her belly button and started kissing down her body to the top of her crotch. I got to the thin strip of hair just above her pussy. Liz had been shaving her hair into a nice landing strip for me since I loved to go down on her so much. I made my way down to her lips and slid my tongue in between the lip and started to taste her sweet juices.

As I slid my tongue in between her lips, my hands made their way under her thighs and moved up and down her skin. My mind started to wander as I teased her lips and slid my tongue into her hole. I started thinking about Hannah and her sexy long legs. I was dreaming about what Hannah’s pussy looks like. Did she have big pouty lips? What was her smell? Would she have a sweet aroma? Would her pussy smell like sex for me? All the meanwhile, I continued to work on Liz’s pussy. Escort Ordu Sliding my tongue around her lips and into the hole. Finding my way up to her clit and slowing circling it with my tongue. As I ate Liz’s pussy, I couldn’t help but fantasize that it was Hannah’s pussy that I was servicing and that her long legs wrapped around me and pulled me in for more.

Liz was all worked and starting to grind her pussy into my mouth. I knew it was time to slip my cock into her tight pussy. I got up from between her legs and stood over Liz. Using my hands, I moved her to help her up and to get onto all fours in front of me. Liz was on the birth control patch, so I just got behind her with my rock hard cock and slid into her awaiting pussy. Liz’s head looked over her shoulder at me as I entered her. I could see her eyes roll as she enjoyed my insertion. She then faced forward as I grabbed her hips and pulled myself into her. I started moving her away from me and back into me with pace.

My mind started to wander off again thinking about having the long legged sexy Hannah in front of me. She came off to me that she would be a nympho in the sack. My attentions turned back to Liz and I took my hands and pushed her head down, changing the angle in which I was entering her. As I was moving in and out of her, she began to buck her hips and create some waves on my cock with her pussy walls. I grabbed her hair and pulled her face back towards me as I pulled and her teeth clenched. She groaned, “Faster, Mike, Fuck me faster!”

My hand let go of her hair and grabbed her hips again as I sped up the pace and moved her back and forth quicker and quicker. Liz started to reach her climax. She started to moan “OOOOOOO MIKE!!! KEEP GOOOOING!!!” I pounded away as I felt a wave surge through her pussy and hit my cock. Her pussy suddenly got completely soaked and she screamed out in ecstasy. I then felt my balls tighten up and I shot my load deep into her pussy. Liz looked back at me as my orgasm came over me. “Yeah, Mike, baby give me all your cum! Give it all to me, I want your cum in me!” While Liz left me satisfied tonight, I couldn’t help to think about what things would be like with Hannah.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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