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When we were first married I found that my husband had a penchant for womans clothing. I also discovered that I found his little fetish pretty hot myself. I not only encouraged his dressing but also helped him with it. I took him shopping for lingerie, skirts, shoes, boots, camisoles,wigs etc… With increasing frequency I asked him to come to bed in his silky nightgowns and fantasized about making lesbian love to him.

We started to talk like girls during our lovemaking sessions. Telling each other the kind of guys we’d like to pickup and what we would do to them in, some of the sluttiest scenarios you could imagine.

AS time past we had Franny’s (My Husband)dressing to a science. He could do his own make-up and nails and he developed a female voice (using a British accent). I started taking him in public slowly. First a car ride, then a walk in the park, then strutting through the busiest streets downtown. He did receive his fair share of stares and catcalls which, bolstered his image of his female self. On a couple of occasions we stopped into some crowded bars scenes so he could practice his voice and style. After each of our outings we were so hot we’d run home and make love for hours.

About eight years ago we heard about a Halloween party at this Kurtköy Ukraynalı Escort huge nightclub we never frequent and about fifty miles away from our home. Figuring that no one we knew would be there we decided to live our fantasy’s out in public on a night we could still have deniability if we were discovered.

That night we both dressed up as hookers. He looked Incredible!! Black leather mini-skirt, thigh-high black stockings, high heeeled boots, red blouse,black leather short-waist jacket, short shag platinum blond wig, perfect makeup with ultra wet red lipstick and matching nail polish. The profile we were looking for was paying dividends. For the entire night we were both fending off requests for sexual favors, being groped both on and off the dancefloor until I was soo horny I couldn’t take it.

One of our fantasies revolved around our getting picked up by a stranger and letting him have his way with us. Well that little scenario crept into my mind. I thought it would be so hot for the “hooker twins” to both work out that fantasy. I whispered to my “girlfriend” that, we should pick out a guy and, ‘rock his world’. Judging by the the straining bulge under “her” skirt I think “she” liked the idea

Since he looked so convincing Kurtköy Üniversiteli Escort and was pretty horny himself we took on the the next guy who asked. Franny (my hubby) was asked to dance with a black stud who possessed the largest cock I’d seen in a while. He was grinding it into “her” while they danced while holding tight to “her” ass. Following the dance he sat at the table with us. While we were talking I noticed he took Franny’s hand and put it on his cock. Ever so femininely “she” gently stroked the length of it. He invited “her” out to the car to ‘talk’. “She” told him, only if “her” girlfriend could come with her. This guy couldn’t believe his luck.

Watching my hubby walking arm-in-arm shaking IT soooo sexy with this black stud was too hot. In the car “she” started making out with this guy while pumping on his ever-hardening cock. Watching from the backseat I quietly coached my “girlfriend” in what to do. I then slid into the front seat and started to make out with him. While our tongues intertwined, Franny was sucking his cock for all “she” was worth. God, “she” was such a slut! When I was ready, I hiked my skirt up and slid my panties to the side and pulled that huge cock into me. I then instructed Franny to rub Kurtköy Vip Escort his balls and finger his ass… which “she” did soo willingly while “she” rubbed my clit. His cock felt so good that I built to a explosive orgasm. Amid his protests I climbed off and pulled my skirt down. Our friend still hadn’t come yet so he told Franny to go down and suck him off. While Franny bobbed up and down on his enormous cock he kept asking “her” if “she” loved black dick. All she could do with “her” mouth full was hum…uh-huh. The way “she” sucked his cock I really think she does love it! He exploded in Franny’s mouth and , with the biggest smile looked at me and said, “thank you girls”.

Franny and I went back to the bar giggling like two school girls and headed straight for the ladies room to freshen up and get ready for the next lucky guy.

The newness of the situation had us acting like the sluts we were. Dirty dancing and crotch grabbing. I caught Franny in a booth giving a guy a hand job (which I thought was tooo hot)! For our finale we picked up two young guys (one for each of us)that night and repeated the scenario but with a little more abandon. The sex was so hot I think both those guys wanted to marry us. They certainly didn’t want us to leave.

Over the years the two sexy hookers go out several times a year (especially halloween) and my sexy hubby will willingly do everything I tell him to. Trust me Guys, you’d love to run into us!! Tell me what you’d do? If your fantasy scenario is as hot to us as it is to you, we might have to live it out. Maybe in your town!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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