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I went out for a run a few weeks ago, without my running companion as she had twisted her ankle, so I decided to pay her a visit. She has a few marital issues so I thought I’d pop in near the end of my run and see how she was. It was gone 9pm but her kitchen lights were on so I lightly knocked on the window and waved. She let me in and told me to ‘shhhhh’ as her other half was upstairs in bed having taken sedatives. She exudes the fact she was in her night clothes and dressing gown – and we sat down her lounge sharing the sofa.

As we chatted her dressing gown fell open a little and I gazed at her small cleavage visible above the v-neck of cotton pyjama top. She caught my eye as I quickly looked away but I know she caught me. Just then she accidentally spilt some of her hot tea all over her chest… she said her tits were hot! She looked horrified and apologised as I jokingly offered to help dab her chest with some kitchen towel. She smiled and said it was a long while since she’s been touched there. I quickly got some and dabbed her top with the towel as her eyes closed slightly… I pressed firmly against her soft B-sized boobs and felt her nipples harden through her top. When I moved my hand away her nipples were stiff and pressed against the wet fabric.

I looked longingly at them and she smiled, so I took the chance and placed my hand back and slid under the fabric and cupped one of her boobs, It felt warm and soft with her hard nipple pressing against the palm of my hand. I squeezed her nipple and I heard her quietly gasp. Her nipples were great to play with, I teased her as she arched her back and I moved Rize Escort my hand down between both tits and over her tummy and under her soft cotton pyjama bottoms till I found her pubic hair. As I did she opened her legs and invited my fingers to explore her pussy. She was dripping wet as I teased her clit and then entered her hole. My left hand lifted up her top and I lent in the suck on her nipples. As I suck on her hard nipple and ground it between my teeth she came all over my fingers. I felt her pussy grip my hand so tightly as she came it almost hurt.

As she lay there panting, breathless I took my hard cock out of my running shorts and offered it to her open mouth, she was still catching her breath as her lips wrapped around my cock head and I began to fuck her mouth. After a minute her hand came up and gripped my shaft as I withdrew slightly form her mouth and let her hand control my cock as my cock head hovered temptingly just above her mouth. She tugged on my foreskin and very soon I came in huge spurts. Most of which entered her mouth and over her face. She kept pulling on me and then licked me clean as the final spasms erupted. We then kissed and I tasted my own cum in her mouth. “That was more fun than jogging” I joked… “especially when you’re in those lovely soft, love pyjamas”. She responded by saying she needed that orgasm so much!

After that fun episode last week I paid her another visit. She messaged me earlier i the day with the letter ‘O’ – this was code to tell me she needed an orgasm today.

I went out for run later that night, saying I would be doing 6 miles so would Rize Escort Bayan be out for ages, I ran up to her house and tapped on the window. She quickly led me into her kitchen and was again wearing her long dressing gown. She smiled at me with a glint in her eye and turned around to make us a drink. I out my arm round her waist and slipped inside her dressing gown and too my surprise I hit bare skin!

“You naughty minx!” I whispered in her ear, as she stirred the coffee. My hand immediately went down her tummy and onto her pussy. She was already wet. Clearly she’d been planning this, waiting for my arrival. So I made sure I didn’t disappoint. I cupped her clit in my fingers as she left the coffee and held both hands out onto the kitchen work top to steady herself as I masturbated her. I kissed her neck as my hand teased and pulled and pushed in and out past her labia, teasing her clit and finger fucking her hole. I motioned for her to spread her legs wider and then my left hand pulled up her dressing gown from the back and gripped her as cheeks. Then it went between her legs and met my right hand on the other side. She had to lift her right leg slightly to give me access, but soon both my hands were focussed on bringing her to orgasm. My left hands fingers now fucker her hole whilst my right hand rubbed her protruding clit furiously. Very soon she sundered to an almighty orgasm, so much so her legs gave way and she collapsed on the floor!

As she was on her knees she turned around and pulled my cock out my shorts and ran her tongue all the way along my shaft to she reached the mushroom Escort Rize of my cock head. I was so turned on she started to stroke me and I came in ribbons in less than 30 seconds!

My doc was still very hard and I knew she wasn’t finished … I helped her up and my hard cock pushed against her labia as we embraced, french kissing and pulling each other closer my cock naturally slipped inside her. I pushed her back against the kitchen worktop and then pushed my cock deeper up inside her… she went on tiptoes (as we are similar in height) so I could get the right angle for my cock to penetrate her. Her hands gripped my shoulders as I pushed and pumped my hard cock inside her wonderfully wet and slippy vagina.

She was so wet in fact my cock kept slipping out. I used my fingers to position my cock to stay inside as we fucked and my fingers found her erect little bud on her swollen clit. This sent her over the edge and she crumpled as she came panting in my ear. I had not cum yet, and I pushed her down off of the worktop, opened up her gown and paced my very wet slippery cock between her small boobs. She remarked they were too small for this but I assured her the way her tits felt my balls rubbed over them and between them was amazing. She pushed her tits together and I felt them squeeze my cock as I began to pump up and down through her cleavage. We kissed a bit as my cock enjoyed the feeling of her pert tits until I was about to cum and I broke off and arched my back slightly to enable my foreskin to be stretched back even more and I pumped my ropes of hot semen all up her chest. She watches as my cock spasmed its load all over until my spent dick went limp. She then took me in her mouth and licked my shaft clean and dried me off before telling me to go before she had a shower.

“Text me when you need another O” I said as I slipped back out her front door.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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