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From the moment she took his hand, Shayna felt the electricity. Like walking across a rug and touching something. A vooom, a kapow!! the spark of immediate attraction. Brad was a man she wanted to know much better.

Dinner was magnificent – Shayna supposed. To tell the truth, she could barely remember the meal – she was so lost in this man. And he in her, it seemed. She didn’t remember much of the conversation in the car on the way there either, all she knew is she was going to break the rule she’d had in her dating days — she was going to fuck this man on the first date.

To every little nuance and comment Shayna made, BJ listened. If he replied, it was with intelligence and wit. But he seemed content to listen to her, to genuinely value her words. When Brad made a comment, it was on something she’d been talking about, he didn’t talk just for the sake of hearing his own voice.

He looked at her with lust – no question about it, his mind was undressing her – but it was caressing her as well, sharing her passion and intellect. Brad was into Shayna and she could tell. It made her body ache with desire even more, that he treated her as a person. She was glad she’d worn something sexy, she didn’t want him to see her as just a “Professional” woman looking for companionship. Shayna also wanted Brad to see her as a very hot, sexual woman.

Shayna vaguely remembered sharing food, feeding each other like people do in the movies. Yet, there was no nervousness with this man. They knew each other’s hearts, immediately. It was like they’d known each other all their lives, she knew when she tempted him with her body, he would offer her no resistance.

Brad noticed Shayna’s subtleties as well. He liked the “Organza” – which she wore lightly, with subtlety, not overwhelming him. The dress was – was hugging her frame a proper word? There was no doubt he craved, wanted, desired the woman underneath – but he could sense her trepidation. She wasn’t a tramp or slut, the type to drop her panties and let him into her pussy easily. Yet, he could also sense her warmth towards him with every passing second. They were going to make love tonight, he knew it — and they were going to fuck too!

For her own part, Shayna was torn between playing it cool and ripping his clothes – and her own – off and fucking the hell out of him right in the middle of the restaurant. Or indulging the naughty fantasy and sneaking under the table, taking his big cock — somehow the horny woman knew he was hung well — and giving Rize Escort him one nasty, lip-smacking blow job!

Shayna played it coy – a smidge – and “brushed” her fingers against his lap. Oh my! Responsive, to be sure. She had also been correct in her assessment of his manhood.

He returned her coy gesture with one of his own, brushing a stray lock of hair from her cheek. Brad had the most gentle hands of any man who had ever touched her – she wanted to feel them all over her, rules be damned. She leaned forward and pressed her lips to his, firm but gentle, softly promising more with a flick of her tongue. Her blue eyes sparkled as his eyes darkened to an intense brown. The only words Shayna vaguely remembered were “Cheque Please” and “We’re Home”. His eyes had drawn her into his spell.

Once inside her home, all pretence of subtlety went out the window. Shayna tore the expensive shirt off his chest and pressed her lips to Brad’s. This kiss was fierce, urgent, wanting – returned by Brad in full measure. Her knees weakened as she felt her pussy tingle with long abandoned lusts, her nipples ached for his touch. She felt the thong cling to her wet cunt, a cunt she ached to have filled by this man’s huge, fucking cock!

Brad let Shayna play her game of seduction, watching as she dropped her dress in a puddle – laughing as she neatly picked it up and draped it over a waiting chair. He chuckled to himself, the little touch of neatness appealed to him. Brad’s own body ached for her, loving the teddy she wore, the stockings and “Fuck Me” stilettos he somehow knew had been worn for his lusty benefit. “You are truly gorgeous!” he said to her, amused that she blushed when he said it.

With a savage growl, he pulled her to him. “Godddd,” he murmured as their tongues met. Knowing they wouldn’t even make it to the bedroom, the two new lovers fell into an erotic tumble on the couch, Shayna on top of her new lover, her breathing growing heavy as the pawed each other like rutting animals in heat.

Brad wasn’t rushing things, despite his lust for the beautiful blonde. He reached up and caressed Shayna’s nipples, her round yet soft breasts, bouncing them playfully. From her encouraging moans, he went on his erotic explorations. Brad pulled the bottom of the teddy aside, inhaling her feminine scent. He began to lick her neatly-trimmed pussy, knowing full well that this evening had only begun. He licked and swirled his tongue around her wet cunt, tugging at the engorged clitoris with Rize Escort Bayan his soft lips and hearing her moan.

“Do more Brad, please lover, this is wonderful!” Shayna squealed in delight.

From the instant his tongue began to devour her, Shayna knew that Brad was the man for her. He wasn’t perhaps the most adept lover she’d had – but he was certainly the most ardent. He seemed to suit her tastes, he seemed to touch where she wanted to be touched.

His tongue licked and lapped, feverishly, eating her like a man possessed. Each swipe of his tongue gathered more of her pussy juices and he devoured them like a man dying of thirst drinking from an oasis. She moaned and purred, “Keep it up lover!” she yelled out.

She moaned and writhed under his tongue, raking her nails into his back as he ate her pussy. Shayna ached to taste his manhood, to devour his cock, to feel it pound inside her – yet she didn’t want these feelings, this lascivious pleasure, to end just yet. She arched her body to his exploring tongue, his fingers manipulating her clit and causing her to jump and moan more. Sex on a first date wasn’t something she’d done before, but the urges to fuck his brains out were overwhelming.

Enough was enough. Shayna knew, instinctively, that this wild man would appreciate the wanton woman she could be. She pushed him away, and with a grin promising untold delights, she made room for Brad on her couch. Wickedly, she unzipped his pants – with her teeth, silly perhaps, but it was time for Shayna to play with her newfound man.

She ran her hands into his trousers and felt his body, tense, hot – waiting – for her. She did not intend to disappoint. Brad was going to get the best fucking she’d ever given.

She grabbed his cock – she loved that word as she thought of him, his cock – and smiling with a knowing grin, she took him into her mouth. This had not been one of her favourite things with past loves – but with Brad, who had adored her so wildly – she knew that his cock was hers for the taking. She took full measure of his manhood and wanted it.

Shayna licked at the meaty shaft – tentatively at first – then went for it, with a gusto she didn’t know she possessed. Up and down – around and around – being noisy, telling him how good his cock tasted – feeling free to be the wild hot fuckslut she had always wanted to be – she gave herself freely over to her new man and her newfound sexuality. In a matter of a few hours, the old Shayna was gone – and she liked Escort Rize the new Shayna who’d taken her place!

Pumping her hands up and down his hard shaft, slurping and sucking, she wanted him to cum – yet she didn’t. With inspiration, she straddled him and just said quietly “69?” She could feel Brad nod in assent and then all she felt was pleasure as his tongue invaded her cunt. Every perversion she’d ever wanted to enjoy was hers now, this man seemed to adore her and all was fine. She could be wild, free, unfettered and he’d still care, she knew that instinctively. Nothing was taboo with Brad, she loved that feeling!

They both worked magic on each other’s hungry bodies, squirming and writhing in newfound passion. When neither could hold back, both exploded, uncaring if they were heard, uncaring that this may be wrong, just living in the moment. She licked his cock clean and wanted more. There was only a little smidgen of cum left on the head, she licked it off with a lusty giggle.

Shayna took him by the hand – both of jelly legs, she led him to the bedroom. At the doorway, they kissed – her blue eyes looking at him, seeing not lust, but love – reflected back at her.

“Wow!” was all he said.

“Wow!” Shayna nodded back in agreement.

Brad sat on her bed and looked at her, not believing his fortune. She lit some candles and joined him on the bed, pushing him down on his back.

“You’re mine!,” she said to Brad and he nodded. She slipped off the teddy and felt his gentle, strong hands on her body. She pulled his pants off and threw them in a pile on the floor.

His hands were all over her, re-igniting her passion. Little by little, she felt her pussy get wet again. Shayna wasn’t going to wait, no way in hell. The time for teasing was over.

“FUCK ME!,” Shayna yelled, as she straddled her lover’s rock-hard cock. He arched upwards and thrust deep inside his Shayna’s body, she met him with practised response. Her pussy muscles engulfed him and years of vent-up passions were unleashed. He fucked, she fucked back, matching him stroke for stroke, move for move. The bedsprings moaned in protest, but neither partner was asking for surrender. She bounced up and down on her lover’s manhood, taking every inch he gave her and wanting more.

His hands manipulated her breasts as she fucked him / he fucked her. All Brad could think about was how intense this was, how he wanted more of this woman and what he could do to get it.

Grunting, panting, moaning, screaming, the newfound lovers exploded in climax again. They clung to each other and as they cooled down, both knew their lives had changed. There was a connection they’d never had with another partner.

What Shayna wanted to know was – was this change going to last?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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