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I worked managing a small company that bought and sold mortgages for several years and here is a true story from that time in my life.

I took over the management slot and had hired 3 outside people. Each had an office but their primary job was to out trying to develop avenues that we could buy from.

I had hired a lady named Shelly. She had been a car salesman and was very personable and energetic.

Lets talk about Shelly. About 10 pounds over what I would call a perfect weight. But, I like a little jiggle on my women. Shelly had long strawberry red hair and a really big set of tits. I did not know this when I hired her, but, her nipples were also strawberry and would get hard as stones when sucked. Shelly was intelligent and very articulate.

She made friends easily and fit in well with the rest of the office staff. She loved to tell jokes and play tricks. We all enjoyed her company.

Shelly also liked short dresses and no underwear. I liked that as well.

I had taken Shelly out to teach her how to appraise real estate on summer day and on the way back as I drove along she said hey, look at this and she whipped her top off and was wearing a shear bra that clearly showed her nipples. I encouraged her to take the bra off and she laughed saying that if she did it would look like her tits were in her lap and did not want me to see that.

I was OK with that and enjoyed the view till we got back to the office and she quickly pulled her top back on in the parking lot.

A few weeks go by and Van Escort my birthday comes around and the staff has a small party and potluck lunch for me. Very nice.

Just at closing time, Shelly came to my office and after a bit of small talk stated that since she was so new and had not made a lot of money that she had been unable to contribute to the gift I had received.

My response was to thank her and wish her well.

Shelly felt she wanted to give me a gift and stated to me in a very open manner.

I don’t have a lot of money, but anytime you want some of this birthday bootie just say the word. I mean that.

After explaining how flattered I was, I spoke with her about the complications of a manager having sex with an employee. Shelly laughed and said no worries there; it’s just a gift that I really want you to have.

A couple of weeks go by and just after 5 PM, when all the other staff had left, Shelly came into my office and asked me if I was ever going to take her up on her birthday bootie offer. Shelly asked if I found her to be unattractive. My cock started to get hard and I told her “just the opposite, I can hardly control myself when I think about you.”

Again I explained the complications of me being her boss and how having sex could be problematic to her.

With no more discussion she walked over to me and kissed me very deeply while unbuckling my belt. As she broke the kiss she said I am tired of waiting and need to be fucked.

Forget all that corporate shit and just fuck Van Escort Bayan me.

For those of you that do not know, it is very hard to argue with a woman when she has your dick in her mouth.

Shelly went down on me and her mouth was the best I have EVER experienced. Don’t know what she did that made it so different, but fuck. It was a whole new world.

Shelly felt me getting close and pulled away. She opened her blouse and pulled her thong over and bent over my desk and said now fuck me in my pussy and fuck me hard.

Shit, what is a poor boy to do?

I slipped my cock in her and began hammering as hard as I could. I felt her cum and then cum again.

As I began to tense Shelly lifted herself off my cock, turned around and started sucking my cock with a true force.

When my cum exploded, I thought I had died. I was sure my foot had come out the head of my cock.

Shelly was an expert cocksucker and took her time in licking every drop of out mutual cum from my softening cock.

When she had me clean, she finished taking her clothes off and then locked the front door and turned off the office front lights.

As she was walking back to my office I pulled my clothes off and sat back in my chair and Shelly sat in my lap feeding me her sharp pink nipples and I felt her pussy juice run down my thighs.

Shelly lay back on my desk and spread her pussy open and said eat me, lick my clit and watch me cum, then I have a treat for you.

Her clit was nice, big, but not too big Escort Van and she had a sweet cunt and I fell forward into her and listened to her moan and cum many times. I tongue fucked her and sucked her golden cum for about 20 minutes. Shelly was a constant cummer. The more I ate her out, the more she would cum. Over and over again she came and all the while called out for me to keep eating her.

I felt her cums slowing and I thought what the fuck and knew that my eating her pussy had caused a lot of her slick cunt juice to run down her ass crack.

I slipped my index finger down and rubber her asshole and she gasped out loud and I felt I was on to something. I quickly pushed a finger up her ass and attacked her clit again.

Shelly went fucking nuts and screamed out her cums for several minutes and then called foe me to stop she needed to recover for a moment.

Shelly moved back to my lap where we cuddled and kissed for a few minutes and then she offered me her sweet nipples again, signaling that she was ready for more.

Finally she said enough and then Shelly turned she bent forward over my desk again and said ass fuck me if you can.

I think I have one last cum saved for a cock in my ass.

She told the truth. As I pounded away she did come again, loud and long and I finished right behind her, sending the last drops on my cum home in her ass.

When finished we just fell apart panting and Shelly moved to sit in my visitor’s chair and say. Nice fuck. I enjoyed you a lot and really want you to know that this is just you and me and that I would like more of this.

Shelly and I became lovers for a year or so till she got married and moved away.

I often think of her fondly and then I appreciate leather chairs.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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