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Shelter Pet, Part II

Kitty gets naughty.


Author’s Note

The events and characters in this story are fictitious. Any resemblance to actual events or persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

The two main characters in this story are in a dominant-submissive relationship. It is safe, sane, and consensual as well as kind and loving. But if this type of relationship is not your thing, you may want to skip this story and find something else to read.

Part one of the story introduced you to all of the characters and set the wheels in motion. Now it’s time to get down to some heavy bumping about. The bdsm scenes in this section are a little more intense, so if anything in part one was troubling for you, please take a pass on this. It’s not all bdsm though. I can’t reveal much more without giving away the story, and there’s still one more part to go after this.


This is a continuation of my experiment in writing very streamlined fiction — striking out adverbs, many of the attributives (e.g. “she said”) and anything else that does not serve to move the story along. Descriptions of characters and scenes will also be sparse, leaving your imagination to fill in the details. Character dialog and actions will be used in favor of narrative whenever possible. I’m hoping it works out well. Let me know how it works for you in the comments.

Also, be aware that this is a story in three parts. It will make more sense if you read them all, and in order.

-Wax Philosophic


Tuesday, May 29th

There are three smells in the world that really turn my stomach — sour milk, boiled Brussels sprouts — and now, the recently discovered odor of litterbox duty in the barn.

“You OK, Brianna?”

“I’ll be fine, just give me a sec. I swear, Mandy, you need to teach these cats how to pee straight.”

Mandy chuckled. “I think they do it on purpose sometimes, just to let me know they’re unhappy about something.”

“Well, we need to figure out what it is, so that they can get back to peeing in the damn box.”

“That’s why I suggested that you shower after, not before.”

“Sure, rub it in.”

She just stood there, arms crossed, smiling at my misfortune. I really wanted to fling poo at her, but that would mean touching it, and that would probably make me retch.

Somehow I survived the ordeal, and we made our way back up to the fresh air of Mandy’s loft. I must have been pretty ripe, even Yoshimi avoided me.

“Go get yourself cleaned up, and I’ll make lunch,” Mandy announced. “Then, we can have a little kitty time if you’re not busy.”

“I’ve got all afternoon,” I hollered from the bathroom. The shower was heavenly after the barn.


I wiped some of the fog from the mirror and peered at my reflection. The cat-ear headband that Mandy had bought for me was doing a good job keeping my wet hair out of my face. Plus, I thought it looked super cute. My only other item of clothing was a pair of skimpy panties. Mandy had insisted. I don’t know why, since she also asked me to shave down there, but I was always to wear panties.

I got down on all fours and crawled into the living area. In the kitchen, Mandy was busy stirring a saucepan and flipping sandwiches on the griddle. I crawled over and brushed my cheek against her calf. “Sweet kitty. All clean, I see.” She paused her stirring long enough to reach down and brush her fingertips over my shoulders. I shivered, as visions of knotted cords dominated my thoughts.

As Mandy was plating up lunch, I made my way back to the living area and began brushing up against the cat climber. Back and forth I paced, waiting for her to notice.

“Oh, naughty kitty, I see. But lunch first, OK? Grilled cheese and tomato soup. Kitty’s favorite.”

She was right, I did have a soft spot for comfort meals. Once Mandy discovered this, she had been on a mission to make all of my favorites. Yesterday was mac and cheese, and not that awful stuff from a box, she made it from scratch and baked it in the oven. “God, I’m spoiled,” I thought, as I crawled over to the table.

Lunch was delicious. Dessert was going to be even better.


I straddled the high-back chair again, resting my chin on the top.

“OK, Brianna, I think you might be game for something a little bit rougher. Are you ready for that?”

I nodded.

Mandy pulled my hips back so that my ass was hanging off the edge of the seat. “What are you going to say if it’s too much?”

“Slow down, or stop.”

“Right. I’ll start slow like last time. Do you trust me to do this?”


Always, it was the same questions — are you ready? what if it’s too much? do you trust me? — I would think that she would know the answers by now, but I really didn’t mind. In fact, it made me feel safe, and cared for. If only everyone else in my life were so communicative.

My thoughts were interrupted by knotted cords lighting on my shoulder. Swish, they traveled the width of my back, and then leap, took off into the air on the opposite side. That kırşehir escort motion was repeated eight, maybe ten times. I kind of lost count after five.

“Ready, Brianna?”

“Mmm-hmm.” The figure-eights on my back were starting — drop, swish, swish, leap. “Mmm.” Three more just like that. Drop, swish, swish, leap.

The swishing stopped. Crack! I sucked in a sharp breath. I felt the heat rising on my backside where the knots had struck. The sting was mild, I think it was the sound that spooked me more than anything.

More swishing. Drop, swish, swish, leap. Drop, swish, swish, leap. “Mmm.”

The swishing stopped again. My breath hitched in my throat, waiting to exhale. Waiting. Waiting. Drop, swish, swish, leap. I nearly jumped out of my skin when the knots dropped. I had expected …

Crack! “Ahh-ho!” There it was. The sting was more intense this time, but the swishing started up right after, so I calmed down quickly. Well, not exactly calm. I was trembling ever so slightly, and my panties were moist. I looked down — not just moist, soaking — holy crap.

“Chin up, Brianna.” Mandy took me by the hair and guided me back to resting my chin on the top of the seat-back. Her gaze shifted to my underpants. “Looks like kitty might have a little problem down there.”

“That’s putting it mildly,” I thought. I rocked my hips on the seat, trying to find something, anything, to grind against. It was no use. Instead of giving Mandy an answer, I just moaned in frustration.

“I could take care of that for you, if you ask nicely.” Her lips formed a most devious grin.

Crack! Before I had a chance to answer, I felt the knots stinging my backside again. The swishing resumed and had me calmed down before I got a chance to complain. Drop, swish, swish, leap.

“You’ll have to be quicker with your answer, Brianna.”

I just moaned. Drop, swish, swish, leap. “P-p-please?”

Crack! “Please, what, Brianna?” Drop, swish, swish, leap.

“Mmm. Please, Mandy, I need you to …” Drop, swish, swish, leap.

Crack! “Need me to what, Brianna?” Drop, swish, swish, leap.

“Ohh, god — mmm, oh.” Crack! “I need you to make me come, damn it!”

That was the first time a woman ever gave me an orgasm. I will never forget it. I thought I was going to pass out, and honestly, maybe I did for a few seconds. Mandy took that infernal bundle of knotted cords and turned it around so that the braided handle was pressed right up against my crotch. She was not gentle. I didn’t care.

I ground against that handle as hard as I could. Ground against it until my entire body shuddered. “Oh, oh — oh, god! oh, god! oh, god! — Ahhh!” It was my own voice I heard, but still, it was foreign to me. “Oh my god, Mandy. That was — that was …”


I was on the couch now, though I don’t remember exactly how I got here. I assumed Mandy had a hand in it, since my head was resting on her thigh as she stroked my hair. The throw blanket was covering my body, and I was trembling. My panties were soaked through.

“Sweet kitty,” I heard. “Just rest for a while.” I figured I could do that. I looked up at Mandy, blinked once, and closed my eyes.

I awoke to find Yoshimi curled around my feet and Mandy’s fingertips making lazy figure-eights on my back. I shuddered.

“So, how was it?” Mandy asked.

“Do you really need to ask?”

“I know you got off, Brianna. I’m interested in the journey, more than the destination. Too intense, not enough? Too fast? Too scary?” Mandy had switched back to hair stroking as she awaited my answer. I think she knew what the figure-eights did to me.

“Honestly, I have nothing to compare it to, so I’d say it was just right. Thanks for asking, though.”

“I want you to enjoy it, Brianna. That’s what it’s all about. It’s not so much me turning your ass pink — though I am fond of that — it’s more about giving you just what you need to erupt like Vesuvius.”

I snickered at her cliche volcano reference, though in truth, it was fairly accurate. I had never come this hard in my life. “Is that why people like being your pet?”


“If you want to make me come, why do I have to leave my panties on?”

“Well, normally people pay me for this. Whenever orgasms are involved, and money changes hands, there’s always the possibility that it could be interpreted the wrong way.”


“It also makes it a little less personal. Keeps anybody from getting too attached.”

“Has that been a problem?”

“Not so far.”


Saturday, June 9th

I was up earlier than I wanted to be, loading traveling crates into the van, preparing for our weekly pilgrimage to the pet store. I was fully clothed, though still wearing my cat ears — and a big, stupid grin. Both were reminders of the past week and a half, when I had experienced my second, third, and forth orgasms. All were expertly doled out by Mandy, while I struggled to maintain consciousness.

“It’s kind of slow today, Brianna. I can handle things if you want to hang out with Yoshimi.”

“You spoil me, Mandy, you know that?”

“What makes you say that?”

“Oh, let’s see — you let me spend time with Yoshimi instead of working, you’re always making my favorite foods …” I lowered my voice to a whisper. “And, you make me come like a rocket.”

“I also make you haul crates and do litterbox duty.”

“Well, there is that.” I smiled.

“And spending time with Yoshimi is studying, not being lazy. Don’t forget, you’ve got auditions in less than a week.”

“I know. I know. I still appreciate what you do.”

Now it was Mandy’s turn to whisper. “Besides, Brianna, I always make you beg for your rocket rides.”

I shivered. It was true, she did — but I loved it.


Friday, June 15th


“In here.”

I stood in front of her, bouncing up and down.

“So?” she asked.

“I got it! I got the part!”



She picked me up in her arms and gave me a little twirl. “We should celebrate. Wanna go out for dinner? I know a good place.”

“Sure — but, can we — can we play a little first? I need to release some stress energy.”

“You know I’m going to make you beg.” She winked.

Mandy had me begging twice in the span of an hour. It was well worth it, both times.


I gazed into Mandy’s eyes over a pot of oolong tea. She was smiling in her usual easy manner.

“They said my singing needed a little polish, but that my feline movements were by far the best they’d ever seen. Graceful, they called me. They even want me to coach the rest of the cast.”

“That’s wonderful, Brianna. It’s everything you’d hoped for.”

“I know. And I couldn’t have done it without your help.” I reached across the table and squeezed Mandy’s hand.

“I think Yoshimi might get some credit too.” She pulled her hand away.

“Yes,” I laughed, “her too. She’s a good feline movement coach.”

Dinner was delicious. I had sesame chicken and Mandy ordered beef chow mein. At the end of it all, I cracked a cookie and read my fortune. “The oxen are slow, but the earth is patient.” Who writes this crap?


Yoshimi was under foot as soon as the door opened. “Yoshimi, how are you?”

A brush against my leg was her answer.

“Oh, I missed you too.” I put on my collar and began hanging my clothes in the front closet. Yoshimi gave me a long slow blink, as I got down on the floor next to her. She followed along as I crawled over to the living area.

Mandy patted the couch cushion next to her. “Come here kitty. Let me pet you.”

Somehow, Yoshimi knew exactly which kitty Mandy was addressing. She stayed on the floor and entertained herself with her pink robot toy. I hopped up and rested my head on Mandy’s lap.

“Sweet kitty. I’m so proud of you.” Mandy was stroking my hair.

I rubbed my cheek on her thigh and purred. Mandy picked up a book and started reading. With her other hand, she made lazy s-curves across my back using just her fingertips. My thoughts drifted back to the knotted cords. A small shudder went through me.

“Kitty needs a blanket,” she said.

“Not exactly,” I thought, “but thanks.” The light-weight throw felt nice on my bare skin. Mandy’s hand went back to stroking my hair. I settled in to watch Yoshimi battling with her pink robot toy, while enjoying Mandy’s fingers twirling my hair.

I woke briefly to the click of the lamp switch. Moonlight was dominating the room. Mandy snuggled in behind me on the couch and laid her hand on my shoulder. Yoshimi pounced on her robot toy, defeating it for good.

All was right in the world.


Saturday, June 16th

Bright sunlight stabbed at my eyes, but was tempered by the smell of something wonderful. I sat up.

“I know you usually do breakfast in kitty mode,” Mandy said, “but I don’t know how you’d pull this off.”

“I’m not complaining. Smells wonderful.”

Sun from the skylights warmed my skin as I made my way to the bathroom. I was naked except for a pair of panties and I didn’t feel the least bit self-conscious about it. I actually surprised myself at how quickly I had adjusted.

I returned to a steaming plate of waffles. “Fresh strawberries?”

“Yep. I even made the whipped cream from scratch.”

“I didn’t even know that was possible.”

Mandy smiled. She tapped her phone and music erupted from speakers across the room. It sounded like Streisand, and she was singing — oh, god, it wasn’t — it was! She was singing Memory from Cats.

“I know it’s not the original cast …”

“That’s OK, Mandy. It’s Barbara.”

She looked awfully proud of herself as we sat together contemplating our waffles.

“Thank you,” I said, squeezing her hand. “It’s perfect.”

Mandy smiled. She hesitated a moment before withdrawing and reaching for her fork.

“I suppose you made the waffles from scratch too.”

“Nah, they’re from a box.”


Mandy and I had been entrenched at the pet store for two hours before we passed out our first adoption flyer. Business was slow today. Mostly we just chit-chatted.

“So, the main rehearsals are six to ten p.m. on weekdays.”

“Why so late?”

“To give working people a chance to get there, I suppose. Then, I have the special feline movement workshop that I’m coaching over the next couple Saturday mornings. Sorry, I won’t be here to help, but I can come in the afternoon, after an hour with my vocal coach.”

“That’s fine, Brianna. It sounds like we’re hardly going to see each other.”

“I know. I’m sorry.”

“It’s OK. That’s what this whole thing was about, right? — you getting the part.”

“Right,” I said. That was what this was all about. Wasn’t it?

Business remained slow. Only one kitty had found a forever home by the time we packed up and called it a day.


Mandy and I were busy transferring the traveling crates back to the barn when Willow arrived holding a plate full of cookies. They were all shaped like cats. “I heard you got the part, Brianna — Grizabella, even — congratulations.”

“Thanks, Willow. Though, I should be congratulating you. Mandy told me the news — why you decided to stay.”

Willow flashed a shy smile. “Thanks.”

“Look Mandy, cookies.”

“Hey, nice. Say, Willow, would you and Jeff like to come over for a cookout tonight? I feel like I haven’t been very neighborly lately.”

“Thanks, Mandy. That sounds great.”


Mandy assigned me grill duty, while she finished up the rest of the food in the kitchen. Jeff sidled up and offered me a beer. “Must be a guy thing,” I thought, “no resistance to the allure of an open flame.”

“Lookin’ good,” he offered.

“I’m kind of nervous. I’ve never grilled a mushroom before.”

“Well, you’re doing a great job.”

“Thanks. So are you excited about the baby? Bringing a little Jeff Junior into the world will be quite an adventure.”

“Yeah, but I seriously doubt it’s a Jeff Junior.”

“A girl, then?”

“I have no idea, but I’m pretty sure the kid ain’t mine. I’ve been shooting blanks ever since chemo treatment for leukemia.”

An awkward silence hung over us for a minute. “It’s OK, Brianna, you didn’t know. I’ve been in remission since high school.”

“Oh, good to hear.” I paused. “What about the baby?”

“Oh, hell, I don’t know. I’ll probably adopt her — him — whatever. Willow’s a good person, I’m not going to kick her to the curb over one little indiscretion. The kid deserves to have a father figure, anyway.”

“Jeff, I honestly don’t know what to say. You really love her, don’t you?”

“She’s my soulmate, Brianna.” He smiled. “You’d better flip those ‘shrooms or they’re going to burn.”

We all sat down to the best damn Portobello sliders I’d ever had, not that I had any experience to draw upon. “These are delicious. Where’d you get the idea, Mandy?”

“I don’t know, internet maybe? Willow’s a vegetarian, and I want to respect her choices.”

“Thank you, Mandy,” Willow said. “The non-alcoholic cider was a nice touch, too.”

“To mushroom burgers and good company,” I announced. Three beer cans and one plastic cup were all hoisted in unison.

“Oh, Brianna,” Jeff said, “I forgot to mention it earlier, but there’s a green puddle under your car. I think your radiator’s got a leak.”

After dinner, Mandy took a peek under the hood of my car. “Yep. Looks like a split hose.”



Monday, June 18th

Mandy gave me a ride to rehearsal while my car waited for the auto store to get the right part. She stuck around until the first break.

“Text me when you’re close to being done and I’ll come get you.” She moved in close and whispered in my ear. “Yoshimi misses you, Brianna.”

I shivered. “Thanks, Mandy. Tell Yoshimi I’ll be home soon.”


It was after eleven when we finally opened the door to Mandy’s loft. Creative people are not always the best when it comes to managing time, and our director was no exception. I was exhausted.

Yoshimi was busy walking between my ankles and rubbing her tail against my skin. I stripped down to my underpants and prepared to put on my collar. Mandy stopped me and took my hands in hers. “Brianna,” was all she said, and kissed me. It was just a little peck, but I nearly fell over. Mandy had never kissed me before.

I think Yoshimi understood what was happening before I did, because she wandered off to find her pink robot toy. She was busy batting it around as Mandy led me by the hand to her bedroom. “Are you OK with this?” was all she asked. I nodded.

Mandy wrapped me up in her arms and kissed me again. Our first, full-on romantic kiss. Thank goodness she held me tight. I swooned as she wrapped her fingers up in my hair, pulling me closer, exploring my mouth with her tongue. My fingers shook as I tried my best to undress her. Fortunately, she helped, or we might have been standing there until morning.

Up until now, I had never seen Mandy naked before. She was just as I had pictured her. “You’re beautiful,” I said. Her kisses became firmer, more urgent. We began exploring each other’s bodies. Hands floated over backs. Nipples brushed together. Gentle touches were given to necks and shoulders. Fingertips caressed cheeks and got tangled up in hair.

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