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I turn on the hot water in the shower and light the candles. I turn to you and begin to unbutton your shirt , I expose your hairy chest and begin kissing your neck and working my way down to your nipples. I rub them in my hands and get them nice and hard and take each one in my mouth and suck on them until you begin to moan. You wrapped your hands in my hair and bring my face up to yours and kiss me long and deep, I wrap my arms around you and pull you close. I can feel your cock through your pants and I reach down and undo your belt and slide it off. I unzip your pants ad reach in and find your hardness, I stroke you through your underwear while you kiss me passionately.

You pull my sweater over my head and massage my breasts through my bra, my nipples respond to your touch and get hard, you pull my breasts out of the bra leaving it done up and bend your head and begin to lick them, slowly drawing wet circles around each nipple and then taking it in your mouth and gently biting it. I reach around and unhook my bra and fling it to the side, I pull down my pants and you reach down between my legs and feel how wet I Van Escort am already. You pull my thong aside and begin rubbing my pussy, I spread my legs to allow access and you slip three fingers inside me and start to fuck me with your fingers.

The bathroom has become steamy and we are both naked now so we step into the shower. I get the soap and lather up my hands and begin to wash your body. I start at your chest and flick my nails over your nipples again, your cock has not softened and is even harder now that we are both under the hot water. You grab the soap and lather up your hands and begin to wash me at the same time, you massage my breasts and slowly move down to my pussy. I put one leg up on the side of the tub and you lather up my pussy nice and good.

I kneel down and take your cock into my mouth, you push your hips forward and you slide even deeper into my waiting mouth. I begin slow but get faster and faster, you put your hands in my hair and guide me in the rhythm you want. You begin to fuck my mouth with your rock hard cock, I am almost gagging with each stroke but I take every inch of Van Escort Bayan you gladly. You quicken your thrusts and cum down my throat in one long hot stream…I gulp down every drop with a smile on my face.

We get out of the shower and dry off, I lead you into my bedroom and I lay you on the bed face down and grab the massage oil. I know how long your week has been and I want to relieve all of your stress. I begin to rub your shoulders digging my fingers into your tired muscles. I work in slow deep circles and move down your back slowly. I get to your ass and massage your cheeks dipping between your thighs to tickle your balls every so often. You spread your legs so I have access to your cock and I can see it is already getting hard again. I roll you over onto your back and see the full extent of the effect I am having on you and smile. You smile back at me and grab me and pull me onto the bed beside you. You begin to kiss me and run your hands up and down my body, I open my legs and you slip your hand between my thighs and begin rubbing my pussy. My clit is hard and begging for your touch, you rub Escort Van it a few times I moan loudly. I spread them even further and you slip your fingers inside me again, you flick your tongue inside my mouth and the rhythm is the same as what your fingers are doing to me. You move down to my breasts and suck on them while you fuck me with your fingers. I need to cum so badly, you kiss your way down my belly to my aching pussy and you spread my lips with your fingers and start to eat me…you roll your tongue all around and dip it inside every so often, you still have your fingers inside me and you begin to suck my clit, you suck it so hard that I cry out with amazement and feel myself begin to cum. You speed up what your fingers and doing and suck me harder and harder until I explode in one massive orgasm. My entire body is wracked with spasms as the waves roll over and over me.

You kneel between my legs and slip your cock inside me, I am so wet that you slide right in and you begin fucking me slowly. I wrap my legs around your hips and you lean down and kiss me again. Our tongues tangle together and our bodies become one as you fuck me harder and harder. I moan with each thrust and beg you to speed up, I pull you closer to me with my legs and you fuck me furiously until you cum deep inside me. You lie down on top of me exhausted and fall asleep in my arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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