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“Sid…come over tonight. I’m soo lonely..” I whined, fingering the dainty pearls I had decided to wear that day for work. “It’s been a crap day and I can’t be satisfied by just my fingers for too long…”

“I don’t know..”, you started, regretfully so, “I have work early tomorrow and if I go over there, I probably won’t be waking up until noon or so.. if even then!”

“Come on, Sid!” I begged, taking my necklace off and rubbing my neck. “I’ll even make dinner..”

“I already had dinner,” you teased. Your voice sounded halted, as if you were masturbating on the phone with me. I squeeze my legs together and could feel my cunt heat up.

“Don’t worry, what I’ll give you won’t make you too full and you’ll always want seconds.”

“R-really?”, you asked after expelling a long breath. I bit my lip as I started rubbing my clit through my white lace panties furiously.

“Aaaah..heh..yeah,” I replied, already breathless, “Are you coming over?”

“Of course, I could never say no.” I smiled and hung up the phone, so anxious for your cock that I forgot to say goodbye. I contemplated continuing the abuse on my hungry hard clit but I wanted to save all my feminine silky cum for you. I wanted to unleash my orgasm all over your dick and feel your balls become wet from it. I smiled, staring at the paper bag on the table and my shiny new dog tag.

* * * * *

My heart leapt when I first heard you knocking on my door. My pussy was burning for some relentless dick. I had every once in a while rubbed my pussy just to quiet it but that wasn’t very successful. I had to contain myself from ripping off your pants and underwear and just sticking it deep into my needy honeypot.

“What’s this?”, you asked of my attire. I faltered a minute, not hearing your question. My attention was only concentrated on the beautiful mountain building up in the crotch of your trousers.

“”, I got on my knees and handed you the leash that was attached to my neck. “You’re always so willing to be dominated by me, Sid.. I wanted to do this for you. I wanted you to control me for once. I’ll do anything, Sid. ANYTHING for you.”

“I.. Oh, god.. I don’t know what to say.”

“Yes, you do. I’m your slave for the day. Give me your dirtiest smut. Make me your dirty slut.” You smiled, the freedom fully realized now.

“You’ll do anything?” I nodded, my mouth dry but my pussy dripping onto my vinyl thong. “Crawl in a circle for me. I want to see what you’ve done to yourself.” I did so, showing of my wetness through the leather thong, the leather boots with sharp heels, the chain garter belts digging through my skin, and the swell of my tanned breasts through the revealing leather top (only my nipples were hidden and not well because they were as hard as your delicious dick). “Can I slap your ass?” I crawled around again, thrusting my ass out, making the thong dig erotically at my ass Tokat Escort crack.

“Don’t ask. Tell and do, master.” With that, a hard slap was felt. It reverberated through my pussy, making me hotter and even wetter.

“What’s in the bag?” You slapped me harder since I didn’t answer fast enough. I was too busy sighing happily. “Tell me, whore!” You slapped again, this time, grabbing my ass cheeks hard and tugging. “You like this? You like me making your skin pink and hot?”

“Yessss!” I hissed, wiggling and feeling your hardness through your clothing.

“You better answer me quickly, you fucking slut, or you won’t get any of this inside of you!” You thrust through your clothes. I had to hold back screaming ‘Fuck me NOW!’

“They’re vegetables I thought you would like to use on me..” I said, a bit weakly from the pleasure. My ass tingled delightfully as you ground into me.

“Oh..” You walked to the table and examined what I had bought. “Two carrots, a cucumber, few bananas.. Mm.. tasty. You know what would go great with this, slave? Wine. Have you got any?”

“Yes, master.” You took out my bottle of Lambrusco out of the fridge and pointed to the floor ahead of you. I crawled hurriedly to you and wondered what you were going to do. “Take off your boots. I want to see as much of that sexy body as possible, you cunt.”

I took them off, breathing quickly. When would I feel something inside me? “Give them to me!”, you yelled when I had carelessly left them on the floor. In the time that it took me to take off my boots, you had poured two large glasses of wine and had taken a huge gulp of the wine. “That’s for us. After I fuck the shit out of you, of course.” I groaned at your words and almost started touching myself. “No. Did I tell you to do that?”

“No..” I said meekly, withdrawing my hands from in between my cunt lips.

“Then don’t. Period. Unzip me.” I unzipped your pants, gazing at the large member in front of my eyes. It was so long, it parted my lips even though I was about a foot away from you and hard enough to hurt my lips from the pressure. “Go ahead. Do what you’re best at.” I grabbed your cock by the based and wrapped my lips around most of your cock, lubricating it with my saliva and pumping with my fingers. I used my tongue generously and expertly as I licked the underside and swirled the around the head. The sounds of my sucking and gradually taking all of your cock down my throat got us both off. I was almost too delirious with joy to feel you pour the remaining wine over my head and body. I shivered from the contrast between the cold wetness of my skin and the hot stickness between my legs. Your thick cock rubbed the insides of my mouth harshly as I deep throated that monster, my nose buried in your lush pubic hair. “Suck it, bitch. Keep sucking!”

Without a word of warning, you roughly lowered my leather thong, took one of Escort Tokat my boots and rammed the heel up my ass. My mouth, as stuffed as it was with dick meat, could barely open as a loud muffled groan escaped me. You fucked me fast and deep with my boot heel, as you began to insert a finger and then many in my greedy pussy. I sucked even more rapidly, pressing myself closer, proud that I had been able, for the first time, swallow your entire dick, large head and all. With a husky groan, you inserted your thumb, being to fist me as I massaged your large balls. Not wanted to leave them lonely, I removed your dick from my mouth, leaving it slimy and beautiful, as I tongued and sucked at those magnificent balls of yours. My pussy clenched at your hand, my hole ripped open and yet thirsty for more. As I jerked you with my hand, and held my head between your legs, licking at the area between your balls and anus and sucking your balls alternately, moans erupted from me and one my one free hand began to grip at your hips as I could feel myself beginning to climax. Before I could, however, you pulled out your hand with a sickening moist POP and laid it on my back. “Oh, godddd…!! Keep doing that, slave. Lick me there!” You yelled, my long tongue so close to your asshole.

Even though I was the slave, I teased YOU by licking closer and closer but yet never hitting that spot you so craved to be touched. My ass began to burn as you thrust that sharp end faster and deeper into my tight practically virginal hole. Your groans became rapid and breathless, signaling a massive cum was about to ensue. I moved and placed my mouth back on your cock, this time, instead of using my hands to manipulate your dick, I licked my fingers and stuck them inside your asshole, planning to stretch out your asshole as you did my pussy.

“Two can play that game!” In one swift move, you drove the large wine bottle into my pussy, finally relenting my asshole. As I screamed from the torture/incredible pleasure, you came into my open mouth and on my entire face. My eyes, closed in disbelief over a large glass bottle being rammed up my juicy love hole, were now smothered in your thick gooey jism. The intensity of our situation, caused me to cum as well, leaking a huge gush around the dark glass bottle. Through this, I still didn’t let up on your asshole, containing 4 of my slim long fingers. Whenever I was about to open my eyes, you shot another stream, now lower onto my breasts and neck. I opened my mouth hungrily, trying to get whatever of that precious juice I could. Finally, when you had nutted completely, you slumped back and exhaled a long breath.

“Can I wipe it off, master and eat every drop off my fingers?”

“Yes,” you replied breathlessly. I could feel the bottle pulsating from the strength of my cumming pussy. I wiped my face, daintily like a cat, and sucked hungrily at the milky strains. Tokat Escort Bayan “I love your cum, master. It’s so fucking delicious,” I said, eating the last of what was on my face but leaving the cum still stuck on my hair and boobs. Your cock had wilted a bit but still contained most of it’s hardness. I knew it would until it had the chance to explode in the velvety insides of my inviting pussy.

You were still breathless and hadn’t uttered one command. I was starting to feel lost. “Can I take this wine bottle out?” I purred. You nodded slowly, still amazed at the how glorious this had all turned out. I grunted, as I pulled it out, my pussy not willing to let it go easily. Amazingly, my pussy still ached with need. I knew I needed your wonderful tongue work. I laid on the floor, not caring if the wine stained my carpet. It would only serve as a reminder of this incredible night. I began to finger myself, digging deep within. When I pulled my hand out, it was soaked. I lapped at that, again much like a cat. “I love the taste of my own cunt, Master. Do you?” I asked, holding out my wet hand innocently.

“Of course! You know I do!” Your cock rose to full attention once more and you leapt on top of me. I closed my eyes and cooed as you began to suck on my clit. Soon, your soft tongue lapped at my abused slit with the kindness you normally displayed.

“OH, GOD!! I’m going to cum ALREADY!!” You tongue fucked me, lapping up my plentiful juicies for maybe another min because waves of warm cum drenched your face. “Oh, oh, oh.. FUCKING HELL!!! THIS IS SO FUCKING GOOD!!” I screeched coming so many times I couldn’t even guess the number. My stomach clenched with intense orgasms as you alternated between sucking and nibbling lightly on my clit to fucking me as deep as you could with your tongue. My pussy clamped down, completely shut, from the pleasure.

“I love when this happens,” You growl. “It’s like you’re a virgin again!” You slipped my thong off completely and ram me with your massive tool. I squealed with delight.

“OH, YES, SID!! SIIIIIIIIIIDDD!!!” I matched you thrust for thrust as we grunted in unison. “FUCK MEEEE!!!” I felt that wondrous familiar feeling of being ripped wide open as you thrust deeper and deeper into my tight hole. Faster and faster until it felt like we were on a roller coaster ride, your dick ramming me, and your balls slapping against my pussy lips. I gripped your back and tore at the skin with my nails as yet another climax made it’s appearance. I yelled louder than I ever had. You put my legs on your shoulders and drove DEEPER still, until I could barely contain myself and came again and again. Finally, as I felt the last one ebbing away, you filled my tingling insides with pint after pint of man juice. You laid top of me, your dick still emptying itself in my insides, and held me tightly. As your dick grew flaccid, I could feel myself leaking unto the carpet, both your cum and mine.

“You know.. we never did use the vegetables..”

“I know.” I laughed, wrapping my legs around you drifting into sleep. There’s always tomorrow morning.”

“God.. I KNEW I wasn’t going to get up before noon..”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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