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“How could I have forgotten to put in gas??” I thought to myself.

With dark approaching, my tank empty, and what seemed like an area 100’s of miles from anywhere, I wondered, where along my journey had my brain fallen out? It was my 1st real road trip into the world, just me, the road, and my empty car. The last sign had stated “Next Town 15 Miles”. 15 Miles was a long way to walk when it was almost dark already. Strange how much darker it is when your on a gravel road in the forest.

“Well, I’m not going to get any farther standing next to my car” I said to myself as I started to walk. Maybe, I thought hoping my heart out; someone lives out here and has a phone I can use.

I had gone about 3 miles when I saw the glow of a porch light. Joy quickly turned to fear when stories of crazy cabin men started to run through my mind. I had to take my chances though, it was already about 10:30 and the other 12 miles were not looking so good.

Cautiously I looked around, slowly climbed the porch steps, and knocked on the door. I waited for about 5 seconds before I slowly stepped back to turn in the opposite direction. As I got about ¾ of the way across the porch, the front door opened and a man stood there looking into the darkness of which I was about to re-enter.

“Can I help you?” he asked in a cool mellow voice.

“Well you see, my car broke down about 3 or 4 miles back and I was wondering if there was anyway I could get some help.”

“Well, I don’t Yalova Escort have anyway to get you anywhere tonight. The guy I’m out hunting with had an emergency and won’t be back with the truck till late tomorrow or early next day. But, if you would like to come in, I have a fire going and a place for you to rest your feet after that long trek over.”

I slowly nodded my head and entered the cabin. The inside was beautiful. Hardwood floors, oak stair case and fireplace, and of course a bear skin rug placed next to the couch. I slowly looked my host over. 1st thing I noticed was a lack of ring on his finger, followed by his deep blue eyes that you could just dive into. He was taller as well, about 6’0″ to my 5’4″ and quite well built.

“You can sit anywhere you like; make yourself at home”, he said sweeping his hand across the room.”

I walked over to the couch, which happened to be the only furniture in the living room besides the end-table and lamps. The T.V. turned on at the sound of a click to a woman bent over screaming her lungs out. Quickly the channel changed accompanied by a nervous chuckle and several apologies.

As I sat there slowly drifting off, I felt the couch move and saw my host sitting casually beside me with popcorn and a pop for each of us. A movie had also been started. I explained that I didn’t want to keep him awake but he insisted we watch the movie and relax.

The movie ended and a conversation was struck Yalova Escort Bayan up. It ranged from why the world is as it is to his past. He explained how his girlfriend had left him for another man and how he just wanted to shut out the world forever. I told him some of my past as we sat and talked. We talked about how I was on a road trip, freshly on my own from home, trying to discover who I was and what the world was all about. I mentioned something about the walk and he offered to rub my back. I refused at first but then gave into his offer. I moved my back towards him as he methodically moved his hands up and down my spine. As he moved his hands up toward my neck I let out of a small moan and a shudder of pleasure. Noticing this this he continued to massage my neck as I let out little tidbits of sound indicating my enjoyment.

Ever so gently I felt the back of my shirt rise, and his hands massage my bare flesh. Soon my entire shirt was off. And I was sitting in my bra and shorts. The clasp slowly fell away and the strap slid off my shoulders. Pulling me back he kissed me deeply and cupped a breast as he did so. Moving his hand down he unbuttoned my shorts and placed his hands down the front, moving his hands lower and lower until he hit my clit. Moving it around in his fingers, I felt the excitement build. Carefully he slipped a finger into my wet slit feeling around as I slowly pumped against his hand. The pace increased as I pushed harder Escort Yalova against his hand.

Before I could climax, I felt him move out from behind me. The back of the couch then moved down as I found myself laying flat on my back. My shorts flew off and landed next to his newly removed shirt. Suddenly I felt his warm tongue slide slowly up and down my thighs. He then pulled me apart and started to rapidly tongue my hole, while switching back in forth between his fingers and his tongue, sucking on my clit bring me to orgasm.

Quickly, taking advantage of the increased amount of lubrication, he pulled his pants down and eased it in. As he pumped he took one of my legs and lifted if up by my head followed by the other, positioning my ass high in the air. After getting everything all opened up, I turned around and got on all 4’s on the rug in front of the fireplace. He grabbed a hold of my hips and dove it into my glistening wet pussy, balls deep. The harder he thrusted the tighter he held my hips until he grabbed my hair with one hand and smacked my ass with the other.

I could feel him tense up and I knew he was about to blow his load. I quickly moved out of his grip to turn and take his manhood into my mouth. Sucking lightly on the tip, so as to detour him from cumming that fast, I moved down slowly. I took it out of my mouth and licked down the bottom. Grabbing my head, he shoved it down my throat as I could feel him shooting down my throat.

We laid down on the rug and fell asleep naked in each others arms. In the morning, the event again happened. I found love that day, and it was all thanks to me forgetting to fill up my tank. I guess I could look at it this way, one tank was empty but the other was filled just fine.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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