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Jane and Tom had been married for a month short of two years Jane had joined a women’s institute needlework group which met every Saturday afternoon. She usually left at one ‘o clock and returned only after five. Jane was a homely dark-haired girl and was nineteen when they got married. She and Tom, who was twenty-one when they got married, had known each other for about four years before their marriage. Tom was a tall, well built light-haired fellow. He spent a lot of time in the gym keeping fit and had progressed very well in Karate.

Their sex life was varied and exciting and they enjoyed sex almost every night. Always ready to try some new innovative action. They had taken to watching blue movies together but were very selective about the videos they took out. Usually they went to the video store together to select the evenings entertainment.

One Saturday just before two ‘o clock there was a knock on the door. When Tom opened it there was Jane’s younger sister, Lisa standing on the threshold. “Hello,” he said, “what brings you here?” “I had nothing to do this afternoon so decided to visit Jane for a while.” She replied.

Lisa was 18 years old and had been the flower girl at Jane and Tom’s wedding when she was only sixteen. She was a small petite blond who was quite an eyeful. Her breasts weren’t big but were firmly rounded and up-tilted with jutting nipples. Her waist and hips were perfectly proportioned and her legs were lightly tanned and firm.

She was clad in a denim mini-skirt and a cotton shirt which buttoned up the front and hung loose over her skirt. Flat leather Indian sandals completed the outfit. Tom hadn’t realized how sexy and desirable she had become. He hadn’t seen her for nearly a year. Suddenly he realized he was staring.

“Come on in,” said Tom, “Jane isn’t here right now. She’s gone to a needlework meeting and won’t be back until after five.” Tom’s Saturday afternoons were taken up with his hobby of model gliders, which he flew every Sunday. He had been busy with some modifications to his current model when Lisa arrived. “You can sit with me in the spare room while I carry on with what I was doing. I’ve nearly finished, then we can relax.” Lisa jumped up onto the table where Tom was working. Tom was very aware of the lithe tanned legs that swung only centimeters away from his glance. The skirt had ridden up a little way showing an extra portion of thigh.

“Do you think I’m pretty?” asked Lisa suddenly. Tom was taken off balance by the sudden question. “I – er- y yes” he stammered “I do think you are pretty. What a question!” “I was hoping you thought of me as more than pretty” she continued “I would like to think you saw me as beautiful, sexy even” she said. Lisa had turned slightly on the table, to face Tom and with her movement her legs had opened slightly so that Tom could see up her skirt to the point where her panty showed palely at the junction of her thighs. He swallowed and a warmth crept into his body leading to a slight swelling in his shorts. He was wearing ensest porno a pair of sports shorts with built-in jockey that weren’t made to contain any stress. A swelling in his groin was becoming obvious and he crossed his legs to hide it. “As a matter of fact I do think you have become a very beautiful and sexy young lady. I was quite surprised when I saw you again after so long. But we shouldn’t be having this conversation. Your boyfriend should be the one to comment.” said Tom trying to steer the conversation to safer ground.

Lisa jumped off the table and threw her arms around Tom’s neck, planting a wet kiss on his mouth. “I knew you liked me,” she cried. “I could feel it. From the first.” Tom had to grab hold of the table to stop being toppled to the ground by Lisa’s enthusiasm. He stood up from the chair and held onto Lisa to get his balance. This caused their bodies to be pressed together and he could no longer hide the swelling bulge in his shorts that was pressing against her stomach. “Oooohhh Tom! what’s this” she exclaimed putting her hand on his now hard cock through the shorts.

He looked down at her feeling a rising heat in his chest. Her breasts were just touching his chest and the points of her nipples prodded him lightly. She opened her legs slightly pulling herself more firmly against him. Pulling on his shoulders she moved forward and placed her lips against his. Her mouth opened warmly and her tongue tentatively probed his mouth. In a moment their mouths were clamped together, their tongues entwined and caressing each other. He completely lost it then. There was no going back. Her pelvis was pressed tightly against him and his stiff cock was testing the heat being given off from her pelvis. Pretty soon their pelvises were grinding against each other. His rigid cock pressing hard against her belly. The kiss broke and their breathing was hard and heavy “My God, Lisa. Do you know what you’re doing?” protested Tom.

“Oh yes,” she replied “I want you to make love to me. Kiss my tits, lick my cunt, fuck me.” She placed her hand on the bulge in his shorts and lightly gripped his stiff cock. “I want to kiss and suck this. I want your cum in my mouth, over my tits and filling my cunt” she said breathily At this declaration Tom’s cock was already a rigid thrusting dominance in his shorts and he bent and picked Lisa up in his arms and carried her through to the bedroom.

Laying her softly down on the bed he began to unbutton her shirt. As Lisa’s shirt fell away a lacy bra was revealed that only covered but did nothing to conceal the exquisite breasts. He reached down and unclipped the front clasp of her bra, uncovering these beautiful, firm, upthrusting delights. He reached forward to cup the pale mounds capped by a soft pink nipple which stood rigidly for his attention. Lisa reached up and grasped him around his neck, pulling him toward her. He opened his mouth and enveloped a rigid pink nipple, dragging his tongue over it, sucking softly. A soft moan escaped Lisa’s lips. “Ooohhhhhh, fake agent porno that’s nice ,” she sighed.

While sucking softly on her one nipple he began to caress and rub the nipple of the other with his hand. Reaching down he undid the clasp of her skirt an pulled it from her. Taking her panties he pulled them down. She lifted her hips so that he could remove them altogether. Her pussy was clean shaven and the soft pink lips showed wetly. He placed his hand over her cunt and slowly pressed a finger in between the lips. He slid his finger along the wet lips. She writhed and thrust her pelvis upward to encourage his finger to venture deeper. Tom stopped, stood up and quickly removed his clothing. He knelt on the bed beside Lisa. His erect cock was standing rigidly to attention in front of her. He replaced his hand over her cunt with his finger sliding easily into her. He began to thrust with his finger, then adding a second. Lisa reached forward and curled her fingers around his stiff cock. Precum had wet the head and this film on her palm helped the lubrication and her hand began to slide easily along the length of his cock.

His fingers began to pump into her, his thumb rubbing against her swollen clit. Her hips were pushing wildly back up at him. He removed his fingers and bent forward to plunge his tongue into the sweet cunt driving it in as hard as he could. He was vigorously fucking her with his tongue. Sliding his tongue over her swollen clit. She took his balls in her other hand while stroking the length of his cock. “Yes, yes, yes ” she was saying ” That’s wonderful, I want to cum” she cried. Finally with a long sigh her legs clamped around his head and with a cry she came. “Oooohhhhhh, Eeeeeeeeee,” she cried. Her hand was pumping his cock and her orgasm brought on his own and he felt the semen boiling from his balls up his cock and jetting out onto her chest. “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaarghhhhhh,” he exclaimed as he came, and came, and came. His semen spurted out over her tits and face. She continued milking him until there was no more to come.

He collapsed over her panting. He could feel her body trembling under him. She maintained a hold on his cock and after a few minutes he began to swell again. Pushing him off her, Lisa rolled him over onto his back and slid her body down until her head was just above his cock. Once a gain she curled her soft velvety finger around his cock and began to stroke him. He relaxed, lay back, closed his eyes and allowed the sensations to carry him Suddenly he felt a wet warmth sliding along the length of his cock. He opened his eyes, looked down and saw Lisa’s warm lips and mouth engulfing him, sliding down the length of him, sucking and pulling back. The sight of the young blonde head moving over him and the feel of the warm lips and tongue caressing his rigid cock was creating a pressure in his balls. He felt the pressure build up. “I’m – going – to – come ” he grunted. Lisa could feel the pulsing in his cock and taking his balls softly in her hand fake cop porno new at exactly what moment he was going to cum. She clamped her lips tightly over him and sucked strongly. With a deep grunt and a jerk of his hips he began to pump semen into her throat. She managed to accept most of it but a little overflowed an ran in a dribble down her chin.

He sagged back in satiation, his cock going limp in her mouth. Lisa released his cock and stretched out beside him. He picked up his T shirt and began wiping her clean of any wet semen still smeared on her body or chin. They lay there for about a half hour and then Tom raised himself up on one elbow. “Oh my goodness, Lisa.” He muttered.” You sure know how to use a guy” “I’m not finished yet” she replied placing her soft warm lips over his and sliding her tongue into his mouth. The kiss became slowly more passionate. Her hand again crept to his cock and with soft gentle movements began to massage it back to hardness. He was softly stroking her belly and tits. Gently tweaking her nipples which were still standing pointedly up. She put her arms around him and pulled him on top of her. Her legs opened and he lay between them with his cock swelling and hardening. Moving slowly on her he brought his cock to her warm, still wet entrance. With a wriggle she pulled him into her and he felt the tightness of her vaginal muscles grip him. Slowly, at first he pushed himself into her until he felt the momentary barrier. She lifted her legs and placed her heels on his ass and pulled him strongly deeper into her.

The barrier gave. She gave a small grunt and with her arms and legs pulled him all the way in. He lay still for a moment to feel her, and just as slowly pulled out until only the head of his cock was still in. Then once again slid himself fully into her. Her cunt muscles were gripping him firmly all the time and the tightness of her created a heat in his cock and balls. The tempo of his thrusting increased. He began to feel a quivering in her body. He cunt muscles began to spasmodically clamp and release his cock. Her legs began to tremble and he realized that she was on the point of orgasm. He increased the tempo more until he was wildly thrusting into her. With a wild cry she came. “Heeeeeeeeeee, yeeeeeeesssssss, yeeeeess, yes, yes” she screamed jerking wildly under him. Her eruption initiated his own and semen pumped out of him into her. Filling her. Running out of her. He could not stop thrusting into her until his cock began to sag. His balls completely drained.

He lay on top of her for a few minutes until she pushed at him to lift himself. His cock slid out of her softly.

“Oh, Tom,” she sighed, “I’ve dreamed of this day. Ever since you came into our house” “We’ve started something that I’m not sure how to cope with” he replied. “We’ll have to be very careful in the future” “We will be careful. Tom, I love you. We will meet again and repeat this wonderful afternoon” she declared.

After getting themselves dressed Lisa said goodbye with a quick kiss and a wave. Tom stood watching her disappear down the road reliving the afternoon all over. He realized that they had moved into very dangerous waters but he had no intention of forgetting or of not repeating the experience.

To Be Continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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