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Another sultry hot day. It must have been 30 degrees all week. Heat hazed, do nothing weather. The kind of weather where everything seems in slow motion. I was in Carries house, sitting on the sofa in the front room. Her tongue was in my mouth, and we were passing the five minute mark of some fairly hot French kissing.

Thirty minutes earlier than that, she had texted me…

mom and dad shopping. sis out. Get here fast Simon 😉

I drove over in 15 minutes and broke two red lights in the process. Carrie met me at the door wearing a yellow bikini top and denim shorts. Perfect clothes for this hot weather, perfect clothes for her hot body. She was nineteen, blonde, and very into me.

She purred as we kissed and she pressed herself into my chest insistently, she was strong for such a skinny thing. She knelt up on the sofa to lean over me more and I broke the kiss to nuzzle my face into the cleavage of her bikini. Her boobs weren’t huge but they were nicely shaped and the smell of her body was divine. The sound of our heavy breathing was punctuated by the clock on the mantle-piece, ticking the seconds away, setting the tone for our urgency. She started to pick at my jeans buttons, signalling the end of ordinary making out. I groped her toned ass and rubbed my other palm on the crotch of her shorts. She gasped and smiled with delight, thrusting her hips out lustily. I started to nip at her bikini top, searching for the nipple behind the yellow fabric. With some twisting and shifting she got my cock free of the tight trousers. It’s a great feeling of relief you get when the “little man” is out into the open. Carrie stooped to kiss me again as she slowly jerked my cock to full iron hardness. I took off my t-shirt in one quick motion and she leaned back. She could see I was in great shape from working in the scaffolding yard all summer. She took a moment to check out my cock, twice as big as her hand and bulging hard. She was clearly both dreading and relishing it going inside her.

“What the FUCK is going on?”

We both bolted with fright. The voice came from the open doorway to the hall. Carrie jumped back away from me, fixing herself instantly and pretending nothing was happening. Standing in the doorway was Carries sister Beatrice, a shopping bag in her hand and a look of outrage on her face. I got up, looking for an exit, but the only way was past the irate Beatrice.

“We weren’t doing anything” said Carrie

“Em no.” amazingly I started to agree with that ridiculous lie.

I must confess, even in that paniced moment, I couldn’t help noticing that Carries older sister was pretty cute herself. She had the same oval face and pouty lips as Carrie but she was taller, and more filled-out, and had lustrous brown hair instead of blonde. When I noticed Beatrice was staring at my full hard-on with wide-eyed shock I knew I had to get out of there fast. I started to cover up, but my boner was so intense, still being fed by my panic pumping heart, that I had to wrestle it back into my jeans. I grabbed my t-shirt and inched past the woman in the doorway before bolting out the front door. As I made my way down the garden path I could hear a furious row starting starting between the sisters. The window muffled their words but they sounded like two harpies…

Back in the car I stopped to consider my next move. Would I wait until the coast cleared or just get out of there? After taking a few minutes to calm down I slipped the car out onto the road and started to head for home. Carries house was in a row of old style wooden buildings with white picket fences, a road ran behind the back yards of the houses and this was the one I was on when my cell phone beeped a text message. I pulled in and fished out the phone. It was Carrie.

U there?

I typed back.

Yeah sorry about ur sis.

After a minute the phone beeped again.

fuk her – shes a bitch

This made me laugh. I started a reply

lucky for U she turned up 😉 was goin to molest u.

I waited a minute and the phone beeped again.

🙁 🙁 🙁 u got me all wet

I typed on the keypad, forming an image of Carries cheeky grin in my mind. I could see her house from where I was parked.

was goin to see to that

Seconds later


Damn she could type fast.

Eat ur pussy

The phone beeped again.

:O nasty boy… u want me to suk ur cok

That made my heart jump.


Another message…

u want to fuk my pussy

That was it. I was going back there. I hopped out of the car and ran to the fence. I didn’t really have a plan as to what I was doing but I just had to have her. Carries back yard was quite long and the end of it nearest the road wasn’t that well kept. There were overgrown bushes and long weeds tangling and scratching as I blundered my way through. I cursed as I tripped over an old bucket that had got lost in the wilderness. I was about to push through to the lawn when I heard a door slam and it made me draw back. Pushing a branch to the side I looked out to see Carrie herself strolling out, phone in hand. She sauntered down the lawn and Yalova Escort pulled a sun lounger around so it’s back was to the house. She kicked off her sandals and lay languorously on it tapping away on the phone keyboard.


My own phone sounded a loud as a thunderclap now that I was trying to stay hidden . I dropped the thing from nerveless fingers and ended up tangled in branches trying to get it back. Eventually I found it and looked out again. I could hardly believe she didn’t hear me thrashing about.

So hot thinking about u. n what I want to do to u 🙂 Thinking about wat way to do u. Maybe tie u up + get on top. U like that?

It must have taken her a while to type that.

There was nothing I wanted more right then then to burst out of the bushes, pull her shorts off, and nail her right there on the sun lounger. But something held me back, it was the way she sat there looking at the screen on her phone. She wanted my next message, I culd see by her face she was really into it. So I changed my ring-tone to silent and sent a message back.

I’d like that

Ten yards away her phone beeped and she smiled at the message. She started again, as she typed she trailed a finger along the inside of her neck and lightly on the exposed inside of her breast. She glanced quickly over her shoulder at the house before slipping the finger inside her bikini top.

My phone buzzed

What way you want to do me

I typed a reply

from behind 😉

Another beep and she smiled again using both hands to type her reply as quickly as she could. I saw her press the send with a touch of aplomb. A moment later my phone buzzed.

On my hands and knees? or bend me over something?

When I looked up from reading I could see her staring intently at the phone. I gave her what she wanted.

Hands and knees. Goin 2 spank your little ass while I fuk u. Make u work it more

Her phone beeped and she bit her lip when she read it. I could see her typing her reply with one hand, with the other she started to rub the front of her shorts.

There was a soft buzz from my phone.

Like a bad girl.

Now Carrie pressed and squeezed the tight crotch of her denims. I had to adjust my own uncomfortable boner and maybe did a bit more than necessary for mere adjustment. There was a long pause now as I touched myself while watching her touch herself. We were fucking each other via satellite while at the same time being almost close enough to touch. I had an idea..

u got vibr8 on

After the customary few seconds I saw her smile and tap her reply.

y 🙂

I sent her another message.

i wnt to rng ur pussy 😉

When she got the message she turned to look over her shoulder back at the house. There was still nobody watching, or so she thought. I could see her take the small silver phone and insinuate it under the yellow waistband of her bikini bottoms. She adjusted her legs slightly as she slid the device into the tight crotch of her Daisy Dukes.

My fingers danced on the buttons.

Menu – Contacts – Scroll to Carrie – Call Button.

She was still looking over her shoulder at the house when her body jumped slightly with shock. I could hear the dial tone buzz softly from my phone as each ring brought a concurrent shiver from Carrie. She bit her lip and held the sides of the sun lounger as her hips shivered and quivered. After about thirty seconds I could hear her voice-mail kick in.

“Hi, Its Carrie. I’m busy. Leave a Message.”

I got ready to dial again, but I could see her fishing in her shorts for her phone.

u nearly mak me cum :O :O :O

I typed quickly

will do again

But the spell was somehow broken, she had already swung her legs over the side of the lounger and was wriggling her feet into her sandals. She paused over her phone a little longer than normal.

No 2 dangerous outside. Goin inside 4 shower and 2 get mself off 😉 see u l8r hun

At that she got up and started to trot back to the house, her ass swaying and her blonde pony tail bouncing merrily. With one hand on the door handle she stopped for a moment to wipe the phone on the backside of her shorts. Then she was gone inside.

I was left wondering how to deal with the massive boner trying to burst its way out of my jeans. I contemplated pulling it out and finish myself off, but it just seemed a bit too pervy. You know. Jerking off while hiding in the bushes of your girlfriends house. While I was thinking about it a movement in the house caught my eye. Up beside the old oak tree somebody had gone past the window. It was wide open and had no curtains. After a bit more clattering around I could hear the hiss of a shower running.

It was probably time to go, but the hissing sound just brought images of Carrie in the shower. I imagined her wet and soapy, getting busy with herself. Mental images which were doing nothing to distract from how hard my dick was and how uncomfortable were my tight fitting jeans. An idea dawned on me. That oak tree looked quite sturdy. Plus… a thick branch passed very close Yalova Escort Bayan to that window.

I sprinted across the yard ducking low to hide myself from view as best I could. The tree was easy to climb and, apart from one scary moment when I picked a branch too light for my weight, I soon got two hands on the open window ledge.

I hauled myself into the bedroom and took a look around. She was one messy girl, the bed wasn’t made and clothes were strewn all over the floor and furniture. The door to the en-suite bathroom was wide open and the sound of the shower hissed merrily through it. Right in the doorway was a set of panties casually dropped. I virtually ripped my own clothes off and moved to the bathroom to surprise her.

The small bathroom was like a sauna. I could see her silhouette in the shower. Writhing sensuously as she washed. Her naked body both revealed and concealed behind the steamy glass. I stepped a bit closer. The shower hissed loudly, drowning any other sounds in the room.

I slid open the steamy door to reveal the girl in the shower. She was bending over slightly with one hand on the wall and letting the hot spray massage her neck and back. The water ran down the channel of her spine and into the crack of her ass and I could clearly see two fingers buried deep inside her pussy as the water drained and splashed from her crotch.

But something was wrong… she was too tall to be Carrie, her wet straight hair was too dark, her ass too full and curvy … It was Beatrice!

I was stunned into inactivity and probably sensing a cold draught from the open door she turned. When she saw me she jumped with fright and shot her back against the wall of the shower. There was a moment when we just stared at each other in shock. She didn’t try to hide her modesty her hands pressed against the tiles looking for a way out. I didn’t know what to do, I couldn’t move. We were both naked and the only thing separating us was a noisy jet of hot water.

She opened her mouth to scream, but nothing came out. I could see her eyes moving from my face down over my chest, noting the muscle tone in my abdomen. I had been working in the building yard all summer after all. And then she settled on my still hard dick poking into the shower unit. I could see her mouth relax, the scream forgotten. She stared at my tool for a moment as if weighing up her options. Then her eyes raised to mine slowly, there was no fear in them. With a dirty looking smile she reached over and grabbed my cock, pulling me into the shower.

I started kissing her and she reciprocated lustily. The water was spraying and splashing in our faces as we pressed together. I got my hands onto her big round breasts and massaged them softly. She moaned her encouragement and stroked my shaft with her hand. I kissed her breasts, sucking the nipple in to my mouth as she kneaded the muscles of my back. I gripped her ass with both hands, making her jump and laugh and, when I came back up to kiss her again, I pressed her thighs apart with my hips. She smiled and kissed me, wrapping one leg over my hip. I held her steady and she gripped my chin to kiss me while using her other hand to manoeuvre my cock into position. I eased into her slowly and she pushed her tongue into my mouth keeping in time. I sucked her tongue and she withdrew it, biting my lip sharply. I gave her a sharp cock-thrust in revenge and she gasped loudly. She threw both arms around my neck for balance and started to kiss me savagely. Mouth to mouth, with one shapely leg thrown over my hip, I gave her everything I had.

We ground our bodies together groaning and straining. The water sprayed us wildly as we moved together. The steam was rising both literally and metaphorically. Beatrice didn’t want to take it slow, God only knows how long she had been finger-fucking herself before I got there. I upped the pace, my cock was sliding deliciously smooth in and out of her. She responded eagerly, gasping encouragement, it would not be long before we were both ready to come. But, as if something clicked inside her, she started to struggle against me. She managed to disentangle and push me away.

“We have to stop. I can’t do this.”

“What do you mean” I said and took her in my arms again. But she pushed me away.

“We have no protection. I don’t want to get pregnant.”

“I won’t come inside you I promise.” I said


Yes I know, but it’s all I could think of saying.

I moved against her again and started kissing her. She held my face and kissed me back. When I lifted her leg back up against my hip she just moaned and stuck her tongue into my mouth. My cock slid back inside with no resistance. I started a slow fuck, letting her savour the feeling again. Thinking maybe she would change her mind. She stared to move her hips automatically. Adding that little animal hip-thrust that girls do. It was like her body and mind were no longer connected.

Make a girl come and she’ll forgive a lot.

But she shuddered, coming to her senses again, and started to push me away.

“No! I can’t. It’s too risky.”

I Escort Yalova was at a loss for what to do. She looked so sexy… wet in every way, and obviously wanting it as badly as I did. She had backed into the corner of the shower and I was pointing my cock at her like a mugger in a dark alley. I moved to her again and got my arms around her. I nibbled her ear and whispered directly into it.

“Please, you’re making me beg.”

I held her, I nuzzled her neck and she sighed. I got my middle finger into the channel of her pussy. Up and down slowly, bottom to top, tease the clit, and back again. She closed her eyes and groaned. Our bodies were hot together, the water sprayed off us.

“Oh, fuck it anyway” she said.

She broke away and reached to the metal shelf hanging from the shower-unit picking up a fat bottle of hair conditioner. She smiled at me in a dirty way and started to empty the guts of half a bottle onto her hand. Stepping to the side, to make sure the shower wouldn’t wash it off, she started to coat both hands with the slippery white fluid. Then she grabbed my cock with her right hand, literally pulling me back towards her until our noses touched. I found myself staring into her deep brown eyes. I couldn’t see what her left hand was doing, but she gripped my tool tightly with her right. I moved my hips enthusiastically fucking her slippery hand. Not quite as good as her pussy but not bad, especially when my knob squeezed between the loop she made with thumb and forefinger. We were kissing again now and I put my had between her legs to return the favour. I felt the tips of her fingers withdrawing from the area, apparently the other half of the conditioner was on its own mission. But, before I could do anything, she angled her shoulders. This forced me to move slightly and allowed her to turn, all while keeping the maximum contact between our bodies. She had her back to me now, but without letting go of her tight grip on my cock. I was taller and heaver than her and, when I leaned forward, her body pressed against the tiles. She gasped, those tiles felt so cold despite the heat of the water. Her head turned sideways to look back at me. She sighed deeply, revelling in the contrasting sensations. The chill of the tiles on her front; right cheek, tits, belly, and the fronts of her thighs. The heat of my body pressed against her back; ass, and her long, smooth, legs. I kissed her hotly behind her ear at the top of her neck. I could feel her manoeuvring my cock into position, controlling it with a grip so tight it was almost painful. She couldn’t bend over due to the shower wall so she just, kind-of, stuck her backside out against me.

I was happy she had changed her mind and reached my hands to cup those large breasts. I kissed her neck and shoulder. I could feel my cock head at her entrance now but she still wanted to control things. She only let me ease against it gently. I could feel it opening, strangely slowly. I leaned harder with my hips but she resisted with her hand and a stand off developed. The pressure was rising until “pop” the head of my cock got inside her. We both gasped in unison. It was then that I realised it wasn’t her pussy she was easing me into.

It was her ass!

It felt so tight, with a grip like steel. Her rosebud worked hard, automatically trying to keep me out by clenching. It was disobeying orders from the brain but its effort was being thwarted by something slippery applied liberally to my my shaft. The conditioner. What a clever girl. With a deep groan from Beatrice her asshole momentarily relaxed letting me slip further in. She bit her lip and, aided by another reluctant anal spasm, my cock slid in further. Then, lastly, with eyes rolled to heaven, her asshole lost its grip and I pushed fully inside.

Oh… My… God! I whispered into her ear

Mmmmh, you like that? She purred over her shoulder.

“You are one bad girl” I gasped.

She winked over her shoulder at me.

My hips pressed hard against her backside. Her defeated sphincter muscle just spasmed weakly, now straining to pull me inside. B moaned deeply with pleasure. I could feel each twitch, but I daren’t move, my cock was ready to explode.

“You’ve done this before.” I was panting. It was all too intense.

Beatrice smiled and nodded her head.

“College is not just for books you know”

She snaked her body in an s-shape from shoulders down to hips causing her asshole to slide tightly on my cock. We both groaned in unison. I could barely hold it.

“Jesus…Don’t do that, I’m gonna cum.” I whispered directly into her ear.

She purred like a cat to hear me say that, but she stopped her movements. I slowly adjusted myself so I could cup one large breast I my left hand and get two fingers of my right down to her pussy. I rubbed my fingers in her slit. She sighed loudly. Then I found her clit, hard and hot at the apex of her pussy, she whimpered to the touch. She was near the edge herself. Beatrice craned her neck back to kiss me but couldn’t reach. I started to rub her clit vigorously and she groaned lustily. She was making the high pitched noises that a woman makes when she is close to orgasm. Then she was shivering and panting in my arms, nearly there. Then, holding her breath with her mouth open, the tension in her body reached its climax for one… two… three seconds of delight before the dam burst.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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