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Chapter one was written twice from her own perspective from authors Brittni4u and Skye_Sub. The subsequent chapters will be collaborated and written by both girls and submitted alternately by each. Skye and Britt’s adventures are just beginning and we hope you enjoy chapter two.


After breakfast Skye and I held hands, facing each other like teenage lovers out past curfew, not wanting to go home just yet. We kissed, savoring the moment while prolonging our goodbyes. The reality was; I knew I had to get back to my boyfriend to explain why I had been out all night without answering my phone. He would be upset but I didn’t care. The night I spent with Skye was magical and I had not regretted a single minute. Simply put, she was incredible. We exchanged numbers, lips brushing each other’s once more before I jumped into my corvette and headed home.

I had been living with my boyfriend, Sean for the past few months and it was going pretty well, but at the age of 24; I was feeling suffocated. I couldn’t help but worry I’d made a mistake. The love was real between us, but I felt a restlessness as though I hadn’t finished discovering who I was.

Over the next couple months, Skye and I maintained contact daily. She would call, her low sultry voice coaxing, “Hey Babe…I never got to tell you about my childhood; TMZ has been calling but I’ll give you the scoop. Come up to Canada and visit. Get my exclusive tell-all account.”

Laughing, I internally reminisced about our hot escapades in her truck.

“You and that damn childhood. If I come up there, it won’t be to discuss that, it will be to discuss…um…well we won’t discuss much because we will be too busy…if you know what I mean.” My retort was consistent with the verbal sparring that was indicative of our deep connection.

“Threats… “She passed off laughing, “I welcome them all, especially if you intend to carry through with them.”

Three weeks later, it happened. I had heard the rumors and evidently they were true. Failing to compete with the larger chains of CVS and Walgreens; the small pharmacy I worked for, closed its doors. Although a setback, I was disappointed, but not devastated for a couple of reasons. I knew I could find another job as a pharmacist pretty easily. In addition, I craved respite from the working grind. Before jumping into another position, I could take the break I craved and possibly cure my restlessness. Sean would be waiting when I returned and I could dedicate myself to him with a clear head.

That first night, I was on the phone filling Skye in, and she replied, “Babe, anytime…my offer is still available. Just come stay with me for a little bit. Get away from it all. I’m here for you.”

I missed her and could not get her out of my mind. Begrudgingly of my own emotion, I said, “I don’t know if I can. I really want to but…”

Skye cut me off, “Look… I am driving another load stateside to Denver starting tomorrow. I will be there on Thursday. So… if you can’t come to Canada, at least meet me there and we can hang out for a few days. I’ll take you for a ride in my semi and maybe if you play your cards right, I will even let you drive.”

I snapped, “Oh hell no… you don’t want me behind the wheel of something like that… but seriously, let me talk to Sean and I will get back to you.”

When the opportunity arose one night at home, I mentioned to Sean that I wanted to head up to Denver to see Skye. He became angry and questioned my motives, “Why would you want to drive that far to meet up with a trucker who you hung out with in a bar for just one night? I think that is insane!”

I tried to make my point, “It isn’t about her, Sean…it’s about finding myself. I went to college for seven years and it was constant studying. Finally, I passed and snap, I was preparing and subsequently jumping right into a job. I have the rest of my life to work. Maybe I just want to see some of what is out there before I settle down.”

“So basically, you are willing to throw away what we have… for some girl?”

“Again…it is just a little trip…nobody is throwing anything away.”

His eyes narrowed suspiciously as he continued his accusations, “Oh ok, you are listening to all this different music and cursing more. Now you want to take off. Who are you? Is this her influence? And since when have you ever listened to Florence and the Machine?”

I lied, “I used to listen to them all the time in high school. Don’t go there. I was willing to discuss this with you but you are being such an asshole; I’m going for sure now. I will see you in a week when I get back. If you don’t like it, too fucking bad. How is that for cursing?!”

He was shaking his head in dismay when I added, “Listen…this is just something I need to do. I wish you could just try to understand. I want an adventure and this is perfect for me. I need to find me and maybe in the end, this could bring us closer together…who knows.”

He just continued shaking bursa escort his head but softly gave in, “Fine, go. I’ll be here when you get back and then we need to talk about what our future holds. I’m not going to tolerate you running off with random truckers, ha, I can’t believe I just had to say that.

“But seriously, I want us to go onto the next step, Britt. I love you and well…let’s just talk when you get back.”

That evening, I synchronized my time frame with Skye and packed my bags while preparing myself to make the 15 hour trip. My plan was to drive much of the trip, then stay in a hotel in Utah before finishing up the drive to Denver. Going through Vegas and traveling through Nevada, the weather was magnificent. I had the top down, letting my long, dark blonde hair blow in the wind. In my road trip induced euphoria, I couldn’t help but wave at all the truckers, and have them honk back with their air horns. It felt freeing to be on the road.

The first night in my hotel, I sat in the lounge and called Skye. We excitedly chatted with one another. It felt silly but I was like a school girl chatting with a cute guy in my class. When she laughed it made my heart flutter. After I hung up, I went back to my room and masturbated while focusing on the memory of her amazing body. I dug my heels into the mattress, arched my back and moaned her name aloud when I erupted.

The next morning I showered, curled my hair and applied my makeup before I dressed. Keeping in mind the weather would be cooler as I neared the mile high city; I carefully chose a long sweater dress that stopped mid-thigh. To match the burgundy one piece, I wore white hose and black closed-toe two-inch heels.

Following my GPS, I arrived at the truck stop Skye had described in her text to me. As I walked into the restaurant my heart was pounding with anticipation. She matched my memory perfectly as she looked up at me over her cup of coffee with those large hazel eyes and black hair framing her face. I smiled back and giving her a wink, I bobbed my head in the direction of the door.

Smoothly, she set down the cup and came towards me. When I began to turn to lead her out, she grabbed me from behind. She spun me toward her, leaned her head in so close I could feel her breath and whispered her purposefully corny pick up line. It was one we often would make fun of, “What’s a girl like you doing in a place like this?”

I began to giggle, but she shut me up with her lips. They descended over mine, and took my own in a rapturous open-mouthed kiss. A few patrons watched but they were far from our minds. Her lips explored mine, their possessive nature indicating the pent-up passion she had endured with our separation. Our kiss decreased its intensity after some time and slowly she pulled her head back while her eyes met mine. I sighed, “God… I…” stopping my speech suddenly when I heard her speak.

“…Missed you…” Skye finished.

Clasping each other’s’ hands we turned on our heels and left the cafe aghast with our display. With my hand still in hers, she put them behind my back as though she was putting her arm around me. She winced suddenly, “Ouch.”

Concerned, I questioned while simultaneously guessing at the answer, “What’s wrong? It’s those shoulders, isn’t it?”

She nodded her head. A broad smile overtook my face as though she hadn’t just told me she was in pain. I excitedly broke free to get something out of my trunk. I had brought it, knowing her shoulders were hurting her the last time we were together. As I rummaged enthusiastically, Skye stood and watched me like I was a nut. After fishing it out of my bag, I produced a bottle of massage oil I had packed in my purse. It was wrapped up with a few Hot Hands warming packets. My devious plan was almost too good and the bottle was nearly too warm to carry but I managed to get control of it.

She shook her head, “What did you get out of the trunk…a gun to put me out of my misery?”

I hid it behind my back and told her, “Let’s get in the truck bunk so I can give you a little Brittni physical therapy for those shoulders.”

The corner of her mouth curled up in a sly smile, “You don’t need to tell me twice; I wouldn’t mind giving you a little physical therapy myself.”

We climbed up into her semi which was attached to a van trailer. Settling in the bunk, we sat on the bed and gazed in adoration at one another. I couldn’t help but admire the simplicity of her wardrobe. She was wearing dark jeans tucked inside her brown calf high boots. Her white tank top showed a touch of cleavage, and was enveloped by a matching brown leather jacket. Her dark hair hung across her face giving her that seductive look that she displayed the first time I laid eyes on her in the pharmacy.

Struck by how happy I was to see her, the need to have my hands on her body consumed me. After an awkward pause, I blurted out, “I can’t very well help you with your clothes on. Can you please take them off?”

With bursa escort bayan her sharp tongue, she responded, “Yes, madam doctor… just curious but you wouldn’t happen to have a hospital gown I could put on would you?”

I laughed while she just gave me that half smile. I lunged toward her and locked my arms up inside her jacket as we kissed. I could feel the warmth of her back compressed by the weight of her jacket on my hands. The smell of leather and…her…aroused me. At first our lips’ movement was quick and lustful but it settled down to a soft sensuous dance. She tasted amazing, but I refocused myself on the job I had to do. Sliding my hands inside her jacket, I slipped her arms out and eventually draped it over the seat. In a show of uncharacteristic cooperation, she lifted her shirt off while I unhooked her bra. Once those amazing round breasts were free, I slid my hands down around her back, over her navel and deftly unbuttoned her jeans.

She removed her boots, and shedded her pants as I lifted my dress over my head. My blonde hair mushroomed outside the neck hole and flopped back down to my shoulders. I unhooked my black lace bra and tossed it to the side. Gazing at me with her mouth slightly open, Skye gasped and breathed out, “You are so beautiful…”

She sat patiently watching me, wearing only her red silk panties while I still had on my white pantyhose encasing my matching black panties. I wanted to attack her, she looked so hot but I reluctantly collected myself; I had a job to do. We took off our remaining attire until we were completely nude.

Sidling up to her, I leaned in and whispered, “Turn around. Let me work on those shoulders.”

She melted into me as my breath hit her ear, but she went along with my instructions and shifted until she had her back to me. I slid lightly up against her back, so just my nipples were pressed against her skin, my breath hitching in my throat at the sensation of my sensitive skin grazing hers. I brought one leg up and wrapped it around her waist to draw her in while I squirted some warm oil onto her shoulders.

“Oh my God! That is so warm. How did you…? And you’re flexible like a cat, my brilliant little gymnast.” She gasped out referring to my athletic past.

Slowly, I rubbed it into her skin. She closed her eyes, leaned her head forward and with the back of my hand, I brushed her long hair to her front. Rubbing deliberately, I pressed my thumbs into her shoulders. Her muscles were prominent, but more so were the tension knots I was seeking to sooth. She moaned low as I continued my massage.

During the course of my administrations, I could feel myself getting just as wet as her shoulders. I was savoring the feeling of her smooth skin encasing muscle as I worked her shoulders over before sliding my greasy hands around and onto her boobs. Sighing, she leaned back with her hair resting on my chest and I rubbed her silky smooth breasts. The warm oil felt like melted butter which made it easier to tweak her erect nipples. I used my palms to encircle the outside before coming up under her magnificent tits, cupping and feeling their delicious weight in my hands.

By now, my pussy juices were flowing and starting to smear on the top of her ass. I clutched her from behind and kissed her greasy shoulders for a minute before telling her to lie down on her stomach. She was hesitant and in a rare moment of vulnerability she stated blatantly, “I don’t like my ass.”

I kissed her cheek and laughed, “You don’t have to like it…I will like it for you.”

Skye reluctantly moved into position with a bit of a flop face-down on the bed, seemingly in resignation to make it known she was against this course of action. Once she was down, I proceeded to squirt the warm ointment all over her back and smooth ass. I rubbed and kneaded every inch. When my flat hand softly sliced between her butt cheeks, she jumped. Not being able to stop myself, I mischievously crooked my finger inwards and placed deliberate pressure on her tight asshole. She gasped out but before she knew what had happened, I moved on, purposely allowing my fingers to graze her smooth pussy.

Sitting back on her thigh, I began to grind my clit on to it while I continuously rubbed her back. She would shift, flexing her leg muscles and I would grind more, spreading my juices along her skin. I wanted to drive her wild; make her feel the desperation that she made me feel. Abruptly, I halted and tugged her shoulder as a cue to roll off her stomach. When I had her turn over, I rested to my side and massaged her skin while she lay back as satisfied as a cat in a sunbeam.

The look and feel of the oil on her figure was incredibly erotic; her whole body was slick and shiny. I was so turned on, I just about orgasmed without touching myself. Yet, my hands kept up their work, massaging her boobs, her stomach and finally arriving at her crotch. Using my greasy middle finger, I bursa merkez escort slid it to her clit and moved it up and down her crease. Her mouth opened and I watched every facial expression as she reacted to my tracing around her swollen nub. Her pussy was so wet, it had begun running down her ass crack.

She spread her legs and I began to circular massage her clit with vigor. The warm oil created the perfect friction. She gasped, “Oh! Ohhhh,” before taking her hand and sliding three fingers inside my wet opening.

I went from being the aggressor to briefly submitting to my own pleasure and exhaling my own gasp, “Ahhhh!”

The faster I rubbed her clit, the quicker she finger banged my slippery pussy. It was as though my hand controlled hers. Although, I wasn’t sure which one of us would cum first, I never stopped, I remained deliberate in my effort to make her climax. My plan backfired as my own orgasm caught me by surprise and I cried out breathlessly, “Fuck…I’m cumming! Oooooooo!”

Not long after I had cum, Skye closed her legs around my fingers and spasmed with a low toned moan that gradually became higher pitched as her pleasure took her over. She shook and trembled, her body tensed and back arched. When we caught our breath, she sat up, “Now that was a proper hello and I must say, my shoulder feels amazing now, but not as amazing as you feel. I’m not sure anything or anyone can compete with that.”

I laughed, blushing a bit, I waved her sincere compliment off with the flip of my hand while declaring, “You need a shower sweetie… wow, you are a right mess.”

She was dripping in massage oil, it had gotten into her hair making it curl nicely at the ends but still she needed to wash up. Ever the selfless diligent helper I helped wipe her down with a towel she retrieved from one of the closets in the bunk. After spending an inordinate amount of time on certain areas she growled while a smile played on her lips, “Babe, be careful what you start again. I have big plans for you later and I’ll need my strength.”

She winked at me while quickly pulling her clothes on and hopped out of the truck. Once she disappeared into the bathroom, I dressed, fiddled with my phone and looked around. I peeped in her closets and saw her clothes hanging up. I couldn’t help but laugh aloud at all the identical black tank tops. Closing the door, I checked her other closet but found only a stack of logbooks and dusty safety manuals. Starting to get bored, I sat down on the bed and finally after about twenty minutes my boredom turned to concern.

Quickly, I called her phone and I heard it ring from its resting place on the driver’s seat, so I knew she didn’t have it. My anxiety was ramping up and I jumped down from the truck on a mission to find my hot lover. When I came around the corner, I froze. Her voice rang out with panic edging it to higher pitch, “If you two mother fuckers don’t get away from me, I’m not just going to scream, I’m going to kick you both square in the dick.”

A deep voiced man laughed, “Oh really? I’d like to see you try. Well…go ahead and scream, bitch…nobody around here gives a shit.”

As she screamed, I took off running for my car. She wouldn’t really try to attack them would she? For all her bravado, she really was just a small town girl from Canada, unused to the sordid type of men she was now confronting. Hands trembling under the pressure of the situation, I fumbled desperately with my key fob as I had lost all my wits about me. After some struggle, I managed to open the car door and quickly grabbed my pink and black Glock 26, something my dad had gotten me for safety. Removing the safety and I ran as fast as I could towards Skye.

Adrenaline was surging through my veins as I chose fight over flight. Still, I was terrified and when I came around the corner, a filthy bearded man was holding her from behind. Skye’s legs were kicking and flailing in a desperate attempt to break free. My heart surged in admiration at her unwillingness to give up the struggle. Nobody was going to take Skye without a fight and I intended to make sure of that. The second man, a greasy looking drunk was laughing and keeping his distance.

My hands were shaking in my stance while I shouted making my presence known as I alternated pointing the gun back and forth between the men, “You two assholes must be hard of hearing. I believe she told you to let her go!”

The bearded guy holding her had rotten teeth and wore a grimy ball cap. He laughed, “What are you going to do with that except make me mad? Come on…Sweet Cheeks…why don’t you hand it to me before you hurt yourself.”

My shaking stopped as I began to get angry, “I’m going to give you to the count of three before I blow your head off. If you don’t think I can do it, then you are sadly mistaken. I have been shooting targets for longer than you’ve been a sack of shit… and if you don’t believe that, try me…Mother Fucker!”

He released Skye and as she dropped to the ground, her eyes raised to me, looking desperately shocked. The other guy started walking toward me and I fired! With a loud pop, the guy went down with a bullet in his leg and Skye’s eyes looked like she had seen a ghost. He rolled around on the ground, “I’m fucking shot. The bitch shot me.”

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