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Big Tits

The scenario in this story really happened, including the whole slip and slide and pictures scenario (you’ll know what I’m talking about when you read it). All the erotic stuff is fiction. Hope you like it.

Somehow, I had been dragged into going with my family to their friends’ barbecue. I didn’t want to go, but at least their friends had two smoking hot daughters around my age. The one closer to my age was named Meghan and she went to the same school as me, but we had both graduated, Meghan the year before me. I was 18, about 5’9″, had dark hair and grayish eyes, a hooked, once-broken nose, and played guitar. Meghan, 19, was a very pretty girl, about 5’3″, brown hair, bright blue eyes. Her body was average, she was still pretty flat-chested but had a toned and tanned stomach with a bellybutton piercing and an ok ass. She played volleyball which kept her in shape. I’m not saying I wouldn’t bang her, but there were some girls with nicer bodies. But Meghan had a very pretty face which was hard to top. We were decent friends despite the grade difference, mostly because our parents were friendly. She had just finished her freshman year of college and was home for the summer.

Understandably, I was bored to tears at this party. All my friends were away, and my girlfriend of a year and a half, named Liv, was at a concert, and also home from college for the summer. I sat there talking to some of my parents’ friends until my mom told me I could leave if I was bored. I agreed and took the keys to her truck and left. I went home and played guitar then spent the next 45 minutes jerking off. Normally, I’d just text Liv and have her come over and do it for me, but like I said, she was away for the day, so I was left with my hands instead of her mouth. I had just finished when my younger sister, Nikki, called me and asked me to come get her from the cookout. I quickly agreed, growing bored and hoping to see some hot girls there. I decided to take my car, a stickshift 2003 Saab 9-3, wanting to arrive in style. I drove over to Meghan’s house, driving rather erratically (I stepped off the brake at a stop sign on a hill and made the car intentionally roll back about 10 feet, dropped the clutch, and peeled out and had it redlining and doing 45 in 2nd gear).

Anyway, I arrived at the house about 10 minutes later. The radio was blasting and there was a volleyball game going in the front yard. I parked and got out. I was right, there were about a half dozen college girls there, all Meghan’s friends, and probably some of the hottest girls in my school when they still went there. I walked out back, subtly checking out the girls as they continued the game. Meghan turned around and waved to me, before serving the ball. Embarrassed that she could’ve caught me checking them out, I waved back and continued walking.

My family was sitting out back, listening to the radio, and talking to friends. Everyone greeted me, and we talked for a while about colleges and future career plans. I finally left about half an hour later with Nikki. My parents asked me to come back in about another half an hour to pick them up. It went fast. I played ps3 and almost lost track of the time, and before I knew it, was arriving at Meghan’s house yet again. Let’s just say, I’m glad I had to come back.

I had just parked when two of Meghan’s friends came jogging to one of their cars, both in bikinis. One of them, a pretty blonde college chick named Jordan, said to me, “Welcome back. You have a bathing suit?”

A little surprised, I shook my head. “No. Why?”

“We just made a slip and slide. It’s not a problem, you can borrow one of Dan’s. See you out back!” (Dan was Meghan’s older brother who had just graduated college). She and the other girl turned and walked back to the backyard.

Puzzled, I hesitated and walked around to the backyard. My jaw dropped. They had improvised a slip and slide using a hose, tarp, and soap suds. Meghan and all her friends were now in bikinis, about to start. There were a lot of college guys too, including Meghan’s ex, whose name escaped me. Then Meghan’s older sister, Erin, who apparently had just used the slip and slide judging from how wet she was, caught my eye. Holy shit. I always thought she was hot, but in a soaking wet bikini, I wanted nothing more than to bend her over the nearest table and wreck her. She was 21 and studying to become a teacher, about 5’7″, light brown hair down to her ribs, blue eyes, and an amazing body. A firm ass and I guessed D cup knockers. She looked after herself. I finally tore my eyes off her and looked for my parents. I finally spotted them, sitting at a table, still with their friends. Directly next to Erin. I walked over, greeting Erin, careful to keep my eyes on her face and not her body, and sat down next to my dad. I think he knew what I was thinking and nudged me under the table with a smirk on his face. I smiled sheepishly and focused my attention on the slip and slide. All I can say is FUCK ME! If the bikinis weren’t bad enough, they were Yozgat Escort complaining of the sliding irritating their bodies. So Meghan’s very attractive friend Ashlyn, usually shortened to Ash, had the idea of pouring oil on everyone to help with friction. Meghan ran inside to get it, smiling at me and saying, “Hi, Matt,” as she ran by. She reappeared with it and poured some on everyone, rubbing it in.

This was too much for me. I hissed, “Oh, sweet Jesus,” and tried to fix my shorts so no one would see my boner. My dad’s friend, Pete, looked over and saw my face, and started roaring with laughter. Both my parents started laughing too. Pete finally said, in between laughs, ” Hey Matty, why don’t you go help them out?” and continued cracking up. I blushed and laughed, but it turned out he was dead serious.

The girls had overheard. Oh shit, I thought. They started giggling and whispering. Then about 10 seconds later, Ashlyn came running over and pulled me out of the chair. Taking my hand, she literally dragged me over to the group of girls. She was fucking hot too. Taller than Meghan at about 5’5″, she had brownish hair with blonde highlights, ice blue eyes, and a curvier body. She too had a navel piercing, a great ass, and a slightly bigger rack than Meg, maybe a C cup.

The group of girls pretty much tore my shirt off, insisting I “join them in the fun.” Believe me, if there weren’t adults around, I would never want this to end. I’m lucky I was in decent shape at the time. Not ripped, but not fat either. Meghan smiled at me, making me blush furiously. I swear I also saw her wink, but I’m not sure. Someone dumped a shitload of oil on my back, and I felt numerous hands rubbing it in, all over my body. Holy shit, are they trying to make me cum? I thought. They’re doing a good job of it. I looked over at all the adults. They were laughing at my expression as the girls all rubbed oil everywhere their hands could reach. Liv would probably kill me if she could see me right now, I thought.

As if reading my mind, Meg grinned and said quietly, “Liv won’t find out. We’ve agreed.”

“I hope not. She’s one of your best friends!” I exclaimed.

“She texted me and asked me to give you this. From her, of course.” Then without warning, she stuck her hand down my shorts and squeezed my package gently, Erin blocking her from view. I was so surprised, I didn’t resist. I didn’t want to either; the oil on her hand lubricated my cock, so her hand felt amazing, almost like a vagina (if I knew what that was like at the time). She suddenly stopped as Erin moved, whipping her hand out of my shorts and pretending to oil my stomach.

Then they suddenly stopped as Ashlyn said, “We need a picture of this! Everyone smile!” Several people pulled out their phones and snapped pictures. Several of the college guys wolf-whistled and everyone laughed. We took a variety of pictures, mostly group shots. Until one of the girls got the idea of taking pictures of them kissing me.

Can this get any better? I asked myself as Erin and Meghan each kissed me simultaneously, one on each cheek. Then it was Meghan and Ashlyn. Then Erin and Ashlyn. I noticed that Meghan seemed to kiss me slightly longer than Ashlyn or Erin and lingered a little after. Then if that wasn’t good enough, they took turns kissing me on the lips.

Ashlyn went first, planting one on me forcefully and grabbing the sides of my head. She was a good kisser.

Erin went next. She teased me slightly, gently biting my lower lip. I loved the feel of her boobs crushed against me too. I wrapped my hands around her back as she really dragged it out. I thought I was in heaven. I probably would’ve asked her out then and there if I wasn’t taken already. She finally pulled away, smiling and breathing hard.

Now it was Meghan’s turn. I looked away for a second at the cameras, poised and waiting. I finally locked eyes with her. Her pretty eyes were boring into mine, waiting, almost impatiently, or so it looked like. She finally pounced on me. Jesus, Erin’s kiss was awesome, but Meg’s blew it away. She threw her arms around me, pulling me closer, trying to rape my lips with hers. I opened my mouth and she abruptly stuck her tongue in, probably trying to tie a knot with mine. She was holding me so tightly, I could feel my ribs cracking. Our bodies were pretty much crushed together. It must’ve been a solid 45 seconds before she stopped. She pulled away, smiling at me as people were recording videos. Everyone, all the other girls included, were laughing but simultaneously surprised at her for kissing me like that.

Anyway, Meghan laughed and pressed the oil bottle into my hand, gesturing to herself, “Oil me dude.” In an undertone so only I could hear her, she added with a wink, “Everywhere.”

I was only too happy to oblige, rubbing oil into her back and toned stomach, then starting on her legs. I finally finished and she turned and jumped onto the slip and slide.

Ashlyn said to me, “You’re covered in oil Yozgat Escort Bayan too. You should try the slip and slide now. It helps with friction.”

I agreed and followed Meghan’s lead. They were right, it really did help. I came off the slide about 10 seconds later, covered in soapy water, my shorts soaked through. All the adults were still laughing at me.

Everyone finished the slide about 5 minutes later. I had to go to the bathroom, so I went inside, but it was already taken by Ashlyn. I waited outside in the hallway, dripping water everywhere.

I finally decided to go upstairs to the other bathroom. Whether it was to actually relieve myself or jerk off to what I just did remained to be seen. I had just turned away from the bathroom door and was about to walk upstairs when I found Meghan blocking my path, still in her bikini and coated in oil. I instantly went on alert.

She locked eyes with me and said with a smile, “Hi Matt. Are you in line for the bathroom?”

I answered rather tongue-tied. “Yes. I mean no. I was going to but I just decided to go upstairs. You can go. Assuming that’s what you came in for.” I was rambling like an idiot now. “So, if you’ll excuse me…” I went to walk past her but she stuck an arm out.

“No, I insist. Stay here and talk to me. Please?” she asked, taking a step closer.

“I can’t. I really have to go.” Inside, I was reeling. What the fuck did I say that for? Dumbass! I thought. She must think I’m an idiot.

Instead she came a little closer and said, “You seem flustered. I don’t make you nervous do I?”

She made me a lot of things, horny included, but I wasn’t about to tell her that. “Me, nervous? Of course not. I just…” my voice trailed off.

Her lips were almost touching mine. “I really like you, Matt. I guessed you came in here to jack off after what just happened outside. I wanted to give you a hand with that. Or a mouth.” With that she put her hands on my head and kissed me.

I had been expecting that and quickly pulled her hands away, holding her wrists. She raised her eyebrows at me as if to say, Is that the best you can do?

Calmly, I looked her dead in her electric blue eyes and said, “Meghan. Back. Up. I’m taken, you know that.”

She whispered, “I know. But it makes you even more attractive. And all that oil, not to mention that kiss for the cameras, made me so horny. I can’t help myself.” She tore her wrists out of my grip and pushed me against the wall, lip locked.

I have to admit, she knew how to kiss. I finally caved in and started kissing back. Even with our parents sitting outside about 30 feet away, neither of us cared. I grabbed her ass and lifted her, spinning around so her back was to the wall instead of mine. She reached behind her and quickly took off her bikini top, tossing it aside, revealing her B cup tits. I squeezed each and slowly pulled her bikini bottom down her toned, tanned legs. Carefully, I stuck a finger in her and started finger fucking her. She moaned softly and squirmed. One finger became two. Then two turned into three. She pleaded, “Fuck me. With your cock, not your hand this time.” I obliged and pulled my shorts and boxers down to my knees. Meg grabbed my cock and coated it in oil from her body. Using it as lube, I slowly plunged into her. God, it felt good! She was tight. I felt a twang of guilt as I thought of Liv but it was quickly replaced by lust. I was thrusting hard, holding her up against the wall. Her back arched and she moaned, digging her nails into my back. I was about to come when the bathroom door suddenly opened. My stomach plummeted in horror as Ashlyn stepped out with a towel around her, obviously just finished showering.

She started, “Bathroom’s free-” she stopped as she took in the sight of us. I was speechless. Meg moaned and turned her head, opening her eyes. When she saw Ashlyn, she gasped.

I felt myself turn off as quickly as if someone had just poured ice water on my dick. I was screaming FFFUUUCCCKKKKK! inside my head as I tried to think of an explanation.

Instead, I was greatly surprised when Ashlyn licked her lips and beckoned me closer with a finger. Gently, I set Meghan down, my cock now flaccid. I started to pull my shorts back up but Ashlyn said quickly, “Take them off. And bring them in here with you.” Meghan followed as I walked closer to Ashlyn. We followed her into the bathroom and she closed and locked the door.

She turned and faced us, dropping the towel. She was built like a fucking goddess! She said, “My turn,” and dropped to her knees, taking my now rock hard package into her mouth. I turned on again instantly. Her mouth was incredibly warm and wet. I only lasted about 30 seconds; Meg had pushed me to the brink when Ashlyn interrupted us. I gave a loud moan and shot all over Ashlyn’s face. I grabbed the counter as my knees almost gave out. Then, taking in what was happening, my dick grew right back to full mast. Meghan was licking my cum off Ashlyn and kissing her, Escort Yozgat swapping semen as well as spit.

Meghan finally had enough a minute later and reached for the shower knob. She turned it on and stripped, both her and Ash stepping into the shower.

I just stood there like a dumbass, not quite daring to believe what I was seeing.

Meghan finally laughed and spoke up, “Well? Are you coming or do we have to drag you?”

I didn’t need to be asked twice. The water was hot. But not as hot as things were getting in the shower. Meg and Ash were making out. But then they remembered I was there and stopped. Meg said, “How rude of us, leaving you out. Come here and wash the oil off us.”

I started with Ash, paying attention to all her sensitive areas, making her squirm and moan several times. When she was done, she kissed me and stepped back.

Meghan was up next. I did the same with her, making her scream and shout. This damn oil was everywhere!

After that was done, they insisted on thanking me, whatever that meant. I soon found out, when Meg bent over and told me to fuck her. I obliged, pistoning in and out for a solid 5 minutes, before sitting and having her mount me. Her snatch felt fucking fantastic. I only lasted another minute, pulling out and climaxing, letting the shower water wash away the mess.

I spent the next 5 or so minutes orally pleasuring Ash, waiting for my dick to harden again. I then held her up against the shower wall, her legs wrapped around me, and proceeded to smash her. We stayed in that same position until we both came simultaneously about 10 minutes later. Her pussy felt different from Meg’s, almost more rubbery. She also had the better body; her fantastic rack gave me something to stare at and fondle as I fucked her. By this time, we’d been in the shower for a good 20 odd minutes, and people were starting to call for us, so we decided to stop and get out. Ash dressed and kissed me hard before leaving the room and going outside. I stayed in the bathroom while Meghan fetched me a pair of her brother’s shorts. She dressed with me and led me downstairs. She paused just before going outside and kissed me violently before winking and whispering “Thanks,” before going outside too. I stood there for a minute, not believing my luck, then snapped back to reality and walked outside.

Everyone was talking and laughing as they were packing up. I stood there, not quite sure what to do, until I heard my name being called. The girls were getting another volleyball game going. I joined in. Both Meg and Ash were on my side. My parents left shortly after, getting a ride with some of their friends. I told them I’d be home soon and went back to the game, which ended when it got too dark to see the ball. All the other girls left soon after, driving away and beeping.

I stayed and chatted with Meghan’s mom and stepdad for about another hour before deciding to take my leave. I was just getting into my car when Meghan came running over, calling my name.

I opened the door partially and answered, “Hey. What’s up?”

She blushed furiously. “I like your car. Could we go for a ride?”

After all she had done for me (or to me, to be more accurate) I wasn’t about to say no. I smiled and replied, “Of course! Jump in.”

We drove for about half an hour, talking. Her more subtle motive for the drive was revealed when she leaned over and unzipped my shorts. I wasn’t expecting it and revved the car in surprise. That was bad enough until she started sucking me off behind the wheel. It was really hard to concentrate on driving! I stalled the car multiple times and kept shifting into the wrong gears. I finally had to drive down a deserted back road and pull over so she could finish the job. Of course, the road head led to a quick, rough romp in the backseat, still mostly clothed in case a cop drove by. Trying to explain that ticket to my parents wouldn’t be a good conversation! I’ll leave the details to your imagination, other than that it was hard and fast.

Driving back, she fell asleep. I drove on in silence, my mind processing all that happened earlier. Meghan woke up just as I turned into the driveway. She unbuckled her seatbelt and smiled.

I said, “Listen Meg, I never really thanked you for all you did earlier. I’m not really sure how to repay you…..” my voice trailed off.

She laughed and said, “No need. You should thank your girlfriend. That was all her idea. A kind of “absentee fuck” you could say.” She laughed at the expression on my face. “I told you earlier I was texting her! She asked Ashlyn and me to relieve your boredom. And we were only too happy to help. Anyway, thanks for a great night. I’ll text Liv and say that our mission was accomplished. I’ll see you around.” She smiled at me and opened the door, jumping out. She was halfway to the house when she turned around and came back. She threw open the passenger door and sat down quickly.

I was about to ask her why she was back when she grabbed my shirt and pulled me into a bone crushing hug and a very hard, very wet, kiss, lasting for about 20 solid seconds. “That’s from me. Goodnight!” she winked and left the car, pausing to write her cell number on the window with a “call me” gesture, before running into the house.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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