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My wife Annalise and I moved into this small New England town a year ago when she decided that we needed a change in our lives. She was a children’s television producer and grew tired of the business. She had a Masters in secondary education and decided that, after 12 years in show business, it was finally time to use her college education for its intended purpose. The one good thing of working in Hollywood without succumbing to the expensive lifestyle, we paid cash for our large home. My name is Sebastian, I’m forty-nine, and we’ve been married for twenty-five years. Because I was an independent video game programmer, I could work anywhere with an internet connection. This college town had a great one.

We quickly made friends with the neighbors and others in town and settled into the slower Northeast pace. It was a hot July day; Annalise was away visiting her sister in New York, leaving me alone to my own devices. I finished my latest creation and gave it to the beta testers for them to play and find errors, leaving me with free time on my hands. I sat in our backyard, a book in one hand, a bottle of soda in the other, and wearing nothing but a smile.

One of the reasons why we purchased this house was that it had a large in-ground pool, the backyard hidden behind large trees and a security fence. Annalise grew to love swimming naked in pools while we were out in California, and wanted to do the same during the short period of time we had in New England. Since she wasn’t around to join me, I had to service with me reading fiction with mature naked female characters.

I had read a short story, one where the female author confessed about her first threesome with two men, when I heard someone call out name. I quickly reached for my towel to cover myself and cursed because I forgot to lock the gate.

“Sebastian, I thought you would be out here,” my neighbor Estelle said. “I came over to see if.” She stopped her walk and sentence when she saw me sitting with the towel lying on my body.

Estelle was like my wife, a schoolteacher, though she taught in the high school while Annalise was a middle school teacher. She was short, standing barely five feet tall. Her gray hair was long, reached to the middle of her back. She had a pear body type; her hips were larger than her breasts, though the size was large. Her ass was great, as were her thighs, never disqualifying factors to me for lust. In fact, I found that enormously a turn on. If it had, I’d have never married Annalise. Estelle was oral seks porno also twelve years our senior, a sexy sixty-one.

She covered her mouth as she spoke, “I am so sorry. If I had known you were sunning, I’d have not have come back here.” She turned around.

I used this moment of semi-privacy to stand and wrap the towel around my waist. “No, it’s okay. I should have locked the gates.”

“No, I invaded your privacy. I should leave you alone.” She took a few steps towards leaving.

“No, don’t leave. Let me put something on.” I made my way to my house, passing her along the way.

“No, let me leave and you can call me once you’re dressed.” She again started to leave. I reached for her hand and pulled it.

“Non-sense,” said. I was going to tell her to get comfortable, to go into the kitchen and grab something cold to drink. That was until she knocked into me, causing the towel to unwrap and fall. I watched her blue eyes follow it all the way to the ground. I saw her eyes rise slightly to waist level. I saw her shocked look replaced by a devilish smile.

Being bold I asked, “Do you like what you see?”

She stopped looking at my ever-growing cock and into my eyes. “Yes,” she whispered. She reached out slowly with a hand before retracting it quickly.

I sensed what she wanted to do. “Would you like to touch it?”

She shook her head, her eyes never leaving it. “No, I shouldn’t. What would Annalise say?”

“She’d not say a word,” I said.

“Why would you think that? No, I think she would be upset at us both.” She tried to remove her hand from my hand, but I held it firm.

“I know she would be okay with it. We’ve discussed our fantasies, and I mentioned you in one.”

She squeezed my hand tightly. Estelle looked into my eyes and tilted her head. “You’re not lying to me, are you?”

I saw her chest rise and fall quickly. “No, I’ve mentioned you several times. Why?”

She swallowed hard and spoke. “You’re a younger man. Why would you want a fat, ugly, old broad like me?”

I smiled devilishly. “There’s something about your body that excites me.”

She demurred. “Thank you for that, but really. You’re too kind. You don’t need to patronize me.”

I took her hand and brought it to my cock. “Does this tell you I am?””

She cooed and closed her eyes when I let go of her hand. Without encouragement, Estelle wrapped her hand around my cock. “Oh, it’s warm and hard.”

She opened playboy porno her eyes and slowly stroked it. She looked into my eyes and smiled. “God, it’s been so long since I’ve had this.”

I asked her how long had it been. Estelle told me it had been over 10 years, ever since her late husband passed away. She continued to stroke me.

“Should we go inside?” I whispered.

She released me and turned. “You’re bedroom?” she asked.

I took her hand again and led her to the house. “That sounds good to me.”

“Get on the bed, please,” she moaned as we entered. I sat down and looked to her. She kicked off her shoes and began to unbutton her blouse. “You know I swallowed,” she told. She tossed her top to the ground and began to work on her bottoms.

I looked at her bra. Unlike most women her age, she forsook the utilitarian white for a see thru black one. My mouth dropped when I saw her nipples. They were hard and big. She looked stopped for a moment, gazed down, and looked at me.

“They are impressive, aren’t they?” She stood straight up and let her shorts drop to the floor. I started at her, at her body. She had no panties.

“I don’t like to wear them,” she answered my unasked question. She pushed down her left strap, then the right. Estelle moved her hands to her back and unhooked her bra. She quickly held on to it, making sure the cups would not leave her breasts.

“Tell me what you think of these,” she said. She let the bra fall to the floor, placed her hands on her hips and proudly stood up straighter. She pushed out her chest.

“Magnificent,” I said.

She giggled like a schoolgirl and walked in between my legs. “Thank you for the confidence,” she spoke before slipping onto her knees.

Estelle took my cock in her hand and put it in her mouth. Her mouth was wet and hot. She sucked on the head before moving the shaft.

She moved her head up before shoving my hardness back down her throat. She released my cock, holding on to it with her hand. She jerked it while looking into my eyes. I fell back onto the bed and let her work.

“Do you like this?” she asked, working on my hard-on.

I couldn’t answer, just enjoyed her work.

She put her mouth back on my cock. Her mouth was again hot and wet, her lips soft. I wanted to fuck it, thrust hard into it. She released it and stroked it fast.

“Get back on the bed,” she said. I pushed myself by my elbows into the middle of the bed. Estelle climbed pornhub porno on and followed me.

She crawled on top of me, straddled, and grabbed my cock. She held it up and slowly lowered herself on top of it. She was tight, but she was wet.

“Oh God, it’s been too long,” she groaned once she had me inside of her. She leaned back and sat motionless for a moment.

I grabbed her wide hips, held them, and thrust. She moaned, so I repeated the action.

“Oh God,” she screamed. “Fuck me Sebastian. Fuck me hard.”

I listened to her and thrust my cock inside again. I rapidly pushed my dick in her, the slapping of our flesh together echoing off the walls. She moaned and pushed her breasts forward.

“Grab my tits Honey.”

I reached up and squeezed them.

“Squeeze them like you mean it,” she commanded.

I clasped them harder. She moaned and closed her eyes. Her hands joined mine on her tits. She squeezed harder.

“Oh Sebastian,” she started to say. I felt her body begin to shake.

“Oh Sebastian,” she repeated. She released her tits and fell forward.

“Oh Sebastian, I’m coming.”

I grabbed her big ass and like a piston, I impaled her cunt, moving in and out quickly.

“Yes, Baby, fuck me.”

Her body was drenched. Her breathing was quick. She screamed my name before yelling, “Oh God.”

A few more thrusts and she shook. “Oh God Sebastian,” she whispered. “That was fantastic.”

She rolled off me and crawled down to my cock. Without warning, she took it in her hand and began to jerk it. Her wrist action was quick.

“Cum for me Baby,” she said. “That’s right Baby, do it.”

“Put your mouth on it,” I whispered. “I’ll cum then.”

Without hesitation, she wrapped her lips around my head and sucked, her hand worked the shaft. Estelle moaned before shoving her mouth further down my cock. She worked her tongue over the head.

“I’m coming,” I said. She didn’t remove her mouth.

Estelle cupped my balls and moved her head up and down my cock, fucking her throat with it.

I was close. She gently squeezed my balls.

“Oh yes Estelle,” I spoke before I unloaded my juices into her mouth.

She milked it, grasped my shaft hard and moved her hand up and down while her mouth accepted my sperm. She swallowed every bit of it.

Estelle and I lay in bed, on top of the covers. She looked at me while we rested. “Do you always sit in the backyard, poolside, naked?”

I rubbed her stomach and breasts. I smiled and said, “Every hot day in the summer.”

“Interesting,” she cooed. “I might have to drop by more often.” She rolled closer to me and kissed my cheek. “And I might bring the bridge club with me. There are some widows that might like being around a naked man again.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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